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For The Women! Empty For The Women!

Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:07 pm
It had been days since Koaru last trained by himself, and because of the progress from the last session, he was more motivated. He had been distracted by the other ninja in the village. Fortunately, however, he grew stronger by fighting the other ninja he encountered, specifically Kenzo and Jason. Koaru wondered how long it would be before he himself would get to be a part of a ninja team. He chance to work with other ninja work to a common goal was something he had to look forward to. Koaru’s eyes glazed as he secretely hoped that both of his teammates were female. Koaru snapped out of his day dream and redirected his attention to the training equipment set out before him. He had previously graduated from training on dummies to targeting small animals. Upon hunting moving targets, Koaru discovered his innate ability buried deep within his eyes. He could specific details even if they were a mile away. Moreover, his vision exposes internal tissues when he glares through the pores of an animal, possibly even humans. He needed a training partner for this round of training and practice his new technique in combat with a combative opponent, and that’s exactly what he got in his matches against Kenzo Uchiha and Jason Uzumaki, though he never took advantage of the vital points he could see with his Moringan. He did not want to kill the people he had just  met, thought he seriously considered it when it came to the arrogant Uchiha.

Today’s focus, however, would not be on Koaru’s eye abilities. Instead, Koaru needed to work on his chakra control. Koaru learned the in and out of his natural chakra abilities, as instructed by his teachers at the academy, as well as the elders from his clan, the Garinado clan. Upon his ninja training as a genin, Koaru discovered that his natural chakra element was the wind style, or fuuton. This was much to his clan’s disappointment, though. Throughout a significant portion of the Garinado Clan’s history, a large amount of the ninja produced from the clan wielded the lightning, or Raiton, element. Koaru could not help what his chakra came out to be, though. It was, after all, purely genetics, and if anyone should be blamed, it should be those that came before him that messed with the lineage. Koaru shrugged the matter off, and reached into his pockets. From his pockets, he removed a piece of paper. Koaru folded it to make four smaller squares within the paper. Then, he tore it into four different pieces. Koaru took two pieces and tucked them back into his pocket. The remaining two pieces he had, Koaru divided them so that he held one square of paper in each hand. The wind blew about Koaru’s figure as he stared at the paper he held in each hand. This was chakra paper. Upon focusing elemental chakra into the hands that held the paper, the paper would react chemically. The paper would react in accordance to the user’s chakra affinity. For example, if ones affinity was fire, the paper would burn and turn to ash. If water, the paper would become wet and damp. If wind, the paper would cut in two. If earth, the paper would crumble away like dirt. If lightning, the paper would crinkle.

Koaru confirmed his knowledge of the chakra paper’s abilities. Previouly, Koaru had used one paper to test his element. This, however would only display one’s primary element. Koaru needed to know just how many elements he could learn to use and master. Koaru tightened his grip on the two pieces of paper as he swelled his hands with chakra. Every dreaded hair on his head felt the tension of the situation. It was important. Koaru’s eyes widened when the paper in his left hand cut in two. This was not such a surprise, Koaru already knew he was capable of manipulating wind style chakra. He looked to his second hand. Because the wind style chakra was funneled into the left paper, Koaru wondered what his right hand would produce. Koaru broke a sweat in anticipation. The paper started to sqeeze together. Soon, the entire piece of paper was riddled with wrinkles, and the sounded like the crackling of lighting. Koaru’s jaws dropped, then rose again into a smile from ear to ear. Was it true? Was Koaru’s secondary element really Raiton? Koaru jumped for joy and let his hair bounce with him. He dropped the chakra paper, one split in two, the other crinckled, almost into a ball shape. Koaru started to think of all the things he could do with Raiton style techniques. His thoughts included zapping his opponents who dared to threaten a defenseless Konoha woman. Or rather, delivering a spark filled kiss to the same defensless Konoha woman. Koaru marveled at all the possibilities. Koaru’s intent was questionable.

He snapped out of his daydream after a few minutes and brought his hands before him. He would have to learn to master his newly discovered element. Koaru glared at the dummies over yonder. He was familiar with them from his previous training experience. Koaru distanced his legs from eachother, rustling up some dust in the process. The boy was some 50 meters in distance to where the dummies made of straw were. Koaru took a deep breath as he pumped chakra into his legs. His elders used Raiton chakra to sharpen their electrical nerve interactions with their lightning they create from chakra. Koaru attempted to do the same, the chakra was almost palpable as it enveloped his thighs, quads, and feet. Suddenly, Koaru dashed toward the dummies. Each step was like walking into a wet puddle, a puddle of chakra that is. Koaru noticed that his running speed was not getting any quicker. He was getting nowhere. “No, I’ve gotta think lighter….and quicker” The nature of lighting was quick and precise. That is how Koaru would have to apply his chakra when performing anything of the lightning nature. Koaru closed his eyes and concentrated his chakra. He redirected his chakra into thinner applications, letting the thin flows of Raiton chakra course through his legs. When he opened his eyes, his legs were pumping like a well oiled machine. He could not even distinguish his own legs  from the blurry mess they now were. Koaru was closing the distance in a matter of seconds. Koaru was overwhelmed, his torso was actually falling behind the speed of his legs. It was like they had a mind of their own. By the time Koaru was ten meters away from the dummies, it occurred to Koaru that he would have to stop earlier than usual to negate his increased velocity. He cut off the chakra from his legs with urgence. His legs’ blue aura diminished and Koaru fell into a skid, leaving a trail of dust as he quickly approached the dummies.
The speed was so hard to control, and Koaru tumbled forward. When the plume of dust that Koaru had created settled, Koaru was revealed to be lying facedown, just inches away from the first dummy. Koaru got up and dusted himself off from head to toe. Koaru squatted several times and stretched his legs out. He was amazed at what his chakra could do to himself. Then he wondered what he could do if he weaponized it. He stared at the dummy, then back at his hand. With newfound determination. Koaru cloaked his hand in Raiton chakra. He placed his palm gently on the dummy, right where the chest on a human would have been. Nothing happened just yet, and a wind blew over the fields. Koaru closed his eyes once again and reminisced on the feeling that Koaru felt when focusing the chakra into his feet. “Thin, quick, and most of all, precise” Koaru recited his thoughts, his hand still on the dummy. The chakra around his hand changed from a cloudy blue aura to trickling blue matter that almost looked the scattering of many blue wires. The dummy started to tremble in response to the change in chakra. The hay that it was made of was dry and had been there for weeks without being replaced. Koaru exhaled forcefully and let the Raiton chakra overflow through his arm and into the dummy. The lightning trickled throughout the dummy, toward the ground and soon, the other dummies caught drift of the lightning chakra. Soon all the dummies burst into flames. The dry  hay ignited almost instantly. Koaru fell backwards and observed his new power in awe.

Raiton Unlocked [4000/4000]
+7 stat
+14 JP
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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For The Women! Empty Re: For The Women!

Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:15 pm
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For The Women! Empty Re: For The Women!

Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:55 pm
Koaru sat at the edge of the pond with a makeshift fishing pole against his shoulder. He stared at his reflection in the water. The training field was particularly empty today, if one does not include Koaru’s imaginary fan girls who watched him practiced and were impressed by any little move he made. He had come a long way since graduating the academy, yet something felt missing. He did not especially enjoy fighting in the name of his Hokage. No offense to the Hokage, it’s just Koaru needed something more than that. Koaru needed someone to share his heart with, and protect with every drop of blood coursing through his veins. What he needed, was a girlfriend. The women he fantasized about in his dreams weren’t going to cut it for long. The lonely kid cast his line in the water, and his reflection rippled and faded out until it was beyond recognition. Koaru’s patience was being tested, and Koaru found himself wondering what was beyond life in the village. The faint outline of the village walls was visible from where he stood. Consequences for leaving absent without leave were harsh in this village, but still, Koaru considered the possibility that the women beyond his country’s borders were even more beautiful than the ones in Konoha. At the climax of his daydream, Koaru was interrupted by the tugging of his fishing pole. He gave it two good yanks before a fish the size of his midsection appeared. Koaru tossed the fish behind him, and it fell into a flop on a pile of 7 or so other fish who had met the same fate.

Koaru got to his feet, dusted and patted his clothes clean of all the dirt and mud from the ground he sat on. He made his way over to the supplies he brought with him for training purposes. On his way to the field, Koaru passed two interesting places. First, was the hospital. He had observed a treatment of a shinobi back from a mission. Koaru was sure the ninja could not recover, but thanks to the medic, the shinobi was back on his feet in just a few minutes. It was the first time he experienced medical ninjutsu in action. He recalled tales from the elders of his clan, about the remarkable shinobi that helped many people with their healing abilities, and knowledge of the human body. Koaru eventually moved on and passed through the ninja academy. He overheard a lesson on medical ninja in Konoha. Refusing to believe it was anything but fate, Koaru listened in. He learned that medical knowledge could even help a shinobi in battle. Koaru took more interest after hearing this. He would get to become stronger in battle as well as be able to protect his friends more efficiently all at once, just by learning the art of Medical  jutsu. After the academy, Koaru came running to the training fields after collecting a few materials first. Here now, he recalled the steps of mastery of medical ninjutsu that the academy teacher went over. The first and foremost rule of mastering medical ninjutsu was chakra control. Koaru picked up a scroll, his ink pen, and a few of his ninja tools. Fuuinjutsu, or the art of sealing, was a skill that also took precision and chakra control, so he would start there.

Koaru laid out the scroll and unraveled it so that it was a meter in length. Koaru wrote complex inscriptions and markings once he dipped his brush pen in a jet black ink. Upon completion, the designed had a circular space with no makings. There were about thirty total markings with circular spaces throughout the scroll in entirety. Koaru started by placing a kunai knife in one of the circular space on the scroll. Koaru composed a web of hand signs while conducting his chakra to move toward his right hand. With the jutsu cast, Koaru slowly placed his palm over the kunai. He let his chakra encase the kunai entirely before making it vanish in a puff of white smoke. Just like that, the knife was gone. Koaru reacted positively, as he turned around and reached for another kunai. He repeated the process: place the kunai on the scroll riddled with ink markings, channel the chakra after a few hand seals, then poof. Koaru sealed two kunai in the scroll before he decided it was time to kick in up a notch. He grabbed the tower shield on the ground near him, which took both his hands, and placed it over the scroll. There was no way he’d be caught dead lugging that thing around. The ladies would not like that at all. He quickly recited the hand signs and sealed the shield away, just as he did the kunai. This process, however, took a bit more doing because the shield was a lot bigger than a little kunai knife. Koaru broke a sweat, then wiped his brow. At least now he had confidence his chakra control to the point where he could seal things away, both large and small. Koaru was not exactly exceptional when it came to fuuinjutsu, so this was a large step forward.

Koaru got up after he closed the scroll and tucked it away in his tool pouch. That would certainly come in handy at some point down the road. Koaru made his way over to the pile of fish. They were all struggling with their last breathes. Koaru searched his pouch for another kunai, found one, then used it to stab a fish and carry it over to where he was training. Koaru withdrew his knife from the fish’s side and dropped it on a mat with more ink inscriptions on it. These were the inscriptions Koaru had seen in the hospital while a shinobi was being healed. Koaru wanted to try mending the wound he had just inflicted on the poor fish before tossing it back into the water. The fish flopped weakly and was losing life fast. Koaru recited the hand seals he saw the doctor at the hospital make. After he was done, Koaru manifested his chakra into his hands. He manipulated the chakra to become a thick aura that would close the wounds the fish had on his side. Koaru placed both hands over the fish. It was a very difficult technique, and after a short few seconds, Koaru’s focus broke and the chakra enveloping his hands wisped away with wind. Koaru wiped his fore head and scratched his hair. The jutsu was harder to grasp then he had thought. The fish had flopped just twice more before coming to a stop. The fish had finally succumbed to its wounds; the stab mark had punctured its gills. So, on top of being a fish out of water, Koaru had injured the fish’s gills. Koaru’s mood depressed. He related the now dead fish to his friends, family, and comrades. If he could not pull this off, there was a larger chance that he, or those that are dear to him will die in the heat of battle. Koaru could not let that happen. He had to try again and again until he perfected medical techniques. Koaru got up and collected water with a bucket that was laying around nearby. He poured the water the fish so they could breathe a while longer. The water visibly revitalized the mound of fish as they began to flop heartily once again.

Koaru separated himself from the fish training for a while and sat with a textbook. It was a book detailed the human body in its entirety. Part of mastering the art of medical jutsu was knowing every inch of the body you had to work on. This part would come easy to Koaru. As a Garinado with an activated and advanced Moringan eye, Koaru could see past his own skin, and observe every organ, muscle, and cell of the human body. This way, he would have an advantage that not many other medical ninja can attest to. He would be able to see the areas he was healing or attacking, rather than relying solely on memory. Koaru opened the book and started reading passionately. He was reading and absorbing information at an alarming rate. After studying for years and years as the nobility of his clan, Koaru had the learnin ability comparable to a genius. However, it was actually the result of hard work…or child slavery, rather. Occasionally, Koaru would glance up from the book he was reading and look on his own body with his Moringan activated. He could see all the nerves, muscles and organs that the book was talking about. It amazed him that there were so many weak points that a ninja could attack and even kill. It was amazing Koaru wasn’t dead already from all the times he was battered and bruised by the women who rejected him. Koaru did not dare test the effects of pressing the vital points. From the description in the book, they were called vital points for a good reason. Each could potentially kill him.

After an hour, with a few minutes to spare, Koaru was done with the book. He got up and scratched his chin as he stretched out. This was the most unusual ninja training he had underwent so far. It did not involve any physical activity at all, much to his surprise. Rather, he was training his brain, an irreplaceable ninja tool. Koaru decided he would take another go at the ninjutsu. Koaru took a deep breath. He had spent enough time recovering his chakra, and was finally ready to reattempt the jutsu that took an immense amount of control over one’s  own chakra. Koaru picked up his kunai again, no dry from the fish blood that once soaked it. Koaru selected another fish from the pile. The fish he set his eyes on was about as large as Koaru was tall, for a teenager. The fish was not about to go down without one last fight. He flopped toward Koaru and smacked him hard with its tail fin. Koaru was sent flying backward, shocked at the fish’s strength. He quickly countered with an uppercut. Raiton chakra enveloped the fist and electrocuted the fish. The fish dropped to the floor in defeat. He gave the fish a stab and heaved the fish with all his might. The lugged the fish over toward the paper where he had the jutsu markings set up. He mighty fish struggled and bled. Koaru rolled up his right sleeve with his left arm, and then his left sleep with his right arm. Koaru bent onto both his knees before the wounded fish. He tied his long dreads into a ponytail. He made the same string of hand signs as before. Koaru’s hands began to glow a green color. Koaru noticed the difference in color. Because he had brushed up on the theory of the healing jutsu, Koaru was able to increase the efficiency of his attempt. He pressed both of his palms onto his the fish’s injury. He replaced the torn tissue that separated the fish’s skin. Then, he but the scales of the fish back into its appropriate place. The process took a really long time, considering Koaru was still freelancing. He had no prior experience using the technique. All things considered, his skill with the technique with no prior training was ingenius.

After the session, which lasted about fifteen minutes, the fish began to flop heartily. The force of the flop destroyed the paper that had the jutsu inscriptions on it. Koaru grew a little irritated by the fish’s ungratefulness. “I worked hard on that, you know!” he said,. Koaru gave the fish a mighty kick that would send the fish flying. The fish landed in the pond in the training grounds. Koaru was exhausted. The chakra control that medical ninjutsu demanded was overwhelming. Koaru would need time to rest. Koaru used the paper that the fish destroyed by flopping around to start a small fire. Koaru left and returned with some wood to stir the fire, and a large stick. Koaru stabbed three more fish. These fish were not going to be healed. Instead, Koaru placed them over the now raging fire. He was long overdue for a large lunch. “Ungrateful fish..” he muttered as he sat near the fire and rested.

+4 Items Sealed In Scroll
+Electric Shield Mastery
+Lightning Uppercut Mastery
+21 JP
+11 stat
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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For The Women! Empty Re: For The Women!

Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:14 pm
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For The Women! Empty Re: For The Women!

Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:09 pm
 Koaru woke up to the sound of knocking at his front door. He rarely got visitors. Koaru quickly got up and made a hand seal. He performed the transformation technique and impersonated an elderly man with a hunched back and a long, wispy beard. The old man was about to answer the door, his right hand outstretched and hovering over the door knob. However, Koaru retracted his hand. He had a better idea for a disguise. He repeated the hand seal, and in another burst of smoke, Koaru transformed. From the smoke emerged a sinister pair of eyes. It was Koaru grinning devilishly in the form of a curvy teenage girl, clothed in nothing except what looked like a blanket. The people at the door knocked fiercely once more. Koaru finally answered the door, letting it leave its closed position ever so slowly, to see two men in uniform, a dark green shinobi vest and loose black pants, waiting for him. The men seemed surprised to see someone other than Koaru answer the door, and an underdressed woman at that. The flustered ninja could not decide whether to state their business with Koaru was or leave to allow the young lady to get dressed. The disguised Koaru let out a falsetto giggle, making it obvious that he still had the voice of a man. The ninja collected themselves and cleared their throat, ready to speak. They explained that they were looking for Koaru, as he was currently being drafted for a mission. The Hokage was being overwhelmed with  E and D ranked missions from the villagers, and needed able genin to clear them all. Koaru, who was disguised as the naked young lady, made an uninterested face. There was no way he would get roped into doing an endless amount of those trivial chores. Koaru waved his hand in front of his nose, as if to express that there had been some kind of misunderstanding. He told the ninja that Koaru had left the village on an errand, and that if they left soon enough, they might still be able to catch up with him. The ninja thanked the young girl before taking their leave, disappearing in a blur. Koaru snickered as he closed the door behind them. Still disguised, Koaru dropped the blanket he was holding and roamed around the room looking for his training bag. His training bag had all the tools he would use to train to become a stronger shinobi. Koaru would at least make a better use of his time and would train to become stronger rather than waste his precious time saving the neighborhood cat, or put band aids on the injuries of the village idiot. After searching for a while, Koaru finally found the bag tucked under his bed. The bag was quite dusty and clearly hand not been used in a while. Unknown to Koaru, his mother had come downstairs to see him. What she saw, was the naked girl Koaru was disguised as. Koaru’s mother became enveloped with a tangible rage and trampled on Koaru, causing his transformation to disperse. Koaru struggled to explain the situation to his mother, which barely saved him from her wrath. Finally, Koaru left the house, already bruised and battered, and made his way to the training field.

After a few minutes of traveling, running at a fast pace, but still enough to be considered a regular pace for a ninja, Koaru arrived at the training ground. He set his training bag on the ground as he soaked in his surroundings. The training field was wide with luscious trees and wildlife running about. In a clearing between the trees, there were about six training dummies posted up from the ground. They were made of hay, and had bulls eye target markings where the head and chest would be on a human. Koaru carefully observed each dummy, and their relationship to each other. They seemed to be about a meter away from each other. Koaru nodded, as if to confirm that the conditions were met to initiate his training. Koaru spread his legs and raised his arms, assuming his fighting stance. He dropped one hand down toward the pouch where he stored his ninja tools and weapons. Koaru dipped his hand into the pouch and carefully removed a single kunai knife. Koaru observed the knife carefully. It was an essential shinobi tool, and was overlooked by many, Koaru included. He took the time to appreciate the kunai knife  before he redirected his attention to the dummies. He threw the kunai straight and true, and it went flying toward the dummy, striking it  dead in the center of the chest. Koaru’s deadly accuracy hadn’t decayed thanks to his Moringan. Then, after this was done, Koaru formed the snake hand seal and concentrated his chakra. Koaru knew he had an affinity for the chakra element wind. Using that knowledge, Koaru applied Fuuton chakra to the kunai he just threw from a distance. He worked hard, and after breaking a sweat just above his brow, The kunai began to budge. The knife wiggled and loosened itself from its position in the dummies chest. After a few more minutes of concentrating the chakra, the kunai was free and flew backwards out of the dummy’s chest. Koaru stared in amazement. The knife was just there, floating in the air with nothing else touching it. Koaru had learned to make things levitate with just his chakra. When Koaru tried to make other random things levitate, it failed. So, Koaru concluded that he could only manipulate the things that he was well acquainted with. Koaru grew to understand more about this technique. He learned that it was a technique passed down from many generations of Konoha shinobi. Koaru sat with his legs crossed as he appreciated those that came before him, as his clan often urged him to do. Koaru maintained the snake seal and the Kunai knife sliced the air. He would thoroughly enjoy this technique.

+ 5 stat
+ 10 JP
Level 1 JSG unlocked

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For The Women! Empty Re: For The Women!

Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:02 pm
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