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100 hundred puppet strings! Empty 100 hundred puppet strings!

Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:08 pm
Malvoes wakes up slowly, dressing for the day he recalls what his plans were. "Head out to the forested area, and train with Mantis, trees are the perfect target, unless they fight back...then we run." Talking to himself casually he walks around the house, grabbing a slice of bread for breakfast, and he heads down to the workshop, grabbing his jacket. He heads out into the warm morning walking through the streets of Shima, heading out to a remote island. When he stopped walking he was in the middle of a densely wooded area, the canopy over head blotting most of the sunlight. Retrieving a green striped scroll from one of his pouches he rolls it out onto the ground, revealing the seal painted onto it. He places his hand to it, with a quick burst of smoke, lying in front of him was his puppet Mantis. He rolls up his scroll, placing it back into his pouch swiftly, he extends his left hand activating his chakra threads, three of them extend out from three fingers, one for each, and connect to Mantis. Lifting his hand up, Mantis slowly stands up, his torso rising first and his other limbs slowly going into place, emulating a standing combatant. Malvoes flourishes his hands about, causing Mantis to flip around magnificently, "Everything seems in order." He walks around Mantis examining him for a moment, then takes position behind Mantis. He weaves his chakra thread making Mantis walk over to a nearby tree, quickly flicking his three fingers mantis starts swiping at the tree, his curved blades causing rough cuts into the tree’s bark. “Still feels a little slow to me, maybe I just need to get used to it.” He says twisting his hand, making Mantis flip into the air, Mantis strikes a tree branch a few times before severing it with the use of is mandibles, going with the gestures of Malvoes. He continues this training for quite some time till the ground is littered with branches and chunks of wood debris, the poor tree he chose as his target in the beginning has been completely stripped down. With a grunt of exertion he brings his left hand up, causing Mantis to charge forward, his blades glowing blue with Malvoes’s chakra flowing through them. He starts swiping at the tree, making fine cuts appear along it, making his way up the length of the tree, as he reaches the top he dashes back to Malvoes and in a moment the tree falls apart in individual pieces according to where Mantis chopped it up. Pulling Mantis back, Malvoes sat down, looking at his left hand, turning it over and watching the chakra threads sprouting from his fingers, twisting around each other. He frowns as he looks at his hand, "This is why it feels so slow, I'm used to small toys which only require one string, so little movement required. There has to be a way for me to improve this method." He says aloud to himself, he thinks back to his school days, the lesson on the chakra network. His chakra channels through his fingers creating the threads for his puppet control, there has to be a way for him to refine his network allowing him to create multiple strings from one finger, it'll give him more control, which will help this speed problem. Nodding with a determined smile he decides that this will be his goal. He stands up, his body restored with a burning passion to excel, he raises both of his hands extending a chakra thread from each, and each connect to Mantis giving Malvoes more control over him. He swings his hands about checking his connection and making Mantis shift to a position that is looking at his controller.He places his hands together, imagining the chakra flowing through his body and out of his fingers creating the strings, he closes his eyes and feels the flow throughout his body, the constant ebb and flow of his spirit. He shifts his focus to his index fingers,and the flow of chakra coming out of them, the idea is that by splitting his chakra flow and shifting it to one finger it'll duplicate the number of strings while keeping his original network, and letting it return to it's former strength. As he focuses, he slowly shifts most of the chakra flowing through his right index finger to his left finger and he could feel the strength of the corresponding chakra thread shifting over to his left index finger. Opening his eyes slightly he parts his hands slowly, staring at his left index finger a smile grows along his face, he looks at the two threads on his left index and looks over to the faint, slightly transparent thread on his right index finger, "I did it, I really did it,l but I can't stop now." He closes his eyes with that determined thought and puts his hands back together focusing back to his left thumb, placing the left right hand against it he focuses once again feeling most of the chakra flowing from his right, shift to his left, successfully feeling the weight being moved over. He shifts his attention to his middle finger and continues the process for each finger on his left till he was finishing up with the pinkie finger, sweat rolling down his face, he slowly opens up his eyes, each of the fingers on his left hand had two chakra threads each and his right hand had faint, slightly transparent threads on each of them. "Progress, but I'm not there yet." He then presses all of the fingers on his left hand together, shifting his focus to his single index finger, feeling the strengthened chakra pathways in his left hand. Slowly he starts bringing the majority of the dual pathway's chakra flow from his other fingers into his left index finger. The process is tiring and physically draining but he slowly makes his way through to finally feeling the strength of his chakra pathway in his index finger strengthen, and the weight of ten strings slowly tugging on it. As he opens his eyes, a smile spreads across his pale and weary face, ten strings proudly extends from his left index finger. Glad with his progress he passes out from the exhaustion, letting his chakra recover and his pathways return to their original strength. He wakes up about an hour later, slowly rising from his place in the grass, he checks himself over feeling some of his fatigue gone from his nap. He closes his eyes and feels his chakra network, it's returned to it's original strength, some of it being strengthened as well, his left hand specifically, with that he extends his chakra threads. Cracking his fingers he places his hands together focusing on his right hand this time, bringing his focus to his chakra pathways he brings his attention to his right index finger. Starting slowly he starts bringing out a majority of the chakra flowing out his left index finger, but to his surprise there was less strain than before, he was capable of pulling out enough to strengthen his right chakra pathway without expending as much of his chakra in his left as last time. After he could feel the weight on his left index finger increase he looks at his left hand, the ten strings coming out of his left index finger were slightly faded but not as transparent as before and the two stings on his right index finger proudly. Closing his eyes and pressing his hands together he continues the process, going to his thumb then middle finger and so on, until each of the fingers on his right hand had two strings each. Smiling at the new strength in his chakra flow he puts his fingers together on both of his hands this time, feeling that since he has the process figured out he'll be able to do it with no issue. He takes a deep breath and gathers his chakra, focusing on his right index finger and his left thumb, he starts using the excess chakra from his other fingers to split his chakra thread of each finger ionto ten, reinforcing it with excess chakra flow, sweat dripping down his forehead he could feel his focus waning as the strain continued. Finally it stopped, and he could feel his pathways strengthen on his right index and left thumb, but he wasn't done, he shifts his focus to his right thumb, placing both his hands together, he frayed the threads and pathways in his right thumb, strengthening them from the chakra in his surrounding fingers. He breathes hard, feeling his chakra network wain as he finishes the process, as he finishes the process he opens his eyes, gasping lightly. He decides to take a small break, letting his chakra threads dissipate he walks through the woods for a bit until coming to a fresh water stream, taking a drink and washing his face he lets the cool water rejuvenate him, catching his breath he looks around the forest to enjoy his sight. He heads back to his training area, feeling rested from his break, he looks mantis over and extends his chakra threads, "Six more fingers to do, making progress." He places his hands together focusing on on his middle fingers he continues the fraying and reinforcing process, slowly progressing through each of his fingers until he gets down to his pinky fingers. Finishing up the last of the work, he now has all ten fingers, with ten strings each, he smiles a pale sweaty smile and then faints from the exhaustion. Awakening several hours later he first wonders where he is, realizing he's in the forest he slowly sits up, looking around at the sun he sees that it is nearly night time, looking once more he finally remembers what he was doing, training in the forest, not just any training either. He extends his hands out, letting the chakra threads unwind from each finger making an elaborate blue mess on the ground. "This is going to be awesome." He says happily, beaming at his accomplishment, "Now to see whether or not it actually works or if I've just done some permanent damage to my chakra network." With that he dissipates his chakra thread and then points his right index finger at the slumped over puppet, Mantis, activating his chakra threads, three threads wind out from his index finger, attaching themselves to Mantis, making him slowly rise and life return to his form, well "life" is a strong word for a puppet. Malvoes makes slight gestures with his finger, Mantis reacts accordingly dashing about and slicing at the air, "This is the speed I needed, so much more control now." He dissolves his threads and then extends his left middle and ring finger along with his index, a chakra thread spinning out from each one and connecting to Mantis respectively. He starts making sweeping gestures and moving around Mantis more skillfully than his previous attempt with three fingers."Much better! Even controlling him like this is faster without using my new advanced technique, must be due to strengthening my chakra pathways." He deduces happily about his training and technique development. He then looks down at his hands, releasing Mantis from his control he looks around at the tree he destroyed earlier, quickly counting the pieces that was once the magnificent tree, he counts out about 150 chunks. He extends his hands out fully unraveling all of the threads he created, each one attaching themselves to a log or chunk of wood, he pulls his hands back, each string pulling a different piece of wood into the air. Flinging them up he dissolves his strings, looking as the volley he just sent flying goes off into the distance. "Wow, this is going to be awesome." He smiles at the possibilities that go through his head. He then walks over to Mantis, unravels his scroll then activates the seal making Mantis vanish in a puff of smoke. Strapping the scroll to his back he starts making his way back to his home.
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100 hundred puppet strings! Empty Re: 100 hundred puppet strings!

Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:23 pm
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