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Koumatsu the Chain Warden
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Nakara Kuoga's Training(Private, Invite only, NK) Empty Nakara Kuoga's Training(Private, Invite only, NK)

Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:31 am
It was early morning. 2 AM to be exact and Nakara would be in the start of Konoha's forest doing a couple of stretches. He would first stretch his legs by putting one on a tree and stretching it, then the same with the right, in a synchronous order until his count reached twenty. He would now stretch his arms, using basic stretching techniques as he sighed," okay time for me to do my run, then a little more," as he began to jump into a tree. This would not be a regular run, yet this would test his reflexes and sight. He would jump from tree to tree in a fast pace, also using his wires to swing from tree to tree. Although he would almost hit the ground occasionally, but he would spring back up into the trees," this is the rush i look for during my training, Father this is amazing," as he continued to swing through the trees. He would flip onto a nearby tree and look around. The scenary was beautiful and the night sky was even better. Konoha was truly beautiful at this time, and it was hard to imagine it any other way.

Looking around he would begin to flip and jump through trees lettling the wind go through his hair and his Kosada blowing in the wind," training at this time is perfect conisdering no one else is here, maybe i should invite those two next time so we can do this together as a team," as he landed on the ground panting a little. Looking to a nearby tree he would smile and nod," today's training requirements: Cut down at least ten trees, providing they are small and attempt to learn a new move," as he stared down a tree he wanted to train on. He personally had nothing against nature or life in general but he did not want to chop a human in half. Instead he would wait a minute before snapping his fingers," maybe the training posts would do instead..people would be less pissy at me for that then chopping down a tree or ten," laughing as he walked through the forest to get to the training grounds.

The wind would continue to blow as he continued to walk around the woods looking at the trees as he came to the beginning of the forest, but came out near the gates of Konoha," what the- how did i get here, i came from the woods, and ended here. Aww man now i have to walk further, but it will be a good training example for me," as he began to jog through the village, stopping at Ichiraku to see if it was open. Surpringly it wasn't so Nakara continued to jog on as he finally came to the training fields to see it empty," yes finally i can train in peace since i am here now. There are three posts over there and three there, so i can practice on each one at a time until i can get better at controlling these wires," as a confident look came across his face as he stood in front of a post and flicked his wrist, causing the wires to slowly drop.

He would take a deep breathe as he began to move the wires around him with each finger, Moving his fingers forward as the wires began to move with them. Nakara would slowly use some of his chakra with the wires to make them move a little better as he started to actually perform. He would move his right hand in a sweeping motion, wrapping the wires of that hand around it as he lifted his hand into the air, and tapped his pinkie finger making a chunk of the dummy fall off," dammit it is not enough, i need more training but i will get this right," as he used his left hand to wrap it around the same post bringing both of sets of wires around the post, bringing both wires up," okay i will now attempt this and see if this works," as he taps his middle and index finger on the wires while using a more steady chakra flow. The post would soon fall to pieces, as he smiled as brought the wires back to him," yes that is one down and about five to go but i need to rest for a little bit, chakra control is not something i am used to," as he laughed and sat down on the grounds, allowing the wires to be set back into place. he would snap back into reality as he went into a handstand and started to do push-ups. This would help with his arm strength allowing him to move them freely without tiring himself out.

He would quickly get to forty with no problem, but as he got to fifty, his arms would slowly waver, but he would not stop," i cannot stop not for a moment...this will prove i am weak and weak is not something i am," as he continued to push up and down. He would breathe slowly as he came to sixy," i am almost there, here we go body keep up with me," as he continued to go up and down, his arms were almost done for but Nakara, pushed out the last of his strength to get to one hundred as he fell to the ground panting hard," whew my arms feel like noodles, but dammit i feel so much better now, if i keep this up i will be able to move those wires better than father, and maybe then i can finally get that challenge from him," as he stood up slowly, without the help of his arms. as he stood he would smile and nod," walking to the hot springs where he would get undressed and sitting in its warm waters," this feels so freaking good, man why don't we have one of these at my house," as he sunk into the water and relaxed.

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Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Nakara Kuoga's Training(Private, Invite only, NK) Empty Re: Nakara Kuoga's Training(Private, Invite only, NK)

Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:32 am
Approved then.
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