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Odin Senju <3
Odin Senju <3
Ryo : 0

Swords, Knifes, and other Things Empty Swords, Knifes, and other Things

Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:34 am
Mission Details:

Odin walked up to building 10 with a mission flyer in his hand.  He kind of felt excited to be back in this shop.  He wondered what kind of things he was going to do as a temporary clerk for the ninjas going on epic missions.  He was excited to see the true ninjas of Kumo.

He opened the door to the building, swallowing his slight anxiousness to start his mission.  He walked up to the front desk receptionist with a smile on his face.  He handed her the mission flyer, asking for directions to the briefing room.  The lady gladly showed him to the area, pointing him down the hall.

Odin entered the room, walking into a mission briefing going on.  He remained silent until the end of the session.  Afterwards, he walked up to the one that was handling tactics for the mission.  He promptly asked what he the ninjas assigned to the mission needed.  The ninja in charge pulled out a small scroll and jotted the neccessary items needed.  Odin waited patiently while the head ninja wrote down a long list of items and weapons.  Odin observed the other ninjas who were clowning and paling around with each other.  Odin was so excited to one day become a chuunin or form his own team.  He wanted to become chunin to do bigger and better missions in the future.  The head ninja snapped his fingers at Odin, breaking him out of his trance.  Blinked repeatively and turned back to the ninja who handed him the scroll.
"I will be back in a few minutes," he nodded as headed out the door. 

He walked out of the room, putting the scroll in his pocket.  He thanked the receptionist as he made his way out the door.  Odin gently closed the door behind him of building 10.  He b-lined toward the closest ninja shop in town.  It only took a few minutes, due to the last mission he had there. 
He was greeted with a warm welcome as he entered the shop by his former boss.  Odin explained the situation to the owner as he pulled out the scroll with the required items in it. 
The shop keeper gladly helped pick out the items Odin needed.  In almost a flash, he shop keeper piled up all the weapons and items on the counter before Odin.  Odin praised the speedy retrieval of all the items needed. 
Then there was the matter of the bill, but Odin said to charge Building 10 for the wares needed. 
Odin pulled out his sealing scroll and pushed the weapons off the counter.  As they landed on the scroll, they lit up and went into the scroll, sealing them all away under the subject, Building 10.  The shop keeper clapped his hands in amazement at the sealing jutsu Odin just preformed.  Odin waved his hand past his face and denied that it was anything special.  He bowed and said his proper goodbye to the shop keeper.

Odin made his way back to Building 10 with little trouble.  He waved at the receptionist as he made his way back into the briefing room.  Odin knocked before letting himself in, just in case something private was going on.  He made his way to the nearest desk and pulled out his sealing scroll from his pocket.  He placed it on the table and reached in with both arms, pulling out two by two, and pulled out all the items and weapons needed for their mission. 

The head ninja patted him on the back, telling him how skilled he was at improvisation.  Odin laughed in response, saying it was nothing.  He wished them all a safe and successful mission and left the room.  He closed the door behind him and made his way out of the building.

TWC: 637

+250 ryo
637 word count towards chidori mastery
Yasahiro Yagami
Yasahiro Yagami
Village Leader
Village Leader
Ryo : 27500

Swords, Knifes, and other Things Empty Re: Swords, Knifes, and other Things

Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:54 am
Mission is approved, but training is not as I do not see any type of training being done in this topic that involves chidori, sorry for inconvenience.
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