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Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:09 pm
Hey all, you may not know me, but I know you. Surprise o-o

Anyways, here are just some random short snippets that I wrote a while back, and have done nothing with since. Hope you like them, and input/feedback is very appreciated.

#1 - Rain

And together we ran. Eventually, at a time, it started to rain. We ran on and on, ignoring the rain and lightning. We had to stop eventually, so we found an abandoned factory and sat down, panting heavily from exertion and the weight of the rain. We both looked at each other, and without a word being said between us, I started to dig food out of the backpack I was carrying. I dumped the contents of the bag onto the ground, and took out a loaf of bread wrapped in plastic. Still dry despite the downpour. I snapped it in half and tossed half to her. We ate in silence until I looked up and noticed her shivering. I slowly got up and moved next to her.

“Maybe we should stay together...for warmth.” She whispered, scooting closer to me, resting her head on my shoulder. I smirked and looked down at her.

“Yeah, for warmth.” I said, putting out my hand to wrap it around her shoulders and bring her closer to me. We just sat in the dark for a while, letting our eyes adjust and listening to the low rumble of the storm outside. I looked down at her to catch her looking up at me. I didn’t break the gaze, just stared into her eyes. Her beautiful eyes. We shifted somewhat and got to facing each other. I leaned in closer to her, her breath warming my face, and she blushed, looking downward, finally breaking the stare we had held so long.

“I’m...sorry, I must reek of the rain.” She whispered. I slowly put my hand to her chin and raised her head so she met my eyes again. I looked deep into her eyes.

“I like the rain.” I said, and without another word escaping her, I took her hand in mine, and caught her lips with my own.

#2 - Nightmares

I walk this path of self-induced hatred, loathing and emptiness. Broken hearts line the road that stretches on forever in front of me. Some strange, different in shape and size. Some made of stone, rigid cracks gently skirting on the outer edges. Some beating still, simply sitting there with no purpose. As I continue to walk, I wonder if these hearts are just as tormented as mine. If the people who they belonged to were just as empty as I am. Finally, after what seemed to be ages, I reached a final stand, it seemed. It looked almost like a throne. And sitting there, on the throne, was a giant heart. The heart was surrounded, coated in barbed wire. With every pulse of the heart, the wire tightened, pushing the barbs further into it. The heart leaked deep crimson over the throne, and onto the floor. As the barbs pushed deeper and deeper, a sudden flash of pain erupted through my body. With every pulse of the giant heart, the pain just got more and more intense. White light flashed and danced in my vision as I fell to my knees, staining my legs with blood. My vision blurred, then started to fade as I lost all power in my body, and fell to the ground, into the deep crimson pool. Realization dawned as the seconds of my life ticked away. This heart was my own, and it was being tortured for what I had done. A ghost of a smile pulled at my mouth as I slowly faded to black. I never thought pain could feel so...enlightening.

This blood that flows
Flows for thee
And from my sins
It shall absolve me

-Nightmare 3: Retribution
-Status: Overcome
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