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Arashi Tekiatsu
Arashi Tekiatsu
Ryo : 43000

The Artful Dodger Empty The Artful Dodger

Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:12 pm
Mission details:

It had been a few days since Arashi met with Koga, and with no idea where he could find Fenris, he decided the next best thing was to keep busy.  With the exception of training, Arashi visited the mission center multiple times, trying to find things he can do on his own.  Finally, he found a mission he could officially accept.

A string of robberies had been occurring in the village, and the motive was always the same. Art.  Specifically paintings.  Each home or business that was target had one of their most valuable pieces stolen.  The only description that Arashi was able to get was a tall dark hooded figure, and he would sometimes spend time in the place before robbing it.  This person was quite brazen.

He had to set a trap, but he couldn't trap the suspect at the scene of the crime.  He had to find the paintings and get them back, which meant baiting the criminal to get a particular piece.

It took a lot of convincing, but he was able to get three places in the general facility to hide their paintings upstairs, and leave a noticeable mark on the wall that a painting was no longer there.  The thief knew what he stole, and knew what would be valuable, so leaving a gap open would bait a challenge.

Arashi stood watch overlooking the street, and watched his sighted building.  He had to watch all three, but without a lot of help Arashi wouldn't be able to do so.  Instead of calling out for help, he decided to go with a relatively new path.

He stood up and crossed his fingers, concentrating hard.  "Mizu bushin no Jutsu!" he said, creating 4 clones out of the water on his back.  As his clones jumped away to cover the other two locations, and the ends of the street, Arashi fell to his knee, slightly winded.  4 was his max, and it still took a lot out of him to do, though it was easier to maintain.  Unable to afford to rest, Arashi pulled himself up, and watched his building again. 

Target sighted.  On the move.

Though they were too far away, Arashi's connection to his chakra allowed him to see and hear what his clones experienced, and he was able to sense where the target was.  It was just like the description, tall, dark, and hooded.  Arashi watched the man walk to the center shop he sighted, where he sat down and seemed to call for a meal.  This was going to take a while, so Arashi took a seat and kept watch.  None of his other clones saw anything else.

After a couple of hours, the hooded figure stood up, paid for his food, and walked out, disappointing Arashi.  All of this and he had the wrong target.  He turned away to look down the road when he get that sensor feeling again, as one of his clones kept eyes on the man.  Arashi turned back to see the thief walk around the building and jump up to the second story loft. 

He smiled as the thief took the bait, and he turned to each one of his clones, nodding to each one.  Oh how he wanted to jump in right now.. but he had a mission, and if he didn't get everything back, he would fail it.  The figure crawled out the window with a scroll on his back, and Arashi watched him take off.  Arashi stood up and jumped from the roof, following the hooded thief, while his clones ran to him and jumped into his water satchel, restoring some chakra as the jutsu ended.

Arashi was able to reach full speed, which was good considering this thief moved like a shinobi himself.  Typical, it couldn't just be a nobody.  Arashi chased the man to a building towards the edge of the village, where he jumped up and into an upstairs loft.  This was it, this was where he needed to go.  Arashi silently jumped onto the roof and stood for a moment, listening inside.  As he heard movements, he activated his water clones, only making 3, and each one peeked down from the roof to look inside.

Sure enough, the thief was inside, laying out the scroll and using a summoning jutsu to release the painting he captured with it.  He stood up and placed the art with other framed paintings from previous heists.  This is exactly what he needed, and as Arashi and his clones slipped in, he called out his victory as the man took off his robe....

To reveal a young girl with dirty blond hair and silver eyes. 

Luckily for him, she had one clothes underneath the robe, otherwise he would have had a very different situation.  Instead Arashi was stunned momentarily by her beauty, especially since she appeared to be around his age.

She smiled at him, looking him up and down, and before Arashi could say anything, she charged at him.  Arashi shook himself out of it and blocked her, countering what he could, as his three clones came in and assisted.  This young woman was strong, as she was able to hold off and eventually destroy the three clones, leaving the two locked in battle, until Arashi got the upper hand and was able to knock her away.  As she fell, a clatter from her waistline revealed a forehead band with the symbol for the rain village, only with a scratch across it. 

Arashi's eyes went from the band to her and back to the back, but the young girl instead got up and jumped on him, causing him to fall on his back with her seated on top of him, in a very compromising position.  Without another word, she leaned down, kissed him lightly on the lips and then winked, before getting up and jumping out of the window.  Arashi scrambled up, a bit dazed from the kiss, and followed her out.  He reached her as she stood on the wall of the village, grinning at him.

"You got me.. see you around, cutie." she said, before jumping and disappearing into the night.  Arashi considered following behind, but instead went back to the loft, looking at all the paintings.  After making sure they were all there, he bent down and picked up the village band she left.  He rubbed his thumb across the still warm metal, and then pocketed it.  All that was left was reporting in, and returning everything.

(wc: 1086)
(Reward: 550 ryo, +3ap)
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

The Artful Dodger Empty Re: The Artful Dodger

Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:32 pm
Approved <3
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