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CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
Ryo : 25150

Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:00 pm
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Coco Wei was back in business baby! She'd been in the hospital for the batter part of the year, but that's what happens when villages get invaded! everyone she'd ever known in both Komo and Ame were all dead! Life was pretty darn tragic as of late, and she had just one man to thank for it. The big Y. New Raikage of Komogakure himself Youka! Ah man! Life had just gone down hill one this guy took over things. there was a wall of eyes! Dead slash alive people on pikes. It was actually the most horrifying thing she'd ever seen in her whole life. 

But it was also a blessing! She'd never been closer to the man who killed her mother in all her life. She'd learn everything she possibly could about him, and his regime. She'd also learn everything she could from him. She'd plot, and wait, buy her time, and act like a good little solider. Then when her time finally came, she'd kill him. Make him remember the name of wei, and free kumo, and ame from his ilk.

Until she was strong enough for that she'd buy her time and follow the rules. All snug in her three layers of clothing Coco approached the fake battle ground that were prepared for these jounin trials. The sun up ahead was shining down, and the only way coco kept herself from overheating in her sweater, jacket combo was the yellow umbrella that was proving shade for her. Her yellow rain boots clomped along the road, as she twirled the umbrella above her. 

She was every so slightly nervous about this little meet up she'd be having today. She didn't know why. She'd been in charge of Genin before. She knew now to handle them, how to keep them safe and work with them. She was a little rusty though. A little bit of the ol' oxidize metal gathering up on her, if ya get the driff! Regardless how just how rusty she was she was ready to get to business. She'd never been lacking on confidence before so there was no reason to start now. 

There in the faux battle field she saw three fresh faced Genin waiting for her. Darn and she was usually so punctual. But as things were in life someone always had to get there first, and someone was always there last. "Jambo." She announced with a wave of her pale hand. Her green eyes fixed on the three students, let's see what she had to work with.

Fa Fang He was a 5'10 with short cropped black hair, and wore his Headband upon his forehead. It was a forehead protectors after all. His eyes were the distinctive bright pink of an anime character. He had thin eye brows and a fairly angular face. His semi-muscular frame was covered in a black vest, and hyper white Khaki shorts. Every speck of dust was like a big brown beacon upon his pants. He was a cute little guy, who's talent was not really having any talents. He'd scored a solid middle of the class rating when he graduated.

Behind him was a young woman of the Kura clan. She had short boyish spikey pink hair, and eyes as read as a tomato. Yiping Kura was her name. Very skilled at her Clan's famous Order release if the rumors were to be believed. She came from a family of judges, the little known Kura clan so she'd had a strong sense of justice pounded into her head since a young age. She usually got right in the middle of fights just so she could break them up.As such she was fairly skilled in taijutsu.

Standing along with fa, and gestuculating wildy with im was a nother young man. The two of them chattered Cheerily. He was Yue Jin. He a shaggy sand blond hair due going on. And his green eyes shined out through his bangs which covered his eyes. He was six feet tall, and very lean. He didn't belong to any family of ninja's so he had no special clan things going on with him. Howver he did have excellent chakra control, and was on the carreer path to be a wonderul medical ninja. 

"My names Coco Wei. I'm a Chuunin from Amegakure, but now I call Kumo my home. It's my pleasure to be leading you through these future trials, and I just want to thank you all in advance for your hard work and dedication."

Yipping was the first to speak. Her read eyes sparkled under the mid day sun. "The pleasure is all ours Miss Coco!" Her voice was very chipper and high pitched. "Thank you for having us with you. From what we understand we'll be getting a lot of experience from this program, more than a normal team would at least."

"Yes of course." Coco nodded. "It's certainly going to be an intensive program for the four of us. I hope you're all ready to put in some longs hours, of hard work. Because in Ame every scrap is fought for tooth and nail. I know you kumo kids have it better than I ever did but I'm going to run you ragged."

Yue Jing let out a small chuckle. "That's quite the introduction ma'am!"

Coco smiled back. "I just didn't want anyone to be shocked by me. I assure you, if you're willing to put in the work and stick with each other it's going to be a fun ride."She clapped her hands, and jumped on her toes trying to get raddled up. They had a live fire exercise underway in a few moments! This was serious business, and she still had sleepys in her eyes. "Come on! Introduction, let's find out who we're working with!"

"Fa Fang!" Fa announced with a crisp salute.

"Yipping Kura." Yipping chirped. Her reads eyes were running up and down. Coco smiled. She'd look forward to training this young lady into a strong woman.

Yue Jing held out his hand into a thumbs up and smiled. "And I'm Yue Jing."

"And Coco wei makes four." She crouched down before her genin and brought out her backpack. She'd reach in and take  out a pen and paper. "Okay guys. Let me get a list of what cha guys know. We're going to take a look at this battle field, and formulate a plan. Knowing your battle field is THE most important part of going into battle. It makes all the difference knowing your surroundings. Look for terrain. Hills, dales, barricades and such. Check out the damage that's already been done to it from other people training on it. Check what barricades have the most holes and scratches on. Those are probably where the most action goes down. So everyone take a minute and just observe the field and tell me what you see. "

She'd scratch her pen out on the paper making sure the ink was flowing and wait for the flow of data that her Genin were about to provide her for. 


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CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
Ryo : 25150

Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:13 pm
The faux battle field was a sectioned off section of Kumo. It was about a city block of mostly rubbled city scape. There was a three story building that stood to the left, and in the middle of the traning area. There were various barricades and traffic blocks that stood around the area proving areas for their squad to take cover. Coco listened patiently as her genin described the area. There was a barricade on the side of the standing building it was right on the edge of their space, and it had several dozen shuriken and kunai holes planted in it. Not just the barricade but the building as a while. It seemed that as a center of battle the building was the one.

"that's going to create a big ol' mess." She sighed looking up at the beige concrete building. "This area is completely dominated by the building. It's too big of an advantage to ignore it. Especially because their going to be charging for it hard. Whomever wins the building wins this exercise, agreed?"

Yue Jing. "High ground is always better than not."

Yipping shrugged. "We don't know what we'll run into in there. Perhaps it's best to take away a possible disadvantage than chance taking."

"Do you have a suggestion?" Coco asked making a few notes.

"A few paper bombs could take that whole building down. If we destroy the tower before anyone can make use of it we won't risk the inevitable melee we'd run into take the building besides that, it'd become our advantage. We'd know that the building would be coming down. Then we could seize the element of surprise from that and go on the offensive."

"The building would collapse on us." Fa  announced. "We'd only be able to put the paper bombs on our side. It'd be like a tree I would think."

"He's got a point." Coco stood to her full height and took in the battle field. "There's going to be no avoiding the rush for the tower I think." She crossed her fingers, and summoned herself Ten perfect shadow clones of herself. "However! I think we have a small advantage on numbers." With a smile she wrapped her arms around her allies and hunched over. "Okay team huddle! here's the plan!"

CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
Ryo : 25150

Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Fri Jul 10, 2015 2:23 am
"Does that sound like a plan?" Coco looked to her genin, and her score of clones. Two clones per person. Coco and Yippiing charging the building straight on, with Yue Jing and Fa Fang going around and securing the base of the tower. Possibly even getting behind the enemy. Even if the other team commited all of their forces to taking the tower they'd still be out numbered by two.

Fa put a bubble in his mouth, and crossed his arms. "Why does yipping have to be the one to go in with you?" He pouted. "It should probably be one of us." He looked at Yipping then his eyes qucikly darted away. "I mean just so the gender distribution is even.

Coco smiled. Seeing the shy loving of a young boy, reminded her of Akira. How much she missed and ached for him. 'Well be together soon enough.' she thought. She gave Fa a pat on the head. "Because if I take a boy with me, their bound to mess something up, ya know?" She gave him a crossed eyed look, and stuck out her tounge. "She's a close range specialist, it's going to be a roof top battle, or a battle on one of the floors, where her skills will be most effective. We need to keep Yue Jing out of the thick of combat so he can tend to any injuries from a safe distance. I'm putting you with him, because I know you're a good all around ninja. While I could put you with me while we storm the building that would leave yipping not only useless on the ground, but possibly in danger. Ya dig?"

Fa nodded slowly. "I'm sorry." A blush crossed his face.

"No need. A plan should always have to stand critisim. If it stands up to it, that's how you know it's a good plan!" She gave him a slap on the back, and the group lined up on the starting... line. Bad sentence structure. The four ninja and ten Clones of a ninja stood at the ready, crouched down like track starts awaiting for the signal to begin. Out of a nearby observation building a flair was fired. A small 'pop' was heard behind the rubble of the training field. An orange smokey light flew like a firefly up into the sky and exploded into a supernova with a secondary 'pop'.

"Go go go!" Coco shouted with no small amount of glee! With a mighty push off Coco launched herself forward. Both feet in the rocket starting position to give herself a good first blast in the spring. Her boot clad feet pressed aginst the ground beneath her. The rocking footing crumbling beneath the powerful pushes that her feet were providing. She and her clones somewhat took the lead in the attack heading into the forefront of the battle, but not far enough to leave her genin in the dust. Mainly it was because she was cocky, a glory hound, and wanted to lead by example. But it was mainly because she and her legion of Clones had umbrellas! Mighty strong ones that would be able to fend off attacks on the group should they come. she put herself at teh front to act as the vanguard for her Genin.

She had those very same Umbrella's held over her shoulder as they moved forward. She has the yellow brim flung out broadly. The wind resistance of the umbrella actually holding her back quite alot. Giving her genin the chance to keep up with the. The building was fast approaching. It's structured beige walls a shining example of order in this ruble strewn battle field. Coco grinned and held her umbrella tightly in her hands. "Here we go!"

CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
Ryo : 25150

Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:37 am
The words were only just able to leave Coco's mouth. It was then that she witnessed the figures atop the buildings. Four of them, tree small one large. The opposing team. Seems that they were a speedy bunch and were better able to close the distance between their position and the building. Coco cursed her luck, and gripped her umbrella tightly, awaiting the first enemy attack.

Oh and it game, swiftly and with little theatrics the opposing Chunin took on a wide stance. It was then that coco saw his hair begin to grow into a wild and untamed mane. She'd never seen anything like that before. It wasn't long before the nature of the jutsu became evident. His hair prickled like a porcupine and then finally launched itself like senbon from her umbrella! "Everyone get down!" Coco announced as she brought up her yellow umbrella and crouched down on one knee. Her clones performed a similar action around her genin. Each oth their two coco's flung open their own umbrellas and curled up with their geinn. The metal lining of the umbrella giving ample protection from the razor sharp storm of needles.

Coco sat their crouched, umbrella drawn. She gritted her teeth as she heard the rain of needle gain plink off her trusty umbrella. All that talk, and planning to take over the building, and they didn't even set foot on it! They were going to have to come up with an alternate strategy. She looked to the underside of her umbrella and saw that there were needles sticking through the fan. She gritted her teeth. "This is a genuine Ame Umbrella! Do you know how much this costs?" She turned around and looked to her genin who were huddled under a sea of umbrellas. "Okay guys, I know that we wasnted to win this thing. But now... now we have to absolutely destroy them! Next time it rain, well, well what sort of protection is an umbrella full of holes going to provide me?"

CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
Ryo : 25150

Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Sat Jul 11, 2015 4:54 pm
After a short huddle session under the rain of needles and shuriken from the shinobi who possessed a higher ground, Coco and her team had a new strategy. "Does everyone understand? I know this is a little risky but if we pull it off, the element of suprise is firmly on our side!" She clenched her first, and had a toothy smile on her face. This was really fun! She'd hadn't been in a live combat situation in a long time. She'd forgotten how much she enjoyed working with genin! They were so fresh and open to new ideas.

"Yeah it sounds great!" Fa Shouted with an excited glint in his eyes. It was the everyman's time to shine, and he wasn't going to let this opportunity fall through his hands. 

This time it was Yue Jing's turn to pout. "Of course you like it, you're the one getting all the glory!" Coco smiled at the pout, he was so used to everyone praising his skills he wasn't used to the spot light being on someone else.

"Hey now. Don't pout." Coco chided. "If this plan blows up in our face we need someone to cover us when we make our withdawl."

Yue jing sighed. His normally upbeat attitude giving way to self doubt. "I just don't like that everyone things just because I'm a med Nin that I can't handle myself in a close up fight. Because I can! I can kick some serious butt if you'll just let me!"

Coco gave Yue Jing a swift, but gentle slap across the battle field. "We're litterally being attacked right now Yue Jing I don't have time for self doubt. The battle field is no place for second guessing or looking out for your own glory. If you only look out for yourself, you'll get your friends killed. Then where will you be? I put you in your position, becuase that's where you're most suited." She turned to face Yipping. "Anything from you?"

Yipping mimed closing a zipper across her lips. 

"Alright!" One of Coco's clone announced taking out a Kunai and spinning it around her finger, before stabbing it into the ground. "Team B go!" Coco three of her clones, and yipping sprinted to the side of the building. Their umbrella's  providing moving cover as now only shuriken and kunai rained down upon them. When they reached the side of the building they began to run up it's side. All ninja like.

"Team A:  Go!" The clone giving the orders began weaving a series of hand signs that  indicated she'd be using the Giant Body Shuriken technique. When the weaving was done the Kunai under her, another clone, and Fa's feet would rapidly expand propelling the four ninja high into the air! 40 meters up! Sitting atop the massive kunai the squad would jump from their giant metal perch and begin to descend upon their opponent. In both Clones hands were their weary umbrellas, and Fa had a series of Shuriken in his own hand. Ready to strike down the enemy squad below him. With a mighty 'umph' The boy propelled seven shuriken at one of the genin below, who was staring up at Fa looking agape. "Take This!" He cried with a yip in his voice. This was so cool!

CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
Ryo : 25150

Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Sun Jul 12, 2015 2:26 am
'We got him' Fa thought with a gleam in his eye. One genin down and two to go. He just hoped coco could handle the chuunin. But from what he'd seen so far, she had some mad skills. 

Down on the rooftop (you don't hear that too often.) the enemy chuunin smiled with a nasty little sneer on his face. His name was chiro. He had electric blue hair, and a pair of headphones, on that were pounding music into his skull. "Cute trick!" He scoffed forming hand signs. It really was, but in the air there would be no dodging, and he wasn't out of tricks just yet. "Let me show you mine!" His blue hair raised up like spiks and shot a second volly of hair needles at Fa, and the Co-Clones. 

"So soon?" Co-clone coughed, bringing their umbrellas's infront of Fa to protect him from the hail of horrid hair. The leading clones umbrella shattered, and she was pinned like sewing cushion! She puffed into a cloud of smoke and left Fa to the protection of the second clone. Who's umbrella and armor managed to hold back the the offensive hair. 

Those stupid umbrellas! Chiro hated those things. They'd be dead by now if it weren't for them. His hair jutsu was perfect for this type of battle and they were working there way around it. He looked to one of the genin to his side who was still gawking at the falling ninja. At least he'd managed to deflect the shuriken with his hair senbon. "Fine! If you're going to block all my needles I'll go about this another way!" He turned towards his genin. "Get off the roof!"

"Hurk." Came the reply. 

Chiro was almost afraid to take a look, but when he did he noticed that his genin bad yippings Fist in his gut, and was hurtled over in pain. "Crap." Chiro sighed. The attack from above had been a distraction. Awesome. He observed his surrounding and his two genin were vaulting off from the roff and going to their pre-arranged fall back point. Now he just had to get the loser out of harms way, an dhe could poison the crap out of this place.

"Distraction!" Coco shouted Swinging her umbrella at Chiro. The swing coming in from Chiro's right side. Without much effort Chiro caught the blunt umbrella in his hand, and stopped it from whacking him. But his had did feel a little... broken. Still he bit through the pain, and held on to that umbrella. He was so sick of these tacky things. 

"Real attack!" FA announced holding his Kunai over his head and swinging it in a downward motion. He was finishing his fall, and was prepared to stab the life out of Chiro.

"not today chump!" Chrio shot back, going into a high kick and sending Fa flying back off of the ceiling and down into the battle ground below. He turned his attention back to Coco, and held up his hand. It began to glow blue as razor sharp chakra coated his hand. "Nothing personal coco. I really like tough girls, but I'm going to have to make an exception for you."

CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
Ryo : 25150

Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:25 am
Coco gritted her teeth, and looked into Chiro's eyes. She could almost hear the music that he had bleering in those stupid looking headphones. "Thanks but, um... I can't really think of a witty line to say to that. So I'll just go ahead and kill you!" For a kunochi who really focused on training her ability to throw and aim ranged weapons Coco wasn't terribly bad with a sword, plush she was a quick little devil. She drew forth her katana from the hilt of her Umbrella in the blink of an eye. With one hand busy dealing with her Umbrella her hit was all but assured!

Except for that fact that one of his hands was as sharp of the sword she'd brought to bear. Her umbrella was struggling against his right hand, and her Katana was clashing against his left hand. "Well you're just full of surprises aren't you?" She'd never seen a person who could make their bare hands clash with an actual sword.

Chiro smiled, but still gritted his teeth. She was giving him a run for his money. "Impressed?"

"Hardly." Coco scoffed, she wretched her arms trying to get her weapons back under her own control.

Chiro cracked a genuine smile. Oh combat banter! Was there anything better. "Well I'll show you one more of my tricks, and maybe that will allow me to win you over!" 

Coco raised an eyebrow. If he could do another one of those hair needle things, she was going to have a problem. She wasn't able to get her umbrella back from this jerk, so her shield wasn't of much help at the moment. She bit her lip and got ready for whatever it was that Mr. Chiro had in store for her.

Chiro made like he was chewing a wad of gum. He opened up his mouth, and from it came a large plume of Purple gas, that spread over the roof top, and engulfed Coco utterly.  One of Coco's few reamaining clones grabbed a hold of yipping and slung her away from the building. Out of the range of the poison, well before it could reach the young girl. She slid down the side of the building for a moment before regaining her focuse and managing to find a grip on the side of the building. The caustic blackness of the poison hung in the air like a vile cloud, to to her Genin it seemed that Coco had fallen to Chiro. Their brave leader, and Chuunin slain in the spring of her youth!

"Coco!" Yipping shouted as she looked upwards from her position on the wall of the building. She looked to her companions down on the ground below. Fa Fang was being attended to by Yue Jing. That kick had caused him to take quite the fall. "Did she make it out of there?"

The two boys gave her a worried look, and shook their heads no.

Yipping grew pale. "oh no." 

CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
Ryo : 25150

Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:39 pm
Fret not dear reader of heroine Coco Wei was in no trouble o dying from the poison. She was close personal friends with some very gnarly salamanders so she was used to poison! Besides that she had enough health where her body could naturally fight of the poison. So she came flying of of the roof with a passed out genin slung over her shoulder. She was coughing and felt a bit weak, because she did get slammed by the full brunt of a poison attack. So even with her hearty constitution she was a little shaky. She didn't have her sword or umbrella at the moment, foir she had to leave them behind when she was escaping from the attack.

She landed on the ground below her her yellow rain boots crunched the debris below her. With a  hug and a puff she dropped the gawking gein down on the ground and sat down herself. Pooped. That's what she was. Good and thoroughly pooped

"Coco!" Yipping shouted running for Coco and tackling her with a hug. "We were so worried about you. We though you were dead for sure."

"Yeah then we'd never get any training in." Yue ying laughed coming over to coco and checking her eyes, and pulse. "You look alright. Where' did Chiro go, did you get him?"

"Naw, he ran like a coward when he realized his poison didn't work. I would have gone after him, but I had to get this guy out of the poison cloud before he died." Coco coughed brushing his hands away from her face. "I do a lot of training with salamanders. I just can't believe he'd use an attack like that with genin present. Especially his own team. How'd the attack go?"

Fa, grimaced, as he rose up from his back. "His hair stopped me from getting one of them." He sighed. "I'm sorry."

Coco shook her head. "Naw that was my fault. Didn't realize that he could perform that move so quickly in succession. It won't happen again. I think I have one more trick left if you guys are willing to give it a try. Although, my tricks haven't done us much good so far eh?"

The three genin laugh. "Naw you suck Coco."

Coco laughed, and looked at her two remaining clones. "Well I guess you're going to hate this next plan then!" 

CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
Ryo : 25150

Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:58 am
The sun hung over our participants. It's dull orangeness growing hot as the day passed on. Windswept dirt blew across the field. The camera is placed on the ground, and we see a scorpion crawl across the ground. looking menacing, and like it could take on the world. Then just as suddenly as we get it's feeling of power a yellow rain boots steps forward and crushes it underfoot. The camera then moves to the crest of a hill, and we see Yue Jing, Yipping and Coco all walking in slowmotion through the waving clouds of dust. Behind them the seting sun gives their siloettes a ghostly look. All three are wearing pancho's and stetson's over their normal clothing. No one knows where they got them, but it's assumed they just flew in on the wind. 

...and Chiro and his squad were there too, looking like chumps, and not half as cool . It was going to be a classic ninja shootout at high noon. Awesome. Chiro gave a smirk as he looked at the opposing force. "Take a good look team, these are what losers look like. But what can you expect from a squad led by an ame nin. Down a person I see coco. Kick too much for the little guy?" 

Coco gritted her teeth. What a cocky little twat! She'd met him blow for blow so far in this battle and he had the nerve to taunt her at a t time like this? they even had teh same number of genin left at their disposal. The fact that this guy dared to call her a loser, was not only rude, but uncalled for as well! "We have the same number of genin left! And for your information Fa is taking care of your other genin, you know the one you poisoned?" Coco shouted indignant as ever. You know what, whatever we're ending this now!"

'Now' was the que word!

On their marks Coco, yipping, and yue jing drew a shuriken from underneath their pancho's and threw them at their marks. The genin threw at their opposing genning, and Coco threw her's at chiro.

"Pathetic." He scoffed. He side stepped his shuriken much like his Genin side stepped theirs. "Now you three die."

"Not today!" Chiro's Shuriken announced as it whizzed by his head. Wait a second!

Those were no shuriken at all! They were only genin disguised at Shuriken! 

"Transformation Technique fool!" Yue Jing announced as his shuriken exploded into a puff of smoke to reveal that it was actually him. As he flew past his genin, and grabbed a hold of his opponents head, and slammed them to the ground, like a pro wrestler.... only real! A similar sight could be seen with yipping and her genin.

But if those two were shuriken, then that ould only mean... Chiro realized all to late as Fa closed lined him. A bit of revenged. As fall's momentum was suddenly stopped he began to descend to the ground, and used his body weighty to bring Chiro down with him... only.

chiro stayed up! his strength was enough to keep himself up under Fa's assult. His back was bent backwards, but he was fighting back aginst Fa, and winning.

"I'm so sick of this guy!" Coco threw her stetson away and jumped into the air performing a front flip. She broght her heel up, and brought it down on Chiro's gut knocking that fool OUT!


Coco let out a sigh of relief. "Good work gang." She bent forward and caught her breath. "I think that's all the lessons I'm good for today. The two clones who were disguised as Yue Jin and Yipping dispersed in a puff of smoke. "Couldn't have asked for a better team." She had a flash back to her and Li's first mission in Ame. She shuttered. These guys were way more competent then they were back then. 

She looked over the the observation building and wondered what her rating would be, more importantly if they'd deem her and her team worthy to move onto the next phase of the program.

Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part one (complete)

Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:31 am
The proctors that resided over the following first exam all brought their head back to their papers as they wrote out the final remarks and judgement on the following fight. After a few moments of silence and writing they each handed their paper down to the last proctor to the right of them all. As he read the papers with a slight frown on his face he looked over towards the winning group from the building he was perched on.

"Coco Wei, are you ready for your assessment?"

He would of course wait for a moment to gather her answer as a polite person should before continuing.

"Your positives for this match up were energy, you have an odd high amount of it which showed in this battle which means you won't tire easily in a drawn out fight. Communication, you remained in constant contact with your team even at the beginning allowing them."

Flipping the paper over he would lance at it once more before continuing to read from it.

"Your neutral things that aren't necessarily bad or good are; Your combat style, it seems to be a little more theatrical than practical, however it works for you so this isn't being graded."

Nodding as he read the last bit of the papers he would turn his attention once more to her.

"Your negative and needs improvement areas are, your communication, there were multiple times where if this had been a real battle how vocal you are could have gotten your team killed. I would recommend learning to use hand signs and gestures with your team to rectify this. You also seem to rush into situations without thoroughly reading the environment as that poison could have proven fatal for all involved, luckily nothing too bad happened."

Putting the papers into his pocket as the other proctors walked off he would give his closing statements.

"All in all you scored an eighty on this exam, you pass. I would tend to your genin and get them ready for your next steps as a unit."

With those remarks the proctors vanished. If one had their chakra senses activated they would feel a low but heavy chakra coming from behind the group of Coco's nin about twenty meters off. Mortarion would be atop a building clad in his full armor and his scythe in hand as he had looked down on the entire events unfolding watching closely to see how his ninja performed. With just as quick as he would be seen if anyone looked at him he would vanish in a haze of speed.

(Coco passes first part, good job, I enjoyed reading it.)
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