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Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
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Invitation of the Lord of Serpents Empty Invitation of the Lord of Serpents

Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:49 pm
Naoki sat in his new office. Kaede had certainly left him the village in an excellent shape and while his workload sure increased, it left him with enough time to pursue his own interests. But being an official leader of a village also opened new possibilities for the man, new adventures to be had and he was about to step into one.

In front of the Uchiha was a carefully crafted letter addressed to a certain man known to the whole world as an expert of medical ninjutsu and a specialist of genetics and Kekkei Genkai. No doubt the man held knowledge that Naoki was very interested in, at the very least he would love to meet the man.

In like a minute the new Shimagakure's leader's black eyes would follow a messenger bird as it carried away the letter addressed to Denkiteki, detailing an invitation to Shimagakure and signed by Naoki Gekou, leader of the village.

Only two people other than Naoki himself knew his real origins and revealing it now was senseless. In due time, maybe.
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Invitation of the Lord of Serpents Empty Re: Invitation of the Lord of Serpents

Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:11 pm
Den had actually only recently gone to a postal office, or whatever you call the place where all the messenger birds are kept, and informed them of his change of residency, he had been bitched at a lot by the staff seeing as he hadn't informed them of him moving before, and it had proven to be a pain in the ass but after a few days Den had it so all of his mail would be sent to Takigakure instead of Tengakure. He even convinced them not to inform their staff at Tengakure of his change, which was great because he wasn't sure if he wanted Takeo to be able to figure out where he currently lived.

Den hadn't really expected a lot of mail, maybe some sort of fan mail every once in awhile for that book he once wrote, but normally it was some medical student who had used his book in some paper or some aspiring medical ninja who found his work inspiring. Rarely did Den recieve letters form village leaders like he did that day.

Den was in his apartment, looking over some 'photos' he had created in Sanctuary. While in there he had manged to create images of what was happening within his body to appear before him, and had created solid copies so that he could look over them while not within his dimension. His appandix seemed to have been growing some strange protrusions around him, and had changed solor to almost the same pigment as his skin when he used the sage transformation bloodline he had acquired. But why had this strange genetic mutation targeted some vestigial organ?

He was in his kitchen still pondering this when he heard a knock on his door, and the sound of said door falling down on the ground once more. A startled messenger stood in the doorway, wondering if Den's door had been broken or if he was the one who had just ruined it.

"It was like that before, don't worry about it." Den hardly looked up a moment before continuing to look at the photos.

"There's a message for you sir, from the leader of Shimagakure." Den looked up again at that. He remembered at one point Shima had actually sent a letter to the Tenkage office while he had resided in Tengakure. They were a small village, but still it was strange that he was receiving a letter from their leader.

Den accepted the leader and read it over quickly, wondering why he was invited to Shimagakure. Did they still think he was Tenkage, or was there some other purpose for him to be there? Either way, Den was curious. Den took some paper and a pen and began to write his own letter, detailing that he was currently researching some strange disease. He didn't mention that it was actually a genetic mutation, and that he was the one suffering from it. He did say that he would send down one of his assistance's, stating they possessed a jutsu that would allow him to travel to the village near instantly as soon as he was ready to leave.

Den then signed the letter with his full name, Denkiteki Hayato, and went to go have a bird sent to Shima.

TWC: 547
All words towards Chakra Monster (it's the genetic mutation mentioned in this post)
Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
Ryo : 60063

Invitation of the Lord of Serpents Empty Re: Invitation of the Lord of Serpents

Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:26 pm
From the reply Naoki got it that the man was rather busy, but he appeared to have accepted the invitation. In advance the man's assistant was to arrive and then use some sort of teleportation technique to summon Denkiteki. Another letter would be sent back detailing procedures to approach Shimagakure's defensive storm, an exact spot and time.

Guess Naoki will have to meet this person himself, even if they weren't the main guest.
Ryo : 139050

Invitation of the Lord of Serpents Empty Re: Invitation of the Lord of Serpents

Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:03 pm
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