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Academy Student
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Rising Winds Empty Rising Winds

Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:12 pm
Salzem walked through town, snapping his fingers absently. He felt a bit... empty? Bored? He wondered if something would happen today to take his mind (minds?) off the unending passiveness. He whistled tunelessly, ending up at the entrance to the Training grounds. He looked over the entrance before turning around and heading in the opposite direction. Salzem began wandering through town again. Once again, he ended up wandering up to the entrance to the training areas. He rolled his crimson eyes. Life has the weirdest ways of telling a person to go somewhere. It could never be as simple as a talk or a letter. It always must be something like this. Salzem walked into the Training area, choosing the middle log as his target of training. Salzem attacked it with his regular strain of hits. He felt a bit empty. The unending routine seemed to be getting to him. He figured creativity was in order. Salzem brought his hands together in the tiger sign, creating a shadow clone of himself to spar with. The clone lowered itself into a fighting stance, ready for combat. Salzem did the same. Neither one of them did anything for a couple of seconds, then, inexplicably, the both leaped at each other. Salzem and the clone both initiated a string of high and low kicks, each kick rebounding off the other as they connected. Neither one could land a solid blow as both of them were equals. The both leaped back, landing exactly where they began. They both drew their katanas and attacked. Their blades erupted in a shower of sparks as they clashed. Salzem brought round a sweeping kick, aimed at his opponent's legs. The clone fell and Salzem struck down with his blade, meaning to cut right through his clone's throat. The clone rolled away as the blade came close, bringing it's own sweeping kick around. Salzem fell as his feet were swept out from under him. The clone leapt on top of Salzem, intent on stabbing his blade through Salzem's chest. Salzem used his momentum to roll back and kick his clone off of him in the Same motion. The clone landed on its feet, turning to face Salzem as he stood. The clone lunged, bringing the blade around in a flurry of edged death. Salzem avoided each strike, ducking and sidestepping as the blade came around each time. This dodging streak ended when the blade came in horizontal slash towards the side of Salzem's head. It was too close to simply step out of it's way. Salzem squatted down quickly, the sword edge whizzing over his head. His clone looked down, suddenly becoming aware of Salzem's advantageous position. Salzem grunted as he used his whole body like a spring, smashing his foot into his clone's unprotected jaw. The force was great, enough to send the clone flying skyward. As it was not fatal, it did not dissipate, but Salzem could not help but marvel at the effectiveness of the technique. Salzem saw his clone struggle to right itself from its position in the air. Salzem capitalized on the opening and used his Body Flicker technique to seemingly teleport right above his clone. Salzem initiated a series of high and low kicks upon the unprepared clone's torso. The clone took each blow before finally dissipating when struck with an exceptionally strong kick to the stomach. Salzem landed heavily on the earth blow him, ending in a crouch. Salzem looked at the sun and judged it to be no later than 1:00 pm. He defiantly had more time to perfect that "spring kick." Salzem created another shadow clone. Surely this one would put up more of a fight than the last. Salzem and the clone lunged at each other, blades drawn. They clashed, dueling as the blades either slammed into each other or whizzed passed their targets. Once again, Salzem found himself in that position again, ready to unleash that kick. He leaped up, bringing his leg up, but somehow his missed his target. The clone was at least a yard back from where he originally was. Salzem rolled backward, bringing his blade up in a defensive posture. Salzem was impressed. The clone used the Body Flicker Technique to move out of the way of the kick. The clone lunged forward, sword stabbing quickly and brutally toward Salzem's chest. Salzem sidestepped the stab and took a step forward so that he was inside the strike. He grabbed the collar of his clone's flak jacket and threw his over his shoulder. The clone fell on its back, seemingly winded by the impact. Salzem jumped up so that he was right over his clone and weaved the tiger sign. chakra formed in Salzem's mouth and he converted it to water. The water then condensed into balls. Salzem used the remaining chakra to fire a Volley of Liquid Bullets at the clone as it laid there in the dirt. The clone shook off its shock just in time to see the attack coming. It threw itself to the side just the bullets peppered the ground where it once laid. Salzem was now hanging vulnerable in the air while his clone had the advantage of the ground. The clone leaped up at Salzem bringing it's blade around in a sweeping motion toward Salzem's stomach. Salzem raised his blade just in time as the clone's attack came around. The blades erupted in a shower of sparks and a harsh CLANG filled the air as steel struck steel. The two did battle in the air, small nics and scratches were inflicted but they were nothing more than a minor annoyance. His clone ended their spar as he struck Salzem's sword shoulder with a devastating ax-kick. Salzem flew downward toward the ground. His sword arm was momentarily useless as his fingers seemed to uncoil around the hilt of the blade. Salzem hit the ground hard, landing in a kneeling position. Salzem looked up and saw his clone coming down in a stabbing position, aimed at Salzem's head. Salzem leaped to the side, where he skidded to a halt, facing his clone as its blade struck deep into the earth where Salzem once was. The clone tried to pull its weapon out of the earth but no matter how hard he tugged, it remained stuck in its tough grip. Salzem's arm still was useless. Even though the clone abandoned it's blade, Salzem was still at a severe disadvantage.
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Academy Student
Academy Student
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Rising Winds Empty Re: Rising Winds

Thu Apr 23, 2015 8:38 pm
The clone did not immediately attack, rather it eyed up Salzem's useless arm. It seemed to be plotting some sort of strategy. Salzem tried to get some movement back in his arm. His fingers twitched but that was the most he was getting out of it for now. The clone lunged forward, bringing around a kick aimed at Salzem's useless right side. Salzem ducked and stepped back. The clone advanced, making quick, sharp strikes meant to keep Salzem away at close range while simultaneously keeping him on the defensive by attacking his right side. Salzem could only block and deflect the blows as they came. His foot knocked into something as he stepped back, dodging another strike. My sword! Salzem thought as he glanced down to look at it. The clone had not noticed the weapon lying next to Salzem's foot and that would be its undoing. The clone struck again, kick flying just above Salzem's head as he ducked. Salzem, using his body as a spring, launched upward, foot smashing into the unprepared clone. Salzem's good hand reached for his sword while the clone flew upwards. As soon as his fingers tightened around the hilt, Salzem jumped up to meet his clone. All the clone saw was a flash of steel before its head severed from its body. It dissipated into smoke, leaving Salzem, falling to earth, unable to right himself. Salzem was sure he was in for a painful landing. He closed his eyes tight, Salzem prepared himself for the impending pain that was sure to come. Suddenly, he was no longer falling downwards. He also felt hands holding his legs and body, shielding him from harm. At first, he thought it was his father. It would be the most logical thing as his father seemed to turn up whenever he needed him. Salzem opened his eyes, expecting to see the face of his parent. It was not. Not even close. It was a girl. Salzem said nothing as his mysterious rescuer landed and set him down up against a tree. Salzem looked at her. She looked familiar to him. Perhaps they met before? Then it struck him. This is the same girl who I dueled while I was learning Leaf Whirlwind! Salzem's eyes widened with recognition and the girl smiled.
"'bout time you remembered." She snorted. Salzem could only stare. The silence grew between them, both expecting the other to say something. When Salzem's stare broke, he spoke.
"How... What..." Salzem sighed, shaking his head in frustration. He can't even speak a damn word without stuttering? The girl's smile widened mockingly, making fun of his obvious awkwardness. Salzem made a face. He figured he should start with the whys.
"Why did you save me?" Salzem asked her. She shrugged like she didn't know herself but her eyes said different.
"Dunno. Looked like you were in need of saving." She said, running a hand through her hair.
"I could have landed myself..." Salzem muttered. The girl scoffed.
"Ha. Not likely! I saw that fight of yours! You were WAY to busted up." Salzem stopped. She saw the fight? What?
"You... Were watching... me?" Salzem managed to say. He was not used to this kind of attention. The girl blushed. A defensive look came over her face.
"I wasn't watching!" She growled. "I was training and just so happened to see you!" Her body language showing as flustered, uncomfortable person. Salzem held up his good arm in a defensive manner.
"Alright, alright." Salzem sighed. "You weren't watching me."
"I wasn't!" The girl agreed. They stayed silent for a while, enjoying the weather. The girl sat down next to Salzem casually. They sat back against the tree, watching the clouds sift across the light blue sky.
Academy Student
Academy Student
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Rising Winds Empty Re: Rising Winds

Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:46 am
It a couple of hours before his arm had any real feeling in his arm. It was one more before he could move it. Salzem was surprised that the girl stayed by his side regardless how much time had passed. Salzem watched as the sky fell from blue to orange. Salzem looked over at the girl next to him. She looked back at him and they both looked away. Salzem got up, testing his new arm. A bit sluggish perhaps, but it will do for now. Salzem turned to the girl offering her a hand. She looked a bit reluctant, then she accepted. Salzem pulled her to his feet, nearly falling over himself.
"So... Sparring?" Salzem asked. The girl shrugged, then looked at the sky. It was early dusk.
"Alright." She said, then eyed up his katana. ""Oh, also, can you drop your sword? I don't want to die." Salzem burst out laughing. that was funny, but she had a point.
"Yeah, alright." Salzem agreed, taking his katana and setting it up against the tree they were sitting against. As soon as Salzem was ready, she wasted no time in beginning the assault. She was fast, strong. Salzem dodged or defected each blow, his right arm still a bit slow. The girl either did not notice this disadvantage or did not act on it. Salzem ducked under one of her kicks, finding himself ready for another spring-kick. Salzem was about to initiate it when he saw the girl's cheeks swell with chakra. Salzem's instincts kicked in and he leaped back, barely avoiding the flames that burst forth from her mouth. Salzem leaped forward, initiating a series of high and low kicks gaining speed and power gradually as each one was thrown. The girl seemed to copy him, unleashing her Leaf Whirlwind. Salzem ended his with a low sweep, intending to exploit her loosing her footing. Salzem's foot knocked the girl's feet out from under her and she fell to the side, gasping in surprise. Salzem instinctively reached for his katana. Salzem seemed surprised when his fingers curled around nothing but air. He looked down, seeing the girl smile, cheeks swelling, hands, a flurry of signs. Salzem quickly weaved his own. A shadow clone appeared beside him. The clone grabbed Salzem and tossed him clear. Just as Salzem was thrown, a pillar of flame erupted from the girl's lips, enveloping the clone. It quickly dispersed and Salzem slammed his hands together in the Ram sign, dashing just below the girl as she was getting up. She looked down, seeing him there. Her eyes widened in surprise as Salzem's foot struck her in the jaw. She flew skywards, eyes seemingly unfocused in shock from the blow. Salzem swept his leg around behind him and jumped so that he was above her. Her eyes focused and saw Salzem above her, preparing to slam a hard kick into her chest. Salzem did so and she flew down to earth. Salzem used his Body Flicker technique to drop quickly from his position in the air and he positioned himself blow her. As she fell, Salzem caught her before she hit the ground. Salzem looked at her and this time he set her against the tree.

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Rising Winds Empty Re: Rising Winds

Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:09 am
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