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Nakama Hazure
Nakama Hazure
Ryo : 500

Where has the time gone? (Training) Empty Where has the time gone? (Training)

Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:02 pm
While moving down the path to, nowhere specific. Nakama studied the scroll he had recently been rewarded. He was not sure what to believe. It was a guide that dealt with two jutus's he had never seen before and to be honest they sounded quite fake. According to the scroll: 'The user displaces equipment into a separate dimension for storage'.  So it stated that he could send items away and bring them back. The second paragraph stated: 'The user slows down their personal time flow, and appears to move at greater speeds then normally possible.'.  They both basically stated that the user could control space around them, which sounded like a story to tell to students. Then again, both of the trainings was very...arbitrary. One of them told him to focus his chakra into an object, to think it was disappearing and it would. Worth a shot. Right?
Kama found a nice tree with shade from the sun. He closed his eyes, crossed his legs, and began to control his breathing. He then took out a Kunai and focused the chakra to the object. He tried at least. He focus hard on the object to make it disappear. He kept still and kept focusing until he didn't feel anything else in his hand. It never happened.

He opened his eyes and look all over the drawn weapon. Nothing had changed, absolutely nothing had disappeared or warped or anything. It stood there in his hands. Maybe he wasn't doing it right or he would need to wait longer to leave his grasp. Then again it could be all a lie, that what his instincts  told him, but when did he ever listen to them? Nakama stood up and stretched his muscles to relax himself so that he may begin again. This time he wouldn't stop until it worked or he fell asleep.
Time for games was over. Nakama closed his eyes and controlled his breathing once more. With all his might he tried to focus his chakra on the kunai. He kept running the image of it disappearing , to keep him from trailing off in thought. He held like this for what seemed like days, but really it was just several minutes. The lack of animals moving and birds chirping was unsettling to say the least , yet at the same time it helped him concentrate. After about twenty minutes he had given up. With failure as his only prize he had thrown the Kunai at a nearby tree. It never made impact...
When he didn't hear the sound of the kunai hitting the tree, he searched the area. Maybe he thought he threw it at the wrong tree, but his faithful search proved false. It had disappeared! Still in disbelief, Kama looked back at the scroll, there was a way to summon them back, if anything would happen then it truly did work. With just two simple hand signs, Rat and then dog the Kunai appeared back in his hands. The shock overwhelmed him so much, that he fell over and checked if he was feeling right. What he had done was not very 'common'. His suspicions about him being drugged or in a spell by him constantly repeating the jutsu. This ability would be more then useful.
Next on the scroll was the 'Flicker movement'. 'The user slows down their personal time flow, and appears to move at greater speeds then normally possible.' . Interesting! He was not sure what it really meant to 'slow down personal time', but he was sure he would find out for himself.  The first instruction was to find a quiet enough place to  concentrate. The secluded forest in the middle of the forest wasn't an bad one. Next was to focus on the location of where you were and all surrounding objects. Easy enough. Las was to change your perception for time, It will come naturally. That one threw him for a spin, but it sounded as simple as his other jutsu and that one did come naturally like it said it would. This one seemed to be more useful in combat, so he wouldn't stop for this one. Not even take a nap...
Like instructed, Nakama closed his eyes and leaned against a tree. Taking in all of the surrounding noise. He heard the noises of the forest. Mostly it was the trees ruffling, rocks staying still, grass flowing in the wind, and a couple of bugs that populated the forest. He waited for something to happen, waiting for almost half an hour. He was determined to learn this, but it wasn't working for him. He took a break to grab something to eat. Squirrel. His favorite.
While collecting the scroll, he leapt to tree to tree. Looking out for anything with meat and that could be cooked. For whatever reason he couldn't find anything. For almost traveling a mile he didnt see anything in sight. This was a little unnatural. Maybe the new justsu had sent him away? Maybe there was some serious draw backs to them? His answer was found when he found a flock of birds coming at him. Barley. They were all flying as if they were caught on a string, being pulled back as they flapped their wings. The justsu had worked...
After taking care of one of the birds, he had to figure out how to stop the world like this, it was slightly disorienting. Nakama referred to the guide, it had a two sighns with an  arrow point from one to the other. He preformed the Dog and then the Boar hand signs and like he predicted, the world came back to the normal perspective.
These skills were two rare to leave lying around or on person like he normally would, so like any outdoors man as himself would do. He used it as fire to cook his dinner. He immediately regretted this decision after the Bird tasted like ink and rotten paper. Probably should of  put it away on storage.
[WC: 1005]
[Claiming +5 stats and using this WC and (extra) this WC to learn Storage Displacement and Flicker Movement.]
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Where has the time gone? (Training) Empty Re: Where has the time gone? (Training)

Wed Feb 18, 2015 3:20 am
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