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Hiroshi Bakuton
Hiroshi Bakuton
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Becoming Stronger! {p,nk} Empty Becoming Stronger! {p,nk}

Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:44 am
Hiroshi bakuton arrived to the training grounds of sunagakure! with a smile on his face, he would drop a rose on the ground, he was ready to start some training, but although he wanted to rest around a little bit longer but he had to get some training done, after the argument him and his dad got into last night. Hiroshi bakuton hasn't been home every since, instead he was out looking for his brother xuro to talk to him! but although, soon or later. Hiroshi bakuton would make up with his dad, but this argument went for a long time until hiroshi bakuton got mad and threw stuff at his dad, however this could be the last time hiroshi bakuton stay home. Drinking out his brother of water, hiroshi bakuton would toss the empty thing to the right, then he got started to train. The first thing he got started to work on was his speed training. Taking off running he would jet off full speed. With an leap forward he would land on the sandy ground, looking around. Hiroshi bakuton would fall back as he smiled then went back to his training. Pulling out an kunai, he would hold it inside his left hand. Smiling hiroshi bakuton would continue his training. The next subject he would work on was his taijutsu fighting skills, although he was kinda fighting like a dumbass and really don't know what to do when he get into a fight sometimes he might just freeze up and look around then people start to laugh and shit. With an sigh, hiroshi bakuton would roll forward right next to a training dummy and he got started to punch it, hitting the dummy as hard as he could, hiroshi bakuton was sorta working hard today, but although he wasn't gonna try to do his very best due to the fact he was trying to think of a way to say sorry to his father. Leaping back he would sigh and laugh then he walked over to a tree that had enough shade, he would then drink some of his water and take a small break for a while... When hiroshi bakuton got done with his break, he went back to his training. Charging forward he would fall down to the ground and smile, " alright I need to clealry find something else to do, because this training thing isn't working for me!" hiroshi bakuton would say as he went back to his training, the next thing he was going to work on was his chakra training. Getting on the ground he would push chakra up to his body and close his eyes. " Okay hiroshi bakuton! you got this!" hiroshi bakuton would then stand up and sigh, as he leaped forward and smiled, with chakra all over his body, he would sigh and then get started on his chakra skills. After pushing up some of the chakra, he would sigh then laugh as he walked away, he was about to climb up the tree. Using his tree climbing jutsu he would move up high very fast. Flipping back down he would sigh as he smiled, then he moved to his other training skills maybe his other stuff, but although he really didn't have much to do but that, but he could have did more, but knowing he was somehow weak ands being stupid, but he was next going to hop off the tree and at the same time make an nice size bird he could fly on. When that wne t good, hiroshi bakuton would fly up high with the bird, going up high with nhim, he would shoot a single missile down at the ground and saw the smoke that rushed up. Landing on the gorund he would sigh as he hop off the bird back and looked around. " okay that was awesome like what the fuck. The next thing hiroshi was going to work on was his taijutsu fighting skills once again. He would start to punch the air and other stuff and when he got tired, he would leap back and take a break. " wow! that was amazing but although i should have took a break when I felt like i needed one before!" hiroshi bakuton will then stand up after his break and he would smile, walking away, he was getting ready to start his speed training. Taking off running he would jet off full speed then leap forward and land, with an smile on his face, he would sigh then walk away clearly tired of training, although he did good today and was on the move but it was okay, he had to get home anyways, after the argument with his dad, he had to make things right, just so he want be pissed off at him forever. With an sigh, hiroshi bakuton would walk away and take running full speed. he'll make to his mom and dad home in no time...Once he made it home, hiroshi bakuton would ring the door bell and he sighed." aye mom or dad come to the door I JUST WANT TO TALK!" hiroshi bakuton would see his dad come to the door and he looked down at the floor." alright dad! I'm sorry for being a jack ass to you! alright!" hiroshi bakuton would then hug him and walk up the stairs, heading for his bed room. hiroshi bakuton felt good after he did that, and he would still be feeling good if his mom don't call his name even when she don't want nothing. Hiroshi baktuon would fall asleep and wait for tomorrow to come so he could start up some more training if possible.But his training for today was alright, if it wasn't that bad, hopefully it wasn't bad, he was only able to do just do a few things, but he was able to do a lot, but when tomorrow come he would have to give it his all. But he actually had something else in mind, he should go out tomorrow and explode stuff!



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Becoming Stronger! {p,nk} Empty Re: Becoming Stronger! {p,nk}

Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:58 am
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