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Kazaki's Genin Exam Empty Kazaki's Genin Exam

Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:11 pm
It was a beautiful morning, the sun's rays slowly making their way across the village Konoha as the sun rose, there was a slight breeze going going through the air rustling leaves as it went by, and the chirping of birds from trees in every direction. It was the perfect day to take the Genin Exam. Kazaki had prepared since he was a child to finally become a real ninja and his chance had finally come. Today he has to meet with his kind and supportive Sensei and show him everything he had learned up to this point. If he performed as practiced he would pass the test flawlessly. He walked right through the open door of the classroom saying, "Hello Sensei, I am ready for my test," with smile on his face bowing before the man.
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Kazaki's Genin Exam Empty Re: Kazaki's Genin Exam

Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:04 pm
The door of the Classroom slid open the Instructor 'Tadamichi Kyousuke' a brown haired coal eyed young man with a lazy slightly bored look on his face steps in, He never really wanted to be a Shinobi but his Girlfriend ended up dragging him with her at a young age unfortunately she never made it and he graduated being forced into labor while his soon to be fiance was resting at home, the Teaching job was the best bet for him since he wanted to be a school teacher anyway....but teaching children forty ways to kill someone with a pimento was not exactly his kind of teaching.

He straightens up his posture slightly substituting for this classes teacher on their day of the graduation exam in order to remove suspicion of favoritism among the council "Kazaki!! Your up!" he calls out lazily waiting for the Genin to stand and follow him before leading him into a room and stating clearly "Perform the Henge, and Bunshin Jutsu to pass, Good Luck!"

{Do 800 words in one post of you doing the techniques specified, if you do you pass, if not you fail.}
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Kazaki's Genin Exam Empty Re: Kazaki's Genin Exam

Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:17 pm
Kazaki had been sitting in the back fiddling with his brand new pencil for any written exam that may be given to him for the Genin exam for he did not completely know how it worked, but despite that he made sure to come prepared for anything thrown his way aside from the display of techniques. After waiting for what seemed like forever he heard his name being called up from the front of the classroom. As he was sitting near the back of the classroom he couldn't exactly here what his Sensei was saying, but he supposed it was his turn for the test so he could up from his desk dropping the pencil onto his chair knowing that he wouldn't need it right now. While walking up to the front his Sensei explained that the techniques he would be needing to display were the Henge Jutsu, which was a simple transformation jutsu usually used for the art of deception to make people think you are someone else or in some people's cases for shits and giggles like making fun of someone or something similar, and Bunshin Jutsu which was another simple jutsu which projects two extra images of the user usually used to fool the enemy into thinking there is more than one person rushing them distracting them while the real one attacks them. His Sensei then led him to an large and clear room, perfect for demonstrating all kinds of jutsu, but that didn't really matter all he needed to do was demonstrate the two simple jutsu that his Sensei had asked him to perform. Somewhere deep inside, probably near the back of his head where things that he didn't really care about went, he thought maybe that he should show the man his full potential and demonstrate everything he could possibly think that he might have in him, but he simply swayed his thoughts and decided the old man didn't really need to know his true power. What was it to the man anyways, why should this man care how strong Kazaki is, this man was probably just hired to get kids through these exams and be done with them not really caring for what they do afterwards since he has or never had any authority or juristiction on anything that could possibly come from these kids. The other kids in the room with him this day, in Kazaki's mind were all trash, not to be rude, but they were. The other kids, compared to him, had no serious potential at becoming anything that was worth anything in this village besides pawns in the world's way of playing chess. He was going for a much higher piece in all of this, but he hadn't decided what yet, but he planned on it being more important than the weaklings he calls friends back in his boring ass class room with nothing to do. The time was coming soon after this test that he would finally be able to show his future squad members what he could really do. He was almost sure that he could find two people who could connect with. Now it was time to demonstrate his moves, he decided to begin with the Henge Jutsu since that was the first thing his instructor mentioned. "I'll be performing the Henge Jutsu to begin with if that's okay with you," he eyed his instructor up and down then backed up a few steps. With complete concentration and without hesitation his hands were a blur at the speed they were moving at and he turned into his teacher. After maintaining the form for a while his teacher seemed to nod and he changed back to his normal self and seemed proud that he had accomplished the first task he was given with such ease. The teacher also seemed to be surprised about how perfectly Kazaki had replicated him, it was down to the very last detail with hair style, clothing and everything inluding bodily hair which was a little weird, but Kazaki wanted to be sure he did a good job in front of the man who was testing him. "Are you ready for the second jutsu you have asked me to perform today? The Bunshin jutsu?" another slight nod came from the quiet inspector. With that being said Kazaki made his way to the complete other side of the room and turned his body back towards his teacher. "Be careful Sensei, we wouldn't want you getting hurt would we!?" He yelled towards his Sensei winking in the process. He couldn't tell, but his Sensei seemed to laugh at him as if he couldn't do anything. Kazaki shook his head in dissapointment at his Sensei. "I hoped he would know better than to laugh at his prized student, I mean I am twice his size," Kazaki thought to himself. Kazaki took a head on rush towards his teacher on his way doing a couple hand signs. He acted as if he was going to attack the teacher with one of the clones, but just ended up doing a flip over him. "So how was that? I'm guessing I passed," he said to his Sensei with a cocky smile.

[TWC = 871, Passed - Genin Rank Achieved]
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