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If you're weak... [P, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: If you're weak... [P, NK]

Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:31 pm
Rinto patiently waited for the stranger as he seemed to be having some... trouble. Perhaps he was thinking about which jutsu to teach next. For a second, the teen thought about telling him which techniques were required to graduate, but decided against it. He was sure this person would be able to remember eventually. While said individual was still in thought, Rinto ended his transformation, returning to his original form and causing more smoke to appear in the area. Apparently, he already forgot his question on whether he should have kept up the form or not. Oh well...

"Oh! That makes sense," he said after the stranger's clarification, watching as they yet again made a set of hand seals. Upon being told to memorize them, he nodded curtly, already believing he had them locked into his mind. Then, his "teacher" proceeded to go through another set. Rinto released a small "oooh" after seeing two clones pop into existence. "So regular clones go to shadow clones, huh... I only heard about that jutsu," he spoke up, putting on a thinking face and rubbing his chin. Perhaps if he ever became a shinobi, he'd be able to learn the technique...

But anyway, he had to focus right now. Learning these jutsu was top priority. First, he did substitution. Tiger, boar, ox, dog, snake. However, just like the stranger, nothing had occurred. It was definitely a good refresher to go through the seals, though. Then, he went onto doing the clone jutsu. Ram, snake, tiger. On either side of him, two clones appeared. Rinto turned to look at the clone on his left, this his right, and they went to stare back at him. He grinned at his work, "Cool!"
Mitako Raicho
Mitako Raicho
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If you're weak... [P, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: If you're weak... [P, NK]

Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:53 pm
[That fucking magic moment, when you hit back space to fix a typo, and you wind up deleting a 500 word post because the browser decides it's time to go full fledged fucking dipshit mode. I don't feel like retyping all of it, cause reasons, but I'll do a lengthy summary.]

Well, it was near time for a not-so-teary goodbye. Before he left, Mitako had one more thing to offer before he could depart with the roughly same-aged student. Unfastening the sheathe of his katana from his belt, he threw the black handled sword (in it's sheathe,) to Rinto. It was something would now longer see use by Mitako, since he was going to be changing up his fighting style a bit. In his opinion, the sword was too long and clunky for what he wanted to do, and two smaller, knife like blades would be better suited. That's not to say the sword didn't serve him well, he had just moved on to something that in his eyes were better. Throwing the sword to the boy almost felt like a bad breakup to Mitako, especially since he was aiming for the katana's hotter, younger cousin. Obviously that's a metaphor, and he felt no physical attraction to the thing, but it was still sentimental. Almost regrettably, but not so regrettably Rinto could tell he was regretting giving away the sword, Mitako said "Go, then, take your academy test," he paused, "I have no more I can teach you until you are an official Kirigakure shinobi. Keep the sword, you might need it."

Afterward, and unless interrupted, he would head home, and start practicing with his new swords. What did he practice on? Well, it could bleed, we'll leave it at that. 

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giving Rinto my katana
exit, unless interrupted]
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If you're weak... [P, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: If you're weak... [P, NK]

Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:03 pm
(I know that feel bro, it's fine.)

Satisfied with his work, Rinto cancelled the clone jutsu, causing his two look a likes to disappear in a burst of smoke. When the smoke cleared the teen could be seen with a silly smile on his face. However, he was caught off guard when the stranger tossed something to him. It was reflexes when his hand reached out to grab it, allowing the object to fall into his palm before his fingers automatically wrapped around it. The boy then brought it closer to him, inspecting the item, soon realizing it wasn't just any normal "item." Hesitantly, he unsheathed what he was guessing was a weapon. The blade he then saw caused his eyes to widen in shock.

Of all the things to give him, this person gave him a katana. Why did he do that? Of course Rinto was grateful, extremely grateful... Actually, grateful did not describe what he was feeling. No one willingly gave him such a thing before, or went out of their way to teach him so much jutsu. This stranger did all of that, though... this person he had never seen before in his life. No, grateful didn't fully describe his feelings at the moment. But regardless, he was extremely confused and wanted the reason as to why. Why did this happen?

He heard the strangers words to take the academy test. That this would continue only when he became a genin, after so long. Rinto plastered a larger smile than before onto his face at the thought, facing the stranger and soon giving him a thumbs up. "You got it, boss!" he stated, both jokingly and non-jokingly. Strange, yes, but he was always a rather strange person, wasn't he? He proceeded to watch as the younger boy turned and soon disappeared, leaving Rinto by himself. He stared at the direction his new acquaintance went in, eventually staring down at his new weapon, a blank expression on his face. Sighing, the student sheathed the katana before fastening it to his side. It seemed that it was time for him to go back to the academy, if it wasn't over by now... although it most likely was.

However, he would return with a different perspective on things...

Rinto looked up towards the sky, having only mist meet his line of sight. That didn't stop the smile still on his face, or the determined glint in his golden eyes.

He would return with change.
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If you're weak... [P, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: If you're weak... [P, NK]

Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:56 pm
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