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Kino R. Kyodo
Kino R. Kyodo
Ryo : 66500

Fire Release Training {P, solo} Empty Fire Release Training {P, solo}

Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:33 pm
Having recently awoken, Kino was preparing for a day of training. He dressed himself with his typically headbands, firstly putting on a red headband he had received from his grandfather. He had more or less taken it, but it wasn't worth any money and didn't do anything besides added onto appearance. He wrapped the red headband around his forehead, having it covered entirely, from the roots of his head to just above his eyebrows. He then proceeded to place his Shinobi headband over it, which, unlike the red headband actually had some value and meaning to it. On the front of the headband was the Kumogakure village symbol, which was resting upon it's plating. His attire including the usual; a cloth vest, colored black, with a white, short sleeved shirt underneath of it. He wore baggy pants, as well, colored black. Everything was normal with Kino in terms of wear, and he didn't carry any weapons today, not even the Kunai knife he had. The reasoning was because he didn't need them, he wasn't heading out on any missions, he was just training, which didn't require any weapons. He wasn't going into a spar, he wasn't going to practice his Kunai aiming, his Kunai throwing, or anything, he wasn't going to train a Jutsu either. He was doing something which he had recently heard of, training a second elemental release. This allowed him to enhance his Ninjutsu usage, by adding more to his arsenal. Originally, he could only use his previous element, which was Lightning Release. He was born with that, he assumed, but needed to train his second one. He had an element in mind, one of the five basics of course, Fire release. It was a destructive element, which he viewed as primarily for offensive means in combat, unlike a few others. It was the same with his Lightning Release, it was used for combat, at least if only in his opinion. It was why he was looking forward to training it. He looked forward to fighting and such, and fought with a more straight forward offensive style of fighting. He didn't enjoy defense, took too long. He preferred quicker fights, thus he focused on having more offensive style techniques. It was something his grandfather had done, and it worked out for him, thus leading for Kino to think this way.

Kino proceeded to move out, having eaten a simple breakfast, which was just some toasted bread and then some. The day was good enough for training, wasn't too warm or too cold, so he could keep up his training for the amount of time he planned for. The sky was clear of clouds too, at least for now, so he wasn't expecting any rain, or bad weather of any sorts, which led to this being a rather decent day to train, he just had to make the proper use of his time. Walking through the village, heading towards the training grounds where he would practice on the pieces of paper he had in his pocket, a rather large stack having been cut into four small squares each, which made worth a decent amount of training for today. This was a method he had picked up when testing his natural elemental affinity, which had resulted to be Lightning Release, which was shown by the paper beginning to crumble up as a result of him pouring his chakra into the paper, or focusing it, depending on whether the proper term was being used. Now, however, rather than the paper crumbling; with a little bit of effort Kino should be able to make the paper burn as a result of him focusing his chakra into the paper. It wouldn't immediately burn, most likely. He figured it would take a little bit to burn, burning from the top to the bottom. Least, this is what he figured. For what he knew, the paper could very well end up becoming engulfed in flames once he uses his chakra on it, however, he would have to work hard to make it do this, due to his natural affinity it could very well get in the way for a long time to get the paper to burn completely.

Despite him knowing that it would be hard work training for Fire Release, he was grinning on his way to the training grounds. On occasions, while traveling towards the grounds, he would stop, looking around the area as people began to busily make their way towards wherever they were going. People who were going to work, and children who were wandering around and playing with each other, either in the streets or off to the side. However, after quickly glancing, he would rush back to traveling to the grounds. He was moving to the training grounds for one reason; while he could perform this training in the comforts of his home he preferred not to, his family bothered him too much for him to get any work done as they would more than likely bother him to where he would have to take breaks while focusing his chakra.

Upon arriving to the training grounds, he would notice the few people here. While there weren't many, there was more than he would have originally expected. Others had just woken earlier than Kino had, he would have preferred for it to be emptier, for no real reason, just preference. However, ignoring the present people he would walk over to a corner, where he would take out a bunch of pieces of paper at once. Leaving some in his pocket for in case the ones he took out blew with the wind, though he tried to find a decent spot with a lack of wind blowing in face, so the papers he was using for training would be blown away. He was sitting down, his legs were crossed, one over the other. He held a hand sign with hi right hand - his preferred hand, holding a piece of paper between the index and middle finger. His ring and pinkie fingers were bent over properly, and his thumb was resting upon his ring finger. The piece of paper in between the index and middle finger he would be the piece he was using for training, at least for now. He began to focus his chakra, from his finger tips into the piece of paper. Nothing happened at first, however the paper slowly began to crumble up. He'd messed up, but figured he could continue to use it. He remained there, staring at the piece of paper, focusing his chakra into it. Nothing happened any further, besides the crumbling the paper proved useless. If he were looking for his natural element affinity this would have been over by now, however he wasn't. He was working on gaining a new one, which would take a lot longer than this, which he knew.

More time had passed, he'd been through three full sheets of paper already, which, in total, was twelve of the squares which had been cut out of the papers. He had quite the amount of paper left, in terms of the amount of sheets he had left, he had perhaps five more sheets, which made it about twenty more squares to go through. Mostly all the previous ones he had already used resulted in the crumbling of the papers, which was typical. He didn't really expect to get done today, but he had some paper left so he would continue on with his training. He pulled out another square piece of paper, and focused his chakra into it. By this point he had two full sheets worth of paper left, besides the piece of paper he was using now. He watched it crumble up once more, and then proceeded to sigh. This had grown somewhat tiring, repeating the same stuff. He began to watch other people practice. He noticed everyone doing something different, he noticed that there had been an increase of people too. There were some training with their shuriken and Kunai aiming, two were even throwing their range weapons toward each other, while the other seemed to be aiming for them with their own weapons. Others were practicing jutsu, he saw one practicing the clone technique he had used to train. Perhaps it was an academy student, he figured. Another jutsu training shinobi was in the process of performing the hand seals required for the jutsu he appeared to be trying to cast, which led to him proceeding to spew out a ball of flames. A fire release user, he considered going ask for help, but decided against it. He wanted to do this on his own. And before Risa shows up.

He picked up another square, having had his rest, this was the first to the last sheet of paper he had. Hours had past, he spent maybe a few minutes on each square, which led to time passing. It had been a very boring few hours. Picking up the piece of paper once more; he would place it once again in between the index and middle finger. He began to focus his chakra once more, sighing, as he assumed the paper would begin to crumble. He closed his eyes, literally becoming tired now, perhaps through the amount of chakra he had already used, which wasn't much, but at the moment he didn't have a large pool of it. He opened his eyes after a minute or so, noticing the paper hasn't crumbled. Not enough chakra?.. he thought, examining the piece of paper, noticing a singe in the top right corner. He was somewhat happy, however his feelings ran short as he realized a drop of ran had just hit his leg. He looked up, and almost immediately his grin disappeared as it began with a light sprinkle, ruining the paper he was using and his remaining paper off to the side. He hadn't been paying attention to the weather.

Having packed up, he began to dash back home. His plans having been ruined; his grin had disappeared. While he had only a few pieces of paper remaining left in his inventory, he still was making progress. Then the weather had gone and rained all over his parade, literally. After arriving home, he would merely consume a package of instant ramen and take it to his room, where he would begin to merely gaze out towards the rain, in disappointment. He sighed, having searched his room for paper, of which he didn't have anymore of, he would have to call it a day and continue training tomorrow.

Having had a night of sleep, Kino proceeded to head out and pack a full package of paper. Though he couldn't get to training right away, he merely stayed in his room, tearing a sheet of paper every time he got to one, into four squares like before. He took each one of them, growing slightly more angered with each one as they all crumbled due to him having the lightning affinity, despite him being able to singe it once the previous day, however it was nothing but crumbling papers - one after another, every single time. He would sigh, having been doing this for hours already, he had become exhausted in terms of his chakra usage. He picked up one final piece of paper, this going to be the last one for some time. Focusing his chakra into the piece of paper, he began to breath somewhat heavily, and faster than normal. As he looked, the paper would crumble. Tossing it aside, he would lay down, seeing as he was at home, up in his room. He would be resting on the paper that he had been training with, too lazy to get up and throw it away, and at the same time just wanting to sleep, which he eventually did.

He wasn't at the training grounds today for one reason; his family was gone, allowing him to stay home anyways rather than heading to the training grounds. Adding onto that, the weather hadn't been looking all that great, which is why he didn't want to go there in the first place, it would have resulted in nothing more than a waste of time, as he wouldn't have even gotten to this point, considering it had started raining once more half way into the training session of his. Looking outside, there would be nothing but a small shower, nothing to worry about if one had an umbrella. But since his training involved these pieces of paper, he didn't wanna risk going outside and having all of them ruined, fortunately for him he had the ability to train indoors today. Having exhausted his chakra; he decided to take a nap, as there would be nothing better for him to do anyways.

Hours of napping later; he would wake up. The weather had grown somewhat worse, and from the sounds of things his family had not yet returned. He went to his kitchen, grabbing some instant ramen, adding water and warming it up to where it was edible. It was steaming - Kino needed to use a towel to hold it as he walked back to his room. In his other hand he held onto the utensil, a mere fork, which he was going to use to eat the ramen with. Walking back up on his room, he would place the cup of ramen down on a desk, with the towel next to it, and the fork placed on it. He walked over to a nightstand placed conveniently next to his bed, Opening a drawer he would grab a book he had recently bought - never read. Inside there were multiple jutsu, he browsed through them, looking for a decent fire technique to train with. One that he would be able to do after this training. He found a few, he was browsing the maximum rank that the book had offered information over, for the most part, which just so happened to be C ranked. These were all considered to be lower ranking techniques, at least in his opinion, however they were perfect for starting with in his own opinion. While it wasn't as powerful as he would like for them to be, considering it was unlikely that he could perfect a high ranking jutsu only after just training the technqiue, Flipping through the pages of the book, he had found one jutsu he had found interest in, however wanted at least one more, for the sake of having stuff in his arsenal. He had a hard time finding low ranking Lightning Release jutsu, too, the ones he did find, if any, weren't as appealing to him as they should have been. He came up with the idea of training these low ranking fire techniques; if only to get better at training in general, and then he would train some high ranking Ninjutsu techniques. Of course he didn't have to train just Ninjutsu, which had just occurred to him, however he figured it would be better to train for the things he found somewhat interesting first, which was the big destructive shit that what he was currently looking at offered a lot of. Every other page he turned, he would pause his readings and begin to picking up some long noodles with his fork from his ramen. Steam would rise, despite him giving the ramen some time for it to cool. He blew on it before sticking it in his mouth, sucking up the noodles that hung from his lip. He sighed, looking over at the remaining paper, figuring he should try to get back to work, however he still had ramen, and wanted to find another jutsu anyways. The only problem with waiting was that his family could be back at any moment, though he still felt tired. Tired or lazy, was hard to tell sometimes. Exhaling a bit, due to the somewhat hot ramen, he would pick up a piece of paper. One from the many squares he hadn't used yet - thankfully he'd bought plenty of paper. Having already flipped the page for the book, he would hold up the same hand seal he had been using for this training. His index and middle finger pointing straight up as usual, his pinkie and ring fingers were bent over, and his thumb were resting upon them. He would focus his chakra into it, once again. He was skimming over his book while doing this, too, so his focus wasn't entirely put towards the piece of paper, making it take longer. As he was doing this, he was twirling his fork into the remaining ramen resting inside the cup, lifting it up, and eating it too. After blowing on it, of course. Eventually, he would look back at the piece of paper he was holding inbetween his middle and index finger just to make sure that he could do multitasking and his training. It was starting to crumble up; he didn't expect anything else to happen at this point. He discarded the piece of paper, proceeding to turn the page once more, still looking for a good jutsu. He sighed, hoping to find one soon. He picked up another piece of paper, and, as was required for this training, held it between his middle and index finger. The repitition had been growing dull, but he continued doing it anyways. An hour had passed, he had seen a few good jutsu techniques for Fire Release that tickled his fancy, however was going to pick two. He had a few in mind, though what he figured was best was namely the two that seemed the easiest to train. He looked over at the most recent piece of paper - also the last square. He sighed, having went through so many papers within the time span of a few hours was both depressing to himself and to his wallet. He would watch it crumble up after focusing his chakra. Typical, he thought to himself.

He closed his book, took his spoon and placed it in a sink, and trashed the Instant Ramen Noodle cup. He decided to pick his two jutsu tomorrow, having writen down a list of them. It was a small list however out of those few he would only be picking a few of them. He would go up to his room, once again. Having no more paper, and being tired as a result of his continuous training, he would lay down, brushing all the papers he had left on his bed onto the floor next to him, he would sweep them up tomorrow. Right now he merely wanted to rest, to ensure that he could get some good training in the day after the next; because fuck this continuous training. Even those with Godly stamina must have to rest every now and then, but unlike them he could only do this for a few days before growing tired of something. It wasn't like he was giving up on it, he just wanted to do something that didn't require much work, despite him loving training. He grinned as he fell asleep, imagining himself at the end of all this.

Weeks had passed, he had been training with these pieces of square paper. Having constantly cutting them up and then going through a new pack each time. He'd been taking a few days off here and there, never more than one per break, however the breaks were out of pure exhaustion, when he was planning to do anything fun he usually slept through them. The days he had planned on training had also sometimes been canceled due to his family's presence and the weather's intervention too, so he couldn't keep training everyday, which hindered the progression rate. Over the course of these three weeks of training; he had shown progression despite the hindering days. He had begun to singe more and more papers, the burn on them gradually growing more and more. Eventually it would come to the point to where he could burn half the paper effortlessly. However, he wanted to burn the paper out of sheer determination.

After the three weeks had passed, he would awaken once more. He was clothing himself with an unusual attire for himself. He put on a longer sleeved shirt, while it didn't go all the way down like a typical long sleeved shirt, it went from in between his wrists and his elbows. A normal one, in his opinion at least, from his wardrobe, would reach down to the wrist. He was wearing the same vest, made of cloth. This one was black, as was the long sleeved of which he wore. He was wearing some grey black pants too, which he usually wore for ease of movement. He would pack things up, stuffing a few pieces of square paper into his pocket. He wouldn't put too many in there however, rather confident that he could end his training tonight. He would finish up packing by placing his red headband over his forehead, like he normally does when heading out into the public. After equipping that to himself,

He would begin traveling, seeing much of the same things he did the first time around; when he first went to the training grounds. Bunch of people walking around, he didn't bother to get up early, so it was more so than last time. There were also more children out and about, running along, getting in Kino's way. He didn't wake up early for the reason that he didn't need to. He could do this training despite there being a lot of people, though he didn't want to. He couldn't be bothered at home today, but he figured it would be better to do this at the training grounds since he'd started there. That, and the weather was fairly nice, so he didn't really have to worry about that again; then again he thought he didn't need to worry about that the last time and it ended up raining.

Upon arriving at the training grounds he would see a lot of people, as he figured he would, but he didn't mind them. He merely went to a corner, one where he wouldn't be bothered all too much. He didn't mind the wind, he would be keeping the papers in his pockets because there weren't too many of them in the first place. He would pull one out with his index and middle finger, and begin to form the hand seal he'd gotten way too much practice with over the past few weeks. His pinkie and ring finger were bent over, like usual when performing the sign, and then his thumb was resting upon the two. he began to focus his chakra into the sheet of paper; each time thusfar he'd manage to nearly burn it all the way - however today was different. The paper engulfed itself with flames and began to burn instantly, but he still had more paper, so he decided to go ahead and burn the rest. Focusing his chakra into another one that he picked up, holding the seal once more, he would begin to focus his chakra. From top towards bottom, the paper would slowly begin to ignite with flames, burning itself, he would drop it and watch it turn to ash, it still looking as if it were in full paper form, just colored differently. That would change when the wind blew, and blew the ash away. He would grin, taking out another one. This had become surprisingly more easy now that he had practiced it, thankfully. He'd already selected his two jutsu over the three weeks as well, so he knew what to train, after resting of course, right now however he would merely finish off burning the papers, one after another. At one point he tried to do two at once, however it didn't work as quickly, he still got it though.

{4000 words. Fire release trained; 20 stats.}
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Fire Release Training {P, solo} Empty Re: Fire Release Training {P, solo}

Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:43 pm
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