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SAU [Adventure Decesion-Based Game] Empty SAU [Adventure Decesion-Based Game]

Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:59 pm
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SAU [Adventure Decesion-Based Game] Preloader_transparent
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Welcome Guest to SAU which stands for Swords Art Undead. Ah, did you catch that? Undead. This game has similar properties to Swords Art Online, instead you will be put up to ten different level.

  • Each post will concern a level.
  • Each level will have a crystal over it. (Green=Still processing, Yellow=Level Up, etc.)
  • Depending on what crystal is over the server's(my) post gives anyone who had signed up a decision.
  • Decisions are:
  • Attack- Using Meele, Weaponized Skills, Magic Skills
  • Inventory- Use any item/weapon you have on you, may vary depending on situation
  • Skip- Skips your turn for the phase
  • Flee- Allows you to flee the battle, leaving your comrades behind.

At the fifth level there will be a boss put up against those who stand before them.

On each level their will be a certain number of enemies that will spawn, where the user has to decide on whether to fight it, use an item, skip, or flee. These however are depending on the situation, like if a boss level prevents people from fleeing then they will be unable to flee. If a certain enemy uses a curse to prevents you from using a items or a certain type of attack.

Everyone starts with 100 Health and Mana, does not reset per level but can be replenished from certain items.

All Techniques cost mana to use in battle, Skills are more passive then techniques, items and weapons are what goes towards your inventory.

If a Technique say's "Afflictional" this means that the damage will occur over and over depending on the number of phases it has next to it. During Afflictional, you won't be able to do anything more.

If you are bleeding then that means your health will decrease by 5 each phase, this however can be prevented by Armor and can be healed by bandages or a healing. Does not count towards curse cleansing.
Everyone can has a limit on what they can wear/hold. Meaning 2 arm slots, 2 foot slots.
For the torso/chest area, they have one under slot, one over slot, and one overall slot.
For the eyes they can only have 1 slot (sunglasses etc, no contacts in game).

Now Guest, it is your decision on whether or not you would like to sign up. SAU revolves around classes, pick wisely because it will decide on your move set.

Knight Class:

Paladin Class:

Beast Tamer Class:


SAU [Adventure Decesion-Based Game] Preloader_transparent

I am deeply sorry Guest, but the software has not been completed yet.
Connect later, and see if we have more available.
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