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Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:16 am
It is high noon, the cows put to pasture, the cowboys drinking it up in the local saloon, oh wait...what the fuck am I typing? This is a training thread!
Now you see, Samuru gets to the training field at lets see oh um about noon, birds are chirping softly and the sun is covered by the clouds but the land is still covered by a shadowed light.
On the tallest tree of the training field the boy sits upon a thick strong branch, within his right hand is a copy of his new book which he is reading with much glee, the boy only just starting the book so he is at the beginning.
He looks up at the clouds inhaling softly enjoying the day, his eyes go back to the book and all is calm but here comes the voice of the demon again. "Samuru, stop reading and get down there and train!"
Samuru growls a bit, he yells to himself, Do not tell me what to do, who do you think you are, me?!
The beast within him pauses and lets Samuru realize what he just said, actually enjoying the part he thinks he is just a figment of his imagination.
Samuru looks back at his book, "I'm not talking to you anymore"
The beast responds, "Oh yes you are! Samuru hollers back, "No I'm not!" The demons voice within raises to match Samuru's, "Well what are you doing now?!"
Samuru yells, "Fuck you!"
Samuru becomes unbalanced as he begins to fall back slipping off the tree branch, he flips in place rebounding off a lower branch and bouncing from branch to branch until he reaches the ground grumbling a bit as he puts his book back within his cape pocket.

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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty Re: You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:43 am
He arrived over at the training grounds, figuring that he was just going to do some normal training without anything out of the normal happening. Of course that was not his fate today, he instantly knew that once he saw the crazy kid from the Hokage Office he meant that said he was gonna punch him in the nose.

"Hey son of god kid"
he yelled out to the kid seeing him nearby. "What are you doing out here?" he asked.

Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty Re: You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:52 am
Samuru looks towards his left and views the boy coming through the gates to enter the training field, "Oh hey your the dumb fuck who does not know what school is wassup?!"
Samuru says with a big smile, not really happy to see the kid only the fact he is bored as fuck and wanting something to do.
"Just trying to get the voices in my head to....SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
The first part is said normally before he looks to the right and seemingly yells at the air for it to shut the fuck up, the voice of his demon only snickers.
Samuru looks back at the boy, "What are you doing out here? This isn't school it's a forest." Samuru says the last part very slow in case the boy is mentally impaired due to not ever going to school.

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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty Re: You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:46 am
He didn't even know how to respond to what that kid said to him about him not knowing what school is. It still bothered him that he didn't know what school was. "Yeah yeah, real nice. What is school anyways?" he asked hoping to get some type of useful answer that would help him start learning what everything is.

What puzzled him more was the kid yelling in the air, telling the voices in his head to shut up... nothing wrong with that at all, just another normal outright insane wild kid yelling at voices in his head. "So uh, voices in your head? That's normal I guess."

Finally came the question of what he was doing, although it clarified something about what school was. Apparently school is a place and not some general word or item. He did however look around the training grounds and note that the trees were on edge of the training grounds which seemed to make him think that this was not really much of a forest and more of a cleared out area for training, something he learned from his dad. "Uh, this isn't much of forest, trees are on the edge and this area is more of a training grounds place." he answered, correcting what the kid had said. "Anyways, what is your name?" he asked, needing to be able to call the kid something to remember him by and know who he is.

Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty Re: You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:01 am
Samuru's eyes narrow for a minute, the kids being a smart ass but he is obviously mentally impaired as he thinks his voices are normal, hehe dumb ass, and still does not know what school is.
"Ok, School is a place little kids go to learn the things they need to know to live on their own" Samuru says bluntly, not really much else to describe.
Samuru mumbles for a minute, "The bitch knows what the training grounds are but not school? dumb ass" Samuru says to himself with a slight chuckle, his tone kept low enough that the boy whom is 5 meters away from him should not be able to hear unless he had some manner of super hearing like some kind of blind guy who gets that sorta thing for some reason.
"You can call me Samuru, though ya still owe me your name since I asked before" Samuru says teasingly, his right thumb plays with the jeweled ring on his right index finger a bit spinning it a tad, his cape draped against his back as his eight pointed star necklace hangs proudly from his neck, a gift from his father that he does not know the purpose off other than a family treasure.

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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty Re: You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:34 am
He listened as Samuru finally answered a question that Raiku had been needing answered since the moment the Hokage mentioned something about the two of them needing to be in school, Samuru explaining it as a place where people go to learn things they need to know to live on their own. He already knewn how to live on his own for the most part, so really the school place was the only place with all his answers prepared for him.

Before he could say anything, it looked like the boy was mumbling something, but he was too far away to hear was what being said, he could at least see that it looked like the boy was saying something. "Hey, you hear voices and talk to yourself? You sure your sane?" he questioned the boy for talking to himself.

"Samuru, huh? Cool name, I'm Raiku." he replied to Samuru, finally trading names. At least he had something better to call Samuru instead of referring to him as Son of God, Little kid who wanted to punch me in the face, Kurama's host, crazy kid that hears voices a lot and talks to himself for seemingly no reason at all and everything else that he could think of calling the crazy kid. Of course, Raiku also heard a voice in his head, but it wasn't like he heard it often, nor did he randomly talk to himself. Maybe Samuru had been dealing with the voice for longer and that was simply part of his fate as a destined great shinobi, talking to himself and hearing voices were just part of the job, but hopefully not.

"So I do have a question for you. Can we go to school? There's things I need to know, and since you said it teaches you things you need to know to live on your own, so it might have the answers I need, right?" he asked Samuru. He wanted to go to school and was unaware how many kids don't actually want to go to school, although in his own defense it wasn't like he actually knew what school was, so it was an exciting thought to go on an adventure to this school place that he had never even heard of before.

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Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty Re: You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:11 am
The soft breeze through the training field acts to softly flow through Samuru's hair and causing his cape to flow with the breeze rippling behind him.
This unique cape forged for him by his fathers personal scientists, no finer inventors seem to exist in all of the Fire Nation, of coarse that was disbanded long ago thus dubbing the name, "Land of Shinobi" but Samuru still feels that this land is still the Fire Nation seeing as dad did everything he could to unite this land, even going to such lengths to sacrifice his own Sanity to make such a thing happen, an admiral thing but honestly, did the reward really outweigh the price that was paid?
The world is better, that is true but there is one thing Samuru has realized even at his young age, that this world will never know true peace.
Perhaps it was due to his upbringing that he has become a more open thinker and not restricted to the confines of five year old mind, his being far matured past such limits but of coarse, if he acts older he actually has to do stuff and lord knows he doesn't wanna, so he plans on enjoying his life as much as he can, while he can.
One day, Samuru wants to truly test his thoughts, to see the true state of the world so when the time come he can actually make his decision on where he should go in life, fight for peace like his father, or? The last words are still a mystery to him, at least for now until further insight is given.
His gaze still fixed upon the boy, he hears him speak as the soft winds blow against his form, he shivers slightly due to not having a shirt on, his nipples erecting slightly due to such cold air.
"Sane?" Samuru responds before he tilts his head back and begins to laugh, "I've been asking myself that for a long time, I've had this voice ever since I could remember and Navs speaks in fucking riddles on what it is."
His voice holds a slight aggravated tone on the fact he does not know weather he is crazy, or if a big grand scale secret is being kept from him, either way he kinda wants to lean towards the crazy side, that way if he pleads insanity he can get away with so much more.
With his head tilted backwards his gaze meets that of the passing clouds, thin white wisps against a light blue backdrop, small black specs which one assumes are birds pass in front of the evening clouds, their chirps confirming his thoughts.
The boy speaks further, finally he is given the boys name but even so him calling him by it may be a rare occurrence, Samuru has always been one to think of nicknames that he himself entitles brilliant, one time even submitting an entire list of ANBU code names to his father, the operative PlattaMonkey getting a chuckle out of his father but sadly his brilliant ideas were denied with much confusion, it is only a matter of time before his own nickname is given to the boy known as Raiku.
Perhaps Rai? Rara? Aiku? Kuku? different word combinations flow through his head, some that do not even make any comprehensible sense such as "Guadalajara", and "Bingo".
The boy still even after getting at least a basic understanding of what school was now asks to go there, needy needy little fucker.
Samuru sighs a bit as his head tilts back down looking at him, "We can go if you want, but there is not really anything they can teach you that you cannot find out on your own, I already know more than the entire class of students I bet and I guarantee I could beat the ryo out of each and every one!"
Samuru says proudly, his arrogance coming from his father, along with his habit to think rationally when he is actually clear headed, his arrogance to most seems out of place but to him he sees himself as royalty, this land is his by birthright and thus everyone in it are no better than his subjects waiting to wipe his royal behind.
"Tell ya what, you tell me what you need to know and I'll teach ya myself, my way will be more fun than studying in a closed off room with nothing but books with no funny pictures!" the last part is said with what seems to be disgust that such things exist, his manga and comics being something he has become extremely addicted to and thus he feels all forms of literature should in fact be made like such since in his own opinion manga and comics are the only articles of literate worth reading considering they teach you anything and everything you basically need to know.
Good moral values, fighting styles, how to summon the energy of the planet into a big ball of death, and even the secret of getting stronger by screaming, everything you could ever need to learn is in comics so why would he need to read anything else that in his own opinion was boring as hell considering it is just word word punctuation word word period blah blah blah, all it does is list the records of the old days and basic shit he will never need on the battlefield, who in the hell is gonna find 50/2+5XY useful when a blade is against your throat? No one that is who cause that is fucking stupid and should not be taught in school!
He waits for the boys response whilst he continues to twirl his ring, another invention of the brilliant scientists under Viper Kamu Uchiha's employ, a portal device if you will that allows Samuru to transport casually to anywhere in his vision, oh how much fun he is gonna have with it when he has the chance, oh how proud uncle Echo will be at the pranking hell he shall unleash upon Uncle Navi for having the seat of Hokage which should be his birthright, not something that was handed away.

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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty Re: You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:17 pm
The soft breeze picked up in force, becoming a little bit more gusty and wild. There was a storm coming, the signs of the storm being the obvious sounds of thunder in the background along with the clouds nearby changing to a darker grey color scheme. Ironic for them was the fact that despite them being so young, Samuru five and Raiku ten, both seemed destined to do great things, even being told both possess something powerful inside of them. Most major encounters of great people have dramatic backdrops, in this case it was a mere thunderstorm that marked the turning point in the lives. Though they knew they were destined to become great shinobi, the question was which side would they be on? If they became friends today, then in the future there's a chance they would be using their power together to help people or destroy them. If the relationship started off bad and they did not end up becoming friends there was a chance they could one day end up fighting to the death. The storm that was rolling in effectively represented those ideas of what could happen based on how this meeting could be so important, even if both of the kids were completely oblivious to the situation, probably never once considering how important the outcome of their childhoods together and beyond would have a chance to play such a key piece in the shinobi world's future.

The future is what he looked forward to, of course he needed to also handle present matters at hand in order to work his way towards a future that he can be happy with. A future his parents told him about and a future that he dreams about all the time. No more senseless fighting and murder, wars over, a place where people can live happy and without worry. After hearing about school, and getting a small explanation about it he thought it would be best to go there and learn things in order to progress to the future, but Samuru claimed that school wasn't even important, more so Samuru even made the bold claim that he could actually teach Raiku important things. He had just met this kid who looked like he was maybe five and questioned just what the kid would even be able to teach him at this point. Sure the kid seemed to know things, but it wasn't like he knew everything, hell the kid didn't even know what was going on with those weird chakra cloaks that formed on us and even had tails.

"Are you sure? What can you teach me that I don't already know?" he questioned skepticly towards Samuru, clearly not buying into the whole idea that Samuru actually had anything useful that he could teach Raiku that Raiku didn't already know at this point in his life. Sure, he wasn't completely dismissing the entire notion that Samuru despite his age and way he acts, there was a chance the kid might know a thing or two, but the idea seemed to be rather doubtful in Raiku's mind. His parents had taught him a lot of things and yet it appeared that he was going to need to know more than he ever thought he'd have to. So regardless of the source of where the information is coming from, even if it is some little kid, if it was useful then he would be grateful and accept the information. First, Samuru would need to prove himself to be honest though. One big question that needed to be asked, a question that aside from everything else had been bugging him ever since the time in the Hokage Office.

"You said you're Dad is God, right? What is that suppose to mean?" he cautiously asked the little boy, hoping that wasn't a bad topic to get on. Maybe the kid just thought really high of his dad and was saying that to make it very clear how much he loves and respects his dad. Hell, maybe his dad was dead and that saying that makes him feel better. There could be many different reasons for why the boy says that about his dad, but Raiku was simply curious about the whole thing, too curious to back off from the topic so easily. He wanted to know if this kid's dad was some type of big deal legend or if he was just an average shinobi that the boy loves and respects too much to say anything bad about.

Before Samuru answered the question that Raiku asked him, that beast voice inside of his head started speaking again, this time making some type of comment about Samuru's dad as if the beast voice knew exactly who Samuru's dad is. "He must be the one." the beast growled in a low tone. Raiku was highly confused at this point, trying to listen to whatever Samuru's answer would be, while holding some type of conversation wtih this beast voice in his head.

"Who are you talking about sir?" Raiku questioned the beast voice in his head. He wasn't sure how to go about it, he didn't mumble or anything like Samuru did, it seemed as though all it took was for him to think his question or statement in his head and then the beast would hear it and seemingly do the same thing in order to reply back to Raiku.

"At least you're a respectful little brat." the beast began, clearly somewhat impressed by the fact Raiku used the term 'sir' out of respect for the voice, if the beast wasn't much a human and probably can't be considered a sir. "The one I am talking about I believe used to be Hokage. A God of Shinobi, best way to describe him. I had an encounter with him once, my memory has been weird for quite some type now, but I vague remember him sealing me into someone, but it wasn't you." The beast explained, both Raiku and the beast being completely unaware of the full fact that the bijuu was a clone made by Samuru's dad although just as powerful as the original. "I could be wrong, but maybe Kurama will be able to tell him." Raiku seemed confused by who Kurama was, but he didn't really want to upset the beast voice and decided to stay quiet and go back to talking to Samuru.

In the background, thunder rumbled loudly, a ominous type of roar so to speak. The beast like voice inside of his head seemed to growl with the thunder, as if angered by something and even wanting to break free and fight, maybe the beast had issues with whoever the Kurama guy is.

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Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty Re: You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:36 pm
The perfect backdrop for all the epic fights in history, the fabled thunderstorm, most say it is just to shape the lands, or to hydrate the planet but fuck that, it is clearly a cosmetic effect only brought about when people of such a caliber of bad ass ness gather thus their raw epicosity causes the storms.
It seems however that the storm is still a few minutes from being in their area, it seems Samuru's bad ass ness is not quite enough to make a personal storm but perhaps with a little pushing he could see if this kid could help complete the back drop.
Within the distance the trees are noted to shake in the breeze, their form swaying with the wind not yet violent enough to snap them in two but just enough to shift the tops of them.

The boy speaks, he is actually questioning Samuru on how he could know more than him?
Thee boy must be a fool, everyone in the leaf knows of Samuru's existence and how he has received the top of the line training from each member of is family which has served to craft his very personality due to the conflicting teachings of the mix matched family.
"Easier question, instead of me going throughout the massive lists of things you do not know, just let me know what you need to know?
It is true it would take forever to explain everything and the peak of the boys knowledge is unknown, he does not even know what school is so there is a high possibility he does not even know what the many buildings in Konohagakure no Sato even are or represent.

He hears the boy speak of his father, this causes a smirk to grace his lips, "Viper Kamu Uchiha, the 4th Hokage is my father." Samuru says proudly, "The man who crafted an entire nation and brought this entire world together under one banner."
With the boys limited knowledge political affairs and warring nations are most likely missing from his mind, the tale of Viper Kamu Uchiha known and feared by man on how a single man was able to bring nearly world wide peace by taking over the entirety of the shinobi world with his own hands and forces, most notably his uncles being his fighting force which makes the story even more bad ass considering it was his family alone that took over the world, not fodder, not random shinobi that you do not hear about, but his family being the main characters in this story.
"Dad now lives in another realm watching over the world, he told me that he wants to see how people react to the new world and judge if his actions were just or not."
The true reason on why Viper Kamu Uchiha is considered a god by himself, and by Samuru is due to the fact in his world he can truly do anything, and even without the control of his world it takes but a simple order, or a signature to have an entire Continent sunk like Kirigakure no Sato, one of Samuru's favorite bed time stories.

Within Samuru's mind the beast within him is smirking proudly, mostly over hearing how Samuru speaks about Viper whom little does Samuru know is possessing the very bijuu within him, the secrets of them kept for a reason so he would not think himself a monster, but the secret of his father being the beat being something that he fears may backlash upon him due to Samuru not feeling trusted and always having Viper around, thus the secret must be maintained just to make sure everything goes as planned.
With Viper in Asgard he does not truly intend to visit this world much, he had enough interaction and caused enough death, it is only without him that he can see if what he did truly made a difference , and if it was worth it.
This single chakra amalgamation given life through Viper's will to protect his family, something he plans on teaching Samuru moral wise, that family always comes first.

The storm is now getting closer, the wind picking up which causes Samuru's cape to flap violently in the wind, his hair blown back and upwards now doing a full on one and a half foot spike upwards, something that brings a chuckle to Samuru, the only bad time to have long hair is during the storms cause it goes crazy.
The rain now begins, soft as first making scarce wet spots upon the ground, gradually as the clouds grow thicker whilst they seemingly twist around each other in the air, the rain will fall harder, a single bolt of lightning lightning up the sky as the clouds have now moved in front of the sun casting a dark shadow upon the lands.

With the storm now upon them Samuru's body begins to get excited, talking has grown boring for him and maybe the voice was right initially, perhaps a little training would do him good, this boy might be an interesting battle subject considering he can grow tail like things as well, something Samuru is still confused about on if it is insanity or a demon, could this other boy be insane? Could insanity truly give you this much power?
The more he thinks about it the more he starts to put pieces together of not that he is insane, but maybe he is possessed by an evil demonic force that has not yet lashed out and tried to take his very soul.
Samuru eyes the boy, "What do ya say Rai, wanna do some training while we are out here? It would be a shame to waste such a storm on talking.
His words confusing no doubt on wasting a storm, but his words to him are as clear as day due to how he views storms, they are here for a reason and these two boys are probably destined to fight on this day, a dramatic turning point it might seem that the host of the nine and the host of the eight would face off today as allies in the same village, but who knows what way life would take them, Samuru wanting to one day see the rest of the world to perhaps see his fathers work in person and see for him if it was truly worth it for him to basically give up his life for all of the lazy people he sees around the village that grew fat with peace.
In Samuru's mind war keeps people strong, it gives people a reason to train, where as peace causes weapons to rust, and muscles to fatten due to having no use for the strong anymore, who knows maybe it is for the best that the world grows fat and lazy, if they cannot lift a kunai he doubts they can do seals to preform jutsu.
This world when the time comes will be judged for how it acts in his fathers absence, the world itself mostly likely will determine how Samuru grows in the future and if he will accept peace, or try to further his fathers work, but alas for now those are distant thoughts best kept for another day, for now he found an interesting egg that he wishes to test out, he hopes this boy will not disappoint him on the field of battle.

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You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk] Empty Re: You said what? I said Biiiiiiiiiitch! [p;inv;nk]

Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:39 pm
The storm was drawing ever so closer to the area, as if by some unnatural and maybe even considered to be some type of other worldly intervention converging at this very spot, randomly out in the middle of the training grounds, a five year old and a ten year old which is what made this seem very weird. The highly dramatic and enticing scene of that magnificent storm raging almost right above them, and the wind was thrashing around without care knocking down a couple trees and nearly knocking off Raiku’s hat. His hat had a lot of meaning to him, it was something he had had since he was a little boy, all of this wind out of nowhere that really didn’t make much sense was enough to trigger something in his brain to make him flashback to a time when things were much more simple and not so confusing and at times a little scary.

In the flashback, there is a storm somewhere outside of Konohagakure no Sato, right where Raiku and his family lived at only a few years ago. Young Raiku, lying down in a large bed just relaxing after a long day of work and training. Thunder crackled through the night air with the sparking stream of lightning brightening the night sky for only but a moment before flashing out of view and leaving only that thunder boom that resonates off the impact zone from the lightning and travels outward like a warning of what is about to happen. His dad was still outside chopping up some wood before the rain started, and so Raiku went out to see how his dad was doing, not realizing how bad the storm was going to be. Once he got outside, his trusty old hat started flapping on his head before finally slipping off, the strong material made hat was durable but it had gotten a little loose over years while somehow maintaining its complete durability. For a moment he was worried it would be the last time he’d ever see his hat again, regretting that he didn’t grab onto it before the wind came down like the hand of God and knocked his hat right off his head into the violent turret of the wind crashing and thrashing around.

His Dad would come to the rescue, darting over to the hat rather quickly and picking it up before the violent act of mature nature swept the hat off into the distance to never be seen again. His Dad came over and hand him back his hat by putting it on his little head and pushing it down tightly, telling him to always adjust his hat to fit the situation, especially in the wind when that could make you lose it, or if you’re talking to someone not to keep it pulled down unless you need to sneak around. It made him think of the hat as an even more important piece of his life than it ever was, a feeling that only became stronger after his parents were killed, making it go to the point of him nearly risking his life for the hat if that’s what it meant, which was something he’d have to make sure he could even do, he needed to be stronger and know more things so that he could protect the things he loves and enjoys having along with making some new friends along the way.

As the flashback completely finished, he noticed that spirals starting funneling down from the main part of the clouds and down to the ground, like beams of light coming out of unidentified flying objects from space. Lightning crackled through the sky, although not too clearly seen because of it being daytime, it did seem as though it was getting darker in the area, like the storm was meant just for their area and to make it feel like time didn’t exist there, as if it was nighttime where they stood and everything else was daytime. Like chasing a wild dream, the two of them with demons to repress as the Hokage said, they were fighting to see the daylight and get out of the shadows and darkness of the nighttime the boys were living in. One of the ways he was going to fight his way into the daylight was by taking the first step of the adventure and learn some vital things he would need to know in this shinobi world he was forced to be living in now, to learn about the Will of Fire and become a part of it.

He had hoped that Samuru could provide the answer to his problem, be the clue in his riddle, the hint in his puzzle, he was hoping for a little bit more than he should have been hoping for. It seemed that Samuru might actually be bluffing about knowing anything, maybe the kid didn’t like school or maybe he too didn’t even know what school at all and was just trying to sound smart and cool in order to make a good impression which in hindsight has worked up to this point but now it seemed like his story wasn’t matching up correctly and he needed to make sure the kid was not actually lying and instead was truly being honest about what he said.

“To be bluntly honest, you treat me like I might be mentally impaired, so try this. I don’t know anything, so how can I know what I need to know? Just show me what you know and we can move on.” He said, being a little blunt in his answer and not really caring about it, though he didn’t know the difference, this was simply the way he was and there was nothing that could be done to change that part of him. If Samuru got mad then so be it, but it was not the intention, more of a detailed explanation of the reason for him testing Samuru and seeing what he knows instead of trying to figure out what he was supposed to be asking in the first place.

The boy’s explanation of his father changed some things, he did have as much doubt about the kid as something inside of him told him that the boy’s story was in fact true and not a complete and utter lie. Hell, that beast voice basically confirmed it and so that was more than enough to make him think it was at least a reasonable idea to trust the voice and this strange and wild boy and just go along with it. Amazing though to think that Samuru is related to not only the previous Hokage, but a man who took over the entire world and united in an attempt to create peace, of course that peace wasn’t complete and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to fix tensions between villages.

Another crackle of lightning and the loud boom clap of thunder that followed afterwards precedes what Samuru tells Raiku, asking to train and not to waste the storm on talking about things. Perhaps that is what they needed, training against someone new who he might beat or might get beaten by, a great challenge and test for him, of course he’d want to engage in a little training and spar. “So you’re wanting to have a spar little Muru? Aren’t you a little young for that?” he asks in a teasing like manner, as if to get Samuru all hyped up and ready to make for a really good spar, taunting him into trying something if he wanted. One thing still resting in the back of his mind is the powerful chakra cloaks that both of them once had on not too long ago in the Hokage’s office. If the beast like voice in his mind hates whatever is inside of Samuru that he calls Kurama, then maybe that Kurama things has a name for my voice and doesn’t like my voice. The idea makes him wonder if Samuru and him are destined to be great shinobi and rivals, but would the rivalry between these beast voices end up making them fight to the death one day? That wasn’t something they had to worry about, at least not for this time. He adjusted his hat just a little so that it would be protected from flying off his head in the event that the wind got any worse with the tornadoes tearing the area up.

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