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Aura Shinkuri
Aura Shinkuri
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One last day of training alone {P, NK} Empty One last day of training alone {P, NK}

Mon May 20, 2013 2:07 am
Aura sighed as she sat up straight in her bed rubbing the sleep from her eyes, another nightmare. She had gone crazy insane, there was a man in a leather jacket and sunglasses, he had teased her with his words. Promising relief from killing the women who gossiped about her endlessly. The woman's fear was...tantalizing, to Aura it was exillerating tearing her apart with her kunai. How could Aura do that? Snap so easily under pressure? It didn't seem like herself at all, and it almost felt as if Aura's day was going to drag on for a long time.

Shaking off her bad dream Aura would slowly and sluggishly make her way over to her bathroom looking into the mirror gasping at the sight. Her face looked exhausted, dark shades underneath her eyes known as 'bags' started to form. She sighed as she leaned forward to get a better look. The whites of her eyes were slightly red, it looks like she was crying all night. Sighing softly she would turn on the cold water to splash her face to help wake her up. Pulling back she would wipe her face with the back of her arm and get into her everyday work out attire of black shorts and a neon green sports bra today, her usual black sneakers to complete her outfit.

Again sighing out slowly she would pull her long white hair into a high pony tail before she walked out of her home and started her slow and painfully long feeling jog towards the training grounds. With each slow step she could already feel her muscles weighing down like sand bags. Maybe Aura should've eaten breakfast before beginning her day? Oh well no time to stop now. Thrusting her fists up as she continues to run through the track of the training grounds into quick punches making it more of a power walk instead.

Reaching her tied up dummy that she had duct taped the head back onto swayed helplessly in the breeze. "Here we are again my friend." She said before grunting out with her first hard right hook. Making the dummy go to the left she would then toss a nasty left hook sending it into a counter clock wise spiral. Making a few quick blocking moves Aura would the charge forward and kick the dummy in the chest. Aura would then focus her chakra into her feet as she ran up the pole it hung from and jumped off the top bringing her heel down on top of the dummy's non-existant skull. This send the dummy to spin and twirl the top around the pole eventually getting stuck. Aura would smirk and give a small chuckle at how much easier it became to beat that thing up!

Sigh out Aura decides to do something out, single hand push ups. Last time she had tried this, she had almost cracked the back of her skull opened. Rolling forward catching herself on both hands Aura would turn herself perpendicular to the ground. Arms shaking she would let one come out as she lowered herself and push her arm back up again counting out one. Continuing this through two, three, four, five she would tire more easy. It wasn't easy today, not like the previous time. feeling her arm give out Aura would let herself fall onto her stomach earning a hurt groan from her lips.

Feeling her body give into the exhaustion she was currently feeling she would bend her legs, feet firmly planted into the ground as she put her hands behind her head. Then she would pull her head up and lower herself down and pull back up again. She would repeat this for some time each time becoming more difficult than the last for Aura. Feeling the last one exert the last of her strength she grunts and lets herself fall on her back once more before panting. Her chest would rise and fall fast signalling her rapidly beating heart. Perhaps she would rest for today? Today Aura isn't herself, she collects herself off of the ground and dusts herself off before walking herself home slowly.

Reaching her destinations of home she would limp up the stairs and collapse into the bed groaning feeling sleep pulling at the corners of her mind. Everything around her seemed to slow as her body and mind throbbed with tire. Everything was so slow why did her day drag on? Perhaps she will dream of something better tonight and get to see that man again. Her eyes would roll shut as Aura passes out, her breathing would slow down into the soft lull of slumber and all of her tense muscles would suddenly go slack with her consiousness leaving her body. This action would end her painfully long day of training alone again.

(Exit and Closed, word count = 808)
Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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One last day of training alone {P, NK} Empty Re: One last day of training alone {P, NK}

Mon May 20, 2013 2:07 am
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