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A day in the town {Kumo ninja only, Nk,} Empty A day in the town {Kumo ninja only, Nk,}

Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:00 pm
Kankri walked threw the town of Kumo the sand and gravel under his feet crunched and cracked as he made his way past his house, it was a simple apartment but Kankri loved it, Kankri made his way threw a crowd of people, their big bodies made it hard to navigate threw them as he got to the other side of the crowd, not many people where there, Kankri was walking threw this town due to a rather angry experience with a 'Saint' she really wasn't that bitch made Kankri so fucking angry he snapped and attempted to rip her arm off, not to mention he needed to take precautions if he wanted to do such a thing, Kankri knew for one thing nobody simply kills a ninja without some type of trouble, had Kankri ripped her arm off he would have needed to slash her headband the symbol of being a rouge ninja, if that where to happen Kankri would have told his Kage he thought she was a simple rouge ninja, the kage wouldn't have punished him, if anything she would have praised him for his best attempt to protect the village, despite a ninja missing a arm, it wasn't hard to fix a arm in this world, but Kankri wasn't one to take a limb without a legit reason. Kankri walked yawning, so far he had technically three or four friends, Sora, that dude with the green hair, the big beefy ninja training with the green haired ninja, that purple haired girl, Kankri didn't count the chick who pissed him off a friend she played his feelings to the point he wanted to kill her.

Kankri made it to his destination a nice ramen shop, it was on the outskirts of the village it was said their ramen slivered down your throat like a god snake, and its taste is that of a god, Kankri couldn't wait he was already licking his lips in anticipation as he opened the rags to the ramen shop that where up to trade the heat with cool air.
Aya Hiyashi
Aya Hiyashi
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A day in the town {Kumo ninja only, Nk,} Empty Re: A day in the town {Kumo ninja only, Nk,}

Mon May 26, 2014 5:55 am
Aya glared at her cousin -well, she had many cousins but let's focus on this one- as he sweet-talked the lass next to him. She was slowly eating her food, wary because whenever he tried to say something flirty she would gag at the sheer lameness at it. Their meals lay untouched, and the redhead couldn't help the small twitch of annoyance from her eye. Why did he bother to drag her here to buy him the apparently 'legendary' food when he wouldn't even eat it!

Though she had to admit, it was pretty good. So maybe it was worth her annoying relative.

"So, you wanna find a place more suited to your fine figure?" she heard her cousin coo at the giggling blonde.


Luckily, they left moments after that. Not sparing her a look -thank kami- and the redhead not to subtly slid the two untouched bowls closer to her person. She was a growing kunoichi and needed suitable sustenance. That, and it was a waste to forgo such fine food. Especially when it was her money they spent.

Finishing off her first bowl, she quickly devoured the second one. Which was still hot, luckily. The third one was a bit cooler, but it still had a little steam rising from the broth. Slowing her pace to a more sedate, and appropriate, pace the teen enjoyed her meal. This stuff was actually really good, better than what she was expecting.

Her ears twitched when she heard someone entered the ramen shop, and glanced back to see an adolescent man in a dark red cloak with striking white hair enter. Well, now that was different. Unexpected even. Naturally, her curiosity was sparked. But it would be a bit awkward to just walk up to a stranger, so she turned back to her meal. She finished her third easily enough, and called for a fourth.

"Smoked ham this time, please! With some tea, whatever you recommend!" she added, and the staff all gave her appreciative nods before continuing on with their work. She stacked her dishes and placed them to the side, to be taken when the busy staff were able, and waited for the next bowl. Along with her tea.
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