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Otsune Uchiha
Otsune Uchiha
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Otsune Uchiha's Genin Exam Empty Otsune Uchiha's Genin Exam

Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:16 pm
Otsune walked along the dusty dirt road in an irritated fashion, her arms crossed over her chest as she squinted in the direction of the academy. She still hadn’t adjusted to how hot and bright this place was, she guessed it looked nice – but even the water was super weird here! It was clear instead of black, how disgusting! It looked like it was some sort of animal slobber or something of that nature. Anyways, the important matter was that Genin exams seemed to be taking place at this academy. She’d never even visited this place before, but her father had signed her up to take this exam.

As she trudged over to the building she was burning up, her long dark hair in its usual style was hot to the touch and her brow had started to become moist. She hurriedly wiped the sweat away and squinted harder at the academy as she neared its doors. She was going to ace this exam as a member of the Uchiha clan and as the daughter of the former Hokage. No matter what happened she was sure that she’d stun them with her mental and physical prowess!

She placed her small pale hands onto the door’s hot surface and slowly pushed it open, not wanting to disturb anyone with her entrance. As the door creaked open she would step quietly into the academy, her small body greeted by cool air and her eyes given the oasis of a dimly lit hallway. It was afternoon and rays of sunlight shone in through the window at the end of the hall, but since the day was almost over and the children were soon to be let out they seemed to be giving the hallway lights a break.

She would step quietly down the hall, looking for the room she had been instructed to visit, her small black mid-calf length boots clicking faintly on the unpolished floor. Soon she found the desired room and stood in front of the door for a moment, fixing her long dark pigtails and straightening her crisp dark washed jacket and shorts before taking a small breath and entering the room.

She’d descend the steps into the classroom and take a seat next to a shorter male child who seemed nervous enough not to speak, which was good. She wasn’t much for talking anyways. Most of the other children stared at her for a while and whispered to one another, probably asking if they’d seen her before and other such questions and comments. This had been expected since she wasn’t a part of their class. She would ignore their whispering and stare blankly at the child next to her, causing visible discomfort to the child but Otsune seemed not to notice. In truth she was just staring to stare, she was waiting, she was even a little bored - but she wasn’t thinking at all about what was in front of her.

And so she’d continue to sit there, making the nervous red haired child quite uncomfortable as she toyed with the mint green ribbons that held her long dark pigtails in place today and patiently waited for her name to be called. Her deep red eyes seemingly super focused on the redhead’s left earlobe.

Haru Glory
Haru Glory
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Otsune Uchiha's Genin Exam Empty Re: Otsune Uchiha's Genin Exam

Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:32 pm
He had recently got back from the Kage Summit. He was still unsure about everything that went down, but in order to get his mind off things he decided to help someone become a genin as a way of distracting himself. 

"Otsune Uchiha, come to the front of the class, you're first." he senses a strange chakra presence similar to that of Viper Uchiha. He must have been imagining things. "Perform the three basic academy jutsu and you pass." he figured that if someone was going to be tested, they needed to know the basics and then perform them.

[800 words, all that good stuff]
Otsune Uchiha
Otsune Uchiha
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Otsune Uchiha's Genin Exam Empty Re: Otsune Uchiha's Genin Exam

Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:00 pm
Upon hearing her name her eyes would switch from her neighbor’s earlobe, who was now nearly quivering in sheer anxiety, to the front of the classroom. Her gaze now rested on the figure of a man who seemed to be the proctor of this exam. She’d rise from her seat and walk over to the proctor, bowing her head slightly in a form of greeting before setting to work on her exam.

As he commanded her to perform the three basic academy jutsu Otsune would nod seriously once more before silently exhaling. This kind of thing was sort of exciting wasn’t it? She already knew the order in which she wished to perform the three jutsu. First she would perform the transformation technique, then the clone technique and finally – the substitution technique. She was sure her display would be impressive. It would have to be.

Then the small dark haired child felt slightly nervous. What if she messed up or just flat out forgot how to do one of the jutsu? What if she tripped and fell on her face in front of everyone? What if she got the hiccups or became ill during the exam!? That would be incredibly shameful wouldn’t it? Shame would be brought down on her father as well as the entire Uchiha clan. That sort of thing was just. It was just! It was unacceptable! She’d subconsciously bite her lip, it would almost seem as though she was biting back a smirk if one was unable to sense the sudden onslaught of anxiety within the long-legged child. Her nervousness expanded in just seconds, these thoughts flowing through her mind faster than the largest most powerful wave in the entire ocean.

But it got to the point where enough was enough, even for Otsune. She would release her bottom lip and bring her hands together, wringing them out and stretching her fingers for just a moment to get back into the right mindset. This was going to be easy. She’d done these things before and read up about them too, there was no way she could possibly fail. No way at all. Failure was not an option for anyone in the Uchiha clan, or in the fine village her father had once been the head of for that matter. She wouldn’t tolerate it, and that meant she would never be participating in such a shameful action. Not even if she was put in the most difficult of situations.

She would bring her hands in on each other before performing the necessary hand seals for the transformation technique. Her hands flew as she performed the technique- the signs of dog, boar, and ram could clearly be seen as she made them, considering she still wasn’t but so fast, but she was determined to put her all into this. She could picture the person she wished to transform into in her head, and as a puff of smoke enveloped her body her appearance would change into that of the small nervous red-headed child she had been sitting next to just moments before. She looked just like him, it was perfect, not a single flaw. She would keep a straight face though; a deadpan expression had made its usual visit onto her features after she had cleared that nervous nonsense out of her mind.

After she was sure the proctor would have had a reasonable amount of time to examine the technique she had performed she would end it. A second puff of smoke tumbling over her small pale frame as her appearance returned to normal, her small palms now slapping together as she was about to execute the second jutsu on her list, the academy level clone technique. The signs of ram, snake, and tiger clearly seen as she performed the jutsu, deciding only to make one clone appear just two inches to her left. Her clone looked just like her, smooth pale skin, long dark hair, deep red eyes, and well-kept rose pink nails. Perfect. Otsune even took a moment to appreciate her fine work before ending the technique and deciding that it really was time for the substitution technique to be performed. This one was the most fun as well as the most useful in her opinion.

She was sure she would enjoy performing it here. There were quite a few potted plants around the classroom that she figured were somewhere around her mass. This would be fun. She hadn’t really practiced it before, but she’d read so much about it that she felt confident about executing the technique – even in front of so many people.

Again her hands would quickly set to work, the signs ram, boar, ox, dog, and snake all visible as she concentrated on switching places with a medium sized plant adorned with many red flowers and a jade green pot. She was again enveloped in a puff of smoke before finding herself just four yards away from her original position, the healthy looking potted plant now taking her place in front of the proctor. She would stand there for a moment as the smoke settled before carefully returning to the proctor.

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Shouten Ataenushi
Shouten Ataenushi
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Otsune Uchiha's Genin Exam Empty Re: Otsune Uchiha's Genin Exam

Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:02 pm
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