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Youka's chakra control training Empty Youka's chakra control training

Wed Nov 27, 2013 5:30 pm
Youka was sitting under a great oak tree at the baseline of a lush forest it seemed, taking in the sights around him made him realize how much he enjoyed being by himself. He had the whole world to travel and acting as a traveling priest gave him that luxury without constantly being stopped if he smelled of blood. Even though he had all the impulses to murder at will he was also refined enough to hold them at bay with training, practicing his move set and mastering his chakra control somehow calmed him and ensured that he would also grow in the process of all of it.

He began calmly focusing on his chakra and feeling it roll around his body. It felt as though the earth it self was hugging him, which was always comforting. He felt always connected to the earth and as it was his main element it was rightly so that he felt this way. Focusing even deeper he could feel the chakra not only flowing around his person but more finely it running through his circulation and being pooled in to one location his stomach. It felt so nice and welcoming, he slowly began moving the chakra from his stomach down through his legs to the souls of his feet. He focused on holding it there and maintaining it at a constant level so one side wasn't pushing more than the other and no one side was giving more than the other.

When he had figured that enough chakra had been gathered and the continued circulation of it was in effect he stood up from his Indian style seating and turned to the tree he had been sitting under, he lifted his right foot from the ground and gently pushed it towards the tree to his surprise the adhesiveness of the chakra did indeed stick to the tree. Youka breathed out slowly a breath of relief as he didn't really think it would work, but now was the harder part he had to trust that his next foot would stick as well and he would be able to actually walk up this tree or he would soon literally be held by the earth as he would come crashing back down to the hard earth.

He took another hard breath and lifted his left foot and applied it to the tree very slowly to even more his delight it stuck, he was now horizontal with the sky and the ground to his front and back, smiling to himself which was usual since he was...always smiling, he celebrated a little on the inside which was all that was needed for him to lose the connection that was between his feet and the tree.

Feeling himself slipping from the tree he turned his body quickly to brace the impact that was sure to come, luckily he had turned quickly enough to push his arms down and prevent and disperse most of the energy through his arms. He stopped himself in the push up position with his feet still against the tree, lowering into a crouching position he then stood up from the ground staring at the tree. Grabbing his cross he felt the excitement of begging to master the art of clinging to to surfaces while moving and holding chakra in specific locations. It was a exciting moment that he wanted to make happen again. So again he moved the chakra down into his stomach and began holding it there feeling that warmth again which made his soul elated, and again he moved the chakra down through his legs and again to his feet. He felt it moving around in his feet and coming up in his legs, holding it in one spot was proving to not really be that hard, what was hard was holding it after he was attached to the tree to ensure that he would not face the same outcome of his previous endeavor which was falling to the ground and almost bashing his face. Again he positioned himself facing the tree, he wanted to try something different, so instead of gently placing one leg and then another on the tree he jumped into the air and pushed his feet directly in to the tree, after all there would be no use in going about this the slow way again, as he made contact he didn't feel anything wrong or off about his chakra balancing and he was still attached to the tree which was good.

He smiled even wider now even to the point of showing his white teeth that lay behind his ever vigilant smile, he began walking up the tree vertically slowly at first to ensure he still had the control necessary to grasp this. As he was sure he had control he began running up the tree moving between branches and leaves before he finally made it to the top branch where he sat and looked at the great expanse and he exhaled a great breath. This was a perfect ending to his training and now all he had to do was get down...

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Youka's chakra control training Empty Re: Youka's chakra control training

Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:37 pm
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