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Rikaro Shinkou
Rikaro Shinkou
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Suppressing power? (P) Empty Suppressing power? (P)

Fri Jul 24, 2015 10:16 pm
Some might say Rikaro was weird to say the least. Be one of the only 3 18 year old Genin he was kind of up there. But another reason people saught him as weird was because he seemed to always be talking to himself well rather his inner self. Rikaro every since discovering he had a being within him he usually most of the time talked to her out loud. Which lead people to think he was crazy in the head. And him always saying come on people it is the ni ja world everyone has voices in their heads. Of course he knew he had to control his self speaking out loud. That was why at this very moment he was doing some good old meditation. He sat upon a 12 ft tall boulder in  the middle of a small pond. He had his fingers touching each other so to some he might look like Buddha. Of course that was another world entirely. Rikaro did not know why but when he mediated he always felt closer to the world. Like he was becoming apart of the world itself. He sighed his fingers still touching each other which earned him a scream from within his head." Why the hell did you scream " Rikaro said to Mei the entity in his head which was apart of a whole entirely different race other than humans which were called Yuumei. The dark entities within the mind of all Shinkou. Sooner rather than later he heard Mei speak saying " You sighed while meditating learn how to focus or else I am not going to bump up your training you hear me Rikaro " said the Yuumei. Rikaro did not say anything not wanting to anger Mei again. So he continued to meditate he began to focus on the world around him his eyes closed. The sound of birds singing and there wings flapping seemed like a song and beat with in his mind. He felt at ease here deep in the forest. Then he began to wonder what if he could get away from people. Chakra Suppression was a Chuunin classed jutsu so it is really hard to learn for Genin like him.

Of course he was at least Chuunin level now. This time he decided to talk to Mei saying " Mei you are smart I know something that will help me in my training Chakra Suppression the skill allows one to lower there own chakra to the point where no one can detect it. I am sure you know how to use it so would you mind teaching it to me " said Rikaro a sharpened look on his face as he stared at the bird nest in front of him where he saw a large mother bird feeding bany chicks. He hears no reply so he continued to meditate however he kept his eyes opened. Then the shrill voice of Mei said " Yes I know of the technique and know how to teach it. I am sure you will want to know it as well seeing as the first mission of the Chuunin Exams is to infiltrate a building and I am sure you can not do that with your massive amount of chakra " replied Mei to Rikaro's question. Aww yes the Chuunin and Jounin exams were in act and the first mission was revealed. Apparently you had to infiltrate a building by yourself and steal a scroll. Rikaro never thought about it until today. But if he even attempted to try and take the first test he would surely fail without the use of Chakra Suppression. Damn Rikaro damn how could you be so dense. He bet Lisa all ready figured it out and she was on her way at this very moment if not already complete. Some would say he and Lisa were rivals when they simply were two ninja who hated each other guts to the very extent. He was happy Zaku was there if it were not for him Lisa and him would be ripping each other throats out at this very moment. You see Zaku was Rikaro's bestfrien since birth and he was Lisa's boyfriend. He was kind of the threshold between the two. Well enough of talking about those two Lisa and Zaku he needed to learn chakra suppression." So Mei would you mind teaching me chakra suppression because like you said it would be failure if I tried to do the exams without it " said Rikaro talking into his vast mind.

He wondered what kind of procedures were needed to learn chakra suppression. When a Genin learned Surface Walking they had to focus on a leaf and cut it in half. He was sure he could not do the same here because he had to focus on hiding his vast amount of chakra." Yes Rikaro I will teach you how to use Chakra Suppression however you will learn it here instead of the kind scape because it will be useless there. Believe or not the animals of the ninja world can sense chakra as well but not on the scale of ninja. That's why they always run before you even make a noise. The procedure here is to catch 3 animals without it running away. You need to catch a Bird, a deer, and a squirrel without using your chakra enhanced speed to catch them. And by catch them I mean touch them " said Mei releasing the info she with held. Rikaro sighed when Mei taught him something she never told him steps into actually doing the jutsu rather than always making him learning it on his own. If he was at the point of giving up she always told a tip. However eh could nt lie and fake like he was giving up because she could simply read his mind. He jumped off of the 12 ft rock and onto the soft water in a splash. Thankfully nothing hurted. He scanned the area his Meigan Stage One activated. Animals were everywhere. If you did jot have a doujutsu you surely could not see them. Whenever he activated Meiagn Rikaro could see a whole separate world. Like a parallel plane of some sort he kept his Meigan activated and imagine his blue chakra aura that was flaring up like the sun to slowly come within his body. Unfortunately his chakra flared even more. For some reason all the animals stared at him then continued what they were doing. So they felt his chakra burst." Hrmmm I wonder what I am doing wrong " he thought. Then he found the answer it was chakra suppression surely he could not aupress his chakra while his Meigan was activated. He shut off his Meigan his regular black piercing eyes arriving in it's place. This was going to be hard now he could not see if his cjakra was disappearing he now had to rely purely on instinct. Fortently he had a form of enhanced memory so he could remember where all the animals were. There was more than deer birds and squirrels however. He stood where he was and began to focus imaging that the blue chakra was Stoll around his bofy and he could still see it. Like before he imagined it slowly stop moving around and began to swirl making a pole as it went into his abdomen. Rikaro felt a wind of some kind. Could that be a sign that he accomplished the skill? Hrm he had to see and try. Rikaro saw the tail of the deer poking out of a bush as it ate strawberries. He frowned what was Kumogakure doing with strawberries.

He slowly glided over the grass. By that he meant walking quietly over the grass getting closer and closer to the deer. Mei said Rikaro simply had to touch the tail of the deer. He got closer only the feet away from the tail. He reached his arm out stretching hi finger to there brwkaing point and pulled the taom hard. He heard a growl scream if some sort and the deer turned around bearing teeth as foam came out of his mouth. Rikaro turned around shocked and began to run away from the deer. Curse you Mei and saying I could not use my maximum speed. If he could he would have already outrunned that deer. He saw a tree and was going to run up it when the tiny horn of the deer went up his ass. A single tear fell out of his eyes as he fell to the grown in pain. The deer hovered above him bearing fags. Rikaro grinned and said " come on now do not be like that " instead of a friendly hand shake which he did not expect the deer thrusted his head forward. Almost instantly Rikaro released a pulse of darkness from all Tenketsu points on the front of his body. The deer surged forward in the air. Rikaro sighed as he ran out of the blast range which was the tree behind him. Fortently he still had his chakra suppression on after he used Dark Pulse. Because he saw a nest of birds in the tree singing happily. He launched himself forward landing on the birds as they crushed beneath his weight." Sorry sorry birds but their are plenty of you I need this training " said Rikaro as he dived out of the tree landing on his feet as he now looked for a squirrel. His eyes scanned the area darting everywhere it heard a sound. Rikaro mentally sighed. Those damned squirrels were smart even when no one are not lookin for them they are on edge. Rikaro wondered what kind of brain they had because they reaction time were always on point. To say the least Rikaro was tired and he had not realise it was getting dark." Well it did take you a hour to touch the tail of a deer another hour from running from it ten minutes to jump on a bird and another our of squirrel hunting " said Mei from within Rikaro's head. Rikaro frowned " it really took that long it felt like a couple minutes " what was with father time today playing tricks on very one thought rikaro." So Mei how am I doing so far with this chakra suppression training " said Rikaro trying to see where he stood." Well at the moment you are doing suprisely great another than killing three defenseless birds then saying there was alit of them. That happened to be a endangered species " said Mei. Rikaro sighed what were the chances of him killing 3 of an endangered species of birds." Well how many of the birds are left " asks Rikaro." Those were the last three considering you squished the egss as well " said Mei with a reply. Rikaro facepalmed what were the chances of killing the last of a endangered species. At east he got a new title the man who made a animal race go extinct. He got some rest now. Now it was time to find the squirrel. He reactivated his chakra suppression scanning his surroundings for squirrels. He heard something in the tree right in aode of him. He punched a hold to the tree grabbing a fluffy animal with large cheeks. He looked at it an it looked at him then it jumped out of his hand and started running dropping acorns out of his mouth. Then like a million other of the tiny beats caning chasing the one." Well I guess I just let a robbery suspect go " Rikaro said laughing as he said " Checkmate agameovr ". Another day another dollar he just learned how to control his chakra to a create extent. He began walking back to his apartment passing million of trees within the forest when he saw a glint of emerald laying within the bushes. However the emerald color was lighter than other emerald colors. He reached in the bush and pulled out a pile of hard emerald rock like substance that looked like a metal. He wondered what it was.

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Suppressing power? (P) Empty Re: Suppressing power? (P)

Fri Jul 24, 2015 10:19 pm
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