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Kirasu Shiroi
Kirasu Shiroi
Ryo : 1100

(T) Thunder Roost P2 Empty (T) Thunder Roost P2

Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:03 am
Kira awoke with a start, taking in a sharp breath as his senses welled up and came to him. He had done a lot of training yesterday before the storm hit, but as he listened he could no longer hear the wind pounding on the building that he called his home. He sat up and swiveled out of bed, rubbing his eyes and forcing himself to stand. He raised his arms and stretched, and he could feel his body awakening with every moment that he moved in the world of the conscious.

Kira slogged through the halls, glancing at the commons room. Children played while they waited to be escorted to the academy. It was customary for the Shiroi to wake up just before the sun pierced the horizon over the mountains, so they often had free time to do as they wished before the academy classes began. This also gave the adult Shiroi peace and quiet during the later hours for more important hours.

He made his way to the front entrance to Shiroi monastery, seemingly unnoticed by all. His father, however, was waiting for him. The tall man's bright white wings were folded against his back as he sat upon a bench. "I've got a mission. I'll be gone for a few weeks. How goes your training?" He was referring to the chakra infusion.

"It's going well. I've been using rocks-" Kira replied, but his father's voice chimed in to interrupt him.

"Rocks? You are never going to get anywhere with those. Use one of your feathers instead." His father stood. "I've got to get going. Goodbye Kirasu." He said, and that was that. He was as quick as the wind as he opened the door and took off through the sky.

"T-thanks." Kira muttered to himself, being a bit sassy in his mind at how flighty the man was. He resumed his original intentions and went through the door himself, a swarm of children ready to be taken to the academy began to file in behind him. An older female Shiroi, his aunt, followed closely behind, and it reminded him of his days at the academy briefly.

Kira paid no further heed to such distractions as he went back to his new favorite training spot, a cliff with a flat sitting rock that was positioned in front of the mountains for a decent scenic view. He looked up at the sky and noticed the clouds had already broken apart in the morning glow, though it wasn't quite late enough for a bright blue sky.

After a bit of walking he made it to the place in question. Following his father's advice, he reached up and began to tug on one of the feathers on his head, yanking it loose with a wince of pain. I guess it makes sense. It's always easiest to use what's closest to you.

Sitting upon the rock, he held the feather between his fingers and began to concentrate. He willed his chakra to begin to flow, and flow it did. The chakra built up in his hands quickly, and he could feel his chakra seeping into the feather as he held it. He let slip an accomplished grin at how easy this was starting to be.

Next he began to focus on having his chakra become a part of the feather. He tried to keep his chakra inside it and began to concentrate on willing his chakra to meld with the feather. For this step, he closed his eyes to get rid of all distractions. He continued his concentration, and then he felt something different. He opened his eyes, and the feather began to glow a soft white, indicating that he had properly infused his chakra. Kira grinned even wider, happy that he had finally accomplished what he had set out to do. If father were here, I would probably tell him about this...

+652 to Chakra Infusion (Total of 2,000/2,000 now)
+3 to Chakra stat
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

(T) Thunder Roost P2 Empty Re: (T) Thunder Roost P2

Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:05 am
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