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Neros Genin Exam Empty Neros Genin Exam

Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:13 pm
To the academy, Nero Uzumaki goes. The lost found younger brother of Naruto Uzumaki, the legendary ninja. On the way he saw his best friend, Yuzuki Hyuga.
Hey,he said. Hey, said Nero. So, your trying to become a genin too, arent you,
Yuzuki Hyuga. Class started. they both ran to the academy. There was Iruka
 Morino, The teacher. Ok, said Nero. "Hello Class", the instructor said. "has everyone
 done they're homework?" "Yes,sir". Everyone was reciting the transportation jutsu.

 Nero went first.He perfomed the hand signs as fast as lightning and appeared behind his teacher making him fall to the floor." Wow, What I expected from The Fourth Hokage's second son."Our next lesson is a big lesson.If you complete it, you can
have a chance to become a genin early." Everyone nodded. To the student's suprise
 It was a fighting tournament. The Time came that Nero was involved in a match.
"Who could it be?", Nero thought. It was Nero Uzumaki Vs Yuzuki Hyuga.When the match started, it was just a staredown. Then here comes Yuzuki acativated his
Byakugan. Then,Yuzuki followed with a big palm to the chest. Luckily,Nero dodged it
and countered with a kick to the jaw. Yuzuki fell to the floor.Yuzuki used the eight
Trigrams Palm Rotation Move, from the gentle fist. Nero attacked the blind spot of
his Byakugan stopping his chakra points with a Rasengan to the back. Yuzuki fell again. Then Nero said '" Nothing will stop me from becoming a genin. Not Even YOU!"
Yuzuki got very mad. Yuzuki uses the forbidden academy student gentle fist move
his was taught to use." I'll stop you with this move." Yuzuki tries to hit him with
but Nero counters with the transportation technique and uses Fire Style Phoenix Fire Jutsu. Yuzuki counters and hits Nero. Nero falls. Dont stop the match,Naruto Yelled. Nero backflips back up and hits Yuzuki in the face with a chakra power kick.
Yuzuki fell and yelled stop the match.
Ashie Uchiha
Ashie Uchiha
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Neros Genin Exam Empty Re: Neros Genin Exam

Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:58 pm
I'm sure I posted on your things before, you need to create you're character in the character creation before you do anything on this site! Thank you!

Ashie Uchiha NRPG Staff
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