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Learning Sea of Trees Empty Learning Sea of Trees

Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:24 pm
Oturan woke up the next day after learning how to use the Mokuton. He got up and got hisself sone breakfast. " Now I need to learn one of those forest growing moves ". Even though he was still a Genin Otu surppased alot of genin in his school. Otu put on his cloths consisting of black shinobi sandels, Black tights, a black fishnet tank top, with a black jacket with short sleeves and the colar up the jacket hat blue flames at the bottom. Then he put on his facemask covering his nose and mouth and last his shinobi head band. He grabbed his lunch and left out of the house. He walked down the road and to the Academy he arrived at the academy gates and saw students walking through the gates. I went through the front doors and to my class. I walked through the door and heard my Sensei teaching ninjitsu. He saw me and said " Oturan since you are one of the Genin that can use A rank moves and you are a Mokuton user I will tell you the secret to one of the most powerful Mokuton moves after I tell you this secret you will leave this class and go learn it "." HAI SENSEI ". I said." Oturan I am gonna tell you the secret to using Nativity of A Sea of Trees this jutsu allows you to turn an area into a vast forest the secret is to feel the nature and infuse your chakra, earth element and water element together and put it to your feet and spread the 3 infused things all around you as far as you can and will it to come out of the ground ". I said ok and left the academy. I thought about that move I can create a forest I thought. That is a really powerful jutsu.

Where was he gonna train he thought .
He thought about going to the forest but that was pretty ironic. So he chose to go to the plains right out side of the village it was the perfect place. He walked to the village gates and told the guards that he was going to the plains. The gaurd said ok so he contiued on. He finally arrived at the plains. He sat down and got into a meditative postion and thought about what sensei said. e wanted to hurry up and get his training over with, despite knowing this would take a while. He began to wonder how water release was required for wood release.. Perhaps the two merged? With all the possibilities, that one popped up into his head first. Made sense too, or at least he assumed so, what with having no idea on elements other than what they do.. He began to focus earth and water chakra into one point, the palm of his right hand. As he began to concentrate, he took notice of a stem growing from his hand. He had done it. His eyes were opened wide, and he was beaming with joy. A large smile on his face had grown, he was almost ready to shout for joy, but his training still wasn't done. He still needed to complete the flower. He began to re-focus his chakra. Even though he did this technique before he did it again so he could get use to the feeling.

He focused it back into his palm, both earth and water chakra. He began to focus, despite being so excited. He focused, and the stem of the plant began to grow more. It was growing into a flower, a basic skill of wood release. Next he had decided he was going to do some chakra control training, and then work on making grass grow... or perhaps.. yes, he could probably combine the two.The stem continued to grow until it was a full foot tall. There was a flower bud on top, too. He then picked the stem off his palm, and threw it onto the ground. Sure he was proud of himself, and probably wanted to keep it for proof of this day, however he wasn't going to keep a flower with him. He then stepped upon it to finish it off. Next, he walked over to the edge of a cliff, and placed a foot on it. He stored chakra into his foot, allowing him to walk on the wall. He did the same with his other feet, and then he faced the ground. He then stuck out his hand, and began to store chakra in it too. Focusing his chakra on three different points was quite complicated, however his determination allowed for him to continue on. Blades of grass began to appear around Oto, this only proving his wood release skills was improving, however there were't too many blades of grass. A stem also began to appear in his palm. Things were going good so far. He continued to focus, however soon fell. Thankfully the cliff had caught him. With a sigh, he resumed. He attached himself to the wall once more and began to focus earth and water chakra in both his feet and his right hand's palm. It was indeed complicated, and Otu was lucky enough to have done this over a cliff, allowing him to fall a few feet rather than a hundred meters or so... the stem continued to grow, and grass began to form all around him. His training was successful, he had perfected wood release. With a grin on his face, Otu got into a meditative position.

10 mins later

He finally got out of the position and did what sensei told him to do he begin bringing chakra to his feet,then he started focusing water and earth chakra at his feet at thw same time. Then he released it he made the chakra spread the chakra spreaded a hundred feet then blades of grass started to appear but then it stopped. He was getting so happy but it stopped. He got fustrated he did what sensei said but only grass appeared. " AHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHH " he screamed. He was so fustrated. He wish he had a pet or something to help calm his nerves. Otu got in a meditation postion and started back meditating. He got up and did rhe same thing over and over and over and over again. Finally after an hour it improved he was now able to grow a small forest of twigs out of the ground that were 3 ft tall. He smiled in happines and said that was all for today. He headed back home.

He heard a noise, a soft, rumbling noise. It sounded quite like an animals growl.. and then he realized it was past noon.. and lunch time. He should have packed a lunch... But with luck, there were many places to eat in the village.OTU made a turn, onto a different platform, where he knew there was a ramen shop. He walked in, and placed an order for the usual. He normally just got ramen with some form of meat in it, usually pork or beef, he began to wonder which they would put in there this time. He began to wait, and watch. He watched as steam began to rise from the pot his ramen was cooking in. He saw them adding flavoring, after they had put the ramen in a bowl. The bowl was white, and large. He saw that it was beef flavoring, not bad. He was in the mood for that style of ramen. He then saw them adding a piece of beef, rather large too, into the bowl. They gave him his own chop stick, placed on a napkin, right next to his bowl of ramen. The napkin was a light brownish color, and it seem suited for the style it was placed in. With a grin on his face, he thanked his waiter and chef and began to feast. He took note of two children next to him taking an order, they took out their bag of ryo. They were loaded, the amount of ryo they had was just... incredible. He stopped paying attention to them and began to feast once more. He picked up a group of noodles in between his two normal chop sticks, the ones which didn't cut, and held them up to his mouth. He began to blow on them, underneath where he was holding them. Steam came out the other side, which meant they were or had been hot. He stuck the noodles in his mouth, and began to suck up the rest of the group. He began to chew once the noodles was in his mouth, looking down, thankfully, there was a lot more ramen to go around with. He then picked up a piece of meat, the beef inside his bowl to be exact. He held it up to his mouth and began to take a bite. It was chewy, though good. He took a single bite and dropped the rest back into his bowl. He had finished off the ramen noodles. As he finished off the remainder of his ramen, he grew tired. Perhaps it was by eating a nice warm, late lunch, or perhaps it was pysically exhausting himself for the past few hours. Either way.. he decided not to go go practice techniques at home, and to rather head off to bed when he arrived home. He paid for his ramen and headed off. He walked along with the wind once more, and headed off. He was heading home, with not really anything else to do but get in bed and sleep the rest of this day off, he sighed. Having taken the first steps of his journey, he had been proud of himself. What with no one else to be proud of him, he had to create self given pride. Soon enough he got to his home, many platforms later. He opened his door, right after unlocking three locks. He had so many due to fear of thieves and burglars. He walked through the door way and shut his door, re-locking it. He began to stretch, and then uttered a yawn. He was quite tired. What with having exhausted himself today. He had began on the path of mastering both water and wood release, not only is he walking the mile, he's putting in double the effort and going twice the distance. He began to walk through his living room, tiredly. Leaving the plate on the coffee table, and the remainder of the biscuits out. He took a quick note and made sure everything was off, which it was. All the lamps, his television, and his oven. He then began to walk through the hallway. He then opened the door to his bedroom, where he saw his pajamas on the floor. He decided not to change, and he simply slipped off his shoes and kicked them against the wall. He then walked towards his bed slowly, collapsing upon it. He slowly crawled up on his blanket up to his pillow, where he rested his head. With a yawn, he began to enter his slumber state. His excitement had prevented him from going to sleep right away, having successfully trained for his kekkei genkai, as well as a new basic element. This had certainly left a mark, having used up a majority of his stamina, he didn't feel like continuing in the training. He still had years to go, having not yet mastered either element, he needed to further make use of these elements to master them. But now, there was a seemingly unless amount of combinations he could use for both tactic warfare and simple combat alone. He could use all three together to come up with rather dangerous combinations, however right now he had no clue on either water or wood release, hence why he still had years to go. To master something, one must first know everything about it. At least, that was Otu's opinion. Another yawn had escaped, the excitement wouldn't keep him awake for much longer. Otu would close his eyes, growing too tired. Another yawn had escaped, strangely. And with that, he began to sleep. He wouldn't wake up until the next morning, and even then, he may not begin training again. Not right away, anyway.

Otu woke up the bext morning and was happy there was no academy today. He went straight to the plains. When he arrived he saw now sign of the forest and thought about why. Maybe it dies off after a certain amount of time he thought. He got into a meditative position thinking. He remembered what the scroll said "

Name: Wood Release:

Nativity of a Sea of Trees Element:

Mokuton Rank: A Spec Type

Handseals: Snake

What it does: Allows the User to create a forest, described by them, up to 30 meters around them".

It was a powerful move and he needed to perfect it. He got up and did the Snake seal " Sea of Trees he screamed while forcing the chakra to his feet spreading it stems grew out of the ground 3ft tall then stopped. Otu wondered what he was soing wrong.

Oturan went home and went to sleep.Oturan has an epiphany as he awakes the next morning. He has no clue how he is going to master the jutsu any further after this very basic training. He could not stand training with his parents and there was no one else in the land of clouds with Nativity Sea of Trees that will train him. On his way over to the plains he thought over his epiphany this morning and what he might do about it. Just meters away from the field he remembered the Raikage. That would be one of his only chances at a decent master. Kenta Uchiha was more than a decent master. Oturan then cleared his head and started his training. He started the day with jutsu one more time. Oturan gathered his chakra in his body and tried to make a field of trees. The growing process was slow and took too long to use in battle. Also his chakra with the Wood Release was not trained enough to with stand the jutsu for more than fifteen seconds. Oturan repeated this process all day for his training before he ran out of chakra at about mid afternoon. He made little progress the first day but he usually did so it was expected. His final progress was an added five seconds for being able to hold the jutsu which rounded it up to a whole twenty seconds. The speed of entering increased minimally, maybe by half a second. The next day of training Oturan couldn't help but fret over his slow progress. Each attempt that did not show improvement in raged Oturan on the inside. This usually did not happen to the very calm and collected Oturan but this was one of the hardest things he was attempting yet. By mid day in his training his had seen a two second increase in the speed of entering the growing the trees which now stood 4 ft tall and another five second speed for how long the jutsu was. The training had only be going on for two days but by this time Oturan usually starts to see more results that this training was producing. Regardless of the voice in the back of his head screaming, "It's useless, just go home!", his training had to continue and he had to work harder. He put even more effort into the next half of the day of training as if it counted on his life as a shinobi or someone was forcing him told do it or they would kill his parents. By the end Oturan was collapsed in a pool of hour old sweet, yet all he could smell was victory. His body was almost completely out of chakra and this would be life threatening his it had been a battle. He was able to grow trees for an whole minute before being forced to stop due to lack of chakra control required for the jutsu, but he was getting closer. His eyes started to get heavy under the night sky. He still could not move a muscle in his body except for the permanent half grin that has been there since he collapsed after his training. "I think I might just have to sleep here for now..." Oturan said in decreasing volume to himself as he drifted to sleep peacefully.

The next morning Oturan got a rude awakening from the dark cloud-filled sky. Large, heavy ran drops fell directly onto Oturan's face and body and he lay in the same exact spot that he fell asleep in. His body had slightly recover and he was able to move. He felt like his body was on fire, after effects of using so much chakra in one day. Oturan stumbled on up and made his way back to Kumogakure for some rest, rest for his body and his mind. Bed ridden for two days, Oturan emerges from his house feeling better than he remembers feeling before he started this training. His body was rejuvenated and he was ready for training once again. He made his way over to the same training field and across the field itself to the mountainside rocky surface that made a right angle with the ground. He brought his hands together, formed the seals, and grew trees. Growing was now much faster than it was originally and even faster than it was on the last trail of the previous training session. Within the rock he focused on his chakra controlled and counted in his head to see how much longer, if any, he could stay growing. As he was reaching a minute and a half he started to waste chakra from the technique and was forced to stilop. His chakra control still needed to be worked on, and that was an understatement. He got back to his feet after being forcefully pushed out of the rocks and repeated the process all the way until about four o'clock in the afternoon. This time he would make sure not to over due on his chakra consumption so he could work every day on this training. He rose from bed and got ready for training. Before leaving the house Oturan's mother gave him a tip on controlling Wood Release. "Make sure that your chakra is maintained the exact same amount through every part of every jutsu, there are not supposed to be higher or lower chakra levels at any time throughout the jutsu." Oturan finally was understanding, Mokuton was about balance in chakra. He made his way to the training field with confidence in today's training. Maybe today the could master the technique, but maybe not. He gather chakra throughout his body distributing it equally and attempting to keep it at the same levels the entire time. This little tip was so helpful it was scary. He was able to spread the forest 100 feet while the trees growed 5 ft, double the result of his last attempt. Oturan began to understand how important chakra control and how you use it differently for each technique really makes it easier to preform. The wood release was completely different from water, water everything is controlled by one big burst of chakra aimed at the enemy, but wood release was all about maintaining equal balance.Oturan continued his training an was able to do it all day because now he was not wasting near as much chakra as he had before. The jutsu was still not complete, but it would be within the week at this rate. He made his way into the sunset towards the village.

Oturan started his training early morning with the same routine he had been for this training since he learned of the helpful chakra tip. About half way through the day he spread the forest and grow the trees for 2 miminutes and thirty seconds, a thirty second increase, and took him the expected amount of time for anyone to enter the rock who has already mastered the jutsu. With the speed at its max, he just had to focus on chakra control. The day ended with few more recent results. A fifteen second increase for staying inside the rock concluded his day. Cold air blew hard inside of Oturan's black robe as he realized it would be raining tomorrow. He always looked for patterns in weather so he knew what his limitations were for training. He decided to show up for training the next day anyway. Water drenched every inch of Oturan's body as he repeatedly enters and exits the rocks on the mountainside wall, trying as hard as he could he put every ounce of his sole into his training. By noon he had increased the duration of how long he could stay hidden within the rocks by another thirty seconds, making the total time Oturan can stay submerged about four and a half minutes. He knew that chakra control was hard, but this was the hardest thing, by far Oturan had done yet, he concluded after the previous day of training. He still needed to learn earth release, nothing had changed, so he continued. The day ended with another thirty seconds being added to his total time he can be submerged within the rocks. He made his way home before dinner. The next day would be eventful, Oturan went to bed telling himself. Keeping a positive outlook on this whole situation would help Oturan master this training, he could feel it. He woke up an took off for training without even eating breakfast. He was hungry but training came first he decided earlier. Must to his dismay, his skipped meal was shown on his training. He started having trouble controlling the chakra and his submerged intervals were shortening. It had only be two hours and Oturan's focus had been shot. He left for a lunch break and then continued his training. The morning speed bump(not eating) did not slow down Oturan's afternoon progress. With food in his stomach and training in his mind his interval times started to increase in time once again. He max time just two hours after restarting his training he could stay submerged in the wall of rocks for six whole minutes. This was a larger increase than yesterday but not the largest. Oturan also started to notice that some day his progress was slower, and some it was noticeable faster. This remained in the back of his mind until his came up with an answer. Some days Oturan's chakra from the day before is completely restored over night, but if he uses to much his the full amount of chakra is not restored and the next day of training has less dramatic results than any of the previous.

Today was gonna be his last attempt to perfect the jutsu he went straight to the plains. He meditated for ten minutes. And got up he did the snake seal and screamed the jutsu name. He spreaed the chakra threw the area. Trees started to grow so fast. Then it stopped all around him were trees fifteen ft tall and really wide. It looked exactly like a forest. Otu was so haopy he did the jutsu. He ran threw the forest in happiness running up the trees. He went to the top of the tallest tree and meditated. He thought about what all he accomplished . He started as an academy student , aced the Genin exams, perfected earth release, then perfected Mokuton and now perfected one of the strongest jutsu around the power to create a forest. Otu jumped off of the tree and ran home. He told his dad of his accompishment but his dad didnt do anything but grunt. This made Otu mad. He ran up to his room after all he did he didnt even get a good job he wished his mom was home but she was on a mission. Otu went to sleep and thought of the futere.

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Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:32 pm
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