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Soldier 104 Empty Soldier 104

Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:23 pm
Journal log: Interstellar day 50
We seem to be approaching the planet.  The fleet is fully cloaked. Today, we rest, for tomorrow, we conquer!

Journal log: Interstellar day 50
I'm dead. I'm so dead. How did they see us? We were fully cloaked! They had been preparing for weeks! Almost all of our ships were destroyed before we even entered orbit! Their weapons were primitive. But we didn't expect anything. When the first one was shot, my entire squadron assumed that it was one of their space ships. Primitive things, really. Barely able to make it into orbit, let alone out of it. Then the lead ship exploded. All our commanders were on that ship! The entire company went into a panic. I was the only one to make it off the ship alive, I think. I was my troops leader. I ran for the escape pods. I was an idiot, I didn't get them to follow. I was the first pod to leave the ship. It blew three seconds later. I'm stuck on the planet. Will report more if I survive.

Journal log: Planetary day 2
I've had three run ins with the inhabitants of this accursed planet. The first two times, they ran in fear. I managed to shoot the small one, but the tall one got away. The third time, they shot back. I swear, I incapacitated them on my first shot, but they kept shooting! It was like they just refused to die! And you know what else I saw? The short one was still alive! These things don't die. Two lethal shots and still kicking and screaming! Luckily I recieved no harm thanks to my shields and got away, but something is bugging me. The small one lived, so the two that shot at me are probably still alive too. The creatures... why did we come here? We never stood a chance.

Journal log: Planetary day 5
I met a band of other survivors hiding out in the basement of what appears to be a farmhouse. Based on the state of decay, the house has been abandoned for at least a few years. They told me everything they have learned about these creatures, and now they are working out a way to communicate with them. It seems our shielding makes us immune to all their conventional  weapons, but all our weapons seem to have no effect. Almost. I hit one of those fuckers on the head and it dropped dead. I know it. My HUD displayed a notible lack of the electrical signals that normally pass through their bodies constantly. So these things can be killed. That's the first good news I've had so far.

Journal log: Planetary day 10
We have a rough understanding of the language of these creatures. We also picked up a tech wiz that was wandering around. He was walking with a group of them and we assumed he was captured. We were going to go kill them all when he stopped. None of the humans seemed to care. He pointed towards us and immediatly we all thought "here it is, turned in by one of our own so they could have freedom." But no, a few of the creatures nod and walk away, and our guy walks up to us. He rigged his gear to project his image as if he were one of them. Turns out the creatures see a whole different range of light than us. That's why the cloaks didn't work. I never thought such a small part of the spectrum would be our downfall.

Journal log: Planetary day 15
Our ration packs have run out. We are going into a nearbye town to get supplies with our new camoflague suits. We think we know enough of the language to get by. Even so, only myself and one other are going.

Journal log: Planetary day 15
Nope. Not again. Everything in those stores.. everything is a poison. These creatures eat poison. We did find a few things, though. The meat seemed safe, and scans show it  be fine so long as we cook it first. And they wanted "money." I haven't used that word outside of history class before. They don't know how universal aquisition of goods seems to work. They are so primitive. Why do they scare the flying fucks out of me?

Journal log: Planetary day 17
It's no good. We are going to die. The meat.. prions. Half of my comrades are dead. Our scans didn't pick them up because we never encountered them on our planet. Thank heavens for our medic. He was still living off ration packs and managed to figure out what was happening before we actually died. Cured half of us in the nick of time. I was a lucky one. 

Journal log: Planetary day 19
Finally fully recovered from that meat. Although we are still starving. The plants outside the house have been sustaining us, they seem to be edible enough. But I can't stand this much longer. The field is almost barren. We need to get moving or more of us will die.

Journal log: Planetary day 25
We found one of their cities. It was vast. Nothing like one from back home, but many orders of magnitude larger than the town we went to for supplies last time. We can probably make enough off of begging to get sustinance. Our travel here led us to finding which foods we could and couldn't eat.

Journal log: Planetary day 26
I noticed something most weird. The creatures were consuming some strange liquid. It seemed to be alcohol. But, that should have been poisonous! My people can drink it in small amounts with few to no side effects. But these things? It should be causing permanent internal damage on multiple nessecary organs. Yet there they are chugging away at it! If any of my men were hurt in the same way that these men were willingly indulging in, they would die. This world is one of horrors.

Journal log: Planetary day 35
Sorry for not logging, someone is following us. We had to flee the city after one of my men's cloaking devices failed. I'm so sorry.. he was the youngest of us all. I should have died instead. But, there's no way to change that. Right now, we think we got far enough away. We are in a forest, so their vehicles cannot be used to chase us anymore. Wait... no.. they are still coming. THEY JUST DON'T STOP!

Journal log: Planetary day 36
I knew what it was the instant I heard it. Reinforcements. Our second wave had arrived! Everyone had assumed the second wave would be mainly a colonization effort. Even so, as per standard protocol, they were fully weaponized. My squad was found just as the creatures found us. A scout ship shot at them. They had limbs ripped off, I doubt they survived.

Journal log: Planetary day 37
Turns out my squad was the only one still alive. Sure, we were improvised, but it was better than nothing. We had learned enough to teach people how to handle the creatures.

Journal log: Planetary day 38
Obituary entry: The soldier with identification number 10581 was killed on the battlefield. A transcript of the video from his mech suit is written below. This message will be sent to the next of kin at the first available opportunity.

"We got this!" The mech suit walks forward with 10581 inside. They are approaching a military compound of the inhabitants. One of the planets inhabitants crawls out of a ditch and charges 10581. Several rounds were fired at the target, but target failed to fall. Despite having received what should have been fatal damage, it continues up to the mech suit. 10581 is too stunned to activate any close combat suit functions. Target kills 10581 with a shot to the head from .5 meters before attempting to moving on. 10581 died instantly without pain. Target was neutralized with a shot to the head 2.05 seconds after killing 10581.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T LISTEN TO INTEL! We lost thousands of men because command would not believe us. We told them of how hardy these creatures are. They won't die unless you hit the head. We have had some success with chest shots, but results seems sporadic at best. A few have even survived being shot in the head! Even if we did win this war, our current size is too small to cleanse and colonize. We are leaving, and I hear high command has decided that we aren't coming back. Good with me. I'm fine if we never meet these "humans" again. They scare the crap out of me. Soldier 104 of the Aslyn System Heavy Infantry Corps signing out.
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