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Birth Of A New Era(Open,Kumo Ninja,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Birth Of A New Era(Open,Kumo Ninja,NK)

Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:16 pm
Misaki would lean back into her chair as she awaited the responses from the others as she had just finished talking. Twirling her chair around for she would be facing them now her arms crossed over her chest. Her legs would be on the surface of her desk also crossed as she would listen to the first boy response. It was as if he had not heard a word she had just said and how did he know about Volcano was another question ponderng in her mind as she would sigh."I never said it was easy boy who name i do not know,its a start on the right path not only for the village but the people who live here"she would respond to him. She remained stationary as she really didn't move a inch beside her mouth. Her posture and facial expression showed she was a bit aggravated about the boy not really listening to her but she would listen to him. He spoke of prophecy....what the fuck was prophecy,she questioned that as a whole due to the fact she didn't understand it. She would sigh softly"Your a really confusing know that i honestly didn't understand a thing you said i truly didn't at fucking all and my IQ scores are unmatched in my age group and that's saying something"she would say blunt as she could be.

Her attention would go to the late arrival who just walked in disturbing the meeting she would sigh. Next up was her monk friend who was by her suprise a uchiha by blood what she read from his file at least. She was amazed he was a chuunin and had a pretty good record by the village standards she wouldn't help but smirk at the thought. She seen how respectful the boy was it was really in fact it made her all giggly she couldn't help it she was still a child after all. She woukd watch the monk boy as she spoke"Your records show something really interesting,but that talk will be for a later day"she will say never changing her posture as she would smile. She let him get his few words in he was much of a talker that was for sure but she wouldn't try changing him as she would continue to cross her arms."I thank you for your support Ukita i hope to call upon your services soon to show your devotion to the village as a whole"she would say after he went silent. Her eyes would then turn to the last of her guess as she gave him a nice smile preparing to speak to him next.

So his name was Ganki a jounin like she uae to be interesting that was for sure she had almost every rank in her office at the moment. He was a very talkative one she like he actually paid attention to what was said which she smiled about, She chose not to cut him off she let him go on about himself and when they reached the mission part at the end of that she would speak"See you seem to hold a record dear Ganki...i want all of Kumogakure to follow in your footsteps as time go on"she said truly impressed by him. She would smile at this she had a starting force that was for sure this was better then nothing at all that was for sure. She would look towards Ganki as he talked about going the distance and always having her back. She just smiled as she would talk to him"Ganki you show promise i will call for you in a few days so  e on the look out"she said with a simple wink."Now that we are all good friends and all, i hope we succeed in the ventures,i want daily weekly reports on squads and missions to add to our records,i welcome you all to the new Era of Kumogakure.."she woukd pause"you are dismissed...."she would say as she herself would tilt her hat as a sign of farwell before leaving the office before everyone else. Stopping at the door way she would if possible touch the shouder of Ukita"May need a few words with you later...stop by when your able"she would whisper before exiting the doorway her assistant following behind her. She was interested in Ukita secret and wanted to see why did he seem to not accept his blood it was only a matter of time till he must use it.
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Sora Hozuki
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Birth Of A New Era(Open,Kumo Ninja,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Birth Of A New Era(Open,Kumo Ninja,NK)

Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:03 pm
Kira would sigh, realizing that his rather philosophical mind couldn't send a word through the Raikage's head. "If you would like me to explain myself in finer detail, I suggest you meet me elsewhere." Kira would suggest with a rather disappointed face. He wished to knock some sense into the Raikage, yet he knew he couldn't, despite her treating him like a whore; despite her treating him like a piece of dust, leaving no interest. Without another word, he would walk out of the building, heading down to the bottom floor as he would sit there, upright against the building, angered. It would come to the point where he would now be questioning the lady he just met. "Is this really the Raikage?" Kira would whisper to himself before abandoning the building completely, trying to find some shadows to lurk upon as the evening went by.

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Yasahiro Yagami
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Village Leader
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Birth Of A New Era(Open,Kumo Ninja,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Birth Of A New Era(Open,Kumo Ninja,NK)

Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:52 pm
Upon finishing his short speech Ukita would listen ever so carefully to what was said next. In fact, the next person to speak was Ganki. He did indeed have a bunch to say and none of it really all that bad. Then Misaki spoke to each of them in turn. It would seem she shared Ukita's sentiment towards the one named Kira. The rest was a blur of words and what seemed like formalities. Apparently, or so it would seem, the new Raikage knew something about Ukita and one of the only things that he could think of was his Uchiha blood. It was really the only secret he really kept from anyone, but it would definitely be in the village files that the Raikage had access to. As the meeting came to a conclusion and the new Raikage went on her way. However, Ukita was rather surprised when she stopped and whispered to him about having a meeting later. Not really sure what to expect he mentally scheduled a time when he would go see the young new Raikage and nodded silently in response to her request. Then naturally he went on his way to do whatever the hell he wanted to do.

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Birth Of A New Era(Open,Kumo Ninja,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Birth Of A New Era(Open,Kumo Ninja,NK)

Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:51 pm
Ganki raised an eyebrow at the raikage's reply towards the one who talked a big game, the jounin nodded his head a little with a slight sigh. Her understood a little of what the kid was trying to say, prophecy this and this and that. To Ganki, he basically said that he was going to fix everything that was wrong with this nation, good luck with that. But what Ganki was even more certain of, was that the Raikage just didn't give ah fuck, it happens to everyone. Aside from that, Ganki was now a role model, which he highly grinned at the thought of it, a lot more students will now look up to Ganki, the symbol he was.

The meeting had ended as quickly as it started, but all wasn't too bad. With that, Ganki made his way towards the exit, "Later Boss", he said as he opened the door with his free right hand. Ganki was giddy about something, something interesting.

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