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Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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One Weakness(Akihana) - Page 4 Empty Re: One Weakness(Akihana)

Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:03 am
Echo watches her reaction with a small smile on his face, incoming political dispute with the Akari clan aside, Echo's done what any Konoha Shinobi would do. He looked out for his comrade, former comrade now but that's hardly her fault...He'll personally be explaining to the Akari clan head the difference between Clan matters and Village matters, he'll also be giving a small amount of history into the Uchiha clan, specifically Madara Uchiha's banishment and the events leading to the first Uchiha Clan massacre.

Echo doesn't know what thoughts are going through her head, he can, but it would be inappropriate and...strangely rude...? Reading thoughts and sensing emotions are one of Echo's most useful but least favorite abilities...He really liked being lied too, it spared his feelings quite often.
Echo nods his smile widening as she asks if she can visit "Anytime you wish, I'll even be your personal escort." He says with a grin on his face.

Echo seems less anxious now that she's actually accepted his offer for a date and when she speaks he nods once "I'm staying at the Jade Dragon, room 103, just tell your dispatcher to send a courier my way, I'll cover any fee myself." He says with a small chuckle.
He continues to add "And if there's no time, I'll probably drop by to pick you up, if you're not around, I'll just leave a note and maybe we can reschedule." He says with a shrug of his shoulders as he thinks over where to take her...
He's been eating at a lot of casual stands rather then any actual proper restaurants...
He'll have to ask the owner of the hotel for a recommendation when he gets home.

Well, looks like he's got a date...When was the last time he actually pursued something like this....?
It must have been...six years ago..? This job really sucks sometimes....Well, all the time...but really, after so many large happenings it's the little things that slip by your notice that startle you the most.
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

One Weakness(Akihana) - Page 4 Empty Re: One Weakness(Akihana)

Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:51 pm
When he confirmed that she could visit whenever she wanted, and that he would even be her personal escort, Akihana's entire face lit up like a child's features on Christmas morning. Without thinking, the Kunoichi let out a soft squeal as though she had just witnessed the first flakes of snow falling from the sky and reached to give Echo a hug, her slender arms wrapped around his torso for a brief moment as as her blonde head collided with his chest.

"Thank you so much," she mumbled before realizing she was speaking to his T shirt and removed herself gently from the hug, cheeks tinged slightly scarlet. "I'm sorry I just... I never thought I'd ever see the land of Fire again, let alone Konoha." The sincerity of the statement rang in her tone, simply for anyone to decipher. Despite making a home in Cloud, there were still untold memories of her attached to Konoha and if for no other reason to get closure, the blonde would visit at least once. Reconciliatory by nature, she knew she had to make at least one attempt to patch things up with her family. It may well never happen but she owed it to both herself and her son to try.

The kunoichi was quietly grateful when he understood what she did not verbalize. They both knew their jobs were not easy, probably never would be. But understanding comrads at least made living with it easier. His offer to pick her up was met with another genuine smile as her molten topaz eyes shimmered in the sunlight filtering through the windows of the small apartment.

"The couriers won't charge for a message from the Raikage building," she assured him as she started stacking cake pops into the plastic container she had reserved for him. Whether he wanted to take some back or not, she was going to give him the pastries anyway. Soon, about a dozen assorted treats shaped like ninja weapon occupied the plastic box, the blonde having made sure to put in plenty of shuriken as he seemed to enjoy those the best.

"There we go, for when you get hungry later." she said, sliding the now lidded box smoothly towards him on the counter. "I'll just keep the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. Arata's going to want to bring them to school and people at work always enjoy them too."

(Go ahead and exit in the next post and then I'll wrap up the thread and finish it off<3)
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
Ryo : 49110

One Weakness(Akihana) - Page 4 Empty Re: One Weakness(Akihana)

Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:49 pm
Echo chuckles softly at her expression, before his eyes widen and he stumbles back a single step his face turning a light shade of red as he's hugged enthusiastically, he blinks slightly startled by the sudden action in the way that makes his head a bit fuzzy...Oh jeez, he's a grown ass man! He does not have schoolyard crushes! It doesn't work like..
Is it a crush if she said yes..?

Shaking himself of the feeling he smiles and nods "Leaf Shinobi don't leave comrades behind, may the Will of Fire forever burn brightly in your heart Akihana Akari." He says with a wide grin and another nod of approval "Just tell me when you'd like to head out and I'll accompany you." he says with a shrug of his shoulders.

He hums in interest nodding as she explains the fact that the couriers actually don't charge for messages from the Raikage building "Alright! Great then, so..See you Saturday at six then?" He asks with a grin, reiterating the time just to be sure, more for him then for her, it helps him memorize facts, something that Navi found annoying when he was debriefing or being debriefed...repeating it.
Echo's eyes flick to the cake pops and he grins, his eyes twinkling at the thought of eating more...They were really good. "Thanks Aki!" He says with a chuckle before he blinks "Ah, I'll return the plastic when I drop by to pick you up?" he states questioningly, he COULD drop by tomorrow, but he has some errands to run...Sweets are good, but he really should pick up some actual dinner.

If given the Okay, Echo chuckles and begins his walk towards the door, opening it slowly and glancing back at the Blonde Kunoichi "Thank you for a wonderful treat and wonderful company, sorry to run so quick, but I've gotta get some errands done...So, see you Saturday.." He says with a bit of a wave, for a moment he thinks about showing off, but that's only impressive to civilian girls.
So instead, he gives a nod and clicks on his Boom-box once more, taking the Tupperware filled with treats and the presents for his Nieces and Nephews tied to his chocolate covered jeans.
Laundry, Dinner, then he'll continue working on his new Jutsu before bed.

So to recap, he went to the grocery store, got attacked by a munchkin, got into a conversation, got invited over for treats, helped baked said treats, asked a Kunoichi out on a date, allowed a banished member of a Clan of Konoha to return, decided to escort her back..And now he needs to go do laundry and get himself some dinner.
Successful day.
[Exit, unless stopped. Later Aki <3]
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

One Weakness(Akihana) - Page 4 Empty Re: One Weakness(Akihana)

Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:06 am
"I'll definitely do that," Akihana confirmed to his statement of letting her know when she'd like to visit. Though the Kunoichi couldn't say or certain when, she knew, just knew, that a trip to Konoha was in the future. Whether near or distant, time would tell but for now, she was flooded with near certainty that after six years of being away from Konoha, she finally had a shot. At redemption, reconciliation, at closure perhaps. But it was still a shot and she planned to take it.

And it was all thanks to the man she had met that morning courtesy of her son being hyped up on sugar. The blonde couldn't help but think that though the world tried to prove her ideology wrong most days, it was happy miracles like these that made her belief strengthen even more. Never among the cynics who believed the best course of action was to give up on humanity, Akihana always took the opposite route, to never ever given up on people. And it felt deeply gratifying to meet someone who served as evidence that she wasn't wrong.

"Thank you for a wonderful treat and wonderful company, sorry to run so quick, but I've gotta get some errands done...So, see you Saturday.."

"Not at all," the medic replied. "In fact I should be the one saying thank you." Perhaps he would never know what he had done for her, but that didn't mean Akihana would be any less grateful. Once they'd confirmed their plans for Saturday, Echo walked out the door with a casual wave, leaving Akihana smiling at the doorstep as he decided not to go out the window. The last she heard of him was his boom box turning on before he disappeared from sight, leaving the blonde with a small smile on her face.

Deciding that if a good mood had anything to do with channeling chakra, this would be the time, the kunoichi raised her palms up once more, trying to focus on the wind energy supposedly locked inside her. She certainly felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulder, one she had never known she was carrying until it was removed.

Her smile turned into a small frown however when no gust of wind made it's presence known. Akihana was just about to give up when a stream of water squirted her in the face, making her blink and stumble back into the apartment with a puzzled look on her face.

Where had that come from?

[Exit Akihana - Topic closed]

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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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One Weakness(Akihana) - Page 4 Empty Re: One Weakness(Akihana)

Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:04 am
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