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Deamons chakra training. [inv only] Empty Deamons chakra training. [inv only]

Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:57 am
Deamon walked in to the training feilds and looked around he saw no one there and a smile crept across his lips then faded as he saw the remanets of a battle that took place when he saw the kazekages chambers. "Damn the leaf for doing this all for what POWER?!" Deamon said with disgust then spat on the ground. "Ill get my revenge, but for that i need to be stronger.....a lot stronger." He told him self as visions of his past battles played through his head. He thought of all the things Nero and Habee had taught him and started working on his jutsu, he picked up a rock threw it into the air, a trick he had taught him self when he trained solo before, the rock flew high into the air and he made the hand sign for substitution and quickly thought of the tubes inside of his body building the chakra at his core then letting it flow outwards the second before the rock hit. With a audible pop and a cloud of smoke a log appeared where he had stood just a second before Deamon thrust his arm out and caught the rock throwing the rock up again he prepared the hand sign and the tubes again with the same pop and cloud of smoke he went up higher appearing above the rock this time thrusting out his arm again he caught the rock a second and repeated the action of throwing the rock and hand sign while building his chakra again the rock came barreling down and 'POP' he disappeared inside of a cloud of smoke as a log appeared where he was and he caught the rock for a third time in a row. Deamon fell towards the ground using the logs as a stepping stone and he landed safely. Deamon smiled as he looked at the three logs as they hit the ground, he turned and thought of his father his red hair that flowed down to his shoulders the blue green eyes that he had his strong body and frame and the sword that hung on his sides. With that image in his head he made the proper hand seal and let the chakra that he built at his center and pushed it out into the tubes that he had imagined in his body and with a poof of smoke that circled around his body, Deamon felt his body grow taller and stouter his hair grew in length and his skin color become more tan. The boy smiled and said "Hello." The voice that came out of him was not the voice of deamon but rather his fathers voice. Deamon released the transformation and thought of some one else that he had seen...he decided to change into a woman who used to watch him he thought of the blonde hair that reached to the middle of her back, her blue eyes that were the color of the sea, the petite frame and lean body, The way she always wore a smle and the angle of her cheek bones. With all this in mind Deamon made the hand signs that were needed and let the chakra flow through his body with another cloud of smoke he felt his body change into that of his young care taker a smile came across his lips as he released his jutsu. Deamon sat down and opened his luch box which had tea and a couple of sandwhichs, He slowly drunk his tea and ate his food leaning back to lay down and look at the sky the blue that it held that day seemed murky with the signs of a recent battle that had happened. "Not only has the leaf taken over my home but they killed the kage too.....why would anyone want that?" Deamon thought to him self as he closed his eyes, His anger built inside of him as the same thoughts ran through his mind if he could not get this off his mind it would drive him to the point of insanity. Deamon opened his eyes and packed his things back up in his box and began to leave the training field, He stopped short of the exit and turned around as he looked over the field his thoughts grew heavy with revenge 'I will get control of this village back to the people of Sunagakure no sato' he muttered as he looked back at the kazekages chambers a hole still in the top of the building. The sand that blew in from the desert seemed to find its' way inside of the now empty building, with no kage this place will turn to anarchy and Deamon did not know how long it would be untill the hokage Viper would take to pick a new one so that is why he needed to be stronger for Deamon would get his revenge.


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Deamons chakra training. [inv only] Empty Re: Deamons chakra training. [inv only]

Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:11 am
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