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Kino R. Kyodo
Kino R. Kyodo
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Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned - Page 2 Empty Re: Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned

Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:56 pm
After hearing her answer the question where he asked if she had just randomly changed while Suto was dealing with the Illusions, the conversation over whether or not Suto would rather train in another one of the many fields that Jutsu had to offer, instead of going ahead and training Genjutsu. He replied with his answer; which he tried to put politely, stating that he didn't require any aide with anything. She seemed to understand, and then proceeded to reply with a statement; stating that she hopes it is of some use to the two and their journey. "It will be, more than likely. One way or another." He replied to her; he was training Medical Jutsu - however, being on his own, he would have to make things work. He planned on just merely healing - however he was somewhat sure he could find a way to use his knowledge for offensive means. He would be training to find a way, if he can't find one, then he'll just study something new and fight that way.

He would listen as Yuriko offered some thanks for traveling with her, and then some, offering to go as far as to help Suto get something he needs in a way. "I'm fine, thanks. I don't need anything." He said, smiling in return. "No problem, also. I had nothing better to do," He said, feeling kind of rude, "don't take that to offense any. But I would just be wandering around like this either way - this way I'm also learning stuff that you're teaching me, mostly." He said, when he mentioned mostly he referred to him training his medical jutsu alone. He tried not to make a big deal out of this whole thing, and tried to avoid any arguments.

Assuming all continued and there was no trouble, Yuriko would begin with her 'first lesson' mentioning that Suto should never assume that the genjutsu is over with. The genjutsu finally ended; and Yuriko's attire would return to normal seemingly. It could still be another genjutsu, but he didn't think so. He knew it was pretty much dispelled now. "Alright then.." He said rather plainly, not really expecting it - but he didn't notice it. The genjutsu was good, surprisingly, and effective. If an illusion at this level could be used mid combat then it would be powerful.

After the genjutsu ended, she would ask Suto if there were any questions. "None thusfar." He would say, not really having anything to ask about Genjutsu. He understood it enough to probably use it enough in combat, he just needed a technique to use it with. He could probably come up with one easily, or even find an existing one. He decided to find an existing one, considering he didn't fully grasp genjutsu enough to create a technique for it.

He began to think over a past argument he had with himself, concerning Yuriko's intentions to do something to Kumogakure which more than likely involved them fighting with the consequence of death on the line. While he wasn't exactly comfortable with the thought, he would have to eventually, he was being dragged along, despite him going willingly. He would have to fight, luckily, and hopefully, the things they were doing now would prevent a total suicide. However, they needed more components to fight a war, whether their destroying the village or naw, but they needed more. Friends, allies, and such. They had none of those, just the two, Suto and Yuriko, and he figured he should point that out. "Oi." he said, hoping that he wasn't sparking old flames and bringing back foul intentions. "We need allies." He said, "You said you wanted to take Kumogakure, or something. Destroy it, take it over, whatever." He continued on, "We need more people for that." he would leave it at that, waiting for her to make a reply.

Kamiko Koutaishi
Kamiko Koutaishi
Ryo : 0

Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned - Page 2 Empty Re: Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned

Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:24 pm
Yuriko would nod as Suto responded to her question of if he had anything that he required at the moment to which he answered contrarily and said that he in-fact did not need anything at the moment. He went on to respond to her praise of him in a way that she would see as being a bit short of words but saw no wrong in it, as he was likely inexperienced in such interactions with others or perhaps was too introverted to speak his true feelings, either way he would say currently that he had nothing better to do and that he would be wandering either way but that at least in this respect he was learning something. 

As she dispelled the Genjutsu, Suto spoke up in a surprisingly flat tone and answered that he had no questions for her and - while it was somewhat disappointing - she accepted this answer with a soft smile and an: "Of course" before then listening to him further as she took on a casual stance, hands resting behind her own head as her eyes gazed to his in a way that would attempt to be merely personal and not invading his privacy or attempting to stare him down. She began to think then of just what kind of future the two would have together in the sense that; while she was fairly confident in the powers of her Goddess, Yuriko was not entirely sure what would happen if one day her Goddess turned against them or attempted to turn them against one another. The latter thought bothered the young missing ninja deeply as she shook her head slightly to clear it and furthermore wondered if one day perhaps Suto would become even more powerful than she was, become a threat to all that they knew and stood for at this time.

Suddenly, however, Suto's voice would draw Yuriko out from her thoughts as he spoke up and said firmly that they needed allies and that - if they were to take Kumogakure as she had mentioned deliriously before, they would need more people for such a thing. The young Wielder could not argue with such a statement and in-fact agreed that the two lacked the manpower to successfully take on anything more than a few weaker shinobi at this rate, much less an entire village full of well-trained ones, because even though they were heretics, they were strong heretics. 

Sighing softly, a small frown would appear upon the woman's lips as she answered in kind to Suto's statement with a soft yet audible tone: 
"You're right . . . " She began, eyes slowly moving to gaze upon the sky as she began to realize just how alone they truly were in this large world, the two of them against Goddess knows how many other shinobi that were likely in the thousands if not more in numbers, along with the fact that many had abilities that rivaled if not toppled her own - It was in-fact a very sobering and somewhat depressing thought. "We need to find more followers, more allies . . . Anyone, really." her mind began to then mull over the possibilities that stood before them. They would either: One, go to each village and proclaim their fellowship and hope to entice a few of the locals to join their side. Two, they could go and outright buy those to aide them in their quest, as it was not unheard of entirely to accept bounty-hunters in a sense into their lives. Three, they could continue wandering about and hope for the best.

All in all, their options seemed - at least to Yuriko - very limited and somewhat troublesome in that all of them could very much so get the both of them killed if so much as a single thing went wrong, but for the time being she supposed that their third option would be the best at least for a few more days, until they made it away from Kumogakure and to somewhere a bit less crowded, a bit more accepting of the word of Solis Aufero. 

She spoke up then, after having been within her thoughts for a few long moments, her voice still soft as another sigh escaped her lips: "Let's get away from this country first, pass through the borders to somewhere a bit less hostile toward our cause . . . I'm sure there's somewhere that would take us in, if only for a little bit - I could do without sleeping under a rock for the third month in a row, what about you?" She began walking then while offering a subtle smile toward the male beside her, heading away from the village of Kumogakure and beginning to take herself and Suto if he chose to follow along, out of the land of Lightning and hopefully beginning to travel toward the nearest 'friendly' place which she could find, though only time would tell where that would be.

As she walked, Yuriko would occasionally look up toward the sky or over at Suto, her mind continuously speeding with thoughts of the many outcomes that their travels could have and all of the ways it could go wrong, yet no matter what she did, Yuriko could not find a single outcome in which the both of them lived happily. Her smile would slowly fade from her lips at these thoughts as she began to once more speak aloud to Suto whom was - hopefully - traveling beside her:
"Since we have a bit of time, we should talk a bit - Maybe get to know one another as more than just wanderers who got forced together? I'm sure I already told you a lot about me, so i'll let you go first  . . . What was life like, before this?" She asked, referring to his now traveling alongside her and what it had been like before the two had met, seeming to be genuinely interested in such a story as she offered a smile once more to encourage a more friendly atmosphere. 

She would let him explain as much or as little as he liked about himself before offering a gentle nod and continuing on with their path, looking to the edge of her cape which flowed from behind her as she spoke up once more: "Hey, this is a bit of a weird question but - Do you think these clothes look stupid? I mean, it would be hard to get followers if I dressed like a clown, so I wanted to have an opinion . . . Maybe it would be time to change my look." She asked, pondering this as she placed a hand to her chin and allowed the man to speak on the subject if he so wished as she fell silent and gazed off into the distance with a curious expression.

As she walked, Solis Aufero, the blade that stole the sun, would glow dimly upon Yuriko's hip as it inwardly began to mull through it's own mind and thought of just how far these two mortals would be of use and if she may have to destroy one of them at some point, or if they would do the job themselves. The blade had no mercy or preference toward either, even if they served her faultlessly she would never feel such things as she was after-all, born from Darkness and such was only natural to a being made of purely Dark Energy. 

Kino R. Kyodo
Kino R. Kyodo
Ryo : 66500

Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned - Page 2 Empty Re: Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned

Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:56 am
Yuriko had agreed with Suto's statement on the two needing more allies before they could do the major shit that she wanted and desired. He was somewhat happy about that; she was sane, he could now officially say, not only that, but there was less to worry about. If the two were to go and be war-mongers upon Kumogakure and wage war upon them, or really, anyone. Major village or not, they would need friends. He assumed that Yuriko had a location where she could hunt down some willing participants. He wasn't entirely sure for as to why he had made such an assumption but he did, perhaps it was the way she had this planned already. Suto was somewhat shocked to hear what she had to say next; Yuriko had suggested that the two first leave the country, and out of hostile lands. The reason why he was so surprised to hear this was due to the primary fact that she seemed to have a bond with the Lightning country - she seemed like she was most likely born within Kumogakure, if she'd mentioned it Suto's probably forgotten; not that he didn't care, but he himself couldn't remember where he was born. His family were wandering fucks like that, but then they died, and he was on his own. All in all, he just didn't see the importance of knowing where someone was born. "Yeah; we should leave." He would say, grinning somewhat. "I'm ready to see the world, besides the bit where we are pretty much required to leave already, I've been here a while. I'm sure you've been here longer. I've been ready to leave for a while, I just caught up hangin' around you." He would say. "Not meaning that offensively, of course. Sorry." He said, grinning.

Assuming all went and continued on, Yuriko would eventually ask about Suto's past somewhat. She mentioned the two should get to know each other since they have the time to do so, and since Yuriko had already told him a majority of her life apparently, she questioned what Suto would be doing if not for all this happenings. "Well, in all honesty." He would begin to say, "I'd be doing the same thing more or less." He continued "I wouldn't be this far into my training; however. You've been a great help with that -- thanks again, for that, ya'kno." He would stop, pausing to thank Yuriko. "But yeah, I'd be just wandering around, doing the same shit we are right now. Only more confused with Jutsu and shit, hell, I'd be oblivious to them all together if not for you. Then I'd just be doing soft-core physical training. In terms of wandering, it's the same as for right now. I'd just be lonelier." He said, being quite honest with what he was saying, considering he had no life before. He'd probably be dead, too, but didn't mention that.

Yuriko would then bring up another topic entirely, after that conversation. It was her appearance she was questioning now. Was her outfit alright? She seemed to worry that they wouldn't find allies with her looking like a clown, and asked for his opinion. "Well uh -- I mean, we shouldn't lie so.. shouldn't you dress up like you always do?" He said, fast enough to where the words seemed cluttered together; but he was joking, saying that she looked like a clown. "But I dunno, does it look like I'm a fashion model? I live out here in the middle of fucking no where wandering around -- I don't exactly see all too many people, and when I do, let's just say they aren't wearing short-skirts and knee high socks. More so their carrying heavy backpacks in climbing outfits. Baggy, baggy, climbing outfits." He would state, which was his way of putting bluntly; I don't know."

Kamiko Koutaishi
Kamiko Koutaishi
Ryo : 0

Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned - Page 2 Empty Re: Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned

Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:33 am
Yuriko was fairly pleased with how well Suto took the suggestion of leaving and that it seemed he rather much liked the idea - which was something she enjoyed as well, seeing as the less that they disagreed on then the less they would have to worry about along the way. He would then say that he had only not done so previously do to being caught up with being around her, something he had asked her not to take offence in his way of speaking about it - which she did not, since she understood that Suto was lacking in the tact department and that he often said things that would seem rude to most save for himself. It was something that she had begun growing used to and now embraced as a fact of their friendship, that he would say things that were a bit out of line if not because he had simply never been in a situation like that before or he simply did not want to put things other than in a blunt fashion, all of that was perfectly fine in Yuriko's own eyes.

He had then answered her query in which she had asked what it was he had done and what he would have been doing were it not for her, which he answered honestly in saying that he would be doing the same thing and that he would however lack the training she had helped him obtain along with the knowledge that he thanked her for, along with mentioning that he would be lonely. That last little comment, while seemingly insignificant, meant a lot to Yuriko and was something she sympathized with entirely seeing as she had felt loneliness most of her life and especially since having come into contact with Aufero. 

After she had abruptly brought up the topic of her own clothing, speaking quickly in such a fashion that it confused the young Wielder until he further explained that he was not a fashion model and that he lived in the middle of nowhere and the only people he had seen usually wore climbing outfits and backpacks which made sense given the territory of the land around them.

Yuriko laughed softly, shaking her head lightly before then beginning to speak in a cheerful tone that she had not used in several months, not since she had decided to leave Kumogakure and those she knew there: "You know . . . I guess you're right, kind of a silly question to ask a boy." She then paused for a moment, a small grin forming upon her own lips. "Especially one that can't even keep up with a girl like me~" She said teasingly, though not intending to be hurtful, merely to poke fun at how strange she found it that a man was unable to defeat a young girl that was at least a few years younger than him, though this was in-part due to the extraordinary power granted by the mysterious blade and also due to her extensive knowledge compared to his own on the way of the shinobi.

After giggling at her own joke for a few more moments, Yuriko would continue to walk past the borders of the Lightning Country as she would gaze up to the bright blue sky now and then, noticing that it was oddly clear as of late and that they had not seen a single bad cloud in ages, as if it were a sign of their good fortune and that they were blessed in some manner or another - Or perhaps, it was merely coincidence. No matter the case, Yuriko enjoyed the peacefulness that the blue skies brought and would proclaim that: "Tonight, we'll set up camp under the stars . . . I think it'll be a good change of pace from all of the constant well, forests and caves . . . What do you think?" She asked toward Suto, turning her head somewhat to the side as she would smile at him if he happened to be near her side and if not simply would look upon him from her distance and await his response.

As the hours passed, Yuriko continued to keep her cheerful demeanor even into the night-time as she began to make preparations for their setting up camp by gathering materials and making small shelters out of what she could find that she only intended to serve as a method to shield themselves from any inclement weather and not as a comfortable means of staying the night in their designated location, since it was clear out and the weather was rather cool for this time of year, not being too cold however as to be uncomfortable but just enough so that it was relaxing in nature. She would sigh softly and decide to lay upon her back and stare up at the sky, the sun having now begun to rest over the horizon as she said toward Suto wherever he may be: "You know . . . I never thought i'd be able to feel human again . . . " The young woman would whisper, a soft smile upon her lips as she continued. "But -- With you here, just having another person with me . . . It's helped a lot, and it means the world to me." Her voice was genuine as she spoke and sincerely meant every word as she allowed a few long moments pause to let the words sink in before moving on.

She would laugh gently after a few moments had passed and shake her head with a smile: "Sorry, I keep getting all sentimental on you - I don't mean to, it's just . . . How I am." She would then fall silent after this comment, deciding it best to allow her silent although pleasant demeanor speak for itself as she would allow Suto to speak instead and would be ready to respond to any questions or statements that he had, since she trusted him so deeply and wanted more than anything to make him feel comfortable around her and not as if she were some sort of inhuman psychopath. 

She was human, after-all . . . After all that had happened, she knew that deep down, she was still alive and that her heart still beat - even if her soul had been taken from her, the heart would remain to guide her.

Suto Ikku
Suto Ikku
Ryo : 3000

Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned - Page 2 Empty Re: Insert title w/ Aufero mentioned

Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:52 pm
Suto would listen as Yuriko began to reply to Suto's response on her appearance, which he had made an attempt to joke about what with his knowledge being close to none with how the world fashioned themselves. Of course he walked into villages every now and then; never walking into Shinobi villages for his own sake, but he walked into minor ones where he could get food and leave right afterwards besides that he knew nothing of what people wore, that included shinobi especially, having not seen one since his childhood, and then Yuriko being the most recent one he had met. She seemed to reply jokingly, saying that she shouldn't have asked a boy, especially one that couldn't keep up with her. He merely assumed that she was referring to the fact that he was physically out of shape, lacking in strength and speed for wanting to be a Shinobi; while her, whom was younger than him was at the same time stronger, and most likely faster than him as well. "Rude," he replied with, "I didn't insult you." He said, though grinning at the same time to let her know that he knew it was a joke. He would then proceed to hear her mentioning the fact that the two would be camping under the night time sky tonight, rather than underneath a forest's roof or the insides of a cave; which he didn't really mind but had some objections to. For one, they could be more easily spotted, assuming what Yuriko was referring to when she said sleeping under the stars was sleeping out in a field, with nothing above head except the stars and such, it would mean that anyone passing by would notice a camp. The only thing they had to worry about were thieves, though. Shinobi more than likely wouldn't even bother with a random camp. "I'm fine with that, then." he said, smiling a little as he took his glasses off and began to clean them, continuing to walk with Yuriko. "It'll be nice to sleep somewhere else indeed, the cold caves were growing rather boring." He said, realizing another problem as well. This was even less likely than dealing with curious bandits, so he remained silent about it too. The weather could interfere with their plans at any given moment, but at the same time that could easily be changed by dragging camp towards somewhere else. Besides that, he didn't really having anything else to say. It's nothing he hadn't already done, what with him living out here. He'd slept out in the middle of fields before, he'd slept on a cliff side, he'd slept on a fucking tree branch once even. He'd been out here for years, but let Yuriko think that he was excited.

While the two continued to wander, they drew close to the border lines for the Lightning Country. "Would you think," he began to say, rather curious on the topic. It was something he had recently gotten into a habit with, asking questions of 'what if', he had found some amusement with them, pondering over alternate possibilities, and alternate realities, "if you'd never met Aufero?" He asked, having been pondering over the matter for a moment. He assumed she wouldn't be here, but, with the way she is towards Kumogakure, it's very possible that she could have very well left either way. But would she have met Suto still? Would Suto even be traveling with Yuriko right now? There were many would's in the scenario, and there were some Suto couldn't even consider, not knowing much about her previous life as a Shinobi aligned to Kumogakure. He was asking mainly to make conversation - considering they had a long ways to travel, assuming they would be doing so until nightfall. He didn't want Yuriko to be the only conversation started; after all.

As hours passed and night grew closer, the sun setting eventually, the two would begin to set up camp. Yuriko was doing her own preparations; seemingly building small shelters made of material of whatever she could find, Suto merely sighed, she had came unprepared. Luckily enough, Suto had come prepared. He had three tents, all packed up in a bag he carried underneath his cloak. He let Yuriko build her little shelters. Granted his tents were no larger; but they still provided more comfort than a mere wooden shelter. He would set up the tents almost out of view. He normally didn't use these out of not having any reason to, he used them when he needed to. Caves and such normally provided enough shelter and warmth so he didn't need to set anything up; now they were out in a field though. He set up two tents, large enough to crawl into, they were folded up and tied in his bag, making the least amount of room as possible. "Would you like one of these, instead, Yuriko?" Hoping she hadn't already finished setting up, if she had, then, it would just make for some humorous situation, at least for Suto. "Do we need a fire, also?" He continued, he had matches to light collected wood to start a fire. "Or do you not want one for the sake of not giving away our position?" He continued. Assuming all continued, Yuriko would eventually begin with another cheesy speech, of which Suto had grown accustomed to having traveled with her for so long already. She had mentioned that she figured she would never be capable of feeling human again, which implied, at least to Suto, that she had a troubled past. He saw the possibility of two things; either this was linked to Aufero, or it was related to as why Yuriko had left Kumogakure in the first place. Both were matters he was curious over - however he wasn't going to press her on about it, not wanting to cause any further stress; which she seemed to have plenty of. She went on to say that Suto's presence had seemed to help her, which implied that she was rather lonely, at least was back in Kumogakure. "No problem," he said, having removed his face of concern for her and put on a grin, having took that as a compliment. "I'll be here so long as you need me." he said, deciding, once and for all that he would remain traveling with Yuriko with all her over the top intent to do things normal people couldn't dream of doing; such as taking on big time Shinobi villages. Yuriko continued and went onto say that she was sorry that she always said some rather cheesy things, he interpreted as, but went on saying that's how she was. "It's fine." He said, replying to her apology. "There's no need to apologize for it, I don't mind it at all." He would reply, letting her know that it was okay to say these sorts of things, even if they got old for Suto to here.

"Guess we got another reason to go searching for friends. Aye?" He said, figuring this would also help, the two would need to go and search for more people, if only for Yuriko's sake, adding onto that her intents. "People to help us fight, and to hang around. Those seem nice." He would say; sighing, "Thanks, to you too." He would go onto say, "ya'kno. For the same thing, almost. I mean, I felt human before and all. But, wandering these lands all alone sure felt boring as fuck." He said, in his own way thanking her for traveling with him. He was being honest with her at the moment, traveling alone was no fun, especially when he didn't have anything to do. With Yuriko, some fun was added, some conversation, and then some. It was nice to have someone to talk to, someone to be able to tell stories with, and someone of course to hunt with. "T'is been fun." He continued on saying, grinning a little bit. He would be setting sleeping bags in each of the tents now, one he'd never used and had for mere back-up, the other going in his tent. Assuming Yuriko had agreed for the fire, he would begin to collect wood, gathering it up and putting it all in one pile, striking a much and throwing it in there, it landed underneath two sticks. The fire would eventually grow, again assuming Yuriko had agreed to the fire. It could be used for cooking and such, if so, if not the two would probably survive on edible snacks that Suto had from visiting a village and packing up on, which included clean fruits, and vegetables. Though slightly discolored due to having poor containment. If there was no fire, it would also be colder, 'lest they head to sleep earlier than typical and began to warm up.

After that, assuming no further conversation was made, he would just be sitting down. His cloak folded over, placed onto his sleeping bag. He was cleaning his glasses once again, with a rag. Breathing on the lenses to fog them up a bit - something he normally did - and then wiping them clean with the rag. He could see somewhat more clearly, despite not needing them to see, they were just shades, but they had become slightly dirty, having not cleaned them since a week ago. Yawning, he was about ready for sleep.

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