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Air Surfing Training Empty Air Surfing Training

Wed May 01, 2013 12:51 pm
Jak walked out onto the flat land's of the training grounds. It was another hot day, Jak didn't even wear his jacket vest. But what he did do, was remember that today was going to be tough. He was out in desert heat for one reason. To learn a new jutsu. It was his own concoction, something he had been working on for a little while. He walked up to the arid grounds and walked up to a post. "Ok... Here we go..." Jak took in a small breath and began to do handseal's. Once finished, he began to lift off the ground slightly. He was wobbly, and he toppled over and fell flat on his side.

"Shoot..." Jak got up and dusted off of his side. "Got to try it again..." Jak got a sturdy stance this time around. He had to remember how he pictured it when he was coming up with the technique. He took in another small breath of air and began to do handseal's once again. This time, he started out slowly and got about an inch off the ground. He hovered there for a second and began to move around slowly. Slowly he went left. Then he slowly went right. "...This isn't so hard..." He then began to move a little faster. He glided right and left, trying to keep his balance. He fell over a bit but he quickly regained balance. Then a big gust of wind came in and he flew backward. He fell straight on his back and cursed under his breath. "...Almost got it that time! Stupid wind..." He lifted himself back up and began to do handseal's once more. He then gently lifted off the ground. A couple inch's was all he could do at this point but he did successfully do it.

Jak did this for about an hour and a half. He fell over and over again but he never stayed down. He continued to do this technique even though he fell straight on the ground everytime. Jak fell over again and quickly got back up. "I can do this...!" He quickly did handseal's once more and again lifted gently off of the ground. This time he got the hang of it. Jak remembered that he had to moved with the current's under him and he had to lean alittle. Widen his stance and let his lower body do most of the work. He made sure to remember that he drew most of this out. He widened his stance and began to move slowly around the training grounds. He moved a little faster. Then he moved even faster. Then he began to move so fast that he forgot that he was even training, he was having to much fun. He quickly figured out how to keep his balance even when the wind picked up. Jak's moves were like he was on a surf board in the ocean. He shifted his weight when strong air currents moved in. He arched his back a little and put his feet under him more, moving with the wind. He then leaned over a bit and threw his legs away from him, keeping his balance. He sharply turned right and leaned forward so he didn't fall flat on his butt. He was getting the hang of this!

Jak slowed down and stopped, hovering for a moment. "...Phew..." He looked at the ground. "...Let's see how fast I can go!" Jak then lifted off the ground. He got to about 3 feet. The current was strong underneath him. He could hear the air rushing up and around his feet. He positioned his feet like a skater would do on a board. He crouched a little and leaned forward. "...Let's go!" Jak quickly speed off. Jak went fast. He gained speed quickly and went faster and faster. He could feel the air blowing through his hair. He felt the wind rushing past his ear's. He went so fast that he ended up at the end of the training grounds. He quickly brought his hind foot foward 90 degree's. His upper body leaned forward and his feet and legs sprawled out a bit. His arm's circled around as he tried to keep balance. He had to force the wind downward so he could stop in this weird position. Jak heard the wind hitting the ground and he skidded to a stop. He had successfully learned how to manuever with this technique.

"Heh... I think I found my favorite jutsu..." He hovered for a moment. The air suddenly whoosed up from beneath him and he turned 180 degrees and speed off with a big gust of wind whoosing behind him. He speed up and headed back toward's the training grounds exit. He learned how to fully move with this technique. It was a good day.

(Word Count: 820)
(Stat Points: 4)
(Jutsu Points: 8 )
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Air Surfing Training Empty Re: Air Surfing Training

Wed May 01, 2013 1:08 pm
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