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One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

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Tanji Heiji
Tanji Heiji
Ryo : 7500

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:25 pm
We are one, we are many, we are....Carnage.

The words rung in the humid air like some ominous spirit. In fact, Ukita did not even register as Hikarishi placed a mark on his neck. Communication would be key later on, but right now Ukita could care less about it. His only thoughts lay with the civilians in front of him. Then it hit him, the airy condescending laugh that echoed ever so slightly in the along the storefronts of the cul-de-sac the group had cornered themselves in.

Setting his jaw ever so slightly, Ukita continued to listen to the demon as it appeared that it had accepted his challenge. However, the hostages did not seem to be as lucky  as the masked man moved an arm in a sweeping arc beheading every last one of the hostages in an instant. The chuunin was no fool and matched his actions to the demons.

Once again, Ukita checked himself from going berserk. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to save the hostages. Now, he had to deal with the executioners. Thus, as the spear began to create seventeen crimson fountains Ukita reached his left hand over to his weapons pouch as if to adjust it and make sure it was firmly affixed and even halfway pulled out a kunai before replacing it as if second guessing himself. Though, in the same motion an explosive tag would find its way three fourths of the way up Ukita’s sleeve with the top fourth protruding onto his palm where it would remain fairly secure due to the relative tightness of the shirt. Completing the aforementioned action as the last head fell from the hostage’s bodies Ukita began to walk steadily towards the executioners at a brisk even clip keeping his left hand balled in feigned rage.

Assuming he was not stopped Ukita would approach the diamond the masked man had made and stop two meters in front of the armored man at the tip. Without an bit of emotion in his voice Ukita would then speak addressing the heavily armored pointman across from him, “Please step aside, I have a appointment with the good executioner.” Accenting his point Ukita lazily gestured to the man wielding the spear with his right hand. Now, came the waiting game. Would the armored thug step aside and allow Ukita into the corpse strewn ring with the spearman or would he attack? Either way Ukita waited with a steely look on his face and slightly tensed body.

In tandem with Ukita beginning his walk, the other man, who appeared to be allied to carnage, began moving. Such a laggard. The aforementioned man did indeed move after Hikarishi used his seal, just not right after. Rather, he oddly allowed Ukita to do as he pleased while he launched a few jutsu, which Ukita would avoid as the jutsu were aimed back at Hikarishi. Furthermore, one of the figures ran into a side-street that amounted to a dead end alley, which lead nowhere due to the nature of cul-de-sac. Shame that the figure had not surveyed the area before, now his flanking would be impossible as there were no readily accessible streets save for the one Hikarishi stood in the center of.

Health: 50
Chakra: 15
Stamina: 40 +25 from necklace
Strength: 80
AP: 750-1=749]
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Ryo : 134237

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Fri May 01, 2015 8:08 pm
(LOL this whole time i thought it was someone elses post...turns out it was mine...)

As the Kumo nin stood and watched as their civilians were beheaded in two swift movements a crude smile appeared on all of their faces. It was indeed a long time since he could cut loose with reckless abandon. As the final body and head dropped, the nin that had shown up first made his way to the front of the group facing his clone Akuoy. A one on one challenge is what the interesting male had suggested and he had been so bold as to even walk casually up to the group. This one was interesting indeed. What was even more mind boggling was that he had challenged the Demon directly and not one of the others. More than likely it was due to the fact that he himself had just beheaded a group of their civilians instead of him figuring out that he was the host body. Akuoy simply nodded and stood to the side while uttering a few words to be heard.

"You wish to end your life so quickly little boy, you will join us in the end."

As the clone stepped to the side ten appendages were already grown out fro the suits upper body. The spear now lay in two pieces being held by the two most upper appendages. Sokyo no kotowari was in the two lowest appendages by the waist line with the rope holding both together in front of the Demon. Two metal rods seeped from the Demons left and right arms and were grabbed by appendages 5-6 slightly above the ones that held the two swords. The two clones had already done the same as appendage 7-10 grabbed them from their hands before the clones stepped aside and proceeded to gather by Akuoy. The Demon smirked as he walked forward stepping on a womans head under his heel and crushing it flat listening to the popping sound that came from the eyes leaving their sockets.

"Don't fall too fast little one, I want to enjoy carving you."

AP 800-10-20=770
Clones-20 ap each
Demetri Kaguya <3
Demetri Kaguya <3
Ryo : 0

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Sat May 02, 2015 10:48 pm
So it was time for the fight and the one to begin the fray was the man who had jumped off the roof. The unknown man began to weave a single hand seal and the Young uchiha before him would not even give time for him to use the jutsu before a counter was already in place closing one eye his other eye would spit out black flames ten meters in size, the other uchiha would already be out of the way at this point in time, but to ensure that be would not be hit Hikarishi adjusted the flames so that it would slide within 2 meters behind his back, and on his way to begin his battle, The flames them selves would make a straight line towards the other man at a speed of 100, the black flames engulfing and snuffing out the dragon that was headed towards him.

The rest of the black flames would head around the dragon as was the property of flames to move around, now at this point there would be 4 meters of flames headed for the man 3 meters at the left side and one on the right and soon to be followed by the rest of the 6 meters in the middle. With this being done, and while being hid from the men's view at the time a few hand seals would be made and a clone would stand beside him, The real man would run to his left deactivating his sharingan for now and leaving his clone behind. Unknowingly he would hit the orb that stayed behind the other mans fire effectively destroying it.

The clone would stand and watch to see what would happen to the second man who had began to weave some wierd seals and rain began to fall. The real man would hopefully be inside a building at this point trying to come up with a plan knowing that rain was made artificially due to his clone having a good point of view on the two others he knew it might not be a good idea to dive out into it lest it be harmful.

While the clone stood still he would close his eyes and begin to feel out the chakra signatures to see who and all was there they were easy enough to feel out and tell the difference of what caught him off guard were the three, or possibly four if it is not destroyed, that belonged to the man that had launched the katon jutsu. They were headed his way and moved under the ground by atleast half a meter and having around a 3 meter gap between them. Not sure what to do he would wait a while longer until they were within three meters of him, they travelled in a way that would make this difficult but as they neared the three meter mark he would step so that he was half way in between two of them, the one in the middle and the one that was closet to the real boy an audible "Boom" would be heard throughout the village as a pillar of smoke and dust flew through the air which hopefully someone would see and come out to help with this attack on the village.

The real man stood and looked for the mark that had been put upon him by Navi, which seemed to have left his body meaning one of two things either he was dead...or he no longer needed the young Uchiha he hoped for the later. Knowing he had no way of signaling help he began to ponder as to what to do and a simple idea came to him. He would stay inside for now though waiting for a second to see what those little signitures that the clone had told him about only seconds before exploding.

[ap 532-50(amat)=482-40=402 left over]
Clone has half the AP left leaving the original and clone with 201 each
Clone has EMS up so -1 putting the clone at 200 and the original with 201]
[Clone possibly goes boom....if not then its still here]

[stat wise....amat is 100 in speed and power]

Last edited by Hikarishi Uchiha on Tue May 05, 2015 12:16 am; edited 1 time in total
Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
Ryo : 60063

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Mon May 04, 2015 3:36 pm
Naoki's own great dragon fire obstructed the view of his opponent. His his clone, Wookie however had a good view point. Wookie would see the black flames and communicate it to his creator before they clashed with the fiery dragon. Figuring not to stick around, or try to ward off the flames, the former leader's eyes would lead him a bit to his right and he would blink. Not, blink in the common sense, but blink out of existence, performing the jutsu that Maku has taught him and reappear instantly about seven meters to his opponent's left, cutting off his intended escape route, though Naoki would not know that; he chose this side because his left was promising to turn into a fight by the other two and he'd rather have only one person to keep track of, not a whole bunch.

So yeah, here he was. Seven meters away from Hikarishi, all the black flames that had now completely surrounded his dragon and killed the little sad orb of light were now behind him and hopefully not coming back, as they would probably settle on a building that was previously behind him. By the time he would begin to turn his body towards the chakra of his opponent, the man seemed to have summoned a clone of some kind and a moment later Wookie's rain would start falling. Hoping to catch his opponent off guard, Naoki would release four more sunflies, the same composition as before, except the exploding ones would not be capable of phasing, they would pick three independent vectors and zip towards the two, while the sensory orb flew higher, above the men, up to ten meter high. He did not want it to be accidently destroyed by crossfire. The three exploding ones would be commanded to detonate automatically if they got within one meter of their targets; Naoki would use this opportunity to give the same command to the three that were still underground, soon to be upon, or rather beneath, his opponent.

In the mean time, Wookie would make a tiger hand seal and molded chakra to unleash a second jutsu and Vigil... Well, Vigil soon found out that his road led to a dead end. But he wasn't stupid quite enough. He would jump on the roof and then into the street from which the two Uchihas came, which would put him about ten meters behind Hikarishi and about as much to Naoki's right. Then he would form a hand seal and wait for an appropriate moment to use his jutsu.

[Lost 1 Sunfly; 7 released;
-15 AP upkeep for Sunflies, -17 AP to release the new ones, -25 AP to use mastered Blink, -1 AP sharingan
leaving original with 672/785 AP
-1 AP sharingan for Wookie
leaving him with 343/392 AP

Did some timelining, that's why the clone doesn't go off. Let me know if something's wrong.
Sorry for the waits, semester started catching up on me.]
Tanji Heiji
Tanji Heiji
Ryo : 7500

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Thu May 07, 2015 1:36 pm
Ukita flashed a goofy smile at the masked man. Alas, this would be his last smile, because he stepped on severed head and tripped. In tripping his left hand made for a direct course towards the Uchiha's head. As chance would have it Ukita also had an odd spasm of chakra which released the hidden blade from his gauntlet. This realization passed over the doomed man rather quickly as he yelled out his last words.

"Ayyy lmao!!"

Thus, it was over in an instant. The the bladed gauntlets went straight through Ukita's head killing him instantly and setting off thee explosive tag up his sleeve. In an instant the Uchiha's body was egulfed in an explosion that left nothing but a charred corpse without a head. His sharingan were most definitely gone, disingrted in the blast. Luckily for the demon and his co-workers the explosion was not large enough to hit them. Perhaps they would feel a warm breeze, but nothing more. Finally Ukita's pointless story had come to an end, thank god. rip.

Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Ryo : 134237

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Fri May 08, 2015 10:39 pm
The Demon began whirling the blades slightly in preparation for the fight that would certainly ensue. Behind his symbiote suit his rinnegan was watching closely to ensure nothing caught him off guard. Stepping on to the mound of bodies to close the distance to the young human something very interesting and unexpected happened. It was completely random and as it happened it was played out in super slow motion to him. His other bodies watched in their peripheral vision while still keeping a more full vision on the area still surrounding them to ensure nothing was coming out of nowhere to interfere.

It was a very sad conclusion to what was meant to be an entertaining fight. The boy had impaled himself with his own attack ending his own life in a quick fashion while also causing an explosion. It must have been from a hidden trick he was going to attempt to use. The actual true sad thing about this was that the Demon had thought a good fight was still going to come out of this pathetic village. Kumo was nothing but a safe haven for cowards who knew nothing of actual combat but held on to empty merits. Sighing outwardly and letting his appendages fall to his side the Demon shook his head. There was only one thing to do now, and that was find the chakra of the worm that had ran from their first initial confrontation. The one known as Naoki was controlling the pace of his fight fairly well and Hikarishi seemed to be on the ropes as his attacks were being deflected with relative ease. The Demon pondered leaving the area to find his quarry, however he wasn't one to leave a comrade even in a winning situation, something could always change and he wouldn't let a comrade die even if they wanted to while he was there.

Walking over to the body of the male the Demon knelled down by the boys side sliding off the gauntlets that were on his arms, they were slightly damaged but nothing too damaging as their make up was of stronger materials than the explosion slightly. Pressing them on his side the suit contorted around them creating a holding place for them on his sides. From what the Demon could tell all it took was a burst of chakra to activate the blades as there was not a switch on the inside or handle of the gloves. These would make very interesting weapons in the fight to come if the large chakra form didn't run off again.

Having his paths again go to taking in all the surroundings the Demon went on his path of destroying all of the buildings in the general area. They were honestly easy to cut through with his weapons. Their bases were soft compared to the sharpness of his blades, and with each slash with his appendages more buildings fell and the people inside of them succumbed to death as rubble crushed their bodies. His paths and clones had closed their distance to being mere feet from each other at this time with their backs to each other. They continued to watch all directions and heights while the Demon continued his rampage mere meters. Using most of his strength as well he could simply punch the buildings with his bare fists destroying them almost as easily as cutting through them.

If Naoki needed help he would indeed return to the main battle to help out a comrade but for now it wasn't needed and he was letting off some steam which was much needed. It hadn't been long since he had been able to use his muscles like this exerting their strength that had been gained over a long time of training and dedication to his body. All of his training had made him the strongest close range fighter this world had ever seen, that mixed with his healing ability ensured he wouldn't ever be caught out without a way to escape. Thinking back on it now he had come a long way from what he was when he first entered this world. No longer was he a weak bodied individual that relied on jutsu fired from a distance to win. Nor did he have to rely on tactics that changed the opponents attention from what was right in front of them. He had honed his body with endless training of high physical demand.

Stopping to admire his work the Demon smiled under his suit as he counted that seven or eight buildings had fallen to his might. Compared to the relative size of the village of Kumo it wasn't even a dent in the status of the village but he would have more than enough time to destroy the full village after everything he wanted to do was done. Looking back on the fight he suddenly had a weird feeling in the back of his head. Something about Hikarishi seemed off like he had forgotten something about the male that was a key point to his power. What was it that the boy could do, he knew about the sharingan and what it could do, but there was something else that was much more tedious to deal with. Rinnegan...the boy had rinnegan as well, he had shown it to him when Youka was in control of this body. He remembered the pattern and recalled it being the same as his own. How far had he advanced his visual prowess and did he know all the powers that entailed having the rinnegan in his arsenal.

Transferring the information to his path known as Herro the path nodded before speaking.

"Naoki, watch out for this ones visual powers he is a Uchiha...but with something much more advanced than a sharingan."

It was a simple and to the point warning, there was no need to go into detail if this Naoki was a decent strategist and fighter he would be able to handle whatever was thrown at him with just a warning. The rest was up to the male to figure out on his own if Naoki was to be useful in the future he would need to be able to think on his feet which at the moment it did seem the male thought more steps ahead than the normal fighter. The Demon began walking back to where his paths were located, the cul de sac around them had all been leveled and there was nothing more than rubble and half buildings. This opened up the range at which everyone could see things coming drastically as there was nothing blocking their view any longer.

Making his way back to the sides of his people he too began scanning the horizons watching for anyone trying to sneak their way into the area. His chakra senses as well were on full alert feeling out for even the smallest signature and so far nothing seemed to be lurking besides the ones that were already here. This fight hopefully would end soon, he had worms to find and crush and then a village to level and disgrace for its weakness. Hanging the rest of its civilians at the gates and throughout the village seemed to be a fitting end for the village as well. Possibly he would also take a group of them out of the village and force them on a exodus to the other villages signing the weakness of all of Kumo and it's ninja. The whole world would know that Kumo was attacked and they did nothing but cower and let their friends and ninja die empty deaths. it would be a fair ending to such a pathetic civilization.

(twc 3084 using it to switch main spec to tai from med)
(AP 770-10-=760)
(Claiming Ukita's bladed gauntlets)
Herro AP 500-20=470
Wufei AP 1000-20=980
Arashi Tekiatsu
Arashi Tekiatsu
Ryo : 43000

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Sun May 10, 2015 2:20 pm
"We've been given orders from the Raikage to get as many as we can out!"

The words echoed through Arashi, almost as much as the noises coming from deep in the market square.  Even from all the way at the western gate, quite a distance from the market, it was clear what was going on.  He didn't follow Kaos out, he went back to the village to help.. but that's when he was told he had to leave.  His grandfather, the head of the clan, was there, dressed in older combat gear, issuing orders to the clan.

"Our clan is special to Kumo, orders also include making sure of the clan's survival.  And for that, I'm ordering most of you to retreat.  You especially, Arashi."

He didn't want to.. this was his home!  What was he supposed to do?  "I want to stay here and help-"

"No!" The look of anger was enough to shut the boy up.  His grandfather softened a bit, and placed a hand on his shoulder.  "We must protect the village and our clan at all costs, and Arashi, you are the clan, you are the future of the clan.  You are most important.  I want you to make for our retreat.  We are far enough away for safety.  I will stay and defend, and help the Raikage if needed.  He asked for the safety of our clan, and I have done so, but I have no fear in defending the village one last time.  Go!"

Arashi was pulled along by relatives as his immediate family stayed behind to help guide people to safety.. or go face the threat.  It was a big blow the clan's morale, but what could they do?  With a heavy heart, Arashi moved with the general public, only instead turning north deeper into the mountains, instead of headed to Konoha.  He wasn't going to give up Kumo that easily and run to the village responsible for the loss of his clan's first home.

[village exit thread]

Last edited by Arashi Tekiatsu on Mon May 11, 2015 12:51 pm; edited 1 time in total
Ryo : 500

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Sun May 10, 2015 9:35 pm
"Run....Run! Just get the Hell out of here!"

Fear itself looked like it had appeared and passed the boy and his Grandmother.

There the young Grandmother halted Sky's training. She stood tall, as her black ninja outfit held tight to her body. Brown hair danced in the wind as she moved swiftly in front of the next appearance of fear.

The two were on the other side of the village, on the mountainside, so they were unable to know the happenings of the current situation.

"Evacuate?" The pink haired Academy Student overheard something about evacuating. His gentle eyes met his grandmother's and he could feel a tense moment. This tense moment was reality. 

Sky assembled his bag that was filled with books. He organized his Grandmother's things as the two finished the conversation. "Let's go sweetheart, this fight is not ours. There was an evacuation notice for the village." Her hand squeezed Sky's hand tightly and started her run.

"W-What's h-happening G-Grandma? C-Can w-we j-just-"

"No...Sky, I could never forgive myself if you were hurt. We can't stop. You follow the rules, you stay alive." It seemed simple.

Sky remained quiet for the journey. He was defenseless. There was nothing he could possibly do to help as he would merely get in the way. Escaping through the mountainside with some villagers who decided to take this path, they would need to plan their next home. Where were they to live? In Sky's mind he would wonder if Kumogakure no Sato would ever return the same. Would he get a chance to progress in the world?

"Sky-Sometimes the world...Makes things interesting. Good happens. Bad happens. And there's nothing you can do to change it in the moment." Her hand squeezes Sky's hand tighter as her feet pummeled the ground, picking up speed. At some points, it felt as if Sky was just being pulled like a wagon.

"It's those moments that make us stronger, and give us the will to change the world for the better."

The two escaped the massacre, not witnessing it, but nonetheless feeling the fear of the others. It would be one of the first time Sky feared death. Enough to make him speechless, and only run as fast as he could in his Grandmother's comfort.

[Village Exit]
Ryo : 10250

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Mon May 11, 2015 9:57 pm
Kaos was walking through the streets that once seemed perfectly normal, but panic came upon them all in  a flash. Trouble in the market square, on the other side of the town. A monster just killing people with no mercy, one of the ninjas who's duty it was to defend and protect the city was dead.
"Sir, are you going to protect us?" asked a young boy, having seen Kaos's headband. Kaos looked at him and said, "I'll do my best."
He  then starts to direct the people to leave the city. Some of them were skeptical of him, but when the a huge flood of people from the market square started running along as well, even the most skeptical were convinced.
Kaos allowed himself to be swept up in the crowd of fleeing people, flowing through the gates and out to the roads that lead to the different places.
Kaos made his choice, leaving behind the city and its people to its own fate. As he moved along on the road to Konoha, his mask slipped for a bit and he whisper to his ears only, "Let the world burn. Anarchy come to us all."
He allowed the mask to come back on, and he helped a few of the people who were struggling along. He encouraged them to hurry up, to get away, to continue on, and to live to fight another day.
Suddenly, a voice in his head said, "Why are you hiding and being a coward? That place is your home, and you left it without even trying to defend it."
He stopped in his tracks, people flowing around him. He hadn't heard this voice in awhile, before he became obsessed with the conspiracy behind his parents death. It was his voice of hope, the voice he surpressed. Tears begin to stream down his eyes.
But the other voice, the voice Kaos listened to very often, said, "All this village gave you for your hard work was somebody stealing a body part, and they not even helping you."
The voice of Kaos's hatred continued, "You should be thanking the monster they are talking about for punishing this village for its sins, not helping rescue the villagers."
But his voice of hope responded, "Do not forget those who helped you on your journey. You have a duty to fight."
"To survive."
"To help."
"To watch the world burn."
"No," Kaos said to himself, quietly while quieting the two arguing sides of him. "I have a duty to get this people to safety, and to hopefully find help to launch a counter offensive on the monsters that are attacking the village. It is my home, even while it burns."
Kaos continued along the road, speeding along to Konoha, hoping that he could find refuge for these people, and also people willing to stand up and fight.

[village exit thread, twc 458 +2 stats]
Ryuk Uzumaki
Ryuk Uzumaki
Ryo : 350

One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2) - Page 2 Empty Re: One more for the road.(Kumo destruction topic V2)

Tue May 12, 2015 11:48 am
The black flames hid the view of the man as he turned to run when the man stood before him only seconds later. Thinking quickly, a crimson cloud forms over his body  and his shape takes on the form of his armor almost demonic in nature, as his eyes flashed a purple color with ripples in it. Hikarishi would will his clone to disappear as it was of no use now that the man had moved in on him. He watched the man through the mask of his armor as a invisible bubble surrounded him forming a 3 meter sphere and as each sigil ran into it it would seem to die. Making his move now he would run forward holding the bubble open and making Jutsu null he would have to make this a close range fight it seemed and that is what he would do When he got withing striking range he would swing his fist at the mans face hoping to strike him the force of the punch might even dislocate his jaw, 40.
[late post sorry]
[Power of asorb is 175]
[401-50=351 - 1 = 350 left over]
[Edit number 1]

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