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Yui Gōka
Yui Gōka
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Yui's Training Empty Yui's Training

Fri May 22, 2015 3:06 am
A dark room, empty, silent. A flash of red, splattered across the room, a sudden heavy breathing… A gasp and a flood of bright light. Yui’s eyes flew open as she sat upright, her breathing heavy, sweating profusely, her pillow and surrounding sheets, drenched with sweat. Her pupils dilated as she embraced her legs, bringing her knees towards her chest before burying her face onto the space between her body and knees. She shivered, her breathing stabilizes as her shoulders started to shake lightly. Yui broke into a sob, tears streaming down her cheeks, dripping onto her thighs. Mom.. She gripped the sides of her legs tightly, her shoulders starting to shake harder. Dad… She pushed her face even more into the space between her body and knees as her sobs turned into agitated cries. Onii…-chan.. She choked back her tears as she leaned back against the headboard of the bed, her legs sprawled across the bed, her eyes half-lidded and empty. As time passes, the tears on her cheeks dried up and her eyes flickered with sadness.

She was like a whole different person. Years ago, she was so cheerful. So… happy… but now…

Yui dragged herself out of her bed, slowly walking towards the bathroom, taking a long shower, before throwing on a short, red, kimono along with a pair of black shorts from her closet. She finished off her outfit with black thing-highs, staring at the floor with empty thoughts. 

The cheerfulness of hers is gone. She is no longer that cheeky little girl who would always have a smile plastered on her face. She is no longer full of laughter. She is just… empty…

She grabbed the pouch of basic tools she has just recently bought from the ninja shop before walking down the stairs, heading out of the house. She walked down the streets of Sunagakure, stopping by a little shop to buy an apple for breakfast. The streets of Sunagakure used to be bustling with its villagers, whether young or old, shinobi and kunoichi alike, visitors or just typical villagers. Now, however, it isn't as crowded and it is definitely a lot quieter than it used to be. Yui quickly ate her apple, walking towards her destination at a steady pace, despite the scorching sun, heating up the top of her head and burning a hole through her back. She only has one place in mind today: the training grounds.

She seems emotionless, quiet. Her face straight most of the time, she rarely utters words. Nothing… The world is empty to her… She is empty… Empty…

On the way to training grounds, she threw the rest of her apple away before hurrying up her pace. She arrived at a huge dome-shaped building, entering it quietly. Yui timidly looked around at the somewhat empty training grounds. Not a single soul can be seen, just a bunch of random training equipment that she has never used, much less touched. She sighed and started off by running around the grounds, gradually getting faster and faster. After running two laps around the grounds, she come to a halt, breathing quite heavily due to her low stamina. She stretched her limbs, looking around, feeling slightly restless. It is her first training session and she was clueless as to what to do. If she were to ask around for help, the training grounds was practically empty, with the exception of a random guy who just walked in. He rushed to other side of the dome, where he started to busy himself with what actually seemed like a serious training session, and well.. she was too nice and polite to disturb him. She stared at the ground a few meters away from her and bit her bottom lip, I can’t call Onii-chan… because… he’s not here anymore… he’s… She bit down her bottom lips even harder, her eyes getting teary and hot. Dead. A tear slipped down her left cheek and she quickly wiped it away. He’s dead. He’s not here anymore. Get over it. She let out an exasperated sigh before looking up at the sky. Ren… where are you…


Yui took a deep breath and took off her pouches to check the insides. It consists of 5 kunai, 5 shuriken, 2 explosive tags along with 2 smoke bombs. She put the smoke bombs, shuriken, tags, and four of her kunai into her pouches, fixing one on the back of her waist and another one on the side of her right thigh. She scanned the training grounds, looking for a dart board or something of that sort. After finding one, she gripped the handle of the kunai in her hand, lifting her right arm and positioning her forearm horizontally across her neck. She looked awkward. She felt awkward. Targeting the middle of the target a few meters away from her, she pushed her forearm away from her, throwing the kunai towards the dart board. Instead of hitting the board, it hit the wall next to it, followed by a clang as it clattered against the floor. She clicked her tongue, her eyes flickering with determination as she grabbed another kunai out of her pouch and aimed towards the middle of the board before throwing it. This time, it scraped the side of board and clashed against the wall, before hitting the ground, producing a dull clang. Yui continued throwing the rest of her kunai, where only one of them hit the board, whereas the other two joined the ones on the floor.

She stared at the kunai stuck on the board; it was literally right at the edge of it - 1 mm to the left and it would definitely hit the wall. Rummaging through her pouch, her finger scraped against one of the sharp end of her shuriken. She let out a hiss before pulling her hand out, squinting at her finger. Looking around the training grounds, she quickly wiped her finger against her kimono and slipped her hand inside her pouch, carefully fishing out a shuriken. Aiming it towards the centre of the board, she threw it and fished out another shuriken, doing the exact same thing. She repeated the steps with the rest of her shuriken, slowly feeling less and less awkward with the position. From the looks of it, she did better with the shuriken as 3 of them were stuck on the board, whilst the other were lying on the floor. She scurried over before picking up those on the floor, placing them in her pouch followed by pulling the rest of her weapons from the board. None of them hit the middle of the board, but rather around it. Yui lightly ran away from the board, stopping a few meters away from it. She continued throwing her kunai and shuriken towards the board, picking it up once she ran out of them, and continued throwing them again. She made sure to also try throwing with her left arm, alternating between both arms every round.

After a few rounds of doing so, her arms grew tired as she carefully placed all the kunai and shuriken in her pouch. She stretched both of her arms, swinging them around despite them aching. Her eyes encountered a number of weights a meter away. Yui glanced around the training grounds, realizing that the random man who was training on the other side of it is nowhere to be seen. She walked towards the weights, her straight face looking quite uninterested. they were all ball-shaped and ranged from different colors, to sizes, and weight. Not bothered to look at the actual weight of the one in front of her, she grabbed hold of the curved handle on top of the weight with her left hand, before trying to lift it up. She couldn’t lift it, it wouldn’t budge. Not at all. Placing her other hand around the curved handle, she tried lifting it once again, exerting herself. The weight, however, still wouldn’t budge. Yui, on the other hand, was pretty much exhausted, her then cold expression was gone, now replaced with a slightly exasperated one. She looked around at the other weights available there before walking towards the smallest one. Once again, placing her hands around the curved handle, she tried lifting it up, gripping the handle as tight as she could. After a few seconds, she could feel the weight move, as she let out a sigh before letting go of the weight, looking away and it crashed against the concrete ground.

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed hold of the handle, lifting the weight and took a step forward, one by one. She continued waddling away from the rest of the weights, before stoping half a meter away, panting heavily. Her ams literally feel as if they were gonna break any minute as she dropped the weight. Glancing back, she grabbed the weight again and walked another half a meter away and took a short rest, before turning back towards the rest of weights, carrying the weight she took with her. She took a quick rest halfway through, wondering why she was doing it to herself. She reached her destination, quickly letting go of the weight, before plopping down on the ground, wiping her sweat away. She stretched her arms thoroughly, wincing as it starts aching even more than before. getting up on her feet, Yui once again grabs hold of the handle and heaved the weight up, tottering a meter away from the spot before placing the weight on the ground. She grabs hold of it once again and walked another meter away from where she was standing, her grip of the handle becoming tighter.

Once she was a good two meters away from the other weights, she waddled back towards them, taking little baby steps, gritting her teeth as sweat poured down her face and neck. Her grip became even tighter, her nails digging into the palms of her hand as she tried to walk as fast as possible towards her destination. A few more steps and a clattered could be heard as she released her grip, letting the weight fall and hot the ground. She sat down, looking outside a tiny window, as the sky turned dark. Yui pulled herself up, checked her pouches and started running a lap around the training grounds before stepping out of it, taking a deep breath of the night air. Doing some last minute stretches just outside the dome, she lightly jog home, lost in her usual train of thoughts. Her usual poker face, her tired half-lidded eyes, staring into space. She was definitely tired, but she knew she had to hold on, because this was the path that she herself has chosen.. The path of the shinobi; this is just the beginning.

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Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Yui's Training Empty Re: Yui's Training

Fri May 22, 2015 3:08 am
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Yui Gōka
Yui Gōka
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Yui's Training Empty Re: Yui's Training

Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:56 am
Sweat trickled down her forehead, traveling down the curve of her cheek before slipping onto her neck. Pushing her upper body up, Yui sat up straight in her bed, breathing heavily. Her body started to tremble lightly as she drag her knees towards her chest, lowering her face onto the space in between her knees and chest. Hot tears formed around the rim of her eyes, threatening to fall down her cheeks. A few seconds passed and her body was still as a tear made its way down her cheek before falling off of it and onto her clothes. Curling her fingers, she gripped both of her forearms, feeling her long nails dig into her skin, leaving red, angry marks in place. Closing both of her eyes, the girl sniffled before turning her head sideways and placing her right cheeks on her knees. Looking at the ray of sunlight crawling through the tiny gap between the curtains, she hugged her body even tighter as her eyes started to lose its warmness, her lips parting slightly. Pushing her head up, she straighten her legs before crawling towards the edge of the bed and letting her legs dangles off the edge of it. The girl pushed herself off of the bed and shuffled across the room, grabbing a towel before heading towards the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, she striped before stepping into the shower. She continued along with her usual morning routine, such as brushing her teeth. Walking out of the bathroom, she yanked the door to the closet open and reaching in and throwing on her clothes absentmindedly.

Grabbing her ninja pouch, she checked the insides before heading out of the room. A few steps and the girl slipped into a nearby room, rummaging through a box before pulling out a number of scrolls, including one blank scroll. Leaving the clutter behind, she walked out of the room, shoving the scrolls into her pouch and walked down the stairs and stopping by the kitchen. Her hand slithered towards a container grabbing whatever was inside. Running towards the door, she jumped into her sandals before heading towards the training grounds as she didn’t have to attend the academy on that specific day. Her eyes glimmered in the sun as she walked down the path and began to consume the bread she picked up in the kitchen. Squinting her eyes, the girl quickened her steps as sweat started to form around her forehead due to the scorching weather. Sweeping her bangs away from her forehead, she wiped the sweat with the back of her hand as a dome-shaped building came into sight. Running towards the building, she finished the apple and popped it into the bin at the entrance as she pushed through the door. A waft of cool air greeted her as the girl walked into the training grounds, sneaking glances to the opposite side of the training grounds. She was alone, once again… Not that she cared anyways; She has lived alone for over ten years and well… she has gotten used to being alone, you know?

The girl does some simple stretching before going on a light jog around the training grounds. She stood beside the weights— the exact same area she was at the last time she was here. Puling a scroll out of her pouch, Yui crouched before unravelling the said scroll. Inside was information on how to perform a basic jutsu: The Clone Technique. All she had to do was basically create an illusion of herself. Sound simple, but will she be able to perform it? Who knows. Continuing to read the scroll, she memorized the handseals that needs to be weaved in the correct order. Mumbling to herself, she stood up straight, bringing her hand together to form the first handseal: the ram sign. Followed by the snake and ending the sequence with the tiger seal, the girl focuses her chakra towards the core of her body. Imagining the image of herself in her head, Yui creates an exact copy of herself. From another’s point of view, it seemed as if her body was blurred as another copy of her came into form to her right side, just about half a meter away. Though looking like an exact copy of Yui herself, the clone isn’t exactly a solid copy; instead it was just a mirroring image of herself. Which means, it would mirror her exact move. Fishing a kunai out of her pouch, the girl thrust her arm forward, eyeing the illusion of herself right beside her. Just as she has read, the clone mirrored her actions. Continuing to eye the clone beside her, the girl pulled her arm towards herself as the clone mirrors her exact move once again. Just as she was about to throw the kunai she was holding forward, the image of the clone beside her starts to blur before dissipating. Cocking her head to the left, she slips the kunai back into her pouch before performing the jutsu once again.

After creating the illusionary clone, she pulled out a kunai out of her pouch. Throwing the said kunai towards the wall surrounding the training grounds, she watches as the clone beside her does the exact same thing. The kunai that she has thrown flew towards the wall, scratching the wall before crashing onto the floor, producing a dull clang. Turning her her head towards the clone, resulting the clone to mirror the movement, Yui watches as the clone disappears just like the one before. Walking towards the wall in front of her, she bent down to pick the kunai that is lying on the floor. Despite being an E-rank jutsu, she could imagine how this jutsu could still be used effectively. Sure, the clone is only an illusion, but as long as one plans ahead before utilizing it, it could be somewhat helpful. Hopefully. Licking her lips, the girl slipped the kunai back into her pouch before she weaved the three handseals required for the clone technique. This time however, instead of creating just one clone, she decided to create two. Concentrating her chakra towards her core, the girl keeps in mind the image of herself as two imaginary clones appear. A small smile crept up her lips as she watches the two clones dissipate. Pulling out another scroll out of her pouch, the girl unravels it and crouches down, setting the unraveled scroll on the ground. Her blue orbs lingered around the scroll as she studies the contents. Memorizing the sequence of the handseals required, the girl pushed herself upwards, standing up straight once again. Looking around, she wonders what form she should try to take in an attempt to perform the transformation jutsu. Glancing around the training grounds, she was reminded of her brother. Nero, as she has heard was… dead. As for Ren, well who knows really. He may as well be dead, living life as a missing-nin. Starring at the concrete floor, the girl brought her hands together performing the dog seal, followed by the boar handseal and ending with the ram seal. Remembering the image of Nero, her eyes darkened as she concentrated her chakra towards her core. Keeping the image of Nero alive in her head, she channels her chakra throughout her body. What greeted her was a small puff of smoke, nothing else. Glancing around, she looked down towards her body only to realize that she still looks like…well… herself. Looking at the glass panel located just a meter away from her, she was greeted by an image of a girl — herself. She didn’t transform into Nero, which proved that the jutsu was unsuccessful. Crouching down and reading the scroll sprawled on the floor, the girl stood up once again.

Gulping down the slightly cool air surrounding the training grounds, she loosened her slightly tensed muscles. Slightly waving her pale limbs, the girl rolled her shoulders forwards and backwards.Bringing her hands together, she performed the needed handseals, concentrating her chakra and imagining Nero in her head. The first and last time she had met him. What he looked like; his features (which looked quite different compared to hers, despite the fact that they were siblings). What he was wearing… um what was he wearing o.o Eh… Just remember, um everything! Or… uh at least remember as much detail as possible regarding his appearance. Licking her lips, the girl started to somewhat worry as her memory of Nero starts to deteriorate. Deciding to go ahead and perform the jutsu despite having difficulties remembering her own brother’s appearance, a puff of smoke of appears, blocking her view. As the smoke dissipates, Yui looks at her current outer appearance, her hands crawling up her face as she stares at a glass panel that was hanging just a meter away right in front of her. Um well… first of all, she looked slightly.. weird? awkward? What was supposed to be an image of Nero, ended up being a mixture of Nero and Ren (her other brother). Canceling her chakra out, she changes back to her original form. Taking a deep breath, the girl gathered her thoughts together before weaving a number of handseals, remembering as much detail of Nero as possible, the girl transforms into the image of the boy in her head, resulting in a puff of smoke. Keeping the amount of chakra she was channeling throughout her body constant, her orbs crept up towards to the glass panel staring at the image of the red-haired boy. The boy whom she has only met once. The boy who was dead. Half a second passed as she blinked continuously before canceling her chakra out thus stopping the jutsu resulting in the image of the boy to turn into Yui’s. Pulling the rest of the scrolls out of her pouch, the girl drops them on the concrete floor as she crouches down and places one of them in front of her. Holding the paper at the end of scroll down, she pulls the body of scroll to the right, away from the paper which she was holding down. Unraveling the said scroll, she quickly scans through the entire scroll before shooting upwards. Currently standing on her feet, she looked around the training grounds for a split second before walking towards the weights section.

Licking her upper lip, the girl clasped her hand together before forming the first handseal; the tiger seal. Weaving the rest straight after, she concentrated her chakra before replacing her body with one of the weights, subsequently resulting in a puff of smoke as it was part of the jutsu. Fleeing ten meters away from the weight in which she has just replaced herself with, the girl watches the smoke disappear, leaving a small weight behind. The puff of smoke that appears with each use of the jutsu help the shinobi to trick their opponent into thinking that their attack was successful. Because let’s be honest, how many people can really see through a puff of smoke, am I right? Little to none, probably.. (or at least as far as she knows, the answer to that question is ‘little to none’). Walking towards the weights section she once again weaves the handseals needed to perform the jutsu, concentrating her chakra towards the core of her body. Once the last last handseal has been formed, marking the end of her preparation for performing the jutsu, Yui grabs a weight which was sitting just a few centimeters away from her. Dragging the said weight, the girl jumps as hard as she could, pulling the weight along with her. With a loud thud, the weight landed on the floor right where the girl was standing a few seconds ago. A split second before the weight landed on the floor, the blonde haired girl has disappeared from the scene only to appear thirty meters away from it. Not bad aye. This jutsu would probably be of little to no help later on in her shinbone career, but at least she is expanding her knowledge on the different kinds of jutsu— which is a good thing.

Next on her training list is called the ‘Surface Walking Technique’. By channeling one’s chakra towards their feet, it allows him or her ‘to walk up flat surfaces, or along water.’ Now, since that may come as useful later on, she will do her best to learn the said technique. Facing the wall, Yui was a good five meters away from it. Starting to focus chakra towards her feet, she directs the chakra to fully cover her them, distributing a good amount of it evenly all over. The girl would stare at the wall, almost glaring at it as she prepares herself before charging towards the wall as fast as she could. Once she was only a foot away from the said wall, the blonde put her right foot first followed by her left. Due to her speed, it allowed her to go up the wall by half a meter before crashing down towards the ground. Due to the sudden drop, she landed with a thud on the ground. Sprawled on her back, a groan arose from the girl as she got up onto her feet, rubbing her lower back. She could feel the dull pain radiate across her lower back as she walks back to her initial spot. Taking a deep breath, she once again concentrates her chakra towards the sole of her feet. After a few seconds of standing still, the blonde charged towards the wall, her speed gradually increasing by each step. Firmly placing her left foot on the wall, she pushed herself up and started jogging up the wall, gradually decreasing her speed until she was walking. Coming to a halt, she looked around as her face slowly lights up. She was nearly ten feet above the ground and that is something she has never experienced. It definitely felt somewhat cool to be up there. Whilst busy scanning the area, the girl momentarily forgets about maintaining the chakra under her feet. What happened next was basically a blur: As the chakra under her feet vanishes, her feet started slide down the wall. Due to the suddenness of the whole situation, the girl ended up losing her balance which then resulted in a free fall from the height of nearly ten feet. How nice; It was like skydiving, except that she didn’t have a parachute. As she started falling, the distance suddenly felt like nothing. Her mind went blank as she poisoned her body head first. As she neared the floor, she stretched out her arms. The coldness of the floor hit her palms as Yui braces herself up with her arms. Pushing herself up, she lands on both of her feet and straighten her body. Deciding to give the technique one last attempt, the blonde concentrates her chakra towards her feet before jogging towards the wall. Jogging up the wall, she came to a stop, this time making sure to keep the chakra under her feet going. After a few seconds of standing on the wall, she jumped off of it and landed on her feet in a crouched position.

Fishing a scroll out of her pouch, the girl unravelled it before reading the contents. Her left eyebrow rose as she read through it again. It was obviously a different kind of jutsu compared to the ones she has been attempting before. This jutsu in which she was about to attempt requires her to apply seals onto objects or animals or even humans—whichever one of her choice. To start off, she will obviously need to learn how to create the seal. Plopping down onto the ground, she landed softly on her backside and crossed her legs. Placing the unravelled scroll diagonally to her left knee, the girl faced the ground before bringing her index and middle finger of her right hand together. Placing the tips of her fingers on the cold surface her eyes nervously dart around the training grounds. Concentrating her chakra towards her two fingers, she imagined a seal in her head. Keeping the image of the seal in her head, she could feel the surge of chakra travel down her fingers and out towards the ground where the tips of her fingers are resting on. Sliding her fingers to the right, she peered at the spot. There was nothing on it. Aha, well how interesting? Pulling a kunai out of her pouch, the girl would place it on the scroll before covering it with her right hand. Concentrating her chakra towards the palm of her right hand, Yui would push the chakra pooled in her palm onto the kunai. Once the chakra has been transferred on the kunai, it was then pushed onto the scroll, forming a seal.

Removing her hand from the spot, the girl blinked a couple of times, looking at the kunai which she had placed on the scroll. Cool? This totally went the way she had intended.. uh. Maybe she didn’t put enough chakra into it (taking into account the size of the kunai)? Covering the kunai with her right hand once again, the blonde would repeat the process: Pooling chakra towards her right hand, transferring said chakra towards the kana before pushing the chakra into the scroll and topping it off with a seal. Moving her hand aside, the girl gazed at the scroll before directing her eyes elsewhere. Wow, that didn’t work. The girl slipped her left hand into her pouch before pulling out a shrunken. Maybe trying this technique out with something slightly smaller would help? She placed the shuriken a few inches away from the kunai before covering it with her right hand. The girl channeled some chakra towards the palm of her hand before transferring the said chakra onto the shuriken before pushing the chakra straight into the scroll and topping it off with a seal. The blonde would pull her hand back and cocked her head to the left. It worked (at last). Pooling her chakra towards her hand, she would place her hand above the seal on the scroll before releasing some chakra onto the seal in order to undo the seal. With a poof of smoke, a shuriken made an appearance. Grabbing the shuriken and the kunai beside it, the girl would pop them back into her pouch. If she was able to seal a shuriken, she would be able to seal a kunai too. One day.

Packing up her stuff, the blonde got up onto her feet and exited the training grounds. Leaning against the outside wall of the dome-shaved building, she stared off into space. To be frank, she had one particular jutsu left to try out: Mark Seal (technique). She needed a target, a moving one preferably. Idly moving her head, she could see a bird circling near the building. Quickly whipping out a kunai, the girl threw it towards the bird, aiming for its right wing. Unfortunately, it missed. Such an embarrassment; is this what the leader of the Gōka clan is really like? Grabbing another kunai from her pouch, she threw it towards the bird one again, aiming for its right wing. It was probably beginner’s luck, but the (quite badly aimed) kunai scratched the bird’s right wing, causing it to sway before crashing down. Rushing towards the bird, the girl caught it with her hands, thinking that it was dead. Upon seeing the state of the bird (it was alive guys, don’t worry), she grabbed her weapons before running towards a shade nearby. Taking a seat on the ground (which was hot by the way), the girl loosely held the bird with her left hand before rummaging through her pouch with her right hand. She pulled out a scroll and read its contents. Looking at the bird, the girl stuck her middle and index finger together before placing them on the bird’s head. Concentrating her chakra towards the tips of her finger, she released a burst of chakra, creating a seal. Yui removed her finger from the bird’s head and coked her head to the right as she gaze at the bird. First of all, there was nothing on the bird that seemed like a seal (as stated in the scroll). Secondly, she had this weird sensation.. or something; it must be that “user can tell whether the is still active or not” part as stated in the scroll. Cool. The girl would then proceeded to place her fingers on top of the bird’s head, concentrated her chakra towards the tips of her fingers and break the seal she had placed just a few minutes ago. And with that, the weird sensation-thing she felt just a while ago vanished. She thought that it was a pretty neat little jutsu that could prove to be useful for future events, whatever they may be. Letting the bird go, the girl would pack up the rest of her stuff before heading home.

TWC: 3520
- 17 stats
- Clone Technique
- Transformation Technique
- Substitution Technique
- Tree Climbing/Surface Walking Technique
- Generic Sealing Technique
- Mark Seal
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Yui's Training Empty Re: Yui's Training

Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:20 pm
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