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Shadow Clone...kinda (Beta Shadow Clone Jutsu) Empty Shadow Clone...kinda (Beta Shadow Clone Jutsu)

Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:18 am
"Di-did I hear right? Soyokaze-senpai wants ME to teach HIM a jutsu?" The young Chikamatsu academy student looked almost ecstatic at the prospect of teaching her genin friend a new technique instead of the other way around. He had met Haruki a while back and she had been helping Soyokaze with his training for the past few days, during which time he had noticed her ability to create shadow clones, a jutsu that was outside of the bounds of his own knowledge. Knowing that he needed all the jutsu he could possibly learn to further himself as a ninja who could defend his Hidden Village and prove himself to the Kazekage, he decided to swallow his pride and ask Haruki to teach him her Shadow Clone jutsu that she had used so skillfully against him in his Air Bullet jutsu training. "So, what do ya say? Want to be my teacher and help me learn a new jutsu?", he said with a smile. Haruki looked fit to burst with happiness, saying "Of course, Soyokaze-senpai! Let me just grab my scrolls to help explain things to you and we'll get to training!"

As Haruki entered the area she had picked for her "super-special training time" with a big load on her back, she then stopped and looked around. Nodding her head after scanning around the area, she dropped her baggage on the floor, saying, "This place should be a good place to train!" He then opened up his bag and took out a scroll. As she unscrolled the scroll, she said, "This is a great jutsu, Soyokaze-senpai! This clone isn't like the stupid clones they teach in the academy that does nothing other than surprise the opponent. Before we start though, you have to now that this isn't the regular shadow clone jutsu, this is a weaker version designed for genin. It’s called the Beta Shadow Clone jutsu." She then placed the scroll on the ground and started forming a Tiger hand seal.

After doing the hand seal, he focused his chakra on the shadow. "Focus, Soyokaze, Focus! Imagine that you're forming a clone. Just focus on one before you make 5!" As he focused, he saw that the shadow rose. "Yes! I di-" Before he could complete his sentence, the shadow fell. "Dang it! I got occupied and lost my concentration! One more time!" Soyokaze did the hand seals again and waited for the shadow to rise. This time, it rose a few centimeters higher before falling again. Soyokaze then patiently repeated the process until the shadow rose till his knee level. Soyokaze then decided to rest for a while. He then took a seat at the pool's edge. He placed his hands into the pool and splashed some shadow on his face. He then took some shadow again and took a sip. “I think I'm closer and closer to perfection. Maybe I have to focus even harder to form the clones.” said Soyokaze as he got back up. He formed the hand seal and focused even harder than he did the other times, when he did, the shadow rose till his shoulder's height. “Yes! Just a little more, and it can start forming!” said Soyokaze happily. He tried a few more times until it reached his height before falling. Soyokaze then continued a few more times until he could make the large blob of shadow stay without falling. He then started to make the shadow form to an appearance similar to him, but no matter how much he focused, the blob of shadow just stayed there. After a while of trying, Soyokaze gave up and lied on the ground. As he was lying on the ground, he took the scroll up and started reading it. "To form this jutsu, the user has to form the tiger hand seal. He then has to imagine that the shadow and him is one; they are one being, and not separate beings. He then has to focus to make the shadow rise. As soon as the shadow reaches the height of the caster, the caster than has to "transfer" his spirit into the blob of shadow to make the shadow a perfect copy of the user." Soyokaze then got up and smiled. "Time for success!"

Soyokaze then started doing the hand seals and started to focus while staring at the shadow. After a while, a large blob of shadow rose. "Okay, all I have to do is imagine I'm the shadow." thought Soyokaze. He then imagined that he was the shadow. As he imagined him growing hands out of the tiny blob of shadow he is, the shadow started to move a bit. As soon as it formed a bit, it fell. Soyokaze then did the hand seals again, and this time, the shadow rose and formed an arm, but then collapsed. Not surrendering, Soyokaze then did the hand seals one more time. The shadow rose and this time, it formed two arms. As soon as the legs were about to form, it collapsed. Soyokaze then went and took a sip of shadow. "Dang, it ain't easy!" said Soyokaze. he then started forming the tiger hand seals. The shadow rose and formed the arms, the legs, and the head, which had no eyes. nose, ear, or mouth. It then fell motionless. Soyokaze, who was getting frustrated, shouted, "That was close! Just a little bit more and It's Perfected!" Soyokaze then formed the hand seals. Slowly but steadily, the shadow rose and formed a perfect copy of Soyokaze. 

Soyokaze thought, "Yes, now let's test this guy's ability!" He then commanded the clone to walk forward. It took a step, and the clone did it. It then took a second step and fell. "Darn it! I need to focus more!" He then did the hand seals and the shadow formed into a copy of Soyokaze much quicker this time. "Now, transfer my spirit into it!" Soyokaze then imagined that he was the clone. He then imagined to take a step. He then imagined to take another step. "Yes! It's good so far!" Soyokaze then started to make the clone run, which made the clone turn into shadow again. Soyokaze then tried again and again, and was finally able to make the shadow clone run and move freely. He then tried to make the clone climb a tree. The clone climbed the tree, although Soyokaze expected the clone to turn back into shadow. Soyokaze then smiled and said, "Time to try a jutsu!" Soyokaze picked up a rock and threw it to the clone. He then made the clone try "Air Bullet Jutsu". Instead of replacing itself, the clone turned into shadow before the rock even touched it. Soyokaze then started to form the clone and continue practicing to make it able to use jutsu. Finally, after trying for 24 times, the clone could use jutsus easily. Soyokaze then started to form two clones. After some practices, he could control the two clones, however, it was hard concentrating. He then perfected it before moving on to three clones. By the time it was evening, Soyokaze was able to control 4 clones. Soyokaze then said, "Let's make 5 clones before night falls!" Soyokaze then formed the hand seals and 5 blobs of shadow rose. It took about 10 seconds for it to stabilize before starting to form into a copy of Soyokaze. Soyokaze then controlled the clones by making them run about and climb trees. After he felt that the clones were ready to take on a new level, he made the clones throw stones at each other; one group throws the stones while the other dodges around, sometimes using Air Bullet Jutsu. After that, Soyokaze cancelled the jutsu and sighed, "Finally! I mastered this wonderful jutsu!"

Claiming: Beta Shadow Clone Jutsu and 6 Stat Points.
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Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Shadow Clone...kinda (Beta Shadow Clone Jutsu) Empty Re: Shadow Clone...kinda (Beta Shadow Clone Jutsu)

Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:46 pm
Beta shafow clone is v5, please train for the v6 version which is a B rank and requires 3k words. Also, its a nin tech not a wind tech so you need to do 75% wc. <3
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