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Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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A Request (P, Nk ) Empty A Request (P, Nk )

Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:17 pm
Haru stood at the door of the Mizukage offices, his mask not donned for this occasion. He would knock on the door, before entering upon recieving permission. 
"Lord Mizukage, I have a request, if you would hear me out. After all of the chaos of evacuating and... destroying... Tengakure, I've found myself taxed to my limit. I'd like to take a short trip to Konohagakure to collect myself and visit a friend." He said, keeping his tone light, even though the destruction of Tengakure troubled him deeply. He didn't question the authority, but he couldn't say that it had no effect on him. 

If Xyxer agreed to allow him to take a leave of absence, Haru would bow, before exiting to pack his things.

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A Request (P, Nk ) Empty Re: A Request (P, Nk )

Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:52 am
Gesturing for his ANBU to open the door for the person knocking, the eyes of Xyxer would happen upon Haru. Hearing his request, he'd nod once, no words being spoke by the new Mizukage as he gazed out from the window.

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