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Koroshi Uchiha
Koroshi Uchiha
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The seat is still here Empty The seat is still here

Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:38 am
Koroshi after fighting with the one known as Maku, and having his brother seal the 9 tails fox inside of him for safe keeping, Koroshi returns home to Suna, it has not been a long time since he was here, but the heat and the strong wind blowing across the fields of sand brings a smile to his face. He would choose to appear on top of the Kaze kage building, he would look onward at the village, seeing if anyone was waiting or watching for him to get back, seeing as he was gone for a few hours, to speak with his brother Viper, fight against Maku, and then proceeding to seal the beast within him. Being a jinchuuriki has been labeled as a curse, and Koroshi never thought that he would ever be one as he viewed his power to be greater then anything one of the tailed beasts could give him, although strangely enough he requested to be the guard over the beast. Not for power or for the beast to be able to live in the real world through his eyes, so that he wouldn't be stuck in his brother's world, no,  his reasonings are much different. It is so that he could be closer to his brother Echo, as his chakra still lingers within the beast, and he can feel his life force, this brought peace to Koroshi, and sparked ideas about ways he can right the wrongs done in the lightning village. Since he has many different hints and traces of Echo's chakra, plus having Echo's eyes, there may be a way for him to bring Echo back to life. He will have to look into this more, and how he can get such a power, or amplify his powers to such a level that he would be able to break the laws set by the gods that made this world. He can already use his powers to save those who have fallen in battle near him, as their soul and body are still one for a few moments after death, although due to him not learning about Echo's death until it was weeks later, his soul at that point had already passed on. 

As he is thinking to himself something happens that he didn't really expect, the 9 tails begins speaking with him "And here I thought Echo was cocky about his powers, do you really intend to bring him back from the dead? To snatch him away from the gods?" Hearing his words Koroshi just smiles "Well for the time being I guess I have to be cocky, once I get him back he can take over" Koroshi says as he thinks back to Echo, and how he was always so happy and wanting to show off either a new jutsu he learned, or wanting to boast about how amazing he was. With these thoughts and knowing that Echo never seemed sad or anything of the like, Koroshi cannot believe that he let himself die.
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