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(Specialty change) Preperation to grab new power Empty (Specialty change) Preperation to grab new power

Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:52 pm
With every passing hour Youka new he needed to become stronger and stronger in order to master everything that he he would use, he would focus these few hours on a new jutsu that needed attention. Every hour he was breathing he had to devote to strengthening every art he knew from the transformation jutsu to water walking and the variable taijutsu he had picked up along the way. Today was different however this technique was completely new in how it felt, even though it was still a earth jutsu it's nature and how the earth had to be molded was completely new to him. He would spend today focusing that earth chakra and kneading it into the actual projection that he needed it to be, staring down at the ground in front of him visualizing the chakra entering him through the ground and in to his body where he could hold it precisely. He would focus on just one spike at first concentrating and focusing on one spot exactly five meters in front of him, the earth began to slightly rumble and in the next moment a two meter earth spike erupted from the ground at an alarming speed that it also almost scared himself.

He stopped a moment to check the structure that had protruded from the ground it was actually a very sturdy thing and tall to boot, he was very proud of himself but now was not the time to sit back and relax he had only begun to practice this new jutsu. With that he again began holding chakra this time a little faster he would make 2 spears jump up next to the original focusing on the points where he wanted them to be created he flowed his chakra in to the ground and in a matter of three seconds two more spikes had emerged 1 meter in height next to the 2 metere spike. It was tiring performing this jutsu but it would become a centerfold in his arsenal for helping him set up different combinations of attacks for different situations.

It had been a while since Youka had trained himself in the arts of ninjitsu, he had always spent more time on his physical attack speed and strength. Physical attacks were always something he could work on at a later time he would be facing different opponents that used varying different abilities. So Youka would continue to focus on his distancing and more abilities that would keep the playing ground fair hopefully, it had been so long since he had trained in the forms of hand to hand combat with his captors. While it had become a key point in his life eventually he knew he would have to move on to learning more things about this world and increasing his power if he was to one day destroy it as he had hoped. As he stood still in the breeze of the cool air he began to meditate.

He meditated on controlling his earth chakra and pushing it into the earth and holding it in his body. This feeling of the earths embrace was always something he enjoyed with every ounce of his being so much so that he could see himself forgetting little by little the taijutsu that he was taught all along and he began to understand the intricacies of how ninjitsu flowed through ones body and controlled every action and monitored his chakra reserves. 

It was completely different for him to be focusing on channeling chakra and focusing it to be used as a outward force, he never had to rely on this sort of art form. As always he enjoyed the challenge that it would bring for him to completely forget and toss aside what he had learned  all these years as he grew up, from the hardships of the physical beatings he would take pushing his body to the limit with nothing but exercise. The thought of using an ability that was always inside of him from birth it just lay dormant was lost upon him till now. If he couldn't solve his problem with his fist or his feet then he was weak, or at least that was what he had been raised to believe as he grew up with the smiling men that had held him captive. You use your fist to break the bones of your enemy till they cry out for mercy and then you continue to beat them because they cried out for mercy. You use your feet to stomp on the pride and hope of the victims to ensure that it's all turned to ash you don't give them the room or notion that you will give them any leniency. Those were the rules that had been put in to his bones even though not one of his captors spoke, they didn't need to everything was said through action and to those people everything was action there was no need for thought or a plan. You don't need a plan when everything you do is solved by beating the other group into submission with your fist, but now it was different he would forget the very barbaric and archaic form of destruction his mentors had taught him through fist fighting. Although it had served him well it was time to branch out on his own and make his own fighting style that was unique to himself and to do that he would have to lose somethings in the process but the risk would be well worth the reward in the end or so he kept telling himself.

As he sat on the ground he began meditating again on what he wanted and soloed it out as he would push all else from his brain, he didn't need to remember the hand to hand anymore or the almost ritualistic stances they made him take as they trained and pushed his muscles to their breaking point. All he would focus on is chakra and the connection that it made him feel. Even though it was rudimentary he felt this connection with the earth since forever, was this the element that he was attached to all this time, he hoped that was the case nothing would make him more happy in all this than to know that the one thing that he wanted to make his source of power would actually be something that could happen and he would indeed have the embrace of the earth on his side. Still sitting and thinking back on life he wondered how it was that all this had happened to him and this was now his path through life but this was the lot he was given to play in life. He would use all the power he could muster to make this world his own and destroy any that got in his way. For that to happen though he would actually have to finish this training and push aside all this physical that was blocking his growth and switch to a more mental state.

As he visualized himself performing earth jutsu and how it felt in the pit of his stomach he could actually see and feel the energies required to call forth such a power. Everything was so overwhelming from having to forget whats been taught to him to actually self teaching himself how to control the unbalanced element that was now in his reach if only he could make the room to learn it. Time had slipped away from him through all this mental training and working to forget his previous training that he had actually forgotten to take a break and eat.

As he took a break and just breathed in fresh air he pulled a water bottle from his coat and took a sip as he let the water slide down his throat he could feel the cool water as it passed into his chest before finally settling in his stomach. This break would be well needed and deserved as he took another sip of water he began to lay his back on the grass and his gaze was shifted towards the sky as he watched the clouds pass by. He couldn't believe how much he had missed just looking up at the clouds he hadn't done this since he was a young boy when his father from the convent allowed him to sit out in the open field they would both count the clouds as they pass by and also try to discern what shapes they made, it was a fun past time that they shared after Youka had finished his daily chores and prayer recitals the father would allow him to take a break that they could share. He never had time to cloud watch after he had been abducted the idea had been lost to him so being able to just reminisce like this was a great gain for him as a cloud that looked like a elephant passed by he was moved back in to reality.

It was happening so slowly... very slowly but he was starting to forget the very small details of hand to hand combat as he continued. Not to say he had forgot how to throw a punch but the finer details on how to clutch your fist the right way or how to and when to twist your fist with a flick of your wrist to ensure the most damage is done. The were all ever so lightly be pushed from his mind as room was being made for hopefully the new combat style he was hoping to come out of this training with. How would he master becoming more of a distance fighter than someone that was right in your face all the time, these were the questions he had to ask himself and find the answers to before he would be any use in the field of battle. What would be his attack pattern now, where he ran into the fray to bring his foes to their knees he would now have to more than likely think of strategies that involved distanced fighting while still involving some forms of close combat he hoped. He still would hope that he could rush into the thick of battle and let someone taste his fist he would just have to form a strategy now to ensure that he could meet that end before going for the kill.

After he lost his sparring match with the man known to him now as Hikarishi he knew he would have to form some kind strategy to endure the onslaught of ranged fighters, and as he was now it wouldn't be as easy to gain the upper hand on those who would play a distance game so he would try to facilitate a new beginning in himself to accommodate a variety of new ranged jutsu to steady the tide. The only ranged anything that Youka had at his disposal was a justu he had picked up along the way, but he knew it was more of a utility attack than supposed to be used for a opening attack and that was his earth spike jutsu and while it was a very good jutsu it afforded the enemy time to move out of the way with the noise it would make from the ground let it be known that it was coming. He needed something to actually slow them down or capture them in if the jutsu would actually be of full use.

It still wasn't enough all the meditating and past thoughts weren't enough in helping him to block off his taijutsu training he needed more and he needed it to happen sooner than later, he was wasting time sitting here thinking on what needed to happen. All he knew was that he was on the right track with his focusing on understanding how chakra works in the body he just needed to know where he needed to put it. As he placed his right palm on the ground he began to rub in along the ground picturing himself running chakra through the ground and the earth in turn pushing it back into his body, he closed his eyes once more in an attempt to push all his learning behind his mental blocks. Everything from his leaping kicks that were practiced to such precision, his flying knee would also be forgotten maybe he could still use it but the impact wouldn't be the same from now on. The leaf whirlwind attack that he had picked up would be useless now until a later time where he could actually use it again he enjoyed the technique because it allowed him to use the main part of his body that he loved to use to cause harm to the body of others and that was his legs. Now he would still be using his legs of course and he would still be using them to kick, he knew that but it felt like he was giving up more just to be able to be on even ground with others.

Is this the price of what he was doing to himself in order to change and grow did he have to forget what made him the person he was, did he have to throw aside all that was taught? Did he want to forget all that was taught to him from his captors, he knew how to be a killing machine using his hands and he reveled in it but now he was tossing it to the wayside to become something more. He was just afraid that now he would never be able to reach his former self if this did work and he enjoyed the guilt he felt from killing people, he enjoyed the sick happy feeling he got when he thought about his captors beating strength into him. After this process was over he was worried that he wouldn't be Youka and that's all he anted to be was Youka, but he pushed that as well to the back of his mind as he still focused on everything that needed to be blocked in his mind. It felt almost painful to him while it was happening his mind was racing at 1000 miles a minute and he could feel himself sweating without actually doing anything exerting to his body he could still feel the heat coming from him as if he had just got done running a marathon. Was this the effects of this process was he going to be ok at the end of this, he didn't feel ok now maybe it was time to stop and give up on this fool hearty attempt in forgetting himself to gain another self, he felt like his mind would melt away in this whole process, but he kept going. Pushing back all the drills he had went through to the back of his conscious, he pushed all the rigorous drills and training from kicking and punching tress, he just let it all go. The only thing he needed to keep now was his earth chakra and the memories of how it felt for him to manipulate that chakra in his body and make sure it was truly under his control.

He had to be able to call upon this power at anytime, what if he wasn't any good at it, what if he isn't able to make his way in the world by taking on this new specialty. He was forsaking his taijutsu background and it felt like he was giving up on his self to become something he wasn't. He didn't let that fear stop him, he would master this new ninjitsu speciality even if it killed him in the giant scheme of things, it didn't matter now the process was now nearly complete, he didn't remember any of the taijutsu skills he had been taught. They just weren't there anymore, he could still remember how they looked and the way they should be executed that much he still had, but the feeling in his bones wasn't there anymore almost as if he would try to execute the attack it would fail horribly because the skill had left him it was such a odd moment to feel something that was drilled into you just vanish without a trace. The exertion that this required of his body was too much to take he could feel himself blacking in and out of consciousness and this process was coming to a end but he didn't know if he would make it to this final phase, how screwed up would this be for him to put so much effort into changing just for him to pass out at the end and recieve none of the benefits of all this, no he wouldn't let that happen he focused more on the last little bit of his knowledge that was left..what was left, what had he been training to push out, ah yes taijutsu needed to be forgotten he took one last deep breath of air and focused on locking the mental door to say on his memories, it was such a tedious effort and he didn't want to be awake for anymore of this he was tired and needed to rest and maybe not wake up for a very long time he felt that he deserved it.

With a huge exhale one last time he opened his eyes with new vision in front of him, it had worked or so he thought he couldn't remember the taijutsu attacks that he had been shown or how they felt to his body, but he still could remember his chakra signature and it felt as if it was even more significant in his body as if it was in the foreground instead of riding back seat to his physical prowess. He would make use of this new found source of energies soon but for now it was time to let go and cut himself out from the world as he felt himself lose the ability to stay awake he faded into the deep embrace of sleep smiling as he felt that he had attained a new source

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(Specialty change) Preperation to grab new power Empty Re: (Specialty change) Preperation to grab new power

Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:55 pm
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