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Jak's Training Empty Jak's Training

Sun May 26, 2013 10:36 am
In a small room, in an apartment not much bigger than a shoebox, a shinobi of the sand slept. The boy was no older than 15 and he had a tough night the night before. Training all the time seemed to weigh down on his body and his mind. He knew that it was very important to become strong and his very exsistence was to become stronger. He wanted to become a ninja who could roam the world and hold his own against any man or woman. It seemed that the boy only lusted for power at the moment. Becoming strong whirled in his mind. Becoming an excellent ninja was apart of his being. Jak knew his voice held great power but it was his biggest weakness. If he were to get struck in his voice, what could he do? He had to branch out his technique's and get creative to not just rely on one thing. But for now, the boy slept soundly. Sleeping half way under his blankets with his arm's stretched out and his legs falling off the side of the bed. Everything was peaceful in this little apartment. Until...

*RiIiIiIiIiIiNg! RIiIiIiIiIiIiInG!*

Jak jumped half way to the ceiling at the extremely loud clock. He had to mess with the clocks mechanics and make it extremely loud for his ears to even register the sound. It sounded like a mini bomb going off! Jak quickly landed and slammed his right hand over his body and onto the clock where it stood just to the left of him in his room. The clock quickly stopped and Jak sat up in his bed, his eye's looking like half closed blinds in an old rickety house. He looked around his dim room and saw the small mess of clothes laying near the closet to his left. He hadn't had the time to clean up anytime soon. He was off doing missions and being a ninja to clean up. He comes home exhausted. Jak threw his blankets off to his right and he stood up and stretched, a loud growling sound escaping his mouth that sounded like a lawn mower due to his unusual voice. Jak scratched the back of his neck and decided it was time to get ready and go train. He sighed. "...What should I make for breakfast?" Jak quickly ate, got showered and got ready to go have a full day of training.

Jak was fully dressed now. His white shirt under his black jacket vest fit that was newly washed. His tan short's that skimmed the top of his knee's were also washed and his ninja sandels were securely on his feet. "Right... Now for my gear." He quickly checked for everything. He had his ninja pouch that was facing outward from his back that held his ninja tool's. Plus he had a couple of kunai holders that held 3 kunai on both of his thigh's. He made sure he brought everything for today. He had a small backpack that was on his back that held water, some food and some other small item's for his training today. He also made sure that he had his special cloth wrapped tightly around his lower face so he wouldn't make anyone go deaf in a normal conversation. He double checked everything and made sure everything was in its proper place. "Good. Time to go." He turned the knob to his door to his apartment and turned and locked it behind him. He looked onto the village and smiled. A sunny day in the village of the sand. There is no place like home. He jumped onto a nearby roof and disappeared into the surrounding village's.

Jak jumped down onto a street he was getting familiar with and began to walk down to the training grounds. There wasn't to many people around today, it was mid-day which made it weird. Jak couldn't help but not notice though because he wasn't thinking about people today. He had his mind set on training. Jak walked past a couple of buildings that trailed off from the main village. There were small business's that were scattered near the outskirt's of town, but soon there were no buildings in sight and they was nothing but sand and sun. He continued walked at a brisk pace until he finally hit the edges of the training ground's. 2 football fields of nothing but hard ground and pole's that stuck up from the ground. There were large sand hills that were off in the distance and some that were all around the training grounds. But other than that, there wasn't to much to look at. His feet kicked up sand as he walked onto the hard ground of the training grounds. He walked to the nearest pole and took off his backpack. He proped up the pack onto the pole and he unzipped the top and took out 6 wooden targets. He looked behind him and seen 6 wooden poles. He noticed that 4 poles made 4 corner's of a square that were about 20 feet apart from each other. The diameter of the square would be about 28 feet. So the square had plenty of room to work in for this exercise he has invisioned in his mind. Plus, there was a wooden pole that was 20 meter's to the north and one that was 20 meter's to the south. Convenient. Somebody must have put them there recently for the same thing he was trying to do. Jak smiled and jogged over to there position.

Jak stopped in the middle of the 6 poles, which were about 6 feet high and decided where to set the target's. "Ok... So theres 6 posts... 3 target's in the center posts and two targets on the farthest posts to the north and south... This will get me some good practice..." Jak looked down at his targets and noticed the 2 inch nails sticking out the backs of them. Jak rigged the targets with small holes the size of nails so they could easily fit inside his backpack so he didn't have nails sticking into his back. All he had to do with these targets was hit them hard in the center of the bullseye right onto the poles. So, Jak went around to each pole and hit them hard in the center and they stuck into the poles very easily. Jak then walked to the pole to the north and stuck one facing the 4 posts behind him. He did the very same thing to the one on the south then walked back into the middle of the four posts. He took in a small breath and sighed. "First some good ol' fashioned weapons training... Basics to start out with..." Jak got in a ready position and put his hand's over the kunai holder's on his thigh's. He had target's all around him and was ready to get started. Training has offically begun.

Jak waited. He waited a couple more second's and waited some more. Then suddenly he ripped open the clips on the kunai holders on each thigh and extracted 2 kunai in each of his hand's. Diligently, he twisted his body counter clockwise for a split second to gain tension and kept his right arm close to his upper chest. He then spun his upper body clockwise hard and flung his right arm outward. Flicking his wrist out and away from him, he let the kunai slip through his finger's, then he continued the motion of spinning around. The kunai cut through the air loudly and began it's journey to it's target. Twisting on the balls of his feet, he turned on the ball of his left foot. Letting it push off and lift off the ground, he used this as extra power behind his throw. He raised his left arm up in the air and quickly swong it downward's like a left handed pitcher, letting yet another kunai slip through his index and middle finger. The kunai singed through the air and began it's course to it's target immediately. By this time, the first kunai had met it's target.

Hugging his right hand to his body, he twisted on the balls of his right foot and pushed off his left so he could turn fully and face the target directly behind him. By this time, the second kunai made a "thunking" noise into it's target. He then let his left hand fall back into the ready position as he raised his right hand across his body. He then swatted his right arm down and away from his body, letting the kunai fly through his finger's. By this time, the third kunai made a "thunking" noise into its target. He then twisted his body and pushed hard off of his right foot, going airborn and turning to face the final target. Fading away, he used the twisting motion to launch the final kunai from his finger's, swinging his arm downwards and flicking the kunai away. He landed about 3 feet from where he faded away from. And then the final sound's of the kunai made their presence known. All the kunai's had reached their destination's. But the game wasn't over.

Jak then decided it was time to get the pole's that were to the north and south. The north was to his right, that was where his first target was and the south was to his left. He decided to try and make this more complicated.

When the boy landed, he quickly got his footing and did handseals. One, two, three, four! He zipped through them like it was second nature to him. Then the wind around him quickly picked up around his feet at alarming rates and he shot up into the air. He positioned his left foot downward's, like he was pushing down a gas peddle. He positioned his right foor upward's, like he was letting off a gas peddle. This creates different forces of wind on the boy's feet and makes him spin in mid air. He quickly click's open the last two kunai holder's on his thighs and pull's out the last two kunai. He then swing's his arm's upward to his chest mid spin and stops spinning himself from spinning after alittle over 5 feet. Jak's position is reverse by this time. Before his right was north and south was left. Now, his left is north and sound is right. Jak then swipes his arm's away from him, flicking his wrist's and letting the kunai fly from his finger's. The kunai's fly through the air with great force. A moment later, Jak could hear a "thunking" sound from both directions. Jak smile's after this. He think's he should of done pretty well and he has high hope's of hitting every single target head on.

"Alright... Let's see how I did." Jak took a second and hovered in the air. He slowly came to the ground and began to hover a couple of inchs off of it. He then looked at his handy work. Turning to his left, he looked at the target and scrutinized it. The first target he threw a kunai at had a kunai dead center. "There's one...!" Jak smiled. He then turned 90 degree's to his right and saw his second target. This target also had a kunai dead center. Jak turned another 90 degree's, hovering over the ground. He saw that this target had a kunai dead center and he turned another 90 degree's to the right and saw that the target had a kunai dead center. "Four out of four... So far so good." He smiled at that.

Jak suddenly lifted off the ground and took off toward's the right. His leg's were far apart like a surfer on the waves as he weaved around the first target pole by doing a S movement around it. He completed this S route by curving around and stopping at the target pole to the north. Jak then swong his left leg around and stood up straight. Jak studied the target and the kunai was about a quarter inch off dead center. "Not bad." Jak then took off south and did the same movement, instead he did a backwards S. He weaved through two poles and took a very wide curve as he pulled away from the last pole he weaved out of. He then spun his right leg around to face the last pole. This one too was about a quarter of an inch off dead center. "...I think I did pretty good." Jak said, and he sped off toward's his backpack. It was time for some water and some food! He raced toward's his backpack and unzipped it quickly. He took the water and unscrewed the top and began to drink. The water cooled him down quite a bit as he looked down at the small container of food. He sat down and took the container, opening it. He found his chop sticks already in there and he began to eat. He didn't even eat breakfast, so he was hungry.

(Word Count: 2205)
(Stat Points: 11)
(Jutsu Points: 22)
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Jak's Training Empty Re: Jak's Training

Sun May 26, 2013 10:45 am
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Jak's Training Empty Re: Jak's Training

Sun May 26, 2013 5:59 pm
Jak continued eating at a slow pace. He was enjoying the sun and the nice fresh meat he packed, even though it was a little warm. He packed some fresh fish with some white rice and a side of fresh fruit. Their was strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and some pear's. He eat peacefully thinking about the training he would do next. He could finally do what he set out to do today and train his voice like he wanted too. He was excited to finally be able to push himself to his fullest extent once again. He let the sun's ray's beat down on him as he looked up into the blue sky. There wasn't ever any clouds above this village, which was something he noticed not to long ago. It was always hot and dry. But, he was used to the weather here by now. He had been here most of his life. He alway's wanted to set out and see the land's. Go see different village's. Go and relax on a beach somewhere. But the life he lived didn't allow that. He was a ninja first and alway's a person second. That's what a ninja's life was. To put their lives on the line for the sake of their village. And that was the number one rule of being a ninja. Willing to put give up everything in an instant.

He pondered as he chewed his food. He was thinking about the future. He was finishing off the last of his rice when he realized he was almost done with all of his food. Sitting indian, he packed up his trash and put it inside of his backpack. He would take care of it later. He picked up his water bottle and took a couple of swigs and put it back down. After he twisted the cap back onto the bottle, he decided it was time to get up and get down to the real training.

Jak got up and stretched. He bent down and touched his touch and stood back up. He leaned his head to his should and cracked his neck and looked around. He seen a row of funny looking posts that were about 50 yard's from his previous little training "square". He decided he would go see what those were all about.

Jak jogged over to where he previously was and pulled all the kunai's out of all the targets quickly. He put them in their holder's on his thighs and began his way over to the row of wooden post's. He jogged all the way to these posts and he realized that these weren't normal post's. These were make shift mook jong's. There was 4 of them lined up to the west and then there was 4 of them lined up to the east. They were about 40 meter's away from each other and about 20 meter's apart from each other. There are also 8 post's scattered inbetween them. This was obviously some type of training, but for what he didn't really know. But, for his training, he would be sprinting. It was going to be a very fast training that would single on his speed. Jak looked at the posts and began to plan out his path's. "Ok... First I'll start from the last mook jong and go diagonal to the second mook jong to the east. I'll smack it around, then i'll go diagonal again and go to the mook jong to the west. I'll do this while weaving in and out of the posts that are scattered throughout this little training area. This will give me some good speed training... I have to get faster..." Jak walked over to the last mook jong that was to the west, took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. He then looked at his target. It was the second mook jong that was to the east. He got in a ready position, letting his right leg back and his left leg front. He let his arm's hang and he closed his eye's. He waited three seconds... 3... 2... 1...!

Jak took off towards the mook jong that was diagonally from him. He quickly stopped and slide a good 2 feet in a defensive position. He threw up both palm's and slammed them into the bottom of both of the mook jong's "arm's". He then delivered a hard right hand right into the mid section of the dummy and he turned around and took off toward's the next target to the west. There was a post that was directly infront of him while he was going diagonal to the next post. He quickly swerved around the thing and got to the second mook jong. He came up to the side of the dummy and smacked his palm into the thing's left "arm" and gave it a bone shaking right blow to it's body. To add a little more into the combo, he threw a right round kick to the mid section of the body. He then did a wide 360 degree turn as he looked onto his next target. He took off toward's the mook jong to the east. This time, there was two poles infront of his path. He weaved left and then right to come out right infront of the mook jong. This was were he would show a little more taijutsu than normal.

Jak quickly stopped and slide again. This time though, he made sure to swat at the mook jongs left "arm" with his right palm. But, he kept his swatting hand close to his face as he leaned in and gave the thing a heart wrenching blow to the mid section. He then brought his left hand back as he threw a hard right hook into the thing's upper face. He then brought his right arm back and threw his left palm out and smashed his palm into the thing's upper "face". He hopped back as he did so and took in a deep breath mid hop. He then let off a terrifying scream that was probably the loudest scream he had ever done. The mook jong shook violently and Jak turned around and ran toward's the other mook jong that was to the west.

As he ran he did handseal's. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind rushed up from beneath him and he flew into the air. He took a step off of this air and jumped high into the air. Jak took in a big gulp of air and shouted at the post that was now straight down and diagonal from him. The post was only about 3 feet beneath him, but he flew over it and glided to the ground. As he landed, he threw a hard kick that was probably no more than 10 meter's from the post he just shouted at. The kick hit hard and Jak did a 360 spin off the momentum of his kick. As he did this, he ran toward's the mook jong and shuffled to his side. He gained moment in a big shuffle and threw a devastating side kick that impacted the side of the mook jong and made it rattle to it's core.

Jak at this point took a breather. He had attacked four target's and decided that was good for today. It was a long day, but Jak got alot done. it was time to pack it up and go home.

Jak got all of his stuff, his target's and his backpack, and left for home. It was a good day of training.

(Word Count: 1267)
(Stat Point's: 6)
(Jutsu Points: 12)
(Trained for Level 2 of Tsukurigoe.)
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Jak's Training Empty Re: Jak's Training

Mon May 27, 2013 10:37 am
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Jak's Training Empty Re: Jak's Training

Tue May 28, 2013 7:33 pm
It was another bright and hot day in the world of Sunagakure. There was desert bird's chirping. The cloud's in the sky were heavy this day. Which was unusual for this area. It actually seemed like it was going to rain today. Which had the young ninja Jakuon in rare form as well. The young boy woke up early that morning. He got straight up and decided to do some strength training. He was doing isometrics. He sat at the end of his bed, laying his back on the flat ground. He pulled his body upward's using his mid section and had his hands behind his head. He was doing sit ups. Jak was counting as he quickly layed his back down back on the floor in his dim room. "551... 552... 553... 554..." Jak grunted out as he crunched his body. His stomach wasn't burning though. He was used to this type of routine. His dim room suddenly was filled with beam's of light as the sun peaked out from beneath the clouds. He turned his head left as he was at the top of his sit up and looked through the window. The shades were down and the light trickled onto his face. His face slipped off the small rod of light as he descended from his "up" position. He let his back relax and fall slowly onto the carpeted floor. He exhaled loudly enough to wake the dead and he quickly flopped over onto his stomach. Now it was time for some push up's. He scooted his way forward to stretch out his leg's and he got into push up position. This nice little work out was just a warm up for todays agenda.

Jak did push up's for a good hour or two. His palm's held his weight as he pushed his body up away from the floor. He then let his body weight fall in a controlled manner and he pushed up off the floor again. This is the way Jak released tension. He was exhaling softly, but it was still very loud, when he was at the top of his push up and he took in sharp breath's of air as he descended. Jak thought of his parent's as he did this. He thought of how they left him here in this village without anyone but himself. He didn't have any friend's, beside the people he mingled with at the academy. But everyone went their seperate way's and Jak never really saw them again. He thought of his newly found sensei. Nero. Maybe he could look up to him as a friend and a teacher at the same time. But that would take some time. He never really get's the chance to talk to anyone. There is a small hole in the back of his mind he want's to fill but his outer toughness negates this effect. He will find new way's to socialize. And maybe one day, he will find his parent's. If they were still even alive.

Jak decided that the small workout was over and he got up quickly and went to his closet. He got his cloth's around and went into the bathroom, which was outside of his bedroom door to his left and took a shower. He got out and dried off. Jak then got dressed and went into the kitchen. He got out all the materials for a good breakfast. He got out egg's, bacon, milk and toast. He fried up two egg's and cooked the bacon. He poured himself some milk and the toast popped up from the toaster just as quick as he poured the milk. The toast was golden brown and he put all of his food onto one plate. After buttering his toast, which he was running low on, he went to the couch that was in his small little apartment and sat down. He looked at his food and smirked. He picked up his toast and put the edge of his toast into the fried egg. It ran a little bit but he liked it that way.

He sat back and thought as he enjoyed his toast. Would he ever meet his parent's again? Were they dead? He didn't even remember their face's anymore. His memories were blurry because of time. He tried to remember them telling him stories at night. They didn't live very luxurious. Their small shack barely had a roof. The floor's creaked and gave way slightly everytime you stepped on them. There was little light in the dark and not enough shade in the light. All of those memories rushed back to him like he was at the bottom of a waterfall. But he couldn't remember his parent's face's. He sighed and looked down at his plate, continuing to chew his food. He had to spend the little money he had just for these small dishes. He wondered what it would be like to have parent's there to support him. He lived a lonely life. It was apparent because the only voices that filled this small apartment was his and the people that lived around him that yelled at him when he was laughing at his book's and comic's. He wiped his runny eggs onto his toast and finished the toast and began to work around his plate. There wasn't anything in this village for him, he would often think. The few people he knew seemed like they were trustworthy enough. How would he tell if they trusted him? Jak laughed a little under his breath. "...I need to get to training..." he thought to himself. He wondered what his parent's were doing right now... Were they thinking of him? Jak tried to concentrate on eating his breakfast. But his mind wandered around the fact of why he was here. He didn't have aspirations of becoming Kazekage. He knew his life would revolve around taking order's and getting his hand's dirty. He didn't mind that. He knew that there was nothing in his life but death and struggle. That's why he pushed himself so much. He wanted to be the best. But how far will being the best get him? He sat back in his chair. He took in a big breath of air as he chewed. He had to focus on his training. He had to get down to business. He looked out the big window to his left and saw that it was still very cloudy out. Strange.

After putting away his dishes after he finished eating, he got his stuff around and double checked everything. He had his jacket vest on today, a black vest with his clan's symbol on the back, and a black backpack. He had on his tan short's and his old school ninja sandels on. He made sure he had his special cloth that wrapped around his lower face and tightened it. He had all of his ninja tool's. His ninja pouch and his kunai holder's on his thigh's. He packed his wire today, he wanted to test something aswell. He also brought a small lunch since his breakfast was big and made sure he brought his big jug of water. The last time he brought water it wasn't enough. But for some reason he had a feeling it was going to rain. It was a rare occurance that when that happened out here in the desert. Hopefully it wouldn't rain in the middle of his training. Jak turned the knob to his apartment and walked out, closing the door behind him. He locked it for safe measures and looked out into the village. "Here we go." He jumped off onto a low roof and vanished from sight.

Jak went his usual route and landed in the middle of the same street that lead's to the training grounds. He got a couple stares as he landed but it was business as usual. There was more people on the street than before and he noticed that the business's and small stores were busy. He wondered why there was so many people on this street today. He weaved between a group of people and continued to walk down the dirt path. He walked until the people thinned out and there was nobody but him on the road. He looked around and saw not one person leading to the training grounds. "That's more like it." He strolled past the last building and finally saw open desert. The wind's picked up a little today and the clouds were rolling in from the east. He turned around and looked toward's the east which was back toward's the main village. The clouds were heavy and looked black in some area's. It was definitely going to rain.

Jak finally made it to the training grounds and he entered the gate's briskly. He smiled. It was time to test out his new jutsu. First, he went to the post's that were about 50 meter's from the main gate. These wooden pole's were used in his training the other day. The wooden post's were in a square and were about 20 meter's from each other with one post to the south and one post to the north. He figured he would get some training in long range accuracy. Jak put down his backpack on the pole farthest to the south and he unzipped it. He pulled out a target that was about a foot and a half tall and wide. He than jogged over to the pole to the north, which was about 20 meter's from the posts that made the edges of the square. He jogged over and went to the side of the pole that wasn't facing the other post's. On the opposite side, he hammered in the target and made sure it was snugg. He then back peddled about 50 yard's and stood there for a moment.

"Ok... I'll throw as many kunai into the target on the run and try to keep the kunai in the bullseye... I'll use 4 kunai..." Jak thought to himself as he trained. He took in a slow breath and calmed himself before he got ready to get down to business. He put his hand's right over his kunai holder's on his thigh's and he noticed that the target was alot smaller then before. "This is easy... I got this..." Jak threw his hands up infront of his chest and did handseals. The wind rushed up under him and he slowly gained altitude. He got up about 2 feet off the ground. He leaned to the left and suddenly took off to the left. His stance became wide and he squated a bit to compensate for the speed. His body was perfectly diagonal from the post that was 40 meter's away from him. He was looking right at the post when he suddenly changed his direction from being diagonal to his right shoulder and his right leg facing the posts direction. He did a quick change up and brought his right leg forward and put his left leg back. He was headed east when he pulled a kunai out with his left hand from his left thigh. He suddenly changed direction and did a very sharp u-turn at about 30 yard's from his starting point. He swong his leg's and feet out in the process and turned like a surfer on the wave's. When he came out of the turn, he looked over to his left and looked at the stationary target. He quickly put his right hand out and flicked the kunai into his right hand and jumped off the wind beneath him. He flung the kunai at the target and did a 180 degree turn in the process and he "landed" safely back onto the wind. He continued to fly down the training grounds diagonally from the post. He did the same u-turn back toward's the east about 60 meter's from his last turn around and like before, he now had his left leg in the lead. He quickly pulled another kunai with his left hand. His right arm came across his body and grabbed the kunai. This time he didn't jump but he flung the kunai by swatting his right arm away from him and let the kunai fly from his finger's. He was about infront of the post the on his last throw and now he wanted to switch thing's up.

Jak flew across the field and he switched up his footing again so his right leg was in the lead as he entered the same u-turn pattern as before but this time he was heading west. When he entered the u-turn this time, he pulled two kunai mid turn with his right hand. When he entered his pass at the post this time, he was about 25 meter's closer. When he was about 20 meter's east from being directly infront of the post, he swong his body around on the wind and his whole body began to turn counter clockwise. As he did this, he flung a kunai at the target. Still on the same path, he finished his 180 degree turn and his left leg was now in the lead. After passing directly infront of the post, he turned his body clockwise. Doing another 180 degree turn, he flung the kunai with a backhand swing. As he completed his 180 degree turn, he looked at his target and did a big curve around right back to the target. It was time to look at his handy work.

As he got closer to the target, he slowed down and eventually jogged onto the ground from being on the wind. He jogged up to the target and scrutinized the target. Two direct hit's. One kunai that was almost off the bullseye and one kunai that was about 2 inch's off dead center. The one that was almost completely off the bullseye must have been the kunai he threw backhanded. He would have to work on that. Jak looked up at the sky and smelled rain coming. What a time for rain. He felt a couple of drops hit his face and smiled a bit. It had been a while since he had felt or smelled rain. It was refreshing. "...No use in stopping now. I want to show off my new jutsu."

Jak pulled out the kunai and pulled off the target. He headed off toward's the square corner post's. He decided he would sacrifice one target post today. He could easily go buy another target. Jak went into the middle of the square target's and hammered the target onto the one that was lined up with the post to the south. These post's were about 6 feet in height and they looked rough. He didn't notice that earlier. Jak sat for a second and was about to get ready to go back and do his jutsu, but his stomach decided something different. It growled like a lion snoring. Jak perked up. He forgot he even had any food here. Jak jogged over to the pole to the south and unzipped his bag. He took out the small box full of food and he sat down crossed legged with his back against the post. He opened the box, took out the chopsticks and began to dig in.

While he chewed away at his food, he sat back and pondered about his new jutsu. Would it be strong enough? He had to test its power against something first before he used it in battle. He wanted to completely destroy a post. He smiled as he scarfed a whole chopsick full of rice. He wanted to make sure the jutsu was as destructive as people said it was. Jak continued to eat as he felt a couple more drops of water trickled down on his head. Was it going to downpour soon? It would be a rare occasion. Jak completed his meal and put away the box. Jak quickly took a big gulp of water that cooled him down almost instantly. He quickly hopped up and decided he would have to hurry up and get this jutsu off before it started to rain. As he thought this, more rain began to fall down onto his head. He would have to hurry and do the jutsu.

Jak ran into the middle of the four square corner posts and he stood right infront of the target post. He quickly put out his hand and concentrated. "Ok... Just got to concentrate and focus my chakra..." Jak took a second and concentrated chakra into his palm, as the chakra rotated and began to spin in his hand. The chakra soon became violent. It began to spin so fast that the chakra looked like a ball. It gave off a slight humming sound as it formed into a perfect sphere in his hands. "Alright... Let's go!" Jak ran at the post at full speed. He quickly shot out his right hand and the rasengan quickly pushed its way through the post like a drill bit going into a piece of wood. Wood flew everywhere as the rasengan ripped through the post. He then took off toward's the south post, deciding he was going to destroy this one as well. He ran towards the post and got there quickly. He threw his right hand into the post but this time let the energy of the rasengan explode outward. The top piece of the pole flew off several meter's before it hit the ground. Jak's rasengan was gone now and he had a huge smile on beneath his cloth mask. "...This jutsu is a keeper..." he said lowly. He got all of his stuff around and he made sure he had everything. He went and got his target from the north post. It was a good day overall and everything began to fall into place. Jak left the training grounds and left for home.

(Word Count: 3010)
(Stat Points: 15)
(Jutsu Points: 30)
(Training for Mastery of Air Surfing.)
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