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Youka's all or nothing training, feel the burn! Empty Youka's all or nothing training, feel the burn!

Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:54 pm
Finding a nice quiet place near the cave where he had met a friend previously to have a spar, he thought this would be the perfect place to train his new jutsu that he had learned. He didn't think training them around other people would be a very good idea seeing as he was pretending to be a priest roaming the lands what he was about to do would not be seen as normal for him. Youka saw a few a few deer about 20 to 25 meters away from him that would be perfect to try this on, he clasped his hands together grasping the earth chakra tightly in his hands. Focusing on his targets he visualized how this would work he knelled down on one leg and pressed his hands to the earth beneath him, in the distance the earth started to slightly shake as the earth transformed into mud 3 meters wide which formed under 3 of the 5 deer that were in the area. As the other two ran he watched as the three that were stuck started to sink slowly into his pit, as they tried desperately to escape he watched as the life left them as they were drug beneath the mud he could see the last few air bubbles come up as the animals took their last breath. Youka hoped  that the swamp would go away soon, he didn't want anyone walking into it though he wouldn't care if they did honestly.

Youka liked how the jutsu took effect, he needed it to be deeper though if he were to use it for anything else besides just subduing someone because three feet deep wasn't going to kill anyone which is what he needed, he needed people to die and die very fast so he more than likely needed to build his chakra up just a little more. But enough with that he wanted to try another jutsu that was of the earth style, using all these new jutsu was a nice feeling and he enjoyed using new things and needed to learn more all the time. Turning on his chakra senses to ensure no one else was around he monitored his surroundings and still it was only himself and a few animals around, which was good he didn't need to deal with others right now.

He was thinking where he would go next in his travels after he left the village of Kumo, he needed to see all this world had to offer seeing as though he didn't actually  know where he was going to go he would probably travel down to  the other end of the world to find other great things and maybe a trainer in earth chakra that would be able to teach him how to control it to a better extent than he could now. With the people he had seen recently and the different things they could do some very mysterious things like making trees grow from nowhere or actual black flames coming from no where, everything that was seen was just amazing. If he could be anything like the people he had seen it would be perfect for what he wanted to do, he just needed more power to actually set things in motion but soon, soon he would be ready to be the true him and not hide anything from people.

Maybe if he could find a village that was surrounded by nothing but earth or just a desolate area, that would be ideal for him surely there would be users of the earth chakra there that could show him their ways. He wondered to himself if people would be so nice to him and train him in their ways if they knew he would one day try to kill them as well, he had to play the friendly priest right now while he built his power  so no one would think anything different about him. While  he rested himself after using that jutsu he stood completely still, making the ram hand sign he held it close to his chest.

He was doing this to help him focus and control his breathing to increase his lung capacity, he would take in a huge breath and slowly exhale it very slowly meditating on his breathing visualizing it as a huge mountain that needed to be broken down and with each exhale he was crushing the mountain down to size. With each breath he held his lungs felt like they could hold more and more air every time, the mountain kept getting smaller in his mind. He loved doing anything that involved meditating his mind after all it was the most important part of your body because without the mind nothing else would work and he knew that fact. When everything was happening he still was making sure that no one was coming to get the jump on him, with his chakra senses still active but still no one as far as he could tell was around him but he could feel the range of his senses reaching a new height.

His chakra senses were indeed improving he could feel his field or perception increasing all around him, he could feel more things entering his field  but it was little by little as he had to concentrate on actually increasing his sensing range without concentration everything would fall apart and he'd have to start all over again. Finishing up his breathing exercise he would try another jutsu that would in case anything it caught in a earth dome that would continusly  drain the chakra from anything that was trapped in the middle of it. Again feeling the chakra form in his stomach and move around he held it there and again was ready to release it in his jutsu, slamming both of his hands into the ground, directly in front of him a earth dome proceeded to be formed rather quickly from the ground that easily towered over him and could fit maybe 5 or 6 people inside it, the good thing about this jutsu was it was pretty sturdy and could drain chakra from those it had trapped inside which in turn would be temporary chakra he could use to fuel his own jutsu which was amazing. He touched the structure and could feel the chakra inside it pulsing around the structure, he could also feel where it was the weakest at where the current was producing a lot of chakra which was at the back of the earth dome. There wasn't anything he could do about that it was just the layout of the jutsu, but it was a very sturdy jutsu it even self repaired it self if it took damage.

Now for his final technique that he would use was one that would really scare anyone that would see this "Kind hearted" priest do but he had been aching to try it and he could the tendrils building up inside of him they were aching to be released and he was all to eager to oblige. As he slightly crouched over he grunted as he could feel things moving around him in his body it felt strange and very weird but this had to be done if he wanted to move forward. He was almost fully screaming now as holes started to appear in his body and small tentacles slowly crawled out flailing back and forth flicking his own blood in different directions. This was a truly painful experience feeling his skin being ripped apart as these blood covered tendrils protruded from his body. There was finally a very eerily sounding crunch as and almost a tearing sound as there was a explosion of flesh and blood, mainly the blood went flying and the skin just hung off of its owner as there were too many tentacles to count wriggling back and forth uncontrolled. If anyone were to see this they would honestly think that this was a monster devouring a human and it was hard for him to get under control they were constantly fluttering everywhere, one thing he did notice is that these things were actally strong as well and just not for show but could actually do some damage as he saw them tearing into the ground and whipping up dirt everywhere, he needed to get it under control first. He started trying to gain control of the tendrils over time causing them to stop swinging on their own eventually they became docile and he started forming them back in to his skin to hold them back in place and stitch his skin back up for his first time it was very painful and he thought he would pass out but he held it together. Little by little his skin and appendages came back together instead of just hanging there as his new tentacles swarmed, after about two minutes of fighting with himself he finally pieced himself back together and had everything stitched up while painful he assumed he would eventually get used to this over time. As he stood tall once again everything in place where it should be he was a little tired from using all these jutsu back and forth but it would be well worth it in the end when he was finally able to get everything under control and use this to it's full potential. He saw a bunny in the distance about 5 meters away he launched his hand at it as it disconnected from his skin and was only held together by the black vein like tendrils flying at a high speed completely catching the poor animal off guard catching and squeezing the life out of it while dragging it back to him and his arm connecting back to its original location and killing the bunny in his hands as it made little shrieks of agony. 

Youka had managed to learn three new justu to add to his arsenal now he would be a little more ready for anything that was going to happen to him, he needed to work on his stamina as well so for that he would practice exercises that focused on building up stamina. He worked on this while increasing his endurance and stability he went into a hand stand staying vertically straight up as he wavered back and forth before he steadied himself. He would do this for a few minutes before switching to lowering his body forcing him to let the weight rest on his arms before pushing back up into a full handstand again. It was strenuous practice but it would increase what he could handle on his body which as he could tell he would need after he released the tendrils from his body, it was a lot of pressure on his body to take all at once. Maybe if he was able to release these things at different times or slowly but maybe if he could it would lower the strain on his body. It wasn't that he couldn't handle the pain from using the technique but if there was a way to reduce the pain by a fraction the it would be worth the training, as he kept pushing down and lifting up his muscles were beginning to actually feel the strain he was putting on them by working out, he hadn't reached his limit yet but he was aware that it was coming up. He remembered doing this exercise a lot in his past times growing up and all the failures he had with this same technique but he had struggled with it enough that it had become second nature to him, as he was pushing back up he felt his muscles starting to ache now, it was almost time for him to move on from this he didn't want to over work his muscles and that's what he would have been doing if he would have applied anymore pressure to his arms at this time.

He put his legs down on to the ground and stood back up rubbing his arms gently to absolve some of the pain that was aching in his muscles which probably wasn't the best idea for him since he had just detached his limbs and flung his arm to kill a rabbit and then re attached it again, obviously  it was slightly more painful for him but he would push through it. For his next movement he guessed he would work on stability and holding his ground he lifted his left leg up in the air folding it inward so it was touching the inside thigh of his right leg. Teetering back and forth for a moment on his right leg before he became stabilized this was also a good meditation stance as it allowed him the luxury to think of other things as well as work his body as well. This part of the workout didn't take too much from this body in the beginning of it's start up which worked well because his legs got to be in use for a longer period of time before needing rest, while he was doing this he let his mind wander to to the crevice in the back of his mind and he felt out his chakra and visualized where it was flowing around his body he watched it roam around the inside of his body and through his veins and he could feel a concentration of it being pushed to his legs to maintain his posture. It was true that chakra was in everything and helped with the flow of everything without it where would we be was a thought that pushed into his mind as well. Youka believed that earth chakra was the strongest chakra there could be because of course it was in everything even under the water there was eventually more earth you couldn't escape forever even if you wanted to, maybe you could if you could always float and stay in the air but there was no human that he knew of that could honestly never touch the ground for as long as they lived.

He was starting to dream of a day where he could freely control the earth beneath him not through hand signs but moving it just as freely as he moved his body and he hoped one day he would run into someone that could do just that and he would practice under them and learn all they had to teach. He knew he would absorb all their information like a sponge and fold it into himself forming his own style completely, even though he knew he would be learning all of this for for the wrong reasons with the intent to harm the world and crush anything that got in his way, to him it was for the right reasons he was selfish and wanted power and wanted the world to be ruled through his own hands and indeed one day it would happen if he played his cards right. He would try to take over a smaller village and usurp the current hierarchy creating it in his own image and a haven for all of his kind to do what they wanted to whoever they wanted to do it to. It made him excited thinking about all the joys it would bring the other that thought like he did and would do anything to maintain their way of life, sure there would always be constant attacks and threats on his life but there would be a safe place for people to be where there would be no laws preventing them from performing any experiments they wanted or illegal activities they needed to do. His domain would be the perfect place to any of those things and he would only ask that he be informed of all dealings that happened in his village.

Coming back to reality his leg was burning he must have been out of it for a while for this to have happened he dropped his left leg to the ground and proceeded to lift his right leg in the air and proceeded to perform the same set of movements once he was back in the position but only on his other leg he continued to meditate on what it was he wanted to accomplish in his life before he died. On top of starting his own village for the evil kinds of people in this world he also needed to collect hearts from other people for his powers to increase which was an amazing thought for him he actually had to rip hearts from someones body and implant it into his own, he didn't know exactly how it worked but he hoped the tentacles that were writhing in his body knew what to do when that time came and would act on their own. It was a good thing he wasn't squeamish because his new ability wasn't the best looking and would more than likely turn anyone's stomach that wasn't used to seeing odd things like that and it was indeed a very odd thing to see> He had made it happen to him so he knew firsthand what he looked like and how he felt but this was a power he loved and would never deny using it he couldn't wait till he had a excuse to rip someones heart out it excited him and hopefully it was still beating when he did it so he could show it to their face while they were dying the last thing they would see is their own beating heart being shown to them before he would devour it into his own body. How would that even work, how would he connect it to his own circularity system would the tendrils do all the work on their own and allow him to use the heart by attaching it or was it more technical than that he didn't know nor care it would just happen when it happened and he would follow up from there. 

Coming again back to reality he felt rested mentally but his legs were both worn out and feeling like spaghetti he placed both legs to the ground and inhaled deeply before exhaling slowly. Now he would begin a quick running session eve though his legs were worn out he had to push all of his strength to the limit before he rested again, it was a pretty vast field in front of him with just a few trees and animals about the land but they would more than likely move out of the way and run away once he got close enough to actually seem like a threat to them. He began running in the north direction using a high step running motion bringing his knees to his chest and alternating as a normal runner would he would continue running this way until the burn would hit his quadriceps which wouldn't take long if he kept his current fast paced speed up. He was sure he looked insane running in this fashion but anyone that knew how to train their legs would know that's exactly what he was doing was just training his legs to increase blood flow to them as well, he had to make sure he was controlling his breathing as well breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth which at times could prove to be hard as your body loves to switch around your breathing to the opposite of what you would do. His legs started to ache so he went into a normal jog slowing his speed to allow his breathing to catch back up and return to it's normal pattern, in the distance there were the two deer that had escaped his previous swamp that had killed the other three deer. They noticed that he was running in their direction and it was like he could see fear in the animals face as at first they completely froze before running as fast as their little legs would take them in any direction that led away from the man that killed their friends, Youka smiled as he chased after them running at his top speed again to see how close he could get to them. While he was catching up slightly they were also pretty spry and were performing evasive maneuvers he was still gaining on them as he finally caught up to them, he passed them easily after he passed the deer they stopped running and actually watched the crazy man run off into the distance as they turned around and took off back away from him again.

He loved the new speed he was acquiring and it was because of the new training he was doing and working for as he was well past the deer and the few trees that he passed he slowed his speed again to a low intensity jog for a moment before he would stop all together it was a nice day as always so far in the area he was in he decided to head back to the cave where he had started his training and where he had first met Hikarishi. As he made it to the area again he stopped jogging and knelled over to breath and calm down he would sit on a tiny log that was near the entrance of the cave and just rest for a moment before he continued doing anything else. Relaxing everything in his body he used this time to reflect on all that had happened today he had done so much and it was just beginning but he had done so much training at such a high intensity  that it was really wearing on his body thus the much needed break time. While the wind was blowing he just tilted his head back and closed his eyes  he took in all the feelings around him letting everything  rejuvenate his body. He let his mind slip again into a dream state almost as he went over all the motions of the day again remembering the feeling of the earth dome he created and how he found out that it actually drained chakra as well from anyone that would be placed inside the dome and also how the chakra coursing through the dome was at it's weakest towards the back of the dome away from him and it was slightly stronger facing upwards at the top of the dome while it was at it's strongest facing him right at the front of the dome while he had his hands placed on it, it also allowed him to use the drained chakra and apply it to his own chakra reserves which would be handy if he ran out of chakra or was running low. He had learned to summon up a swamp of sorts the dragged anything that got caught in it down with extreme force unless they were strong enough to break free of the grip and climb out of it on their own strong will. Everything was going well in his training and he felt confident that he would become stronger than he was now as long as he continued down this path.

The best thing that happened to him was his ability to now produce tentacles from his body at high speeds and control all of them as he pleased and disconnect any part of his body and use them as a projectile if he wanted, he was sure there were other uses for his new ability but he hadn't found out what they were yet so of course there would have to be a few more training lessons on what exactly he could do with all of this. Sadly there wasn't anyone that he knew that could use the same ability he could which made him feel a little lost in the big scheme of things but he always learned best on his own anyway so this was no exception. He also felt like the technique was incomplete and he couldn't put his finger on why but there was just the tinge that something was wrong with the jutsu or not really wrong but incomplete and he would find what he needed to add to be complete in his new form.

As he unbuttoned his shirt he took his arms out from the sleeves and let the shirt hang down as it was still held in place by his blue sash that his father had given him when he was a boy before he was killed in front of him and he was abducted. That was another thing weighing heavily on his mind what would his father say if he had saw the man he had become, would he forgive him of all the lives he had taken or would he condemn him of those wrongs? Youka continued to float through his dream state he was just thinking on all of life maybe his father would see him as a monster now after all he did have a multitude of black vein like things coursing through his body. He would more than likely be seen as a demon if he were to be seen now by any of his past mentors which made his mental state flinch as he could feel he was failing what his fore fathers had wanted for him even though he really didn't have any. 

He knew what he had to do to make himself complete and take away any doubt that was put into him by himself, he had to remove his father and the good part of him all together. It made him weak and made him pause in his actions sometimes where doubt could lead to a quick defeat. So he would compartmentalize his past self with all its values and morals and he would bury it deep in his mind he had no use for it anymore and as such made it useless for his further development. He would keep the act though and continue the whole priest demeanor and all the prayers, all that would stay close and prove to be his saving grace and travel disguise. It had worked so far so why would he change what wasn't broken and no one had questioned his travels and where he was going or what he was doing, of course he was questioned as any new person would be if they were entering anywhere where they weren't known but that was to be expected. After he would bury all the old he would just be a pure evil form of human with the perfect facade that only another person of his mindset would be able to see through which would be great in helping him find who else was like him and looking for solace and who he could confine in about all his trophies and plans that he had to accomplish.

He began to think if maybe he could tell Hika about his true self next time they met and just get it all of his chest, Hika was the first person that talked to him and offered him help and training when nobody else batted a eye in his direction. It would be perfect if he could because the other man had shown some of the same qualities that Youka had in himself. When Youka took over any place he went to when he was ready he would hope that Hika wasn't there because he didn't want them to get in to a fight or for him to see him butchering innocents or maybe he could get Hika to help him as well and maybe they could join up together and be a team, these were ideas he would run by Hika next time he saw him. That's what friends do after all they share their plans for domination and murder with each other, even though the other man was from a village and had ties to it of course possibly he could talk him in to it if he was completely honest and open. Youka needed someone to be himself around of and he would risk being attacked to show just one person the true him and right now he decided that he would find someone like that very soon.

As he finished pushing his light self to the back corners of his mind where it wouldn't bother him ever again unless called on which he knew he would never do again because all it did was force him to do things that he no longer wanted to do he opened his eyes feeling completely new and ready to start his true purpose and agenda. He was thinking about what else he could do to increase his skills and pump his training today to another level when he remembered that he also had a ninjato that had been given to him that he remembered he had it strapped to his leg hidden by his long coat like shirt. Lifting it up to reveal the blade he unstrapped it and held it in his hands it was a very well made blade and it was very sharp showing that even though it more than likely had been used on other people over and over again it was still amazingly well defined  and ready to end anyone's life that it would come in contact with.

As he took up a fighting stance with the ninjato facing forward in a kendo stance he began swinging it back and forward in very controlled motion as if he was attacking a persons head back and forth as he stepped in and out with each strike as he visualized an opponent in front of him. He wasn't used to using weapons as he wasn't really trained to use them when he was abducted he was always taught to use his hands but this was a new thing to get used to as well after all he would have to be well versed in the use of all the techniques that he could possibly use. He started swinging the blade in a flourish of movements as best as he could to practice as he made it up on the fly without cutting himself. It felt so weird in his hands using this strange new weapon and it really didn't feel like it was a extension of his own self which as he heard as how it was supposed to feel as if it was just his arm moving but just a little longer or so he thought, he didn't know it was his main strength in swordsmanship so he didn't care too much about the finer points as long as he had the basics down he would be well enough to handle himself with a weapon if the time came. It was really mandatory that he kept practicing with a weapon the more he realized he was more so than not swinging madly in any and every direction he could. It was tiring out his arm rather fast now that he was actually paying attention to it. He stopped with the sword movements and re strapped it back onto the right side of his leg while letting his shirt cover it back up where it lay concealed so no one would notice a priest carrying weapons on him.

As Youka stood up again he began stretching all his limbs limbering them up for his next form of exercise if you could call it that, but in a sense flexing was a form of exercise, it was focusing on constricting and contracting his muscles and releasing them separately to enhance his body control. As he flexed his arms tightly his muscles became more visible and profound and you could see the lines coming from where the muscles usually relax in the skin. He performed these actions slowly to get the full effect from constricting his muscles as he slowly tilted his hands as well at the wrist to increase the strain it would put on him to perform this stretch. He also went into the Adonis flex showing off all his upper body muscles contracting them tightly but making sure to release so he didn't pass out as would happen to him if he kept it up too long. As he stretched he saw a tree with a low enough tree branch for him to do pull ups on walking over to it while stretching out his arms before jumping up and grabbing the tree branch as he pulled up he  tried to keep his elbows about a shoulder length apart. He kept his hands away from his body by keeping the arms only partially flexed, he  found himself pulling on the branch towards his upper chest and failing to make it up as quickly as he would have liked. He was you’re probably flexing his arms and pulling his elbows back too much instead of keeping the branch out in front of him which was not the smartest thing to do as he was putting more stress on his arms instead of working together with his surroundings.

His legs at this point were going to kick up in front of him. He wanted to coordinate this with the pull so that both the leg kicking and the arm pulling were working together to get him up and down in this movement. He continued doing this for as long as his arms would allow him to stay up before he needed to drop down and rest his arms but he could continue for at least 20 minutes before his arms finally gave out and he dropped from the tree landing flatly on his feet. The next thing he would do would be the jump squat, he got ready for the jump squat by crossing his arms over his chest and standing with both his feet a shoulder width apart. With a slight bend in the knees he straightened his back and pushed his chest out.He squatted down until his thighs were parallel to the earth beneath him as far as he comfortably could.The moment he reached the depth of his squat,he exploded upward driving the balls of his feet into the ground jumping as high as possible with all the strength he could and landing as softly as possible using his toes to brace for the impact to ensure too much stress wasn't put completely on his knees. This was a easy enough exercise to continue for long amounts of time before taxing his legs too much to where each jump was starting to hurt more and he didn't see the pain easing anytime soon so he stopped and went on to the next workout using just his body weight as the catalyst .

Dropping to the ground he entered the diamond push up position, his arms were slightly more rested after the break they took from being used and he felt he could pull of at least 100 push ups before they were useless to him again. The push up was one of the first exercises he ever did to build strength and muscle while he was captive by the smiling men. Kneeling down on the ground he placed his hands on the earth in front of him at around shoulder width apart which was around 36 inches apart. Taking his knees off the ground from the crawling position and stepping back with his feet until his legs were outstretched and his toes were on the ground. He had to make sure his body was straight from head to toe now that he was in the starting position for the push up he kept his body straight, slowly lowering his torso as low as possible until his stomach was barely touching the ground. He didn't pause between them before rising back to the starting position he knew if for even a second he would stop the burning would erupt in to his mind causing him to stop prematurely which was not what he wanted before hitting 100 push ups. As soon as he reached one hundred he quickly rolled over on to his back letting it rest on the earth as his arm muscles ached even more now from the extended use they were receiving, he would lay like this for a few moments allowing the endorphin's to kick in and calm all his pain if even for a brief moment. It would be awhile before he was ready to do anything of use with his arms again. The feeling had completely left them and all he felt was a numbing sensation. If he used them anymore than he had it would take more than a nights rest to fully recuperate his strength in them, so many it was best if he just focused on legs for now on.

The sky was starting to descend to darkness as he continued to push his body to the near limit, how long had it been that he was out here training. It didn't feel as if it taken that long to perform all of training regiments that had been layed out today  but indeed most of the day was already over, he figured he would keep at this for about another hour or 2 before calling it quits and heading to sleep. He knew after today's training session he would sleep like a baby which was exactly what he needed after this. What other workouts could he do that focused on his legs and put a very good strain on them so he could get a very good last home stretch workout.

Standing up from the ground he felt a little light headed because he stood up too fast as he wavered back and forth before finally catching his balance and fully erecting himself and standing completely still with a slight bend in his knees facing forward. Stepping forward with his left leg while maintaining his balance and squatting down through his hips, Keeping his torso straight and head up. He made sure not to allow his knees to track out over the toes. He continued the movement by driving the left heal into the ground and standing straight up again bringing his right foot forward to meet the left foot. He continued moving forward in this fashion by alternating which leg he lead with to maximize not only blood flow again to his legs but also enhance his stamina to last longer running and doing anything else that needed stamina. Next he would perform a overhead split squat by standing completely erect and placing the top of his foot on the tree bark that was behind him with his knee slightly bent. He lifted his arm overhead so it was directly over his shoulder.By Keeping his arm extended he bended his front knee and hips to descend straight toward the ground, when his front quad came parallel to the ground he press back up through the front of his heel to return to the start of his exercise repeating for 20 reps of 10 then switching sides to continue on with the exercise with the opposite leg continuing this for a while it was a good stretching and muscle building workout. As he stopped and finished up on this workout he thought on what else he could do, there were so many workouts that were focused on the legs that it was hard to pick just a few for him to do and get done in time before the sun went completely down.  

Next he started performing calf raises which was a easy enough movement to start still staying in the standing position he began to slowly raise himself onto the tips of his toes raising till he felt his calves fully extended then he would control fall his way back to the starting position with his feet fully planted back on the ground. This exercise was so simplistic but it required a lot of training to master as it only took a few calve raises to tire out your legs and the hamstrings accordingly but he kept going doing 10 reps of 15 each slowly more agonizing than the next. Everything was worth it though he had trained so hard today he knew that after this session he would be a tad bit stronger and ready for the world a little more than before.

The next exercise would be the pistol squat which was one of the most advanced forms of the squat as it required extreme core and leg strength to perform. It also didn't really differ from the normal squat except for the fact that his right leg would remain off the ground for the entirety of the squats done on the left leg. He slowly began to squat down on his left leg keeping the right straight and completely parallel from the ground squatting as low as he could, he also outstretched his arms to better stabilize himself in the movements he would continue to squat up and down on his left leg till it began to sorely burn before switching legs and performing 50 more squats on his right leg pushing it beyond the pain threshold and as he reached the last one he plopped on the ground panting again. His body would not easily forgive him for this day as he knew he would more than likely have to rest and recuperate for a slightly longer than time than usual. But he didn't want to rest yet, he didn't need to feel weakness right now all he needed to do was let the endorphin's rush over his body providing it again with another moment of pure bliss so he could continue his intense workout training before everything in his body completely decided to give up on him giving up on his own and send signals to his brain to cease all function all at once and have his body come crashing down to hit the earth very hard and very fast.

He would take a break again for awhile sitting Indian style he would begin another chakra meditation. He intently meditated on controlling his last dwindling chakra and controlling it through the earth and bringing it in his body hoping that some how it would restore what little he had. His emotions started to run wild again feeling the embrace was always something he enjoyed with every thing in his being so much so that he could see himself holding tightly to it as a child would hold on to their fathers hand. He was taught all along that meditation was also a key to full knowing and enlightenment but right now he just needed to  flow chakra through his body and control every action that happened in his body monitoring his chakra reserves which slightly dropped a little more as he was expending it little by little. 

It was completely different for him to be focusing on channeling chakra and focusing it while he was at such a low level. He had to rely on this sort of training to so if he eveer cam to a point that his chakra got this low he would know what to do without just dying. As always he enjoyed the challenge that this would bring him if he didn't completely pass out  all these. The thought of using every ability that was inside of him to control this moment for as long as he could was thrilling he knew at any moment the concentration that he had could go out the window and he would be completely and utterly pass out for what he would only assume would be for a very long time that would more than likely be a downer on him he though.

As he sat on the ground he began meditating again on what he wanted soloed  out as he would push all else from his body and mind the pain of all his body parts and the mental exhaustion , he didn't need to remember the pain anymore or the almost mind numbing chakra loss he had brought on himself that made him want to go to sleep as he trained and pushed his mind to its breaking point. All he needed to focus on was chakra and the connections that made him feel as though he could hold on to this sliver of chakra forever. Even though it was difficult he felt this connection with the faint chakra still holding on, was this the limit that he was being attached to , he hoped that it was the case nothing would make him more happy than to end all of this right now and enter his well deserved break/coma. Still sitting and thinking on life he wondered how it was that all this  training had happened and this was now his final waking moments life but this was the moment he had given to himself. He would use all the power he could muster to make this time his, and probably destroy his body in the process. 

Youka had finally met his limit he was completely drained and almost felt as if he was dying a little on the inside from pushing his body to this extent and draining his chakra to the point of it almost being completely gone which as everyone knew if you drained chakra from your body to the point of it being completely gone the chances of you surviving it were slim to none. All his work today though was worth it he would come out of this a lot stronger in everything that he did as long as he woke up from this nap he was about to take, of course he knew he would or at least he hoped he would nothing would suck more than dying after he did all this training, the idea made him shudder with a dark smile. Now that it was all done and over he let his feet slide out of the Indian sitting style into just a calm and relaxed position which was very relaxing and just what his body now needed even though he wasn't in a bed or under comfortable blankets he didn't need any of that to feel at home all he needed was the feeling of earth and that made all this training perfect because he trained to get better at earth manipulation and now it would be the one holding him down and making him safe.

With all the burning in his bones and the endorphin's running rampant all over his body, he didn't know whether to be relaxed or shrivel up in a ball and just be done with it all. He controlled his breathing allowing him to rest and semi block out all this pain and it brought forth all the positive feelings in his body and for just a moment in time there was no more pain as he held the air in his lungs. After the exhale though again all the pain came rushing back into his body as if he had been hit by a giant boulder that didn't crush him but just broke every bone in his body, which if you didn't guess it was the worst pain he thought anyone could feel in their body but somehow he had managed to pull through all this. Even though he probably would not be walking but crawling to anywhere he needed to go if he would have tried to go anywhere which more than likely would look hilarious but he didn't care how he looked he just need to crawl back to the tree trunk that was on the ground and rest his head on it for him to fall asleep. As he made it to the trunk he layed his head on it and drifted into what would be known as the best sleep to ever have been had by anyone in the world.
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Whoa, Approved Mr. 8k. Also, you can store your extra Jp for later, waste not. Just make sure you keep track of how much Jp you gain.
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