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Arashi Tekiatsu
Arashi Tekiatsu
Ryo : 43000

Raining Cats and.. More Cats Empty Raining Cats and.. More Cats

Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:15 pm
Mission Details:

He swore, if this lady didn't let go of him soon, he would pass out from lack of oxygen.  The greatly endowed woman was thanking him for his services, having just found and captured each one of her missing cats, and it wasn't exactly an easy task.

It started when he went in to see about mission, and the owner walked in, already crying her eyes out, and went to mission tables.  Arashi tried to pay no attention, but it was clear from his vision that the ninja behind the tables didn't really want to deal with her.  He ignored them to find a mission, when his name was used.

"Its quite alright, m'am, Arashi over there would be more than happy to help.  He's one of our up and coming ninja."

He tried to hide his shock and the look of betrayal as he turned around with a smile and closed his eyes, before noticing that a shadow crossed his face.  When he opened his eyes, all he saw was chest squeezing him.  He muffled a no problem while trying to breath, and then finally was let go so he could walk to the other ninja.

"Thanks for that... what do I have to do?"

The guys gave a dry chuckle.  "Yeah, sorry, but this will be good for you... kinda.  She always loses her cats at least once a month.  There are 5 in total.  Just start from her home and go for there.  Do whatever you can to speed it up.  The sooner you find them, the sooner we can send her away."

Arashi gritted his teeth.  "Fine... but you owe me." he said, before heading out.

He stood on the roof of her house, looking for signs of directions.  On the ground, he could see a couple of tracks, and they all headed out in different directions.  Arashi created a water clone, and the two of them parted, going in opposite directions.    It wasn't long before Arashi sighted the first one, a young black kitten who was dashing from roof to roof, unaware of the ninja following it.  Arashi created a second clone and both dashed around, herding the cat into a corner, where his clone was able to pick up the poor thing and dash back to the home.  One down.

Meanwhile, his first clone spotted the second cat, a little calico that was walking around on the ground next to another building.  Remembering what his original did, the clone also created another clone, who took position with a treat and allowed the kitty to go into his hands before he also took off.  As the third clone took off with the calico, the first clone saw an older white cat staring at him from the roof across the street.  They locked eyes and the cat growled, knowing his purpose.  The two went on a chase of cat and mouse from roof to roof, until Arashi's clone took the upper hand and snatched the cat, restraining it to prevent it from scratching.

Meanwhile, Arashi had just gotten a nice set of claw marks on his face for a long haired cat, and was heading back, looking quite upset.  Once he joined with his other clones, they all placed their cats in a basket, and soon Arashi was alone again, counting.  One... two.... three... four?  With a look of horror, he realized he forgot one when he felt something brush his leg and meow.  The fifth one had already returned home.

Now that the mission was done, he had to survive the hug of death, and the other guys laughed while giving him a little extra for his trouble. 

(w/c: 613)
(Reward: +3ap, 500 ryo)
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Raining Cats and.. More Cats Empty Re: Raining Cats and.. More Cats

Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:46 pm
Approved <3
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