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Oh boy... forgot my pina colada [P, NK]

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Naoki Gekou
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Oh boy... forgot my pina colada [P, NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: Oh boy... forgot my pina colada [P, NK]

Sun Nov 24, 2013 2:02 pm
Naoki was fairly surprised when he heard Kaede announce a beach party. Although loving those, the Uchiha himself did not consider them something for official cases. Then again, one could consider the official part of this over and now they would need to get to know their allies better. And what better day than having good drinks, beauties in bikinis, sand under your feet, starry sky above you and ocean in your sights for that. It would not be the classical beach party though, mostly because the sun was already touching the horizon of the sea. But lucky for them, the Islands had a very warm climate, compared to the continent and one could easily party in beach clothes at night here, with fires to light the party.

As such thoughts faded away, his mind once more sought out the topic of the technique. Sitting there calmly during the negotiations helped me man to produce the seals without stressing his chakra much. Now as the others left the room so suddenly, he would stand up and raise his right hand. From it he would summon five lights, the ones that were newly made. As he watched them spiral around his hand he would get an idea. Something he could try later, when he had some paper to write on. Right now, he had a party to attend to. The sunflies would retreat to his hand and disappear once more, then the young Uchiha would open the window and exit the cool way...

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Oh boy... forgot my pina colada [P, NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: Oh boy... forgot my pina colada [P, NK]

Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:38 pm
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