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Kenzo Uchiha
Kenzo Uchiha
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Child's Play (Kenzo's Genin Exam) Empty Child's Play (Kenzo's Genin Exam)

Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:42 am
Whispering winds gently caress wavering blades of olive grass. Steps in the ground leave matted footprints from the Uchiha boy, closing in on the Academy's front. Kenzo gazed about to monitor his surroundings and begin his formulating. Large breaths were being inhaled and exhaled as he stretched his arms and legs a little, it wouldn't hurt anything would it? Drawing a kunai from his weapons pouch, Kenzo stepped through the open doorway, and twirled the black around his fingers. Kenzo opened the doors, and every being that breathed within those walls noted that Kenzo was inbound as it was a matter of time before Kenzo lost his patience and/or will to continue on without allowing that burning passion to flare. That kunai was flipped so that the point of the steely black was facing Kenzo's chest, and the round end was facing away from Kenzo and towards whatever unlucky Acad he had chosen to chose for todays spar. Kenzo had already spotted today's challenger. A male that stood around 6 feet, and eye'd Kenzo's small stature with all the fierceness of a lion preying on the unsuspected deer. The male had already been staring, so Kenzo could only wonder had this male been hoping for embarrassment, or had he the balls to speak directly to the Uchiha?

This should be fun.

Kenzo thought. Ominously his eyes had already spiraled into the legendary Sharingan... A slight smiled cracked the neutrality of his previously still lips, moving to let out a laugh. As he began to step towards the male, Kenzo kept spinning the Kunai in his left hand. It was then that the boy turned his head away from Kenzo, for fear that the small "man" had been a god in disguise. Had it been pure curiosity that tempted the males eyes? Likely, for if one had heard the rumor they would know. Rumor has it that Kenzo is the one true friend to the flame. The one, and only, who could feel what the flames felt. Why? You truly haven't heard had you? Just as Kenzo had remembered the day his father's soul was detached from his body, every single being within this building remembered the first time they had seen Kenzo as clear as the blue skies present outside those translucent windows. The ground below him glowed red with heat. Unlike a layman who had never tampered with a flame, Kenzo did not scamper from the heat; no, he was a child hailing from a clan whose rite of passage was to blow flames from ones mouth. Kenzo was a rare breed of shinobi who legend claimed was born of fire, not humans. His skin felt at home among the heat that radiated from the ground, but never before had Kenzo ever display this kind of passion for the flame that he claimed was more than only locked in his heart; but boiling down through waters that would commonly evaporate, and engulf the figure of his very soul! This was the rumor that had been spread. This was the image the creative minds of those children had created, but, in reality, Kenzo's tangible state had not been burning, though his soul was set a blaze with a flaming passion for heat like no other. Mundane would be the experience of today, for today's experience would likely turn out to be as insipid as Kenzo sparring with one of his fellow genin. There was but a single purpose for the rise of the True Friend of the Flame today.  To gain a title that would help to prove his worth, and he would have it even if he had to slaughter whatever shinobi stood in his way, even if that shinobi was one of his own. T'was an unlikely occurrence, Kenzo assured himself, for he had been training as though he were preparing for a final battle, and whatever the task of today may be, he would complete it. As he placed his Kunai in his pouch, deactivated his Sharingan, and pushed open the door to the testing room, he couldn't help but to tremble, for today was the day he gained a title in this world of Shinobi. Today was the day he would be branded with the symbol of the hidden leaf upon his forehead, and he would wear the brand proudly in honor of his mother, his clan, and his village. Again, he remembered, he could not, would not fail. Whatever the task was beyond this door, he would succeed, for this was only child's play.

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Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Child's Play (Kenzo's Genin Exam) Empty Re: Child's Play (Kenzo's Genin Exam)

Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:29 am
The Proctor of the genin exams made his way down the hall. His footsteps being echoed in the silent hall way as he strolled to the classroom where the genin exams would take place. He was quite bored in fact irrirated of testing the same usual kid after kid trying their luck to receive the mark of the leaf village. But he was quite a strict teacher and he wouldn't pass the young students unless he felt they were worthy. ..

He stepped into the classroom and made his way to the center.. There he would slowly gaze at all the young students before him.. the Chuunin proctor was quite the age for an active ninja. He had many years of experience of just what really occurs in the world of a ninja.. He felt that a student must show his worthiness. Not only that but he must prove that he can survive out there..

"Right first up... Kenzo Uchiha.. step forward and begin. I wish you luck. . you will need it.." He spoke very stern, trying to strike fear into the heart of the soon-to-be Genin

[Perform the 3 basic academy jutsu in a single post not less than 800 words in order to pass. good Luck]
Kenzo Uchiha
Kenzo Uchiha
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Child's Play (Kenzo's Genin Exam) Empty Re: Child's Play (Kenzo's Genin Exam)

Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:55 am
Kenzo stood in the front of the classroom. He was in a line with the rest of the students that were facing today's judges. They seemed to all be trembling for one reason, or another, but Kenzo was trembling with excitement. This kind of ambition could never before be seen in such a young lad; Kenzo, a boy who was only eight years old carried an amount of ambition equal to the sum hope kept within all the hearts of today's Academy Students. He didn't need to hope for the best, at least not today, for he already knew that he would pass with flying colors. There was no question about it. 

"I don't need luck. Clone Jutsu complete."

One moment he was there, the next second he was nowhere, his form having disappeared into naught. In truth the Kenzo these people had been dealing with was not the original. In truth, he had executed a nigh flawless Clone Technique, and had managed to hold it during the duration of today's test. Could the proctor ask of anymore from the young male that called himself Kenzo Uchiha? Hopefully not, for anything more would surpass even the limits of a mere Genin, but if more was asked for, Kenzo would give it. Luckily more was not asked for. 

Kenzo strolled into the testing room once again, though, this time the real Kenzo had decided to show his face. He stood before the proctors, before his fellow students, who gazed in awe at his power, but they had seen nothing yet. A bead of moisture slides effortlessly down the curved cheek that is Kenzo's to join with the stained wood beneath, it's presence casting a dark stain on the once-bright surface. The clock... That infernal reminder of life... laments each second as it clatters away in a desperate attempt to keep track of passing time. There is little worry about time now. Dawn will be breaking soon, and life will begin anew for those outside these crumbling walls. For those within, the mildewed and stained dividers that keep out the world are all that is needed to live this life. It is a barrier from their external hell. It is a cage for the hell that haunts their waking dreams. How the creatures languish in their weakness, their impotence. The needles tear the flesh, but find no purchase in the heart. The nearly-silent gasps that fill through the filth-ridden room are  not comparable like the wails of the damned to his sensitive ears, yet still he remains. He would break that cycle. His eyes, once full of mischief and a fire passion like on other now gave home to nothingness. Everyone had noticed this as Kenzo began again. His hands were clasped together to form a single hand-seal... RAM. Abracadabra! Kenzo was gonna, and in his place was a small skeleton, the skeleton used to teach the children about the different bones in the body. He then headed to the front of the class again. This would be his final Jutsu as an Academy Student, unless, by some ungodly test you manage to fail. Another unluckily occurrence.

Those eyelids that once hung at the mid-point shut. He  heard the thumping of his own heart in the back of his head. It reverberated down his spine, and his once flawless vision was blurred when he opened his eyes. The balance and senses of the shinobi were impaired. It seemed that he had not been getting the sleep that was necessary for a growing specter. He would have to show them all today that he was not the average human one would encounter on a daily basis. Now Kenzo's body began to change. His long black hair whipped through the air as his chakra built up within his body. Ripples spread throughout his clothing, then... Poof! His body tenses, his teeth grind beneath the force of his rage, until it releases in the form of his pale hands smashing together. For a moment, only the sound of the small girl's breathing fills the room. The intake is sharp, the exhale is but a hiss. It is the seething breath of rage. That last vestige of sanity as a man struggles to stem the tide of emotion. Yet in every crowd, there is one. Some hopeful fool that feels everything must be confronted. Some fucking savior that believes everything must be made right, even in the den of filth they both so haplessly find themselves. Upward he stumbles as a she, his/her clothing nothing more than shit-stained rags as words long devoid of meaning stumble over a swollen tongue and decayed teeth. As a hand coated in filth rests on the shoulder of the silent man, the jonin that was testing Kenzo today. She/he would suddenly turn, grasping the malnourished wrist that was now his in nimble fingers before twisting it, pulling towards her shit stained face. Her belly extended far past her small breast, which symbolized the baby within. Young pregnancy seemed to be in style as well. Another poof of smoke engulf Kenzo, who had taken on the temporary form of the same pitiful young female he saw almost everyday, and when it cleared, Kenzo could be seen again. His skin was clean, and his hair was groomed. He said nothing more to the Jonin. He had nothing to say. He approach the table, and toke a headband before nodding to the man, though his did not look either of the it the eye. Kenzo's eyes retained their emotionless state, and he approached the Academy doors. With little preamble, he would yank the door wide, and step out into the early morning light. Perhaps now, he could finally sleep. Even as the newly improved "man" stepped into the empty street, he knew this would not be the case. His mind had long ceased it's desire for action, yet his legs continued to spur him onward. What could it be, that aching desire to search for the specters of his mind. The faceless figures that haunt his dreams right along with the creatures that had feasted on his soul. Onward he walked, the sun just beginning to rise on the horizon even as he passed through the walls erected in fear of the outside world. If only they knew the truth. If only they knew what awaited them in the darkness. Kenzo knew, and for the first time in the boy's short, violent life, he felt an emotion he knew nothing of. It was faintly familiar, like metal on his tongue. A tremble that overtook his body at the most inopportune moment and left him weak. Yes, he knew what waited in the dark, and he was far from ready. These thoughts far from settling his mind and wandering body, he would continue his meandering way down a single dust-covered path as his boots kicked up clouds around his loosely-adorned legs. Was he close to his destination? He could only hope, for he longed for the warmth and comfort of a bed once more.

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Ikumo Kurogane
Ikumo Kurogane
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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Child's Play (Kenzo's Genin Exam) Empty Re: Child's Play (Kenzo's Genin Exam)

Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:45 am
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