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Could this be it?

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Shinori Koyomi
Shinori Koyomi
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Vagabond (A-Rank)
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Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:41 pm
During the course of the Bar Fight which had already been going in any way, the many villagers of the Cloud had been swiftly moved from their homes and businesses to the Kumo underground barracks which were known only to its ninja some 80 meters below the mountains. Of course those that had been unlucky enough to escape were either doomed to a terrible fate or by some miracle saved. The mountains being the furthest away from the village they would be the safest there if not perfectly fine. In the current moments where the clone had just began its attack, Yaju had released the combination of the beasts chakra into a sphere from his position, the building being twenty meters up and well over thiry five meters away, shooting it towards the bar at the speed of fifty. The five meter sphere held no purpose but to be there for the time being as it slowly headed towards the Bar, meanwhile the jinchuriki's cloak had lessened, the influence of the beast lessening until the cloaks color had begun to less, had already left the area in which he already was, a single hand seal being made before his bdoy flickered from one area and landed towards the area where Akihana had been.

The clone at the moment the sphere was launched would have already been through with its attack, noticing its target was no longer there and with the combination of the very boards of wood under him shaking, knew that something was about to happen. Dispersing itself it would be safe from the power of Echo's attack which from Yaju's new vantage point could be seen, a dragon made from two powers probably never meant to mingle. At this moment he had already picked up Akihana and the man she was healing, the fox granted tails being encroached in their own protective Nature chakra to avoid harming these two, his body moving at its full speed towards an area in which they would be fully safe in. Turning to watch the mighty attack of Echo finally finish, Yaju had seen it. The buildup of chakra through the bar which had made it seem as someone was prepping for something. At his maximum speed he would have made a single seal, his eyes watching as the buildings around the bar had begun to pull inward, debris and other left behind things being dragged as if by an invisible force. The bijuu bomb itself would be pulled in at a faster rate, causing it to collide with the bar prior to the explosion of the force that had pulled it, and through contact with the bar itself would explode at the power of 100 and cover the range of fifty meters.

The force while strong held no dominion over Yaju as his strength held him in place, the nine tails from his fox form holding onto Akihana and the male becoming their strength. The tails slowly went away as he stood there, the effects of his sage mode dying down before being replaced with another power of his, a spike of his own chakra before a physical change happened instantaneously, a pair of odd shaped wings sprouting from him as he held his hands forward," Stay behind me...," the explosion tearing through the village, making its way towards where he had his ninja were, but unfortunately for these people they knew not that this village was always being protected. As the explosion made its way, it would be stopped in its tracks by a simple ten meter wide/tall barrier. The barrier was no ordinary barrier and in this instance it would be the method in which to stop the foriegn attack. Absorbing the power of the explosion it would begin to turn green, the whole attack being forced into one point of the seal before suppressing and dispersing the whole attack. The barrier however remained as it continued to spin, the green aura charging and converting the attacks power into a large blast before sending the attack in full back towards its owner, the blast itself moving at the speed of 297. Those behind Yaju would be sparred from the wrath of this attack. This attack would prove to rip through any and everything in its power with its overwhelming power, leaving Yaju to watch and wait to see what would happen.

New Stats:
Health: 122
Chakra: 212 Curse Seal Lv.2
Speed: 159 Curse seal Lv.2
Strength: 55

717 AP left

Jutsu Used:
Body Flicker -5
Hoho-10 here
Inscription: Absorb/Reflect (power/ speed of reflected attack: 297) here
Curse Seal activation: 80 ap
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
Ryo : 49110

Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:28 am
[Mmk, finally got like a half hour to post, unfortunately what that means is I now have to be ruthless with what I do next...Pretty faces may no longer be as pretty.]

Youka's frame is lifted high into the air, his skin being charred off from the heat whilst blades of wind slash into him repeatedly, digging deeper and deeper as he travels upwards, limbs are separated, his body is bifurcated and his head is removed from the viscous unrelenting assault of the Invicible's most powerful technique, created for the sole purpose of ending everything in the vicinity.
So while Youka's healing factor attempts to deal with the damage, it simply isn't powerful enough to recover a body so torn to pieces...And at the full height of the technique..The dragons eyes loom forward before it blurs forward and the jutsu ends high over the skyline of Kumogakure with a massive explosion, most likely destroying Youka's remains.

Stray thoughts enter Echo's mind and his eyes, shadowed by his goggles flick towards Maku as he senses the mans intentions, he waits..Waits..His senses honing in and when the thought of returning comes through...Echo is ready, a foot made of chakra shoots from Echo's shin at an upward angle and as Maku appears would most likely impact with his forehead at a speed of 290 and a strength of 220...Maku's current health makes for an interesting reaction to the sage chakra enhanced bijuu kick of death...Maku puts on a nice show, Echo's the Show Stopper, he steals the show and makes sure that he's the center of attention...

It's something of an obsession of his...And since Maku's body is that of a normal Shinobi..
The result of this kick may be his brains being liquified inside of his skull.
The kick is launched, the jutsu ends and if all goes as planned, two corpses hit the ground...And Echo's senses suddenly pick something up and with a slight widening of his eyes..
His chakra arms stretch outwards and yank him away from the building, he runs through some hand signs and as soon as his feet hit the ground he pushes off blurring as fast as possible away from ground zero as a Bijuu bomb hits the area. "GOD DAMMIT!!!" He shouts as the blast still manages to catch him..But rather than incinerate it sounds him flying off in a tumble towards another few buildings...He goes ass over teakettle comically before his claws dig into the earth and he slows himself half hyperventilating as he stops...Funnilly enough right next to the culprit..Yaju Hayate...

He stares for a moment before in a growling voice he asks "Did you fuckin' shoot that...!?" He asks gritting his teeth slightly as he pants from his overexertion...FUCK, IS HIS LEG BROKEN!?
A snapping noise as the Kyuubi mends it is his answer...
Yup. His leg was fuckin' broken...!!

His body can't handle the amount of power he holds, energy is fine..But if he makes too hard of contact with something...Well, his bones shatter...

If all goes as expected, Echo has killed both of his old students, Yaju has disintegrated there bodies and he almost team-killed Echo Uchiha...
Pretty good day.
[I got another class, love me for posting! D<]
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:03 am
The distress and agony around Akihana was the kind of stuff her nightmares were made of. Of course, she was a kunoichi and in her line of duty, she had done less than honorable things. Akihana always knew where her loyalties lay, and they were with the village for the most part. Still the blonde had never taken pleasure in hurting and was even more torn up at the idea of not being able to heal more than she could at present. In the end, she had to do what she always did, have faith in those who were fighting and put her trust in the village defense system. War was inevitable in the shinobi world but Kumo was made to last, of that much she was sure.

The medic had been so busy tending to her patient that she hadn't seen Yaju coming until he was right there, the blonde barely managing a small "O" of surprise before he'd picked up both her and her patient, making Akihana glad that she had anesthetized him earlier or the pain of hanging limbs would only add to his suffering. Still, it wasn't the patient whom she thought off as Yaju flew them away in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

No, her first thought upon seeing the Raikage was relief, pure unadulterated relief that he was safe. It wasn't that she had doubted his ability, it wasn't even that she didn't wan him to fight to defend his people. It was pure and simple selfishness on her part that demanded to see the dark haired teen unhurt and it did not warrant an explanation.

They were so far away from the fight now that Akihana couldn't see, hear or sense anything from where she stood, being shielded by the red eyed teen as he and his far more enhanced senses tuned in to whatever was going on. When he mentioned for them to stay behind him, Akihana merely nodded, her blonde hair swinging softly with the action as she moved to place the patient more comfortably on the ground with Yaju's tall frame protecting them both.

And while it was true that the hikariton user had no clue what was going on, she took Yaju's presence as a good sign. If he was here, it meant that the attack had stopped or there were no more enemies to destroy. Trying not to cringe at the thought of murder, the young woman sent a quiet prayer to the gods. A prayer to grant peace to the souls of those who died that day and a prayer for strength to the ones still living, strength to live on and rebuild.
Asahi Yagami
Asahi Yagami
Village Leader
Village Leader
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Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:33 pm
Echo wrote:Stray thoughts enter Echo's mind and his eyes, shadowed by his goggles flick towards Maku as he senses the mans intentions, he waits..Waits..His senses honing in and when the thought of returning comes through...Echo is ready, a foot made of chakra shoots from Echo's shin at an upward angle and as Maku appears would most likely impact with his forehead at a speed of 290 and a strength of 220...

Maku wrote:As Echo's attack began to end Maku's form once again entered the world of life 7 meters to Echo's left.  At the exact same moment he returned to this world of blood lust and pain he matched Echo's attack with his own.  Unlike his master, and his ally Maku gave no voice or thought to his attack.

(So firstly, the cloak I used puts me in a dimensional in between, so I my doubts you could look towards me with reasonable certainty.  I also really don't think you would be able to read his mind, that seems incredibly odd to me being disconnected from the current plane.  However, if you could it still wouldn't really let you know where I would appear, I wouldn't be thinking where I am at after all. 
However none of that really effects my post, but I still wanted to bring it up for future posts.  I would return to the world at 290 speed, so I can come into the world easily before your foot hits me since we are moving the same speed and I have 7 meters to work with.  The jutsu I used is mastered, so though the explosion moves outward at 180 speed/power it still is activated the moment I return.  So once again I have the distance to activate it, and since no actions where made in anyway to dodge or stop the attack, it really should go through.  The quotes display I activated as I returned, you kicked as I returned.  Since my reaction time is equal to your speed and I have 7 meters between us I could in fact activate the technique, since it was basically prepped as I returned per my post.  As for your kick, I will dodge it presently and that is where we will continue.)
The eyes of the Uchiha....the crimson orbs marred in violence and pain, their gaze now belonged to Maku.  He had no respect for them as the noble clan might have had, and instead were nothing more than a tool to be used to ensnare and destroy his enemies.  Even now he used them to his advantage.  They allowed Maku to watch as the chakra coating his once employer moved and sought to lash out.  It allowed him to track his movements, and seemingly see into the future what might have happened if he hesitated in this confrontation.  For now however, the gore that Echo sought would be placed on hold.
Limitations, they were the most important thing a shinobi could know about themselves.  Strength was important to know, but only if you knew your limits could you surpass your own strength.  Knowing when to fold, when to strike, and when to get the hell out were as important at knowing the strength of your arm, and the force of your will.  It was his own limits that he knew he had to take into consideration now.  Physically, Maku knew he was no match for Echo, he probably wasn't even a match spiritually, but there was one thing that set Maku apart form the rest of the shinobi world. That, was conviction.  He had wanted this fight his entire life, the opportunity to test his resolve against more than a mere shinobi....but to test it against a force of nature.  There were no negative thoughts in his mind, no fear, no hesitation.  No, instead only joy and anticipation.  Today, today was a day to be remembered.  He would become a legend, or obtain a warriors death, either was getting good.
The chakra appendage raced towards him as the explosion ignited around him.  To Echo it might seem that he had been successful in slaying Maku, except for the fact that the inferno Maku had unleashed would fill the basement and begin its attempt at consuming his once friend.  Maku's own eyes had not been idle.  Though his form was engulfed in the blackened flames, his eyes remained unobscured.  The smallest speck, the smallest amount of escape route, it was always important to have one or two.    As the chakra appendage was engulfed in the power of Maku's attack, being torn asunder he blinked to safety.  Only a millisecond before he surely would have still been killed even after the damage to Echo's attack.
He had blinked up and forward 20 meters total to be just outside the basement and above the ground.  Thanks to Echo's initial attack the bar had been opened up revealing the clear sky above.  However he was not out of the woods yet.  The bijuu bomb was being pulled in as he had appeared, which was instantaneous transmission.  He had failed to notice it while below, but now it had to be dealt with.  Reacting, and doing the only thing he could think of, he sought to end this fight.  Foregoing dignity and respect for the powers he had stolen from one of the great clans, he unleashed the pinnacle of his ninjutsu prowess.  The susano'o would begin to take shape, but instead of forming straight up into the behemoth as a straight backed Uchiha, Maku used his unconventional methods to do something very different.
The susano'o would form laying down, completely covering the basement of the bar.  It would form at 290 speed, and would occur at the exact same moment that Maku had appeared from his blink.  The colossal figure would be formed to do a multitude of actions.  One it worked to seal Echo within the basement with no escape route, ensuring the landing of his technique, not to mention the fact the vacuum was pulling at Echo with 90 strength in an attempt to slow down his movements.  Secondly as it formed it would come in contact with the bijuu bomb.  Which it would then absorb into its armor as it made contact, storing the immense energy to be expelled later. 
As it formed Maku pulled out all the stops.  The celestial flesh of the susano'o would begin to burn at 150 power, its body melting the cobblestone it rested on causing it to sink slightly into the ground, even furthering the air tight seal of the basement.  He had also activated the genjutsu aspect that creation contained within.  Seeing as it had completely covered the sky over Echo's head, Maku was confident he would in fact look at the creation.  As soon as he did a loud roar would fill his ears, the sound of the apex predator from a time long ago locking all his muscles in place and preventing movement or action.  Though Maku didn't know Echo had ways to break free of the genjutsu he still had hopes it would provide at least some amount of disturbance to even more insure his victory.  (power 100). 
All in all, Maku had hopes that the explosion if not strong enough to kill Echo would blast him upwards and into the susano'o itself, since there was relatively little space to go.  There the burning intensity of the creation, not to mention its hardened exterior would shatter the remainder of life from the mans body.  If all went to plan, the man's body would be incinerated and destroyed beyond repair, heart, brain, lungs, muscles, bones, all turned to ash ending the skirmish.  Though Maku could never have known it, the fact that Echo's immense strength and power could have negative effects on his own body worked in his advantage.  This would further his goals should Echo make contact with the Susano'o and perhaps aid in the breaking of the man's body.  (Just basing that off your post for breaking your leg for running, ignore if it is not appropriate and you just were being dramatic).
Though many things had seemed to happen, all that would have taken place at a speed of 290, and would be over faster than a blink of an eye.  As for Youka who would be suspended in the air from Echo's attack, and arm would form from the Susano'o grabbing him from air and dropping him safely on the ground, albeit a little roughly.  After all, the guy had literally been of no help, what a scrub.
If and only if all these things occurred, then Maku would proceed.  The crown, the jewel rather of the susano'o that housed Maku would be directly in front of Yaju and the ones he had deemed to bring with him.  (In your post you stated you felt the pull of the vacuum bomb, which means you would be within 50m since that is it's range.)  From the jewel Maku would stare at the Raikage and the ones behind him.  Releasing the Susano'o Maku would stand before them, roughly 10 to 15 meters away.  Raising his hands up slightly in a sign of not wishing to continue the fight he would see what actions this man might take.  The fight very well could be over, but it would depend on what the man in front of him did.  In the mean time, Maku would gaze at the man, measuring him up from head to toe.  Finally his gaze would meet the man's own, a sign of equals.  It was weakness or cowardice that Maku looked for, and he hoped to see neither in the windows that led to the soul. 
As for the ones behind him, they meant nothing at the moment, and therefore were not really worth noting beyond the fact that they were present. 
(Since I blocked the vacuum bomb with the susano'o it never would have been absorbed by the seal.  Obviously you can change your actions a ton since the timeline has been altered, but if you don't this way we can talk in the coming posts.)
Ap expenditure
1263 - 50= 1213 (base AP)
620 - 5 - 100 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 20 = 450reamining

Jutsu used  (all 3 abilities, as a note all activate at 290 speed)

(SO to finish this novel off, I only skipped Youka cause my actions directly effect Echo, and we agreed that it made more sense for me to post before him, due to timeline issues.  I do not believe he is dead as his healing factor is much higher than the power he was hit at, so he would heal as he was damaged.  SO i hope he will be respected and given his allotted time to post now.)
Angel Aburame
Angel Aburame
Ryo : 8000

Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:40 am
Angel landed on a stone rooftop and watched the scene unfold.  She had been summoned by the alert that went out and had made her way back as swiftly as she possibly could.  Seemed the village was fairly well evacuated and She found no trouble getting into position above the streets out of eyesight of the enemy.  Their power was definitely enormous.  But Angel was here for seriousness.  No playing around this time.  It was her first mission as an ANBU she was going to follow orders to the letter.  She remained hidden and concealed body and presence on the roof top till the allotted time.  She had come dressed for war.  The Tail on her back as well as her weapon pouches felt good.  She had wished for a good fight for a long time and it was finally here.  Making some preparations she spread her scrols out on the roof top still hidden from view and waited watching Yaju closely from his position down below and 30 meters to the left.  She had only caught the tail end of the confrontation but it seemed that many high powered jutsu were being thrown around like play toys.  Angel was a smarter fighter.  She was capable of outlasting even the strongest fighters.  Invisible suppressed chakra threads connected to each summoning symbol on her scrolls all it took was a pulse of her chakra and she could leap into battle.  But for the time being she remained hidden.
Shinori Koyomi
Shinori Koyomi
Vagabond (A-Rank)
Vagabond (A-Rank)
Ryo : 22000

Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Fri Feb 20, 2015 2:20 pm
The fight escalated to new porportions as the two unknown were assaulted by Echo, the length of the fight being watched through the eyes of the Raikage who sat idly by to protect the two behind him. As if the bomb had never went off, his body remained anchored to the ground by will and power alone as he stared at the large frame of the susano'o, knowing the power of the Uchiha through various encounters with one himself, but the knowledge of the colossal structure's power eluded him like a fleeting dream. Keeping the two behind him his hand sat on the hilt of his sword as he watched the spectral figure appear before him, the mix of wolf, demonic aura and diffused sage chakra mixing in the yellow eyes of the Raikage as they met the sharingan induced eyes of the one in front of him.

He felt neither fear nor cowerdice as he stared the eyes of the uchiha down, knowing the eyes of the clan opposite to his held no dominion over his mind as he spoke," If you are finished here then leave... Unless your business with Echo is concluded then i'd advise you to return to wherever you have came from," his stance was sound and had been ready in the event of even a single unnecessary movement from him or his partner who would still be within his sights. Not knowing of the current condition of Echo he would also be prepared in case the jinchuriki was murdered knowing that he would need to fend off the beast within him and quickly deal with it before he had gotten out of control.

At the moment he would await the movement from the male in front of him and if the battle was indeed over he would call on his ninja to prep for a rescue and retrieval mission of those that were unfortunate to make it to the hidden bunker.

[Sorry for the wait just been having shit come up left and right, if this is the nd of the topic just notify me or something]
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Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:51 pm
[Just gonna...bump this to show i've posted]
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:06 pm
Watching the disintegration of the building in front left Akihana with a sickening feeling in her stomach. The events unfolding in front were confusing and disorienting, too fast for her to keep up with and too loud and grandiose for her to ignore. At a happier time, the kunoichi would have compared to to chasing the tail of bright fireworks. Never seeing exactly how or when they go off but running to catch up as they slowed and then fizzled out into the sky. Except these were no fireworks.

This was murder. Of her village, of her people, and of perhaps something even more that the blonde wasn't quite ready to acknowledge yet.

And the most disconcerting thing of all was that her chakra sensory seemed to be off. A sense she had relied on almost as much as her vision and hearing, taste and touch, her balance in flight, now that skill seemed to weave and shed around the creature emerging from the desolation, as if light and energy bent itself around him to ensure he left no chakra signature whatsoever. As her golden eyes zeroed in on the tall figure, remaining squarely on what she imagined was a shoulder or upper torso area, the kunoichi had to make an effort to simply believe. She may not be able to sense the chakra presence of the man standing before Yaju but she could certainly see the destruction he had left in his wake. And it chilled her to the bone.

It was Yaju's words however that brought the blonde out of her paralytic state of fear, making her gasp as the Raikage confirmed her worst fears. It was Echo was in there... Echo was trapped in the flaming furnace... Echo who was perhaps, a this very moment... No!

Arata was safe, Yaju was with her but Akihana wanted all her boys safe. And despite the fear clawing at her insides, the medic managed to shakily stand on her feet, looking at the patient who was now completely lost to the world for the next few hours. The few shaky steps it took her to move out from behind Yaju and to stand beside him - stand beside him as a shinobi, as someone he could rely on if need be - were the hardest journey she had ever made, and would perhaps be her last. But t was like her grandfather had always said, fear was not something to be ashamed of, letting to control you was.

"L-leave," her voice came out small even to her own ears, timid and tinged with the deep sorrow that the realization of Echo being in the bar had brought. Not steady by any means and trying to keep tears at bay, the kunoichi's slender frame shuddered as she faced the man opposite, her stance firm nonetheless.

"You've done en-enough damage," her gaze remained lowered, not meeting his eyes, the kunoichi felt the first tear slide down her cheek, the action making her stand her ground even harder as she swallowed, determined not to show more weakness.

"I can't pretend to understand why you feel the need to hurt innocent people," she spoke, her voice still thick as every inch of her fought against running blindly into the bar to help Echo. "But you've done just that, so leave now."

A cool gust of wind swept through the area, sending her gold spun locks fluttering softly in the breeze and  carrying her words to the man standing opposite them.

Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
Ryo : 60063

Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:18 am
End of one thing, beginning of another. An interesting concept, though Vigil was currently in no state to think philosophy. He had just regained consciousness and was going through his most recent memories to figure out what the hell happened. He remembered being in Amegakure and then being pulled away into the dark by a technique identical to the one his creator used to teleport to Tengakure. He, along with several of others who were in Amegakure, appeared in some bar, somewhere. Everyone around him seemed so strong, he hid in the corner and then the fighting broke out. Now the bar was but a smoking ruin and whatever had caused it probably had also sent the boy flying out, or however he got outside, but he could clearly see that it was sky above him and not the ceiling. Trying to get up he would immediately realize he had hit his head quite good because he was too dizzy to even move his hand in a straight line. Getting up was not an option for him just yet.

The darkness would fade and Naoki would emerge into the real world, the bubble of chakra collapsing around the three silhouettes. All three sets of eyes would immediately survey the immediate area. Vigil was laying on the ground right between the three, not far from them were remains of some building, parts of it still on fire or smoking. In the middle of it Naoki would recognize a golden flaming chakra figure, which appeared quite different from the two times he had seen before, but he would nevertheless recognize it to be Maku's susanoo. The veiled sharingan and his chakra sense would detect several other beings in the area, some seemed to be civilians, but a few were quite strong, stronger than him maybe. Well, there was no need to be standing around. Before he drew unwanted attention Naoki would depart. A smoke bomb being used by one of his wood clones would mask their actions, as all three would use chakra suppression to go under the radar. The original would grab Vigil and then each silhouette would bolt out of the smoke screen and into the streets.

Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
Ryo : 49110

Could this be it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Could this be it?

Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:43 am
What do you think, you'd think of, when you realize that for whatever reason...For however long, what would you think of when you realize you're about to be killed? Would you rage at the hand about to land the final blow? Would you think back to your regrets and mistakes? Would you wish you had a few more moments with your family? Or do you think you'd just accept it...? The fear of death is primal, something that all creatures have. Echo Uchiha's thoughts as his eyes widen in surprise at the sudden burst of power overwhelming his own...Is that he shouldn't have ignored Maku Jemuzu, he thinks too much like he used to. He shouldn't have underestimated those two, finished the techniques he was developing, should have came in with back-up, shouldn't have given them a chance to retaliate before he revealed himself to the pair.
Sharingan eyes gleam crimson as the ability that could save his life attempts to take form...Echo knows it will be too late, but he can always try.

A young man clothed in a green long sleeved shirt steps out onto the grounds of the Academy in Konohagakure no sato, his nose is blooded and he's scuffed up but he has a grin on his face as he looks down upon an object held inside of his hand. Something he clawed and fought for with all of his might in the test set in by the Hokage Nashua Uchiha, the edge reflects light as onyx eyes gaze triumphantly into the steel plate with the swirl of the Leaf carved into the center..
Despite everyone's doubts in him, without anyone's help he's proven to himself that he was good enough..Found enough strength to truly be called a Ninja of Konoha.
A grin adorns the face of the young man before he brings up the long cloth and ties it around his neck, the plate covering the center of his throat, his grin widens before he pulls down his goggles and walks forward...He's meeting his Brother's at the Dango shop down the road.

Oh right...

A Kitsune mask regards a young recruit with brown hair and sharp eyes, the only one that passed his personal test for ANBU, the one recruit he thinks could take the mantle from him if he ever decided to retire. A small chuckle escapes the ANBU Captain before he reaches to a table and grasps a porcelain mask, with the visage of a Ferret upon it, which he tosses to the boy. "Congratulations, welcome to Hell, welcome to the ANBU Black-ops."


Wailing is heard as an Uncle takes a wailing child into his arms delicately a surprised frown on his face as he attempts to rock the child and calm him down "Viper!? You can't be serious! I don't know nuthin' about raising a kid!" He protests uselessly "Asgard ain't too bad..." He argues uselessly trailing off as the crying stops and his gaze turns down curiously towards the bundle in his arms which looks up at him with the same curiosity..Echo blinks as the child goggles and reaches upwards, a soft sigh escapes him as he smiles slightly. "Well...Samuru right..? Let's get back home, I need to pick up some parenting books..."

An Old Fox like him...

Echo turns his gaze upwards at the two figures that entered his office, two missing-nin who seek to be employed underneath him. He regards the two closely for a moment, his gaze slightly lazy looking to those who don't know of he ruse. "Fine boys, you've got a deal." Echo offers the two "Your first job is..."

Doesn't have much of a purpose anymore do I...?
The boy is strong enough to handle himself....Konoha doesn't need some great protector anymore...
The battlefield doesn't need a Demon King to tear their ranks asunder...

A boy collides into him as he stands beside a toy cart, his gaze trailing downwards before they flick upwards towards a blonde woman and his eyes soften. A small smile graces his face as he gazes fondly at the child, reminded of his nephew back home. The Mother is beautiful too, perhaps..

A Mother doesn't need a flighty guy like me coming and going...

A door is blown inwards by his foot as a young man looks up as he sits in the Raikage's seat, instantly alert and ready to strike..Echo smirks at the reaction and the small flare of chakra he feels.

A Raikage doesn't need guidance...

Two pairs of onyx eyes joined by a third pair of blue stare up at the night sky, young faces of three brand new Genin lay awake the night before their first actual mission. Three Hopeful Genin, Three Brothers, Three Friends, Three pairs of hearts filled with dreams...
A shooting star flashes across the sky and eyes blink before the triplets share a look before grinning and closing their eyes.

Heh, first to fall...? How lame is that...?
A small smile appears as Maku flies upwards, he's not sure if he can save Youka, Hiryu Shouten Ha from the moment it strikes can tear a body apart something fierce..Youka will most likely have some trick to save himself though. He's crafty enough...
At this last moment, Echo activates a tattoo with a flare of chakra, giving a message to his only real friend he's ever had...That boy who rose to the throne of Hokage and became someone that could truly match him, if not beat him.

'Navi, Kyuubi's gettin' loose in Kumogakure...Oh and Goodbye..' Echo transmits, before a chuckle escapes and the blast takes him and pain overloads his body as it tries in vain to keep up with the damage the blast is doing...Too fast, too much...
One last thought hits him, as Echo Uchiha fades into ash as the attack disintegrates him and all of his belongings.
I wonder....What will Mom be like...?

The Tale of Echo the Invincible.

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