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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Four years and six months ago (Ganki) - Page 2 Empty Re: Four years and six months ago (Ganki)

Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:30 pm
Akihana watched him consider her words, wishing she was better at reading people. But then again, if she had been better at reading people, she wouldn't be sitting here with a baby in her arms all but begging for a job to keep food on the table. Unwittingly, an image of obsidian dark curls tangled in her own sunshine yellow hair came to mind, an image the girl dismissed immediately, reaching to pat Arata's head to distract herself. Arata had the same fine dark hair, very prominent even at this age. 

The teenager nodded her head apologetically when Ganki corrected her. "Alright Mr. Sa- Ganki," she agreed to call him by his given name. "I'm used to being called Akihana too," she added, returning his offer of being informal. It would be nice to hear her own name again,. Ever since she had arrived in Kumo, she had either been "you girl" or "poor thing". Akihana had forgotten a time when she actually didn't use to inspire pity or suspicion in people, but no point ruminating over that now. 

Her eyes lit up once more as Ganki spoke, telling her of the uniform and lunches, but it was the offer of company accomodations that brought another bright smile to her face. Had she not been holding a baby, the blonde would have jumped up and whooped for joy. As it was, she simply grinned at the thought of not simply a chance to get out of the small, single room she lived in but the first month rent free too. It seemed Sakura Corp really looked after their employees.

Her smile dimmed slightly when Ganki warned her to never bring her son to work, but the blonde simply nodded, acquiescing to the small request. 'I will get him a sitter for when I'm at work but... would it be okay if I used my breaks to..." A dark crimson blush began to heat her otherwise pale face. There was no money for baby supplements at the moment and the closest thing Akihana could offer her child was what every mother offered their newborns. However the girl didn't exactly know how to put it into words. "To look after... It won't be long, I promise, and I'll do it on my own time but he needs to be fed regularly and-" The teen dropped her gaze downwards, embarrassed that this had to br part of the discussion. 

The girl would wait for a response before taking the ticket he handed her nervously before looking up at him once more. "Oh no, we're in no rush at all," Akihana confirmed, pocketing the ticket. "And thank you for your consideration. i really can't even begin to express how grateful we both are for this opportunity. I promise we won't let you down." 

With that, the former kunoichi got to her feet, holding Arata close to her, the remains of her bright smile still visible on her face and her brown eyes sparkling still at the news that she had the job. "Will there be anything else?"

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Four years and six months ago (Ganki) - Page 2 Empty Re: Four years and six months ago (Ganki)

Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:48 pm
Yeah, this whole, responsibility thing, Ganki couldn’t see himself doing this when he got older. Responsibility? Please, Ganki was the son of the village’s riches family, hell, all he had to do was to snap his fingers and he could get anything thing he wanted. Needs, Akihana was clearly from a different world then Ganki’s. In fact, Ganki couldn’t think of a time when he actually “needed” something. A life full of wants and luxuries.  He laughs at her while she blushes; she just wouldn’t stop stalking about her kid. This chick would run on all day long about her child if she was allowed too. She always referred to her as “we”. Like the kid was a part of her. Then again, the baby is hers.  Not that Ganki was cold hearted, which he wasn’t; he just…, had his mind reoccupied on something else.  

“Relax, relax, don’t worry so much”, he said “You…”, he added emphasis on. “Will be ok, and since your no rush, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind goi- “, before he could finish his sentence, the door creaked open, revealing an elderly woman, Ms. Sagwa.
Ganki rushed up out of his chair, for this was so not the time for her to barge in on the two. He had everything set up too, but leave it to the Ms. Ole Grey hair to muck everything up.  However, to avoid the endless ranting of Ms. Sagwa, he decided to act in a manner that would gain her favor. He looks towards Akihana.

“Look Ms. Akari, we are running a business, not a damn day care! I’ll reach out to you if you received the job, now please…”, he said while walking towards the door. As he passed Akihana, he turns his back towards Ms. Sagwa and winks towards the blondie, mouthing a few words with barely any sound, but easy for Akihana to read his lips. “Come back around 8 in the morning, and don’t forget the ticket”, he swerves back towards Ms. Sagwa’s direction, who with a smile, moves out of his way, clear of the door. The ticket would grant everything Ganki promised for Akihana should she give it to the secretary. Ms. Sagwa loved every minute of it. “Take you and THAT baby towards the exit, and thank for visiting Sakura corp”, Ms. Sagwa waved her hand towards Ganki, as if he was supposed to say more, which he was.

…And have a nice”, he said, looking back at the elderly woman with a stern look. Ganki was not a machine, and he hated saying that over and over again. Then again, he as only a teenager, just like Akihana. Perhaps in the future he would be more inclined to say it. He hoped he didn’t confuse Akihana too much, as he would explain everything the next time they meet.
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Remove Medical Ninjutsu Default
Water Lightning Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 223500

Four years and six months ago (Ganki) - Page 2 Empty Re: Four years and six months ago (Ganki)

Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:29 pm
Ganki seemed to want to reassure her, which comforted the teen even more. After weeks of being shown out of places, here was someone who, in his own way, understood her situation and was offering a helping hand. Akihana nodded as he explained how she would be fine and then began to ask her something else, something that puzzled the girl and it showed with her golden eyebrows travelling slowly up her forehead. But before his words had a chance to be comprehended, the office door slammed open and the blonde's grip on her son tightened more securely, mentally beseeching Arata not to begin waling at the loud noise.

And just like that, a very confused and speechless seventeen year old was being shown the door under Mrs. Sagwa's strict gaze while Ganki tried to communicate otherwise. It was only her former ninja instincts that kept the blonde from asking what was going on, focusing instead not on what Ganki was saying but what he meant. If she were to believe him, she had the job, he just had to bring Mrs. Sagwa around to his way of thinking. Why the heir to the corporation had to convince the human resource lady was beyond her but Akihana didn't mind, she was still riding on the coattails of the euphoria of finally having a job.

"Thank you," she murmured one last time in a whisper as Ganki guided her and Arata to the door, her pale pink unglossed lips forming the words just as silently as he had earlier so he too would have to resort to lip reading. It seemed like even before she had begun working at Sakura Copr, they already had a secret between them.

Perhaps they could be friends some day?

With that in mind, the blonde left the building, a new spring in her step and hope glittering brilliantly in her deep brown eyes. Things were finally looking up.


Ms. Akari,

We regret to inform you that your services will no longer be required at Sakura Corp. The position offered to you yesterday has recently been filled by a much more qualified candidate than yourself.

Please do not attempt to interview for another post at Sakura Corp. You have been made Persona Non Grata at the Corporation and if spotted anywhere near the building, will be escorted out by our guards.

We wish you luck in all your future ventures.

Mrs. L Sagwa
Human Resource Manager
Sakura Corporation
Kumogakure No Sato


Akihana folded the letter carefully into a square, then folded it once more, the words etched into her memory.

Placing the folded piece of paper back in the official company envelope it had arrived in, the blonde reached up to wipe the first tears that threatened to course down her cheeks at the rejection. Being turned down from a job was nothing new, it was the sense of betrayal that hurt more.

To think she'd thought for a moment that Ganki Sakura had actually understood.

Maybe he doesn't know, a small voice in her head insisted as the blonde rubbed her palms to her eyes, staunching the flow of tears before they started. No, now was no the time to cry, now was the time to do what needed to be done.

the next morning, Akihana walked into the Drunken Kage bar and offered to work the late night shifts no waitresses wanted. And in doing so, sealed her fate for the next five years.
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Four years and six months ago (Ganki) - Page 2 Empty Re: Four years and six months ago (Ganki)

Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:45 pm
The Day, Ganki stood by the entrance of Sakura corp, dressed in regular clothes. His father didn’t make him work today, which meant he had time to spend the rest of the day as he saw fit. Actually, the day had didn’t even start, bright and early in the morning, he stood there, leaning against the wall. He waited for the blond female that he hired; he just couldn’t wait to see here again. He bobbed his head, waiting for her to arrive. The driver of the carriage, who drove Ganki to the company building, expressed his concern about him being out so earlier. The fact of Ganki being a shinobi of the cloud village always seemed to escape the old man. Ganki stares him down, “Relax old man, I’m waiting for someone, she’s a blonde, and she has this hot accent. Check this out, Konoha accent”, the old man drops his shoulders as he too leans back against the seat placed on top of the carriage. Being young sure was a gift, he thought. “And she is not showing up…”, he said bluntly. Ganki retorted “Oh hush, your too old to understand…, I hope that kid aint with her though”

Moments later, still standing along the wall, the other employees of Sakura Corp began to show up. Ganki scanned the crowd as they walked to the entrance. “ Sir, shall I let Mrs. Sakura know that you will miss you-“, Ganki interrupted. “Your fired, but, take me home first…”, he said while walking back to the carriage with his head down. He didn’t know what her deal was? He gave her a job and everything, and didn’t bother to show up. It really did suck, but in the end, Ganki got played. Conned out of a free month’s rent, which he couldn’t really back out of.  “I guess Ms. Sagwa was right”, the old man intervened, “Cheer up ole boy, there are plenty other fish in the sea.” Ganki, now settled in the wagon, replied, “But none of them had that cute little accent.” “Which you could experience if you simply visit konoha”, the old man said. Ganki dropped his jaw, “Pack our bags old man, and were going to Konoha!”, the old man whips the horses as they set off to the mansion. Ganki looks back out of the carriage windows, starring back at the company building, thinking about that interview. That was, until he soon after set his mind on the trip to konoha. He just couldn’t wait.

Few Years later…

A much more mature man could be seen, sitting back in a soft cushioned chair holding a file. An Anbu agent no doubt, the porcelain animal mask was brought to the left side of his head as he ran through the files of the currently active agents. Within moments of him shuffling through his papers, he stops to see a familiar face; the blonde hair was the attention grabber. Those long forgotten memories slowly came back. With a stern look, he tosses the file aside as he continued his work.  He had no time to deal with such nonsense. He shook his head as he continued.

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