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Children Shouldn't Steal (P,Solo,Done) Empty Children Shouldn't Steal (P,Solo,Done)

Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:57 pm
    Stars could be seen in Hikari’s eyes and she practically devoured a strawberry crepe outside of Jacqueline’s Bakery, her mouth being filled with goodness that soothed her soul after a long hard day of ninja work. The place really was nice, they had recently even installed an overhang so that people could eat outside even if it rained, so it recently had been seeing much more business and gained quite a bit of a reputation. Strangely enough though, less and less unsavory individuals had been hanging around the area, although it was most likely due to the shops rather…..shall we say interesting regulars. Said regular would get up and push her chair in before walking away towards the shopping districts, her meal having already being paid beforehand, without a care in the world as she seemingly did nothing but pass by store upon store until she came upon what seemed to be some sort of flash mob, a bunch of dirty kids suddenly stampeding down the street with a roar of raucous laughter causing Hikari to quickly jump up onto a roof as she watched people dive for cover, the unlucky ones either getting trampled or having their wallets stolen as they washed by. She herself didn’t care in all honesty about the coordinated act, at least until she saw that her favorite baker’s daughter was in that crowd. Jumping down from the roof she would help her up from the ground, brushing off the dust on her friend’s back as she spoke, seemingly not caring that the person that had just assisted her was a mass murderer who had literally tomahawk chopped a man in front of her around a month ago. “Thanks Hika-chan. Those kids really know how to barrel you over…..” She would trail off as she began patting herself down. “Oh no, oh please no don’t tell me they took it….” she would seemingly introvert into herself causing an odd reaction from Hikari. For once, she actually cared. Then again she was the Jacqueline’s daughter, it was most likely her trying to get discounted crepes. “Alright Claire, what did they take from you?” she would flip her scythe out of its sheath and onto her back as it morphed into combat mode, causing a few faces to pale as they saw it happen. It was a commonly known fact that when ninjas whip out their weapons, blood would soon flow. “It… was the family ring. A gold one, with a triangular emerald inlaid on the top. I was just taken it to be mended because it had been dinged pretty bad, I didn’t expect……” She trailed off silently, before suddenly being given a thumbs up by a cheerful Hikari, causing her to finally notice the state she was finally in. “Don’t worry about the ring Claire, I’ll get it back or I’ll die trying.” She would jump into the rooftops shouting as she took off. “And I think we all know who’s about to!” Claire would pale slightly at what she had just unleashed on the world before simply sighing and going back to her daily tasks. As a civilian in the world of ninja, you simply needed to roll with the punches.

    Meanwhile, Hikari was already well on her way towards the crowd, which seemingly had begun to speed up as it reached up towards a large building causing her to frown. If they managed to get into there, retrieving the ring would likely be impossible. It seemed that she needed to step it up a notch. suddenly she would fire off a round and to most humans she would be nothing but a blur flying the crowd, the guys in the front back up as they saw a human comet fly over them quickly trampled by those who didn’t care in the back. Hikari flipped her scythe over her head, bloodlust clear in her eyes as she prepared to clear another path. Suddenly rushing forward with her scythe she began to literally act like a mower, those who weren’t fast or smart enough to move out of the way quickly gaining cuts, losing limbs or simply being bisected to the point that when she finally saw a flash of gold and green shining out of some kids satchel she was completely covered in red. “Gotcha!” she yelled causing a fearful look to appear in the thief’s eyes as she suddenly turned about face and fired off another round catching him in a gut as they sailed into the air, Hikari and her scythe nailing into a wall as she threw the thief onto a rooftop most likely causing some bruises and broken bones. Yanking it free and casually walking down like most ninja do she snatched the satchel from his prone body, extracting the ring before throwing the bag at him, seemingly walking without any other motive but to simply return the ring. But suddenly she stopped and looked over her shoulder. “And that child, is why you shouldn’t steal.”


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Akihana Akari
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Children Shouldn't Steal (P,Solo,Done) Empty Re: Children Shouldn't Steal (P,Solo,Done)

Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:07 pm
Approved of stats but I don't see any actual trainibg for the jutsu. Am I missing something? <3
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