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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Training his troubles away Empty Training his troubles away

Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:03 pm
Youka was restless it had been a while since he had murdered anyone and all this praying was beginning to get to him, because without killing he was just praying which was throwing off his center. He decided he would train under the night sky to begin mastering his jutsu he knew it was something he would need if he were to become any stronger. He would start with the transformation technique as he made the hand seals "dog, boar, ram" after he made the hand signs, he mad the appropriate visualization in his head of his former "Father" who had raised him. In a poof of white smoke he looked down at his hands and something didn't look right or feel right, they were fat, his hands were overly big for the proportions that his "Father" once had.

Youka lost control of the jutsu and with another poof was back to his normal smiling face with a little perspiration on his face this technique took a little more out of him than he thought it would, but still he had to push through the exhaustion and try again, after all no one became strong by stopping after a little pain. So he formed the hand seals again this time holding his chakra at a consistent level not letting it go up or down just centralizing the feeling of it rotating in the center of his stomach embracing the warm feeling that it gave off. The feeling felt right now he had to work on the mental part of forming all the pieces to make the transformation perfect. From the slight age marks on the mans hand to his balding head even the slight grey hairs on his head this all had to be perfect he remembered that the father had a small scar on the left side of his neck which the father ever told him how he got. He also had to make sure he had each and every grey hair that was in the mans beard if this were to work, he knew no one that he would ever run in to would know what his "Father" looked like but this was more of a tribute to his now dead mentor than anything else, this would be the only way he could remember him and still hold him in his memory. Maybe he could use this mans appearance to help quell his killing urges if he could talk to himself using the dead mans voice it would calm his murderous blood to a simmer which was all he needed, speaking of voice he had to get the mans voice just right or this would be for nothing the old mad had a soft crack in his words that sometimes was followed with a lisp on some of his words, but the authority that it commanded when he spoke was astounding. Once he visualized all those things in those few moments there was a poof of smoke again. This time everything felt right as Youka began rubbing his hands over his face too feel for the slight bags under the eyes that were there for when the father wouldn't sleep to the slight chipmunk cheeks he had as he looked down to see if he had the height right he noticed he indeed did grow a few inches, he now stood at 6 feet 2 inches and his arm span marked the difference as well as they were now 69.34 centimeters long. "The scar" Youka said to himself as he brought his right hand up to feel his neck, sure enough it was there. As he felt his stomach he smiled even the small pot belly was there.

A small tear rolled down Youka's transformed eye, he noticed the smile wasn't on his face anymore for the first time in 4 years he didn't have that murderous smile on his face and it felt...odd, he couldn't say good anymore because that smile was a part of him, Once he lost control of his emotions he also lost control of the technique and as he went to rub the tear from his cheek his left hand brushed past his lip and the smile was back, he laughed out loud to no one in particular. Yes this is who he was, not the humble father that took him in and nurtured him to one day be the head priest of the convent, he was now a murderer, and he enjoyed it he would use the fake sense of calm his persona gave off and then strike with precision to take down any one that got in his way from now on but for this last time he would talk to himself as his father would have just this last time...

He made the hand signs one more time and he didn't have to think about the mans appearance, his mind already held all the keys and his mental state needed to be quickly soothed before he did something he regretted for the last time while smiling his normal appearance vanished in a puff of smoke and he was now his father once again holding himself with his own hands just embracing himself he smiled with the old mans charming and endearing elderly smile as he began to talk to himself "It's ok my son I know the things you have done and the the troubles you have brought others, you need to continue to ask for forgiveness and recite your prayers, you were shaping up to be such a wonderful man, Youka, I'm sorry I left you so soon. I have a part to play in this as well" He said as Youka began to rub his own head as he continued talking to himself. "I'm always with you anytime you feel lost and neglected just think of me and I will try my best to put you back on the right track my son" With that the old man had disappeared and he was back to being his old self exhausted from the multiple transformations but happy that his malicious feelings had subsided.

(Transformation technique mastery 1000/1000) complete

Youka was not done by a long shot he was mentally fatigued from the split talk he had with himself but his muscles could still go on so he decided to continue to train his muscles and push his body to new heights, locating a forest line he found a tree suitable to be his hitting dummy, as he assumed a horse stance he began with his left hand and began attacking the tree. Using a open fist switching off between his left and right hand he continued this each attack shaking the tree little by little allowing for the leaves to fall from the tree branch as the sweat began to build up on his body. Backing up by at least 17 centimeters giving him enough room to fully extend his legs performing mid kicks to the trunk of the tree hitting contact with his shins. The pain was truly enjoyable ech time he mad contact it shot up through his legs and carried to his mind and it mesmerized him, he wanted this feeling to last forever, he felt so alive when he was in pain. The tree was chipping bark with each kick and Youka kept going he wanted to try out different attacks he had been practicing he jumped at the tree. Using the leaf whirlwind attack he flew into a series of kicks to the trees center with blinding speed he launched 4 precise kicks each connecting with the same spot. Finishing the first attack he noticed the extra strain it put on his body to hit those areas with that amount of speed and power, but he didn't stop and launched right in to the next flurry.

He launched the great whirlwind attack next hitting the trunks lower, mid, and jumping for the high kick before rotation into a heel drop kick which split the trees bark not completely splitting the tree in have but causing it to be seen as almost two separate trees, The exertion was too much for his body almost as he fell to the ground after the attack "I guess this is enough training for me right now" he said falling to the ground, every muscle ached but he felt great.

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Shinori Koyomi
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Vagabond (A-Rank)
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Training his troubles away Empty Re: Training his troubles away

Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:50 pm
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