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Heading to the frozen graveyard~ Empty Heading to the frozen graveyard~

Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:30 pm
Visiting Kumo was a bad idea sure he didn't want to go there but he didn't get separated from the others. Laz walk his way back towards Yuki hoping to see if the others has returned yet and while on his way all he hoped was that he wasn't in so much trouble. He decided how to explain everything on why he have metal limbs and why he was absent for a very very very long time. Taking his time while he walked down the path which was leading up a mountain Laz would take the time to give respect to the beauty of the land pay respect to the land spirits. Yes! I said Land spirits. Laz may not seem like a religious type of guy but his mother who is still nowhere to be seen had told him stories of these very great land spirits Laz pay his respects to. So continuing down the mountain Laz could see the cold blizzard frozen horizon from his position on the mountain and I must say it was pretty far away from where his location was. Now Jogging down the path Laz could hear a whisper. The whisper was almost so faint he could barely hear at first because of the pace and speed he was going down the mountain. Once taking a break Laz would then sit and rest under the tree this is when the strange things began to happen.  First there was a gentle tap on his shoulder which caused him to shudder and he looked to see who was touching him but no one was there. Getting up he would begin to walk back towards the path down the mountain but stopped when he saw where it leaded to, A dark mysterious cave. 'Uh..this is the right says so on the map...but maybe I could take a short cut through this forest here..I mean it looks all nice and all like the stories from what my mom told me about when i was a kid. Yeah this way it is!!!" He said aloud as he walked towards the entrance to the forest.

It has been exactly one hour since then....

Laz was running through the forest covered in cuts and bruises and out of breath. He ducked as a spear flew past his head barely scrapping his cheek. "Oi what the duck? I Just got lost man I don't know anything about a stolen crown!" He yelled at his pursuers. Running still he would trip and roll down the side of a steep hill. Groggily getting back up he would stumble his way over to the side of a river. Maybe it was just in the moment maybe he just felt like the river could take him home since it brought him here but whatever the reason Laz jumped in swam down until he saw the waterfall. "Why when I always travel bad things happen?" He thought to himself as he tried his hardest to fight against the current but to no avail he went down..and fell and fell and fell and spl- nah just kidding Laz didn't go splat. Crashing into the water below he would drag himself from the shore soaking wet and cold..way to cold almost like Yuki cold. Turning over on his backside he would then pass out and while doing so he could hear the whispers again. Waking up he would find himself dry..wearing new clothes and out on the middle of the path again with a note tied to his wrist.

"Dear Traveler, Thank you for protecting the crown from those savages ,sincerely Spirit Guardians of the land~"

"Oi so they are real?" He thought to himself as he stood up and continued his way towards Yuki. Clearly stated before he was near yuki when he was about to freeze after dragging himself out of the waterfall. It was like the seasons changed instantly from a warm sunny sky to a dark freezing snowing sky. Continuing his march back to Yuki he would run into a few more troubles. He was dehydrated and hungry and again he didn't pack any food. Scavenging the land as he went on for any of those things he would come across a few frozen berries. Eating those berries was a mistake as for one they were frozen and two they made him have a few illusions....Now i could go on about the illusions but that is a story for another time. ' hungry..i could eat...I could eat...The ENTIRE tundra!" He had shouted as he continued on this harsh adventure. Wait why didn't he think of that in the first place? Eat the tundra. Quickly gracefully falling don into a pile of snow he began to eat it away until he felt 80% good. Now kids here is one lesson..don't eat snow from the ground so please do not try this at home. He could see it now, from afar he could see the gates of Yuki but something was wrong he felt it in his gut. Running now he would run full speed towards the gates laughing and smiling. He couldn't help it I mean he hasn't been home in how long? And it was cold and he just wanted to sleep in his comfy bed but arriving at the gates he could see exactly why he had a strange feeling about the place....

"This place.... a frozen graveyard...."

Meanwhile an old man Laz meet on his travels had made it through the dark cave which wasn't so dark and scary as it seemed turns out there was many people traveling though there. The main lesson is here kiddies is to always follow the directions...

This has been another episode of traveling with Laz!!!
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Heading to the frozen graveyard~ Empty Re: Heading to the frozen graveyard~

Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:02 pm
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