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Kukla Nazar
Kukla Nazar
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teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!) - Page 4 Empty Re: teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!)

Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:23 pm
Huh. He had not known of the Hyuuga’s attempted power grab. It was the only note worthy event to take place though in their recent history as far as he knew. “How long ago did this happen?” he inquired. Yep, it looked like he had another reason to head to the Kage office, though hopefully the Hokage was around during office hours. Looking closer, he guessed the Koutashi had something to do with paper the way the Iburi had to do with smoke, and the Hozuki with water, it looked as if her body was made of paper, as he could not help but notice the areas where the flesh colored paper that were no longer colored, were white, like new paper. An interesting ability. Perhaps he could make use of it himself later. He doubted she would reveal any clan secrets to him though, he had a little detective work ahead of him.

He concentrated, and it seemed to him as if his chakra was folding in upon it self, similar to the concept of a Black Hole he had heard about before, some thing considered to be virtually mythical, an entity of endless weight that crushed everything into itself. Fortunately it was only his chakra that was being crumpled into a tiny little ball invisible to pretty much anyone.

Hisano koutaishi
Hisano koutaishi
Remove Ryo : 5800

teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!) - Page 4 Empty Re: teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!)

Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:19 pm
"years. I try to block it out honestly. It was a pretty dark time for the village, and more so for the one closest to me. She was raised hyuuga so.... The news hit us both pretty hard. Such a horrific tragedy. " She was barelly paying attention to the boy now, her chakra senses watching the movement of her student's chakra as it continually dimmed. He may get it before they parted ways. it wasn't a particularly hard skill to be honest. She'd just had trouble getting it to work. Her feet shifted, carrying her body off to the side, her heels raising up like a dancer. She needed full concentration. The kind of concentration that only comes from slipping out of this reality, off to the space in her mind where things seem to make more sense. Off to the place she shared with a girl so long ago.

"There was another way. My teacher told me to imagine a graph bar lowering, like it's energy is dropping from full to zero and store the power in the soles of your feet, deep in your root chaka. Then pour it into the earth below. " She moved gracefully, a single slow spin on the tip of her left foot as she allowed small bits of paper to slip from her body with every movement. Her arms stretched out from their position connected at her belly button, hand in hand, to move like a bird flapping great feathered wings high above her head. Her balance waivered a bit as she spoke, her mind forced back to reality as she spoke, but finally her sentence would end and she would be back in that safe space, her movements calculatedly perfect, but requiring little to no thought what so ever. She lowered herself back down on her left heel, her right foot sweeping across the earth barelly an inch before a toe touch movement was changed to the full pad of her right foot gliding effortlessly in an open curve the opposite direction. With that momentum she released several more sheets of paper that flowed off thighs, speckling her black clothing with white spots as the pile gathered more and more. With a leap she left the ground just barelly at the end of her foot's movement, her right leg circling around to meet left and pass, toe pointed to land against the ground. It reminded her of the comfort and safety of home. It reminded her of... Her.

(TWC 3721)
Kukla Nazar
Kukla Nazar
Remove Ryo : 12000

teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!) - Page 4 Empty Re: teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!)

Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:52 am
"That's an interesting way to look at it, this hiding chakra thing. I need to do some research on the skill at the library I think, to get a better understanding of the skill. I think I might also see if I can find any information on what happened with the Hyuuga. I am not sure the Hokage would want to talk to a genin like me about this kind of thing at all.”

The Hyena paused, about to leave, and then he realized she had done him quite the courtesy of helping him learn a skill that she her self had not learned until the jounin rank, so in a sense she was helping him more than normal, he was skipping a grade or two. He had some soul searching to do as well if the Hyuuga were not totally useless as he had thought them to be. “Thank you for the advice, Hisano Sensei.” His words were calm, and polite for once while he bowed at the waist to show his respect. It was not often that any one tried to help him so it would really be best to try and keep the people who did reasonably happy if not more so.

“I must take my leave now, I have some home work to do of sorts.” If allowed, the Hyena would leave, walking up the side of the nearest building before jumping off of the different roof tops to cross the village towards his next destination.

(potential exit)
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1289 words towards...
556 wc towards the Chakra Suppression Skill (and adding my 500 words from here: ( ) to get to the 1000 wc required after getting help from nomo ^^ (I checked with Akihana about whether I could do this)

(I think the text from my claiming is more than I typed for my post :P)
Hisano koutaishi
Hisano koutaishi
Remove Ryo : 5800

teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!) - Page 4 Empty Re: teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!)

Fri Mar 20, 2015 2:58 am
"That's a good plan. It's always helpful to learn any and everything about the situation that's going on. it could be the difference between life and death some day. I'm sure there will be information in the library. The Hyuuga district library may have information on it too... Though I doubt many if any of the hyuuga in the village to witness the situation are still here or alive. " She continued with her jutsu, seeing that the convorsation seemed to be wrapping up. he was quite absorbed in what he was doing, allowing her the chance to put her full attention into her own craft. The paper sheets ripped more violently from her body, a long strings peeling off from her chest like accordians of multi colored flesh turned thin, fresh meat shaved from slaughtered calf, but bearing a more powerful gift. her mind called out to the element her blood gifted her far before she understood how to harness it's power. The empty space at her shoulder glowed a soft pink, building itself back up in a way that was incredibly strange. Like decls of cards stacked one by one her flesh would seem to fill in on the cracks, layer by layer getting larger until the final piece formed, curling itself over the empty slot like a sticker hiding a flaw in the front of an old notebook.

Keep going... She thought to herself. She could see the pile of paper slipping together, folding in on itself. She concentrated her power in the next step of her technique, moving the small individual pieces of her puzzle into place at snails place, meticulous, planned, and in a way that would ensure sheer perfection. The boy addressed her again, and she nodded. It was rude, she was sure not to respond verbally but with the power flowing between herself and the now small stack of her paper element that rose up layer by layer looking more like a card castle then her intended form, she had little ability to concentrate long enough to form sentences. Surely, she hoped, the ability to multitask would come with time. She watched him walk away, contemplating the next step in her mastery over the gift of the Koutashi. A second tower raised quickly, building itself piece by piece at her will to match the size of the first. A small whirlwind of sheets of her powerful created element flowed around the two, wrapping itself around the structures, their color shifting quickly.

Perfect. This was working out nicely. She just needed a little more and she would be finished with the first portion of her creation. The paper clone jutsu if performed correctly would grant her twice the power. With a second body her jutsu would be increased by sheer volume and her potential for field advantage increase more so. It was the perfect addition to her tool box and potential life saving tool. The legs of her clone formed easilly with the laticework in place. The skin formed flawlessly, each piece slipping over top the last and the seams blending in perfectly to hide one another, a flash of black flowing across it once the actual body was done to show her armor. She could feel the full weight of fatgue weighing her down. Her eyes felt heavy from the power of her chakra and it felt as if gravity were forcing itself upon her in way's she'd not felt in years. The paper construct crumbled as she lost will and energy to hold it up. It was a sad day. With a wave of her hand the small bits rose up once more, flowing in a spiral towards her. Piece by piece slipped under the edge of her cuff, hidden from view but ready to be used in the event she needed it later. With her new student long gone she gathered the last of her things, hooking the cloak across her shoulders and with a small click fastening it to hold strong. She headed home, exhaused and needing to prepare for her responsibilities tomorow.

(TWc 4403, claiming 22 stats, paper clone trained and 1403 towards water trident)
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!) - Page 4 Empty Re: teaching the next generation(Open, NK training!)

Fri Mar 20, 2015 1:17 pm
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