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Jutsu Learning: Wind Release Slash Empty Jutsu Learning: Wind Release Slash

Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:44 am
"So these are the Sunagakure training grounds, huh?" thought Soyo with a questioning harumph. It wasn't much to look at, just another windbare plot of land stretching out from beneath the stucco Southern Gates of the ninja village, dotted with training posts and various ninja tools hanging from the lone tree around the area. Granted, it wasn't all too much to look at, and was noticeably missing various basic training tools and equipment.  To be entirely honest,it was pretty woefully understocked, with even the most basic of weapons and training tools not being there at all. Soyokaze sighed and looked back at the huge doors of the Southern Gates. While still impressive, they'd clearly seen better days, with the once gleaming paint now peeling from the stone. It didn't befit a great ninja village with as an illustrious history as Suna to stay in shambles, but they were in the midst of a pretty big population problem at the time. Kaze shook the glum thoughts from his mind and looked out toward the training field again with renewed determination and vigor. "If my village is in a rough spot, then I'll just have to work that much harder to get us back on our feet", he said aloud to himself. "No one's ever become Kazekage by moping around and sitting on their hands, not back then and not now!" He ran towards the nearest stump and readied himself for his training.

He moved toward the training post and readied his Bird seal. "Wind Slash, huh?", he said, recollecting his academy sensei discussing the jutsu like it was just the other day. "A high level attack that can manifest as both three independent blades or one large blade of air. Don't get too excited though, kids, it's a C-rank technique, so you guys won't be using it anytime soon!" "We'll see about that, Ayame-sensei!", he thought jauntily. He closed his notebook and thought about what to do. Most genin would have been satisfied with a simple D-rank jutsu for their first jutsu to learn, but he was a Hattori clan member, and since learning Wind-style ninjutsu was second nature to them, he wanted to try something more...ah...audacious. He pooled his chakra in his left hand and let it charge for a moment, then he released it, trying to envision a blade slicing the enameled wood of the training post. He opened his eyes and looked all around at the post. There wasn't a single scratch on the thing. "Damn, let's try it again." Famous last words.

He tried using his right hand instead, thinking that perhaps the strangeness of using his non-dominant hand would somehow help the learning process along. Whoever had told him that was true needed a big slap across the face, 'cause trying it only left him even more tired and equally unsuccessful. He fell back on to the small dunes that were pooling in the grounds. "Man, Ayame-sensei was right. I thought this was supposed to be easy for my clan or something..." He got up once more readied the bird symbol, preparing to go at it again, when he saw a foreboding mass up on the horizon. "A sandstorm? At this time of year?”, said Soyokaze worriedly. “It’s probably nothing”, he reassured himself. He kept practicing his Wind Blade again and again, but to no avail. It seemed like he was damaging himself more than the post. In fact, he was so caught up in his training that he failed to recognize the darkening of the sky around him. That is, until the young ninja felt the bite of the sand laced wind around him. “Damn! How could I have been such an idiot?”, Soyo cursed, “I can’t be as rusty as to let a sandstorm creep up on me, I was born here!.”  He ran in the front of the storm, just barely keeping ahead of the mounting winds. Soyo moved to the one certain place he knew where he would be protected: the canyon where he had done recon on the caravan raiding gang of bandits.

After about 2 or 3 minutes of running, he spied a rim of red rocks. Soyo was close to its north wall, and he was sure it was safe, as the gang had been dealt with swiftly and brutally by 3 Suna chunin, one of whom was his academy teacher, Ayame-sensei. He jumped in and leaned by a ledge against the rock face. As he went to sit down, his neck was cut by wind. “What the kabob?” said Soyo, as he saw a small hole in the wall which led outside. “I guess the small size of the opening helps focus the wind.” he thought, and as he said it, a big grin of understanding spread across his face. When he got out of this canyon, that post was gonna meet its maker.

He turned once more to the post, with its sky blue and sand brown swirls still yet to be marked by Kaze’s Wind Style jutsu attacks. That was going to have to change. Soyokaze warmed up after resting on the warm sand for a while. He gathered chakra into his left palm until he felt a large pressure on his hand that was steadily increasing. This time though,before the genin released the jutsu with the Bird seal, he brought his other palm closer to the first, pressurizing the chakra even further than he could with one hand alone. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he aimed his hands at the solid post and formed the bird seal while envisioning 3 swords of pure air slicing through the painted wood. He opened his eyes and looked out. In the place of the tall post, there were 4 neatly sliced sections of the training post. “That’s what I’m talking about!”, the Suna-nin screamed. He fell to the ground in exhaustion, but he was as happy as could be. Maybe he could be a great ninja after all, even the Kazekage. He wasn’t anywhere close right now, but he had proved to himself that he had the determination to do it, and maybe the skills too. His parents would be overjoyed to hear about this, but Soyo decided he was gonna tell Ayame-sensei about it first. Maybe he could get a free lunch out of it!

Claiming Wind Release: Slash and 5 stats!
WC: 1063   (P.S: This is indeed the correct amount of words for my training as relates to this jutsu. Please refer to this link for questions. Thanks!)
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Jutsu Learning: Wind Release Slash Empty Re: Jutsu Learning: Wind Release Slash

Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:56 am
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