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ten finger drilling bullets (Training) Empty ten finger drilling bullets (Training)

Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:38 am
The day had just started Zachariah had been up all night with his nose stuck in books as he tried to find more information about his clans and this unique gift he possessed or was it a curse he could of cared less either way as Zach pulled his nose out of the book and focused his eyes on the sun that was rising into the sky as he looked to it. “Am I a monster that should be locked away?” Zach questioned himself before putting his noise back into this book he had accuiqured from the library.  Zach was growing frustrated with how little information they had on the kaguya clan and what he possessed. Zach growled then threw the book across the room before sitting up as he pulled himself to his feet. “I only want to learn is that a crime?” Zach was yelling  but no one was there. Zach felt his stomach growl as he stood there then headed into the kitchen grabbing out a bowl followed by a box of ceral and milk out of the fridge. Zach poured the ceral into the bowl followed by the milk then put them both away and grabbed a spoon he quickly ate the bowl of ceral and washed the dish and put it away. Zach went back into his room knowing he was going to get dressed he opened his closet after reaching his room pulling out a pair of black carharrt pants and a red zip up shirt. Zach was going to rush out of his bedroom but then looked at the book he had thrown picking it up he went to close it noticing it had things written in the back of the book. “Who could have wrote this?” Zach wondered as the hand writing looked fimilar to him but he couldn't figure out where he reconized it from. Zach shrugged as he knew it was time for him to head to the training field. Zach headed out the door almost slamming it behind him as he proceeded slowly to the training field not even paying attention to where he was going just keeping his head buried in this book as he past several places including the village gate like he already knew the way without looking. Zach finally reached the training field ignoring anyone who was there as he sat at the edge of the training field leaning his back up against a tree as he continued reading this book before he felt his eyes feeling heavy and starting to close was he still tired he thought to himself as he closed the book and put it down gently then got up to his feet. Zach knew it was time for him to start training as he figured he would start by warming out he dropped right down into a push up postion his arms completely extended and made sure the rest of his body was flat as he started his arms bending and his body going down he held it there for a few seconds before rising back up and announcing the number of pushups he did he continued this until he reached seventy-five. Zach stopped as he rolled over and started doing sit-ups doing seventy-five of them as well as he felt the burn in his abdomin. Zach started running laps around the training field as he continued his warm up process he did four laps before stopping as he moved about 20 feet away from the trees as he focused on what he was about to practice. Zach raised his hands up so they were lined up with his shoulders as he pointed his fingers in the directions of the trees he was using as targets. Zach watched as these white balls started to appear on his fingers before he watched these bones shoot out they didn't even go 5 feet before falling as Zach looked shocked and knew he would definieitly need more practice. The boy thought he had a good idea as he thought well what if I run at the targets before I set them off. Zach nodded to himself before he continued with his plan as he moved back further then ran up so he was 20 feet away again and watched as these balls appeared on his fingers then shot out this plan had a opposite effect then Zach thought it would as he then started again moving back running again jumping in the air and shooting off the bones from his finger tips watching as the bones had a drilling motion to them but they went in every direction. Zach continued moving back running forward then jumping and spinnning in air as he shot but yet he still couldn't get these to all hit the targets he wanted they just kept shooting all around him. Zach now having done this a few times stood still  pointing his fingers to eat tree he wanted to hit as he watched the bones start coming out of his fingers forming into a ball ontop of his fingers as he shot them off watching as he still missed and growled as he wasn't ready to give up he knew he could do this it was getting easier with each time he tried but why couldn't he hit all the targets he wanted to or was it he was too far away. Zach knew that wasn't the issue but figured it wouldn't hurt to find out the range of this.  The boy moved had started at 20 feet but kept moving back after each attempt now until he tried from 25 meters away watching as he barely hit the targets. Zach raised his hands up again as he knew he needed to keep trying and that giving up wasn't in his nature. Zach had a scowl on his face as he raised his arms back up shooting off the bones from his fingertips as he watched them all hit the same target he let out a cheer of joy before looking around to make sure no one else was there to hear him. Zach  quickly shoot off another round at the tree next to the one he had just hit to make sure it seemed so easy to do now that he had done so many attempts. Zach ran up to the  trees looking at the impacts his bones had made compared to the kunai marks they already had in them. Zach was surprised to see that the bones did more then the kunai. Zachariah then grinned as he came up with a different plan on how he could train this. The boy took his time setting up targets not all in random spots but all lined up he wanted to see how many of them these bullets of bone could go through. Zach must have had 10 targets lined up so he grinned feeling confident as he aimed and shot the first round of the drilling bone bullets as he watched and the first round only made it through two of the targets. Zach was shocked to see this he clearly could of done better he kicked at the ground as he couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong or was he doing anything wrong. Zach growing more frustrated with himself watched as he had a bone start coming out of his shoulder then wrapped his hand around it pulling it out as he walked to the tree that he left the book at and started stabbing the tree to take out his frustration. The boy looked at the targets as if they were the source of his frustration and threw the bone at it before walking back over making sure he was 25 meters away then took a deep breath as he lifted his arms up concentrating on the target he shot again watching as it went through five of the targets that was better then before but it wasn't enough to satisfy Zach's clear need to perfect this ten finger drilling bullets. The boy had raised his arms up again giving it another try as he had so it go through seven of them this time. Zach ran over to the targets looking at any problem he may be having checking to make sure all the targets were in range of his bone bullets.  Zach fixed all the targets just to be sure putting the ones that he already shot through behind the other three that he hadn't even hit yet. Zach ran 20 meters away aiming carefully as he pulled his arms up infront of him keeping his fingers all lined up as he watched the bones shoot out of his finger tips and rotating in that drilling motion as he watched it rip through all ten targets but now he needed to do that from 25 meters away without any difficultly. Zach moved back the five meters he needed to as he pointed his fingers at the targets aiming where there wasn't a hole in the target as he watched the bones shot from his fingers again the drilling motion watching as it went through all ten of the targets again. Zach jumped as he was overjoyed by finally completing the objective he had set for himself as he landed back on his feet and walked back over to the trees grabbing the book before he sat down and opened the book continuing to read again as he felt his eyes close on the training field. Zach woke up several hours later the book was  on top of his face as he grabbed it when after waking up and removed he he tried this new technique one more time before he left the training field he watched as the white balls of bones formed of his fingers before he shot them out as he watched them land and grinned now it was almost second nature for him to use this. Zach looked at the book that he forgot when he took it from the library maybe it was time he brought it back or maybe it wasn't. Zach shrugged as he took his time slowly walking back to his house slowly he passed the village gate as he was actually paying attention to where he was going. Zach passed several shops on his way back to his house none of them had anything that caught his eyes but the smell of food certainly was making his stomach growl. Zach headed into his house as he went into the kitchen looking through the cabinets for something to eat but decided maybe it was time he payed the Ichiraku ramen shop a visit that idea was quickly shot down as Zach remembered he spent all his money on a justu encyclopedia that had gotten ruined when he learned the water clone jutsu. Zach sighed as he opened the cabinet and grabbed a container of ramen he opened it slowly then went to the sink and started the hot water waiting for it to heat up before he put the water into it. Zach heated up the ramen then grabbed a fork and slowly ate the ramen. Zach got up after eating the ramen throwing the container away and washing the fork off drying it off and putting it away. Zach then walked to his room looking at where the bone had came out of his shirt and noticing the hole it made in his shirt. Zach let out a sigh as he took of his shirt and headed back into the kitchen  throwing the shirt he had just taken off into the trash as he walked back into his room not even replacing it as he didn't plan on going out for the day again but who knew what would happen. Zach sighed as he sat on his bed leaning his back up against the wall as he opened up his window and store out it towards the sky.

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ten finger drilling bullets (Training) Empty Re: ten finger drilling bullets (Training)

Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:03 am
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