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Vergil Hyuuga
Vergil Hyuuga
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Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:35 pm
Vergil began to lift the rubble from the ground removing it and placing it in a cart, to be carried away and dumped. The Kazakage chambers had collapsed and needed to be remade. Vergil took this task upon himself. He could not stand to see the village in the current state that it was in. Once the Villagers saw Vergil begin to make an attempt at cleaning up the damage, they all began to pitch in. Though once Vergil came near the bodies of the deceased he had them carried away, to be given a proper funeral. With the help of the villagers, the rubble and debree had been cleared away completely. All that was left was an empty space, where the Kazekage chambers once resided.

Vergil called over some of the best architechts and construction workers, to help in the building of the new Kazekage Chambers. The men were honored to be given such a job, knowing that their names would be mentioned as long as the building stood. They would be given credit for building such a unique building. Vergil left the men to their work and went out to make sure other areas near the chambers that were damaged, were being fixed. Vergil walked through the busy streets of Suna. The once care free villagers, now all appeared to be alert and cautious. This was what Vergil had wanted all along, villagers with common sense and that were independant.

Soon the sound of rebuilding thundered through the village. Night passed and the sun rose, the villagers only taking small breaks through those times. Within three days the damage had been fixed and the villagers found within them a new confidence. They were now less dependant on the village ninja, from what Vergil could tell. Vergil entered the Kazekage chambers and sat in the desk of the Kazekage's office. The entire bulding lacked furniture and other luxuries, but it was better than before the reconstruction. Vergil seated in the Kazekage's chair twirled around, until he stared outwars at the village through the glass window. He got up from the chair, his job done. Through all of the things the villagers had been through he had managed to bring a smile to their face.

[Exit, Kazekage chambers and other damaged areas fixed.]
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